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Macy’s Blog: Hot New FriendsWell, I’ve found some southern friends. Two friends (separate) that I plan to continue to fool around with while I’m down here for another month. I meet Troy last night for dinner, then followed him back to his house… way out in the country! He lives a bit far and smokes, but has a nice big cock so it’s worth the drive at least a couple more times.We were at the bar in the restaurant and I had an extra pair of black lacy panties in my purse. I told Troy to go to the bathroom and put them on – I was wearing a matching pair. He came back to his chair very happy with my panties stretching over his bulge. We finished our food and drinks and drove back to his house. Troy has a homemade sex bench in one room – I bent over and leaned against it as he pulled off my skirt and gave me a quick and playful spanking. He took off his pants and then rubbed our matching panties against his cock and my ass – I rubbed my ass back against him and really grinded against his huge cock (the panties couldn’t keep it in!) We moved to the bedroom as we removed the rest of our clothes – keeping the panties on for a while. We touched and rubbed against each other and he sucked on my nipples (my favorite activity). As he sucked and bit my nipples, he reached down and stroked my clit and pussy, driving me wild as I moaned loudly. But Troy likes to tease and really work me over – and he moved down bartın escort and licked and nibbled on my pussy through my panties, then rolling me over to lick my ass as well. While on my stomach, he pulled down my panties and really got his tongue going – licking all around my ass and my asshole… then moving down as I lifted my ass so I could work my pussy on his face and mouth. I was aching at that point to have his big cock inside me – I so wanted to be fucked. My pussy was so wet and tight! His cock is probably 9 inches at least and very thick…. I was a little sore after a nice hard fucking. After fucking a while, he brought out some of his toys – vibrators, massagers, floggers, whips, and more. We didn’t use everything, but I really enjoyed a nice flogging! I’ve been spanked, whipped, etc., but this was my first official flogging – it was very hot and I was again extremely turned on and really wanted to taste his cock. I had to stretch my lips around Troy’s thick dick – but I got it in and began licking and teasing it. I played with his balls as I sucked on the head of his cock… then I surprised him by going down deep and getting it just about all in. He was moaning and wiggling as I sucked and licked his cock wildly. I love playing with a cock in my mouth – I played and sucked a long time, but he didn’t want to come again yet, so we got out the baby oil so he could give me a nice bartın escort bayan massage. I was so relaxed and his bed was so comfortable. I just wanted to play with his cock and I dripped oil down it and onto his balls so I could really rub my hands all over it. I rolled it around, pressed it between my palms and rubbed up and down and continued to massage his cock. I took the head in my mouth again and began sucking it until he squirted hard into my mouth! I couldn’t believe how much cum filled my mouth until it was dripping out and down his cock. We played so long and we so messy that we took a shower and went to bed! I normally don’t “sleep over,” but with the long drive and I had no idea really where I was, I decided to sleep. We woke up, Troy fixed me a nice breakfast and we fucked again! I had about an hour drive home and my pussy was feeling it every minute.You’d think after all that I would be content for a while… but no, another friend, Dom called and we made plans for Friday night (yes, that was only a few hours ago). Of course, I’d taken two showers, but was still a bit nervous going to have more sex the same day with another guy, but it’s all fun! So, I get to his house, which lucky for me is just 15 minutes away, and he immediately starts biting my nipples through my shirt. Since they had just been sucked and bitten all night, they were a bit sensitive, but I’m a escort bartın tough girl 😉 I changed into a black, silky nightie and Dom took his clothes off and he started touching and hugging me, getting me relaxed and in the mood, though my triple shot of Southern Comfort didn’t hurt that. He bent me over the end of the bed, went down and started licking my ass – oh my gosh, he is so good with his tongue and mouth! He turned me over and went to town on my pussy – licking and sucking till I writhed, moaned, and came all over his face. He came up and starting sucking my nipples again as I reached down and played with his cock. He moved around and we were in a 69 position as I began sucking his cock and he was licking my pussy again. He started moaning and wiggling and going crazy as I sucked his cock and he had to lie back while I really worked my tongue around his hard cock. He was shaking and moaning SO loudly till he begged me to stop so he wouldn’t come yet. He moved on top of me and pulled my legs up to start fucking me. He has a nice cock and lucky for me, not as thick as Troy’s so I could handle another half hour of fucking, we moved around a couple times, finally moving till my ass was in the air for doggy-style… he really began pounding me until he really started moaning and shaking until he came. I love a guy who really lets go and moans and lets me know how much he’s enjoying it. He claimed I was a “fantastic lover” and amazing with my mouth – that no one had ever had him that excited during oral sex! What an ego booster, I’ll be back for more of that soon!*Check out this hot blog story in my book 58 Almost Free Sex Stories 🙂

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