Mature Swinging: Episode One

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Mature Swinging: Episode OneAt the time I was 53 and my soon to be wife was 47. The events start in September, 2007.My wife and I met on a web site reserved for mature individuals with a desire to find friends with a sexual or erotic emphasis. Within her profile statement she indicated a desire to share sex with couples around the same age, have sex in an erotic environment and have sex with groups and possibly orgies. My profile indicated a desire to meet a woman with an open mind sexually but responsible enough to know where responsibility’s boundary lies. In a nut-shell, we were made for one another. Except she was still going through a divorce in another state and had run away from that individual.As we got together I saw my first task to imbue upon her a sense of security. We dated straight without more than a kiss until her divorce was final and this was the first three months of our relationship. No sense dedicating yourself to a relationship until it is a secure system.In my past I spent twenty-six years in the Army mostly doing special operations missions. Twenty of those years I was married and one day she dropped divorce papers on me after saying I was a stranger and she had no connection with me. This disconnection was due to the security of my missions which during the time involved interdicting d**g manufacturing, d**g transport and storage and going into countries where, according to testimony by a National Security Advisor in front of congress, we weren’t. After the divorce was final my sexual experience and training really took off. Over fifteen years prior to meeting my wife I would date a new woman every other month. Some were erotic, vivacious and insatiable all night events that strained my high level of physical conditioning. Other women I dated were highly dependent basket cases that I slid to the side quickly as they really needed to get their psychotropic medication levels up to speed.The primary feature my wife brought aksaray escort to our relationship is she is sane, stable and rational. She did have four prior marriages. The reasons for those marriages failure are irrelevant except to say sexual experiences involved caused unique training experiences as my wife has a tight pussy, is capable of coming with breast play, loves every position but missionary and simply gives the best head I ever experienced.After my wife, Peggy, moved into my house, becoming our house, we settled her in with the few items she had. After all the work it seemed time for a shower and because we couldn’t decide who takes the first run, we started making out and this lead us together into the shower. She undressed me slowly fondling and caressing my skin as she removed my shirt. The shorts I was wearing make it easy for her to reach up my leg to grab my main vein which was hard enough to break stone. She exposed my dick and held the head in her lips tingling the tip with her tongue while she unbuttoned and unzipped my shorts. She released my cock with a loud pop and pulled my shorts to the floor as I stepped out. As I pulled my shoes and socks off and tossed them into the hall, Peggy leaned into the shower stall to adjust the water flow and temperature. I playfully lifted first her right foot then her left foot for shoe and sock removal and once cleared I grabbed her ass and grinded her with my raging dick. As she turned to face me I ravaged her t-shirt, bra, shorts and panties quickly while licking, sucking and kissing one another’s skin. We continued kissing as we soaped up each other with special concern and attention leant to genitals and anus. I slipped a thumb up Peggy’s ass and discovered her affinity for any anal contact. OK, so I turned her with her butt to me a soaped up her ass. I slid slowly into her tight ass as she humped back at me. I didn’t have to pump or grind her as her ass was amasya escort banging hard and fast against my cock. She was using the wall for support and strength of her sexual pounding of her big muscular ass. I reached around for her clit and I was afraid she was going to seize with her strident and continuous orgasm. As I was about to come she twirled to face me to was and rinse my cock thoroughly; as we are both nurses personal hygiene is paramount. She sucked my with deep throated pleasures until I started to come and she held my throbbing cock down her gullet.Drying one another off continued the first sexual experience for both of us in many months. I couldn’t help but sliding my thumb into Peggy’s pussy as I tended to dry her crotch region thoroughly; a lost cause as it will maintain a well lubricated level over the next couple of hours. We fell onto the bed and started with her planting her ass and pussy onto my face. I finally found a good reason for having attended the Special forces Scuba School as controlled breathing exercises enabled me to grab a breath when and if Peggy raised her ass and pussy from my mouth and nose. No problem as I enjoyed sucking Peggy’s clit into my mouth to flick it quickly with my tongue. As her ass slid on my face I was able to tongue Peggy’s asshole and chew on her labia and clit with all of this driving her wild. The flood of juices was very tasty and as her labia and clit continued to be firm the pleasures delivered were successful. I was roughly grabbing her tits and rubbing her hard and large nipples over my belly. Peggy continued to throat my cock with intervals of sucking the head of my dick while stroking the shaft.Just when I was on the verge of coming Peggy seemed to magically levitate and impaled herself onto my cock. One of the items she moved into the garage is her saddle and being an experienced western horse rider she rode my cock at an effective cantor. As she again escort bayan stridently came her strokes became long and fast with frequent replacements of my cock into her pussy as in the excitement, and the fact she is so tight, my cock kept slipping out. My body went stiff from head to curling toes and I came in buckets almost with the force to again levitate her from the thrust provided. She kept riding my cock as it remained somewhat hard until it was completely soft.”Whew, that was great”, Peggy said, “We need to shower again but I can barely move. I need to get up for work at five to be there by six-thirty so we should call it a night for now”.”No wait, let me clean up the mess first” as I moved to eat out Peggy’s pussy. “Eh, you can shower in the morning this public service offered will make things go quicker”.I started eating her pussy and as I licked her clit she questioned, “There’s no cum on my clit what are you doing”?”To do a job right one must be thorough”.No further efforts offered that eve and off to sleep we fell.I changed my work schedule to mirror Peggy’s as where I work didn’t care when I worked so long as I got the job done I could do that. Also, as I got home first I would start fixing supper.As we cleaned up after supper I asked Peggy, “Are you serious you want to participate in group sex? Because I’m all for it if you are”.”What are you talking about”?”Well, in your mature finding friends profile you indicated a desire to do some group sex”.”Well, I’ve never done it. Once as I was with my boyfriend his roommate sat in the same room studying but that’s about how close to an orgy it ever got”.”You know when I joined the mature finding friends web site I also joined and posted a profile on the associated site oriented to all adults. It wouldn’t take but a tweak to change my profile from single male to a couple. Want me to do that and see what we come up with? We can check any responses together and see if we like before replying”?”Sure. Whatever you think. Let’s look at them every weekend because I have to get to bed. I’ve been getting tired lately”.So, as Peggy got to bed I made the changes to the web site in hopes for the best as I was then in rare territory.Results to be seen in future stories.

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