Massaging your Mom

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Massaging your MomJosh was excited about his new set-up in the basement of his mother’s house. While most guys his age were creating man caves for their video game systems, he built a tranquil, spa-like room for his latest ambition: the****utic massage.He had been studying it for the past few months at a holistic center in the town where he attended college and came home to reveal that he was close to earning status as a licensed massage ther****t. It was good experience to have as he planned on attending medical school after college.Josh always liked helping people. He felt a personal enjoyment out of making others feel good. Massage caught his attention and he took to it like a fish to water. Not only did he have the right personality for the practice, he also had large hands and long fingers, which his instructor at the holistic center noted right away.He had studied the practice and performed many massages on classmates and also his instructor. Josh would give back and neck rubs in his dorm room, which made him quite popular with girls on campus. Though he was always respectful and mindful of his instructor’s golden rule to never bring negative energy to the patient by “copping a feel”, several girls let him know his hands gave them a tingle. Several guys on campus thanked him, because after their girlfriends left his massages, they wanted to be touched more by their boyfriends.Josh went home that summer knowing he had to continue massaging people to maintain his skills and stay sharp on the various types of massage. He went to get a job at a nearby spa, but the woman there politely said they don’t hire young men. Most of their clients were middle age to older women who would not be comfortable with a young man. When Josh told his mother this, she frowned. “That’s ridiculous,” she said angrily. Josh’s mom, Shelly, enjoyed his massages. She would sit in his chair, face-down into the cushion, and they would talk while he worked through her upper back, shoulders and neck. Shelly would tell her friends to come and let Josh massage them and they would randomly arrive for neck and shoulder massages. Some even brought their husbands, whom Josh would also treat. The husbands were quite happy with Josh, because, like the college girls, once he was done with their wives, they would come home aroused for sex. That was great, but Josh needed table work. He needed to do more full body massages than just the airport specials. He would always offer the table when someone would arrive, but each time they preferred the chair, which was a lot less intrusive. Josh felt he had so much more to give. So he talked to his mother one morning when she said her lower back was sore from gardening. She was about to go into the chair when Josh offered the table.”Me?” she replied. “On the table?”Sure, he said. On the table I can really work your lower back, get into the muscles of the glutes and hamstrings. That’s really where the problem is.Shelly felt that same apprehension that everyone else felt, but she also knew her son needed the table work. It wasn’t just her back that was tight. Her entire body lacked energy lately. Shelly was a single mom, who spent a lot of her days alone when Josh left for college. She had a few dates and some interest from men, but for the most part, nothing stimulated her enough to explore a real physical relationship with another man. She had just turned 50 and there was some reality with that number. Shelly enjoyed her son’s touch, but mostly because of the relaxation it brought her. Also because it allowed them time to talk, which she cherished. But she, like the others, often came away from his sessions feeling her body türbanlı eskişehir escort tingling. One secret she has locked insider her mind is something she did one night after Josh gave her a very thorough neck and shoulder rub, which also included a facial massage that practically put her in a trance. When it was over, she got up and ran a bath. Josh went out with his friends. Shelly laid in the hot water and found herself trembling with arousal. She got out of the tub, toweled off and went to her room. She opened the towel, found her small vibrator and made herself cum twice.After that, whenever Josh massaged her, Shelly would take a shower. Josh never thought anything of it, just a way to refresh. But while he was folding up his chair, collecting his towels and putting away his oils, Shelly would be two fingers deep into her throbbing pussy trying desperately to not make a sound.So when Josh asked her to get on the table, Shelly knew what she was in for. But she knew Josh needed a table patient. So she agreed.”OK, I need to you get undressed and put this sheet over you,” Josh said. “I’ll be right back.””Undressed?” she replied.”Of course. How else do you think I can massage you?””You mean like in my underwear undressed?” she asked with a nervous look.”No, mom, I mean naked undressed.” Josh chuckled and left the basement. “Call me down when you’re ready.”Shelly stood for a moment in the nice, tranquil space Josh created in the basement. She saw a screen and went behind it to undress. Josh thought of everything. He even had hooks for clothes. She was so proud of him, how ambitious he was with this. He did it all himself and he really seemed to enjoy it.Shelly slipped out of her pajama bottoms and lifted off her pajama top. She slipped each bra strap down and pulled the cups off her ample, mature breasts. They hung freely in the air and her nipples immediately hardened. She hung her 38DD bra on a hook. Her skin felt so sensitive and her heart began to race. As she pulled off her panties, Shelly could smell herself and she thought, “Oh God am I already aroused?” She tried to think about anything else as she grabbed the sheet and covered herself with it. She then stepped out from behind the screen and went to the table.”Do I lay on my back or my stomach?” she called to Josh.”Stomach! He replied. We’ve got to work your back and hamstrings.”She climbed on the table and laid face down and tried to keep the sheet over her. She felt very exposed, very naked. Her body would not stop tingling.”All set?” Josh asked as he came down the stairs.”Yes.”He lit a scented candle, which immediately filled the air with aromatherapy. Soothing meditation music played from a boom box as Josh squirted massage oil in his palm and rubbed his hands together. Shelly felt herself relax.Josh stood by the table and pulled the sheet away to expose his mother’s bare back. He stopped the sheet just above her ass crack. He started at the base of her spine and smoothed her skin up and back. His hands worked masterfully. She fell into deeper relaxation with each stroke up her spine, to her neck. “So far so good?” he asked.Mmhmm, was all she could muster.From her neck, to her shoulders, to her arms. Even her fingers. Josh rubbed every inch of his mother’s body. He focused on the task and tried not to get too caught up in how when he lifted her arm he could see her side boob. When he put a little pressure on her elbow, the breast would wiggle and he could see her nipple. Josh tried not to get aroused, but deep down he was. He tried to focus on the practice, not the patient. But this was different.He pulled türbanlı eskişehir escort bayan the sheet back up over her back and then went to her feet. “OK I’m going to work on your legs now, Mom, so the sheet is going up at this end. Just relax.”Mmmhmm, was all Shelly could say facedown on the table.She was relaxed, her upper body felt like dead weight. Her body tingled more from the inside now. Her heart was no longer racing, but her mind was. She was enjoying the touch of a man on her naked skin and that became her focus, not that the hands were those of her son. She simply felt masculine hands gripping her body, handling her and caressing her. It had been many years since she felt something like this.Josh spent several minutes on her feet, which sent strong sensations up her legs. Shelly giggled a little, feeling ticklish as he rubbed her arch. Her body was exploding with sensitivity and the giggling caused her pussy to contract. She was quite wet already and as a result she quiffed. “Oh my, excuse me!” she said, hoping he would mistaken it for gas.”It’s all good,” Josh replied. “Very common for the body to make noises in a state of relaxation.”Josh knew it wasn’t gas. He tried to control his hands, which just wanted to move under the sheet and feel her wet pussy. But he kept repeating the mantra of his instructor: Don’t Interrupt The Chi.The sheet stayed over her buttocks and half of her hamstrings as Josh worked up her calves and massaged the many knots she had as a result of wearing heels. He didn’t spend too much time there, however, because he didn’t want to cause her discomfort. The goal was the flush the energy out.The goal was also to get to those tight hamstrings and relieve the tension from her lower back. But Josh knew that meant reaching way up. Not just over her hip, not just over her buttocks. But between her thighs, too.Shelly’s skin glistened with oil, which warmed her skin upon contact. Josh slid the sheet up a little more and calmly said, “OK Mom I have to uncover your butt. This is where your back pain is coming from so….”He slid the sheet upward slowly, not finishing his sentence because his eyes gazed at her meaty hindquarters and a dark space deep between her thighs. He wanted so bad to just lather his cock with his oil. Shelly didn’t say a word. She felt her son’s hands — no, not her son, a man’s hands — sliding up her hamstrings from behind her knees. Each motion brought his hands higher and higher to her ass. On about the fifth pass, his hands finished the movement by firmly cupping each buttock. Shelly felt the energy gliding up to her back. She also felt his thumbs dipping between her legs. Josh found himself getting lost in the movement. Like watching waves ebb and flow on a beach. The candle, the meditation music, the slow, controlled movements of his hands along her shiny skin and the heat she was generating deep underneath her buttocks had Josh lost in the moment. His cock swelled in his scrubs.He took off his shirt. He pushed the sheet up higher. Shelly moved with his hands, lowering her hips when he started at her knees and raising her pelvis as he cupped and gripped her buttocks. The meditation music, in perfect syncronicity, played ocean sounds of waves crashing. She felt his thumbs splitting her legs with each pass and grazing her pussy just underneath her ass. She would lift her pelvis and allow him to go a little deeper until on what was about the 15th pass, his thumbs slipped into her pussy.”Ohhh,” Shelly whispered.Josh made another pass up her legs. Shelly lifted her pelvis again. This time, instead of cupping her buttocks, türbanlı escort eskişehir he turned his hands inward. Her legs parted some more and he nudged his fist up against her wet, swelling pussy. He held it there firmly.”Ohhhhhhh,” she whispered again. Her body pushed back on his fist. She grinded her pussy against it, causing her to let out deep, hungry exhales.Shelly’s first orgasm came suddenly. His fist touched her just right as she shifted her pelvis and she felt her body explode. She gripped the table with both hands and turned her head sideways as she came.With his hand firmly pressed up against his mother’s pussy, Josh gently caressed her head with his other. His reach caused his erection to poke her arm. Shelly instinctually reached her hand to her son’s cock and began to fondle it. Shelly wasn’t focusing on who she was with. Her mind was lost in the trance of her orgasm and the sensual environment of this serene room. The aromatherapy, the meditation music, the warming oil. His touch. His AMAZING touch….Shelly’s fingers found his waistband and she pulled his cock free. She stroked it slowly while Josh’s fist relented some and went back to massaging her buttocks. He, too, was completely lost in the moment. He had broken the rule, but in doing so created an incredible state of ultimate relaxation for both of them.Shelly lifted her pelvis again and Josh saw swelling pink lips inviting him in. He climbed up on the table between her legs.The cry Shelly let out as her son’s cock entered her pussy wasn’t one of fear or pain. It wasn’t sadness. It was more of a desperation. A long, suppressed need that had finally been fulfilled. She felt his energy slide deep inside her and pushed her buttocks into his waist. She was up on her knees in what, in Yoga, is called “c***d’s Pose.” Her arms reached out. Her back extended.As he fucked her, Shelly felt her lower back loosen and release. Her tension melted away. Josh kept his movements consistent. He was not pounding her meaty ass, he was massaging her body from the inside, using another one of his gifts. Along with big hands and long fingers, Josh had a 10-inch cock. Shelly felt every inch of it.Her breasts pushed against her face as she laid forward with her rear up. She took one into her hands and licked her nipple, something she had never done before. She felt herself letting go of inhibitions and self-consciousness. It was a life-changing experience.She came again, as Josh’s cock filled her tightly. Her pussy clenched against his shaft and trembled. She moaned loudly and lifted her head upward. She looked back at him, just to see. She came with great intensity, which caused her to moan and whoop in ways she never has before in her life. The table shook.Josh quickly slid himself out just in time. The first of countless shots of hot, thick cum sprayed against her anus. The rest coated her lower back. He milked his cock until it was dry as Shelly waited patiently, with her ass still upward and her pussy still bloomed before him.He reached for a towel and cleaned his cum off his mother’s back and buttocks. He then did something instinctually that he can’t explain. He kissed her pussy tenderly.Shelly felt one last tingle from the unexpected kiss. Her body exhausted and relaxed, drifted back down to a prone position on the table. The sheet had fallen to the floor and Josh picked it up and covered his mother back up again.She laid there quietly, unsure of what to say as she slowly came out of her trance. Josh put his scrubs back on and cleaned up the oil.”You can, uh, lay there as long as you like,” he said. “I’m going to take a shower.”He was nervous about how his mother would react. He felt it best to give her space.As he turned to the stairs, Shelly lifted her head from the table and looked to him. Her breasts hung heavily underneath her, partially shadowed by the sheet. Her legs visible and bare. She looked, quite frankly, incredibly sexy right at that moment.”What,” she then said with a grin, “you don’t want to do my front?”To be continued…?

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