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margaretI was well aware that Margret had her eye on me for a long time but I did my best to ignore her advances. At first, when we had a moment alone, she would slip in a comment about how attractive I was and how she wished she had a man like me. As time went on and I ignored her blatant flirting, she began making her attraction to me a lot more obvious. During one of our visits together Margret was sitting opposite me on a pool lounger. She was wearing dark glasses which made it impossible to see which direction she was looking in. Initially Margret had on a pool robe over her bikini which she opened up in order to catch a tan.As we all sat talking and laughing I had the feeling that Margret was watching me through her sunglasses. As the afternoon progressed and the wine flowed freely I became more and more aware of some of Margret’s movements across from me. I noticed that each time she could be sure that no-one else was looking she would move in such a way as to openly invite me to look at her body. The first time she bent her knee sideways casually which effectively spread her thighs. The robe parted and I got my first look at the thin strip of cloth covering the ridge of Margret’s pouting pussy. I got such a surprise that I looked away suddenly in case anyone saw me gawking at the shallow crease between Margret’s legs. She smiled when she saw my embarrassment and deftly closed her legs again before it became obvious that she was doing it deliberately.I was becoming increasingly uncomfortable, now and then I would sneak a quick look in Margret’s direction, hoping that she would not notice me perving at the twin globes of her perky tits with their large probing nipples, pressing against the confines of her bikini top.The creamy, smooth path of her belly ended in a noticeable bulge where her mound thrust forward above the crease between the lips of her pussy. I was certain that my stolen glances were not going un-noticed by Margret and for some reason this excited me even more. I had never done anything like this before and the act of looking at this sexually provocative woman was causing my cock to respond in a most uncomfortable way. I could feel the thickening and lengthening of my shaft pressing tightly against my shorts and I was certain that it was pretty obvious to all sitting around me.For some bizarre reason I suddenly found myself alone for a moment with Margret as everyone seemed to have a need to be elsewhere for a while. She turned in my direction, I shill couldn’t see her eyes but I assumed she was looking at me/“You enjoying the show?” She purred and licked her lips.“I don’t know what you mean” I blurted out, unsure of how to react to the situation.“Well it’s clear to me your cock knows what I mean” she smirked.I am sure I blushed bright red as I realised she was looking at the throbbing bulge in my pants. Undeterred she reached up and pretended to re-adjust her bikini top, tugging the patch of material away from her breast and giving me a clear view of the large nub of her hard nipple and the dark circle around it.“Wouldn’t you like to suck on that” she whispered as she busied herself innocently getting comfortable in her clothing but all the while exposing her gorgeous tit to my hungry gaze.“How would you like to suck on my nipples while you slide that huge pole up inside my juicy pussy?”“Don’t talk like that” I stammered. “My wife and your husband are just inside, what if they hear you?”“They won’t, in any case, it doesn’t change the fact that I want to suck your cock until you cum in my mouth”I was absolutely shocked to hear these words come from Margret. I never expected her talk like that – ever. Here she was telling me that she wanted to suck my cock, I was numb. With a quick look around to make sure the coast was clear Margret dropped her hand down to her crotch and again pretended to re-arrange clothing but this time she moved her bikini bottom aside slightly to expose the firm pink lips of her sex. The deep slit was clearly visible to my open mouthed gape and I could see the tip of her hooded clitoris where it protruded at the top of her pussy.“Just remember, every time you look at me, I want you. I want you to fuck me and suck me in every hole, in every way you have ever dreamed about. Keep that in mind as you secretly watch me, I want you, and I am going to have you.”Just then there were sounds of people approaching and Margret covered her pussy and began talking about something totally innocent. Her words were repeating over and over in my head and I had difficulty concentrating on the conversation. A lot was going through my mind and my throbbing dick did little to make things easier. I was so horny I wanted to burst and I was painfully aware that Margret was enjoying the fact that she was the cause of my discomfort. I needed to take one step further and shifted position so that I could part my legs in margarets direction in such a way that she had a direct line of sight to my rampant cock but at the same time no-one else could see the huge bulge.I knew Margret could see what I was doing and I noticed her squirming a bit as she sat across from me. Making sure that no-one could see what I was doing I dropped my hand down into my lap and traced the outline of my shaft with my fingers. Margret licked her lips and it looked like her chest was heaving slightly as she watched me fondle my rod through my shorts. I felt like my dick was going to explode as I ran my fingers up and down the thick length but I was determined to get revenge on Margret’s teasing even if it meant adapazarı escort shooting my load in my pants to do it.I spent the rest of the afternoon trying to control myself and not too blatantly looking at Margret’s snatch. At last it was time for them to leave and we said our goodbyes, Margret gave me a hug and pressed her pelvis forward, grinding her mound against me. She kissed me and I felt a very quick probe of her tongue before she let go and they left. Needless to say, at the first opportunity I had my rod out and I shoved my foreskin back and forth along my shaft thinking about Margret’s dripping slit and how she had told me how she wanted me to fuck her in every hole. It wasn’t long before a thick stream of sticky white semen shot out of my thick knob as I released an explosive orgasm. I felt my ass clench time after time as high pressure sperm rocketed into Margret’s imaginary tight opening. I would have to do something about that woman.Monday came and went. I had flashbacks all day about Margret and her neat little pussy but I resigned myself to the fact that I could do nothing about it.Tuesday morning the phone rang – it was Margret.“Hi sexy” she purred, “still thinking about what you saw?”I could hear the smile in her voice.“I fingered myself till I came when I got home, I couldn’t get you out of my mind. I wished you were deep inside my pussy when I came. I really enjoyed seeing your hard cock, I hope it wasn’t too uncomfortable”I swallowed hard, the sound of her voice was making me hard again.“Margret, you can’t carry on like this. We are both married, you know as well as I do that we cannot fuck no matter how much we want to.”“Guess what?” she whispered. “I am not wearing any panties, haven’t since I showed you my pussy. I’m so wet now just thinking about you looking at my slit. OOhh, it would feel sooo good to have your thick rod up inside me right now. What do you think, how would you like to see how I’m not wearing any panties for you?”“That would be very nice, but not possible over the phone” I replied.“I have a house to check out this afternoon, come and join me, I really need to show you what I have waiting for you between my legs.” Her voice wavered.I almost choked when I heard her request. My cock was throbbing in my pants just thinking about her possibly touching herself as she spoke to me on the phone.“Margret, are you playing with yourself” I asked her, hoping to get the answer I wanted.“Is it that obvious? Yes my hand is under my skirt, no-one can see what I’m doing because I’m behind my desk. I just slipped my finger up into my wet little hole; I wish it was your finger instead. I am getting so hot talking to you while I finger myself”Just then a colleague approached my desk and I had to ask Kathy to hold on for a second. I listened to what the guy had to say without removing the earpiece of the phone from my ear. I could hear Margret breathing heavily on the other end of the line and I heard her hiss into the phone “I think I am gonna cum.” What could I do? I sat there listening to her pleasuring herself with a huge hardon in my pants and I could do nothing but smile at the idiot who was standing waffling at me. I must have said yes and no in the right places because he eventually walked away just as Margret groaned in my ear.“I have just come all over my hand” she panted. “Mmmm that was so nice, pity it wasn’t you diddling me.”I was in way over my head at that point. I had a raging hardon that was threatening to explode in my pants at any moment. Margret had just brought herself off in my ear and judging by the breathing she wanted more. I asked her to give me the address of the house she would be at, said a quick good-bye and put the phone down. I was in a mess. I couldn’t remember when I was last this horny and I needed release. I decided that I had already jumped into the water, I may as well swim.It seemed a very long drive to the address Margret gave me. Time seemed to stand still as all I had on my mind was Margret’s perky tits with their large, erect nipples and the smooth, puffy lips of her gorgeous pussy.The house was obviously devoid of tenants as there was a conspicuous absence of curtains at the windows. I could see Margret moving from room to room inside. The knee length cotton dress she was wearing accentuated her firm boobs and from the waist it was loose and flowing, allowing her legs to move freely as she walked. I could imagine her pantieless pussy nestled warmly between her thighs, burning to be opened and penetrated deeply.I walked right in and noticed that Margret looked immediately at the bulge in my crotch, she smiled and walked right up to me. Without a word she put her arms around me and kissed me, her tongue probing, driving into my mouth, finding my willing tongue and sucking hungrily. I put my arms around her and drew her close, feeling the pressure of her twin bulbs pressing against my chest. Margret moaned and pushed her pelvis forward against me, rubbing her mound hard against my straining cock. It was only a few seconds that she could resist the urge before she broke the kiss and dropped to her knees.Fumbling with my trousers she released my belt and pulled the garment half way down my thighs. I didn’t protest or resist as she hurriedly tore down my undies and freed my rampant cock. It sprang free right in front of her face and she literally attacked it. Margret wrapped her hand around my thick shaft and in one motion retracted my foreskin from my swollen knob. A wave of warm pleasure engulfed me as she closed her moist mouth adapazarı escort bayan over my enflamed cock.Looking up I could see through the front windows across the front yard and out into the street beyond, you know what? I didn’t give a damn. Margret had begun moving her wet tongue over the smooth head of my dick, teasing the underside and making my rod jump. The feeling was unexplainable, her hand moved slowly up and down my shaft, pumping as she sucked on me. I knew I would not be able to hold back the torrent of hot, liquid lust that was building up behind her pumping hand.‘Careful Margret, I’m going to blow in your mouth” I warned as I felt the impending release. My balls tightened and my ass clenched.“Margret, I’m going to cum!” I almost shouted.Margret pumped wildly and sucked on my knob, drawing my climax into her mouth. She reached up with her other hand and cupped my balls, squeezing gently. That was it, I let go. I felt the first explosion as it shot along my cock under Margret’s hand and out into her waiting throat. She moaned with pleasure as she tasted the hot, salty jet as it spurted over her tongue. She swallowed just in time for the second and third drenching as my cock shot forth large amounts of my thick semen. I was standing with my hips thrust forward as Margret continued wanking my dick furiously with her hand, her mouth felt wonderful on me as my orgasm slowly subsided. Margret released the head of my cock from her mouth but she held on to the shaft as she gently squeezed the last few drops of semen from my diminishing erection.“Now that was fantastic” she said without taking her eyes from my cock. “You cum very strongly, just like I thought you would.” She smiled as she pushed my foreskin over the ridge of my cock head. “That is going to feel good sliding into my pussy”Margret stood up and helped me to re-arrange my clothing; she then took me by the hand and without a word led me into the kitchen. In the centre of the floor was a table, Margret turned and pressed her buttocks against the edge of the table. Looking straight into my eyes she reached behind her and unfastened her dress. Shrugging the garment off her shoulders she allowed the fabric to fall away from her breasts and bundle up at her waist. I dropped my eyes to her full breasts and felt my dick twitch as I saw her nipples straining against her bra.Reaching behind her again, Margret undid her bra and let it fall away from her. I stared at her hark nipples and the little bumps that encircled them. Margret reached up and cupped her boobs, holding them out to me, pleading for me to do something.I leaned forward and took one of her nipples into my mouth and a moan escaped from Margret as I sucked the rigid nub into my mouth and teased the sensitive tip with my tongue. Margret grabbed me behind my head and drove her tit deeper into my hungry mouth. She began to press her pelvis against me humping her firm mound against my thigh. With her other hand she lifted her skirt to expose her burning clit to the rough fabric of my trousers. I was in heaven, Margret’s nipple tasted so good and I could smell her arousal as I reached up and took her other breast in my hand and massaged it, tweeking her nipple and making her sigh with lust.With my other hand I reached down and found Margret’s naked cunt where it was pressed against me. I cupped her swollen slit in my hand and probed with my middle finger between her lips, opening her to allow me to press deeper until I felt the stiffness of her erect clitoris. I made circular motions around the protruding tip and Margret moaned loudly. Without stopping my manipulation of her clit I parted her pussy lips and pressed deeper with my other fingers until I felt a flood of warm, slippery juices flow from inside Margret’s opening. Penetrating her further I felt the firm grip of her tight entrance around my finger, the pressure increasing as her hole tightened in reaction to my probing.Margret began to whimper as I began to slowly finger fuck her juicy pussy. Penetrating her deeper with each trust until I had to stop rubbing her clit in order to move my hand deeper between her legs to slip my finger all the way into her. Margret stiffened and her inner muscles convulsed tightly around my finger, holding it deep inside her. I allowed her to pause like that for a few seconds before withdrawing my hand and releasing her nipple. I looked Margret in the eye and turned her, without a word I gently pushed her forward until she was bending over the table with her firm ass pushed out towards me.Reaching down I lifted her skirt up to expose her to me, Margret shivered slightly with anticipation as I ran my hands down over her buttocks, my one thumb tracing the deep cleft between her cheeks. Kathy spread her legs wide apart and her thighs parted as my hands reached the crease at the base of her buttocks. I knelt down on the floor between Margret’s spread legs and taking a cheek in each hand I gently parted and lifted her buttocks and thighs. I looked down to see Margret’s pink pussy part to expose her thin inner lips. I could smell the musky tang of her recently released orgasm and a trace of shiny wetness on the smooth shaven curve of her pouting cunt indicated that she was very wet.Nestled in the vee of her slit I could see the swollen tip of her engorged clitoris where it stood out from beneath her hood. Margret reached down and placing her fingers on either side of her pussy, parted her fingers, opening her raging pussy even wider. She pulled upward on her hood and the thick shaft escort adapazarı of her clit probed outward toward me and her entrance was pulled open, the slippery juices clearly visible as they ran freely from inside her. In the deep crevice of her ass, her tightly puckered anus exposed by my pulling her buttocks apart. I blew on her anus and heard Margret gasped with pleasure, the dark ring contracting as a ripple of ecstasy shot threw her from the unexpected stimulation of her most sensitive spot.“Please stop teasing” Margret begged through clenched teeth.“I really need to feel you inside me………. Now”Leaning forward I obliged by pressing my open mouth against Margret’s fully exposed cunt. Margret responded by moaning loudly and spreading her legs further. I began exploring Margret’s wet slit with my tongue, probing, teasing her swollen lips, pressing deeper and tasting her lust. My tongue circled her opening, making the moment last as I tormented Margret. I could feel her hole relaxing and contracting around the tip of my tongue and I knew it would not be long before she would release an explosive orgasm in my mouth. Margret began to move her fingers over her clitoris as I slowly fucked my tongue in and out of her ravenous cunt. She began to trust her hips back against my mouth, forcing her pussy hard against my probing tongue and at the same time moving her slit back and forth, literally fucking my tongue.By now my cock was raging again but I knew that Margret was not going to last for more than a few moments before her pussy exploded. I felt Margret stiffen and her fingers were moving at lightening speed over her erect clit.“OOOOHHH Shit, I’m cummmmmmiiing” she cried and she froze.Margret’s pussy hole was trying to chew my tongue off as she let rip with an almighty orgasm. I felt her legs begin to give way and I held her up as she gave herself over to the waves of ecstasy that washed through her pussy. Large amounts of warm pussy juice flooded from deep inside her as Margret stood whimpering with pleasure. I withdrew my mouth from her slit and watched as her wet hole contracted with pleasure. It was a few moments before Margret recovered from her release and could once again stand alone.Margret stood upright and turned towards me as I stood up from my kneeling position behind her ass. Again she leaned against the table as she took hold of me and kissed me long and hard, her warm tongue forced deep into my mouth. I could feel her firm tits pressed against me and a rush of lust came over me as my cock pressed up between Margret’s thighs, the friction of the fabric of her skirt arousing me even more. Margret reached down and took my cock in her hand, stroking the full, throbbing length slowly. She pressed my thick knob hard against the heat of her juicy pussy, only the thin cotton between my tip and her crease.I began to force my length hard against her and felt Margret part her thighs again to allow my cock to press between her legs. With her hand Margret kept my knob firmly between her cunt lips. It was driving me mad; I had to feel her slippery wetness on my rod. I reached down and in one movement lifted Margret’s skirt up out from between us, She immediately pushed my shaft up between her open legs and I felt the firmness of her swollen pussy lips for a second before they gave way to the pressure and my knob slid between them, past Margret’s clitoris and deep between the folds of her cunt. Margret gasped as my hardness pushed her lips aside, she responded by leaning back onto the table, still holding my shaft tightly against her and lifting her thighs to expose her waiting hole to my probing tip. Margret held onto the shaft of my cock, guiding the rock hard head towards her opening. I felt the heat and rubbery resistance of her entrance where Margret held my aching rod, only for a moment, she slid her hand up my shaft, fully retracting my foreskin just before I thrust forward and drove my cock head into her willing hole. There was momentary resistance as I stretched her open, forcing my length into her. Margret grunted as my cock slid into her and her tight pussy muscles closed onto the shaft behind the head. She released my cock, allowing me to push deeper, stretching her tight opening with my thick rod.The heat of her puckered anus touched my balls as I drove my length fully into Margret. She gasped as she felt me fill her, gripping me firmly with her slippery pussy walls. I began sliding my shaft in and out of her, pausing briefly when I felt the elastic gateway of her hole tighten behind the ridge of my knob, sliding back into her depths.It didn’t take many strokes of my cock into her cunt to bring on a rising feeling of impending discharge of a large amount of semen into Margret’s waiting opening. Margret felt my cock swelling and growing stiffer inside her.“Come inside me” she stammered and lifted her knees higher, taking me even deeper inside her. I thrust deep into her and stopped, feeling Margret’s inner muscles sucking on my length, squeezing, pulling the hot sticky load from my throbbing balls.I grunted as I released the first burst of seed into her, Margret groaned and gripped my rod as she began cumming. Thrust after thrust of thick sperm accelerated out of my swollen head, deep inside Margaret’s spasming cunt.Eventually the intense explosion faded and my ass relaxed, my softening cock slowly slipped from inside Margret, followed by a deluge of her juices mixed with my creamy semen. It took a while to recover enough to get cleaned up, I found it difficult to look Margret in the eye but after an uncomfortable goodbye we parted. Over the years we remained good friends and continued seeing each other just as regularly as ever. We would tease each other and now and again catch a quick feel but other than that we didn’t fuck Sultanpeppa

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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