Lust in La Jolla Ch. 12

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Author’s note: For new readers, I strongly suggest starting from the beginning, or at the very least, Chapter 4. For continuing readers, I apologize for the very long delay and, as always, hope that I can increase the pace a little for the upcoming chapters. As always, I respectfully request your constructive feedback.

Chapter 12. Making Music with Maria

Maria gives her all for Jake.

Tuesday, Sept 2

“Oh shit, Maria’s here already!” Kari muttered as the doorbell faded. Jake started towards the door to get it, but Kari called to him in a low but urgent voice, “No, wait a sec.” He turned towards her and waited expectantly while she thought quickly. “OK, I’ve got it. Take your T-shirt off and throw it to me, then let her in. That’ll get her warmed up for you.” Jake looked at her with a puzzled, but did as he was told. As Jake proceeded to the door, Kari hustled into the kitchen and stuffed his shirt into her purse on the counter.

Standing outside the door, Maria was a nervous wreck, adjusting the straps on her dress for the hundredth time that morning. With the help of coffee and advil, her hangover was almost gone, but the slight queasiness that remained mixed uncomfortably with the anticipatory arousal that she felt. The door opened and there was Jake, who instantly transfixed her with a dazzling smile. A wave of relief washed over her, and she gave her own brilliant smile back at him. Then she noticed he was shirtless, and her eyes roamed over his powerful shoulders, chiseled chest and six-pack abdomen. Even though she had studied his stunning physique for what seemed like hours at Nicky’s party yesterday, she wasn’t expecting this. Like a geyser, wet heat erupted deep in her belly, spreading warmth throughout her body. She felt the soft fabric of her dress stimulate her sensitive nipples as they stiffened in response. She looked up, briefly aware that Jake was gazing at her chest, before his eyes returned to meet hers.

“Come on in,” he said simply, and stood aside so she could enter. She took a deep breath to steady herself as she passed close by him. Primed by her already considerable arousal, his musky male scent assailed her without warning, immediately causing the warmth between her legs to become molten hot. Oh Christ almighty, she thought, how am I going to make it through the day? I already want him so bad that I can’t think straight. Tormented by the gentle caress of the silk on her achingly hard nipples as she walked, she came to a stop halfway across the room, closing her eyes and trying to get a grip on herself.

Jake closed the door behind him but also remained unmoving for a moment as his eyes drank in the ravishing creature in front of him. Maria was dressed in a green silk dress that clung to her body in an amazing way. He had already surmised that she was braless, and now his eyes studied her firm round butt. He wondered if she had gone commando, since the smooth contour of the dress against her body there showed no line whatsoever. Her dress ended mid-thigh, and her toned legs were accentuated by the high-heeled sandals she wore. At that very moment, Maria was having major second thoughts about her lust-driven decision to wear this revealing dress. Worse, her only underwear, the sheer white micro thong she bought yesterday morning along with the new bikini, squeezed her swollen labia and clit with every step, sending jolts of pleasure through her. Of course, the tiny bit of thin fabric had immediately been soaked through, and she could feel a warm trickle down the inside of her thigh. How can I possibly go out in public like this? she wondered.

Kari had quietly walked out of the kitchen with her coffee cup in hand, gazing in delight at the unmistakable signs of arousal on her friend. Well, that didn’t take long! Mmm, she thought with a smile, I hope she won’t have long to wait until she’ll be feeling that long tongue of his petting her little pussy.

Just as she took a sip of coffee, Jake announced from across the room, “Wow, you look absolutely delicious, Maria! I could just eat you all up!” Shocked by the obvious reference to their secret plan, Kari sputtered her coffee and glared at Jake as Maria’s eyes snapped open and a blush rose on her cheeks. Her temper cooled as she saw the mischievous grin and she decided two can play at this game.

“Well, Jake, if you’re really a good boy, I bet she’ll let you sample her sweet little honeypot. What do you think, Maria?”

Her blush deepened, but cock teasing like this was second nature to Maria. “Mmmm … I think he’s more likely to get some if he’s a little naughty. Good boys are no fun!” She turned to face Jake, her eyes blazing with lust, her voice a husky whisper, “But you don’t get any of my honey unless I get to lick your lollipop.” To drive home her point, she stared directly at his crotch and slowly ran the tip of her tongue around her full red lips.

Although he had been the initiator with his intended complement, Jake was still unaccustomed to such blatant maslak escort teasing. He could feel his face start to burn even as his manhood surged in response to the unavoidable image in his mind of that soft pink tongue gliding across the smooth skin of his cockhead. Since Jake was only wearing tan casual shorts, the growing bulge was very obvious to both Maria and Kari. Hypnotized by the scene, Kari murmured, “Oh …my… god!” She could practically see the sexual electricity between Jake a nd Maria sparking in the space between them. Just the idea of watching this unfold immediately awakened the voyeur in her and she could feel her own pussy lubricate in anticipation. Suddenly remembering the bigger plan, she physically discharged the building tension by giving her head and shoulders a quick shake.

“OK, guys,” she announced, “I’ve got to get going to work now.”

Jake replied with a weak “OK” but Maria showed no sign that she had heard her.

“Right then. I’ll just get my purse and go.” She picked up her purse and her arousal ticked up another level, as she remembered the 2 flash drives stowed in there which contained the video from yesterday. She planned to watch them — for the first time – on her computer at work when business got slow: her workstation was in the corner and relatively private, so she would just need to keep an eye out for approaching co-workers. Jake held the door open for her as she departed, and she whispered as she passed by him, “Remember our bet — she’s sure ready for you.”

Maria was now literally trembling with desire. Even though her attention was still riveted on the obvious outline of Jake’s monster in his shorts, it did register on her as Kari left that they were now all alone. More importantly, that massive hard-on meant Jake wanted to fuck her as much as she wanted him to. As Jake walked towards her, her knees felt weak, but she knew she couldn’t sit down: her juices were literally running down her thighs, and would cause a huge wet spot on her dress if she sat down.

“Jake,” she breathed as he approached, “I … I can’t … go out like this. Can you help me?”

He came to a stop a few feet away and looked at her questioningly. “Sure, anything. What can I do to help?”

“Come here …” she purred, motioning him closer, “and I’ll show you what my problem is.”

He came up to her, and she stepped forward and wrapped her arms around him, sighing as he pulled her close. The feel of her soft breasts, pressing against his bare chest through the thin silk, was exquisite. She turned her face up to him, and their lips came together for a long passionate kiss. Finally, he pulled back a bit and asked, “But, what’s this problem you were talking about?”

“Like I said, I have to show you.” She took his right hand in her left, and guided it a little up under her dress between her slightly spread legs, then pressed it against one of her slippery thighs, shuddering at his touch. “You see,” she whispered, “I’m so wet that it will soak through my dress if I sit.” She took a deep breath, and went on, “And since … ummm …my cunny got so hot and so wet because of you, I thought maybe you’d be willing to …ummm … clean up some of my cunny honey down there.” Her liquid brown eyes were dark pools of passion, her heart pounding as she waited for his answer.

“Ahhhh, sweet delicious Maria … it will be my absolute pleasure!” Jake dropped to his knees just in front of her and pressed his lips to the inside of her right thigh, just at the hem line. A low throaty moan came from Maria’s parted lips, a weak echo of the want and need that pulsed through her. Like a cat, Jake licked slowly up her thigh, collecting the trail of nectar that ran there, his face moving up under her dress. Maria had widened her stance, but her legs were quivering now, and she had to reach down to place a hand on his broad shoulder to avoid toppling over. His tongue was only a couple of inches from her gushing slit when he stopped and lapped at her smooth skin, each tongue stroke a hot lash of ecstasy.

“Ohhh Jesus Christ …” Maria panted, “ohhhh fuck yes, I’m so close now.” Yearning for release, she slid her other hand under her dress towards her distended clit, knowing that just a few seconds of rubbing would rocket her over the top.

Jake, however, caught her hand in his own and chided her in a teasing voice, “No no no, this is my job so you don’t get to play. It would help if you pull off the dress though.” Maria was only too happy to oblige and had the dress pulled over her head and tossed on the couch behind her in a jiff. Now she only wore her high-heeled sandals and the micro thong, which was now nearly transparent with her fluids. Her hands went directly to her tits, squeezing and pulling the dark little nipples. Jake shifted to the other thigh and began the tracing the stream of sweet wetness up towards its source.

Reaching up with one hand, he grabbed the thong at the top of the sarıyer escort small triangle and pulled it firmly upwards, forcing the material to slide in between her swollen pussy lips and press hard on her clit. The intense jolt of indescribable sensation literally knocked Maria off her feet, and, with a high-pitched shriek, she tumbled backward to land on the sofa. Her twitching legs splayed open and her pelvis pumped as the sudden orgasm took control, rolling her eyes up into her head and shaking her to her soul. Jake pressed his advantage and crawled forward between her legs. Quickly, her pulled the sliver of thong aside and dropped his mouth to her oozing gash, driving his long tongue deep into her still pulsing channel.

“OH FUCK!” Maria screamed as she reacted to the penetration by clamping her legs shut on Jake’s head. A second later she doubled over at the waist and groaned ecstatically as another shattering climax followed right behind the first. Jake could feel the spasms of her pussy walls around his tongue. The amount of her cum flowing into and around his mouth astounded him — she was like a sexual volcano, erupting hot lava from deep within her. He grabbed her ass firmly with both hands and ground his open mouth against her hot flesh, her clit smashed against his upper lip. He drove his tongue into her depths unrelentingly, swirling and licking.

Maria was nearing sensory overload now: her white-knuckled hands were clenched on the edge of the sofa cushion, and she fought for air as she continuously squealed “oh … oh … oh …” Shockwaves pummeled her as she came again and again, one peak after another. She thrashed on the sofa — her body seeking escape from the unbearable intensity of pleasure – but Jake’s firm grip did not slip. Finally, she managed to get her feet onto the sofa. Using her legs, she pushed herself back and away from Jake, ending up perched on the back of the sofa. She simply sat there for long moments, bent over and head hanging, panting. As her body slowly recovered, her mind was racing– she had never experienced anything like the multiple orgasms that had just charged through her body like a stampeding herd of wild horses. Until this moment in her life, she had literally enjoyed the tease and the chase as much as the sexual act itself: it wasn’t that she couldn’t climax with her partners, but that they just weren’t that powerful. In fact, her vivid imagination fueled intense fantasies, and her solo orgasms had always outshone those she had with partners. Until now. Until Jake. The discovery that a lover — that Jake — could bring her to such previously unimagined heights of physical ecstasy rocked her world.

Finally, she raised her head and looked down at Jake: he was sitting back on his heels and his huge erection was poking out of the waistband of his shorts. An intense burst of sexual energy surged through her. This time, it was focused on an absolutely pure need to please him, to pleasure that inhumanly beautiful cock, to make him cum so hard he would scream her name. In a flash, she leapt forward and pushed him backwards with both hands, so that he fell onto his back. She pounced on him and drove her tongue into his mouth, kissing him ferociously. She ended up straddling his waist, hot wetness on his skin where her groin rested just above his shorts. Her firm breasts felt exquisite on his bare chest, and he moved both hands to caress the soft globes. She moaned into his mouth and then broke the kiss and pulled back a little to look at him.

“I’m … all yours,” she stammered, looking intensely into his blue eyes. She lowered her voice to an almost whisper, “I mean, somehow I know I can trust you. You can, like, take me any way you want, anytime you want. My … my body is yours.” She put her hands on top of his, which were still gently squeezing her tits, and pressed them firmly into her soft flesh. “Do you like my boobs?” He nodded wordlessly. “Then you can touch them whenever you want … your hands feel so wonderful on them.” She paused, then plunged ahead, “But right now … I really want … I need to make you feel good, like you made me feel. Would you like that? I’ll use my mouth, I’ll make you feel so good … I’m begging you, let me suck your lovely cock, please!” She was getting really hot again, beginning to rock her groin back and forth on his belly, spreading her wetness there.

“I … I don’t know what to say.” Jake stammered, “I feel like I must have died and gone to heaven, you’re so beautiful I couldn’t say no to you even if I wanted to.”

She grinned wickedly at him, pure wantonness shining brightly in her eyes. She scooted down his body to position herself between his legs, never taking her eyes off his, “Mmm … I want to see you, to see your face, while I do this.” Happy to oblige, he propped himself up on his elbows to watch her.

She fumbled with his shorts for a few seconds, her hands trembling too much in nervous anticipation to work the beyoğlu escort button and zipper. Finally, she began to pull his shorts and briefs down, but paused again as the object of her intense desire was fully revealed. Maria had spent a good fraction of the past thirty-six hours since meeting Jake at the airport fantasizing about his cock, and her imagination had built a very potent picture in her mind. Her initial image was constructed from glimpses in the dim light while Kari was riding him in the backseat of her car. The picture in her mind was considerably refined at the party at Nicky’s as she watched him, first with Becca and then Maddy and Beth, but still at a distance that did not allow much detail. To her delight, however, her first close-up view revealed an absolutely perfect organ that surpassed even her vivid imagination.

Straddling his right leg, she slowly crawled on her hands and knees up his body, allowing her hanging tits to brush his leg but never taking her eyes from his. She stopped when her face was directly over his throbbing member and whispered “What a lovely lollipop.” Still looking up at his face, she ran her tongue sensuously over her lips before dipping her head. Like a cat lapping up sweet milk, she licked her way slowly and wetly from his balls up the long thick shaft to the very tip of his cock, where precum oozed from the slit. Finally using one hand to grasp the shaft, she slid the foreskin down and devoted herself, body and soul, to the task of giving Jake an unforgettable blowjob. She slid the silky smooth head into her small mouth, her own level of arousal ratcheting higher as Jake groaned his pleasure. For long moments, she savored the taste and feel of the swollen helmet that filled her mouth, her tongue sliding back and forth on the sensitive underside of his glans.

Starting slowly but steadily increasing the pace, she bobbed her hot mouth up and down on the top third of his cock while one hand pumped the lowed shaft. Maria liked to give wet, sloppy head, and she went all out for Jake, her saliva coating his cock and balls. When she felt Jake’s body begin to tense and thrust in anticipation of the pending explosion, she paused the mouthfucking and gave him a minute of intense tongue-licking and flicking. Again and again she brought him to the brink and then backed off, her own arousal increasing until she was uncontrollably pressing her dripping pussy against his knee as her lips flew up and down his shaft. Finally, at the end of a round of licking, she looked up at him and purred, “Now … I want it all … I want you to fill my mouth with your hot cream … give it to me baby!” And she went crazy, her head and hand a blur on his cock, continuing on when Jake passed the point of no return, his body tensing.

“Ooooohhhhh Gawwwd Yessssss!” he bellowed. At his outburst, she stopped suddenly, mid-stroke, and looked up at his face. Maria’s eyes went wide as she felt the head of his cock suddenly expand in her mouth, and then his thick jism was spurting into her mouth: one, two, three powerful jets, so much cum that it overflowed her mouth and dribbled down his shaft. His powerful release, manifested so clearly by the salty-sweet cream filling her mouth, brought Maria to yet another peak. Her pussy seemed somehow wired directly to her mouth, somehow mirroring the sensation of being filled by hot hard cock and sweet soft cum. She climaxed hard and long, frantically grinding her slippery cunt back and forth on his leg, muffled moans coming from her throat while her mouth continue to nurse his cock like a huge nipple, drawing out every bit of man-milk.

Jake began to twitch and jerk under her unrelenting assault until finally he came up to a sitting position and gently but firmly pushed her head away. “Hold on …” he gasped, “need a break!”

Raising her head and looking straight into his eyes while she continued to slowly stroke his still-hard member, she licked up the stray jism from around her lips. “Mmmm” she purred, “So good. When will you be ready for more? I want to feel you inside me so bad!”

Before Jake had an opportunity to answer, the doorbell rang out, surprising them both. Maria jerked upright, instinctively covering her chest with her arms, while Jake exclaimed, “What the … shit, someone’s at the door.”

“Omigod!” Maria exclaimed, scrambling to her feet and grabbing her dress before dashing upstairs. Jake sighed as the bell rang again, getting to his feet, pulling his shorts on quickly while wishing he had a shirt to put on as well. He just hoped that the large bulge in his shorts wouldn’t come to the attention of whoever was at the door.

On the other side of the door, Tanya Thompson’s pulse raced, and the small package she was delivering to this address was visibly shaking. What am I doing!? she thought to herself, I could have just left the package on the doorstep and left, there is no signature required for this one. But she knew she had to see, had to get a closer look, after her few moments of watching through the front window. Even before she had started walking up the driveway, the realization that on the plain-wrappered box was the familiar return address of Doc Johnson’s, her own favorite supplier of sex toys, had sent a shiver of excitement through her … what was inside the package? Who was going to use it?

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