Lust and Love at the Lake House Ch. 03

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Lust and Love at the Lake House, Ch. 3


Quick Summary: I had eaten out and tit-fucked my Aunt Julie (Ch. 1), and after an emotional night fucked my cousin Jenny up against my bedroom wall (Ch. 2).


Our bodies were still intertwined, my beautiful cousin Jenny and me. Jenny, with her long brown hair. Her big, loving eyes. Her voluptuous body, her soft, full ass. She had her legs wrapped around my waist, my arms under her legs held her up as I pinned her with my torso.

I had her pinned up against my bedroom wall in the Lake House. That was what I called our mountain cabin we used for summer vacations. Nested in amongst the trees by the lake.

After climax, Jenny released the tightness of her grasp on me. I could see marks where her nails dug into my skin that burned red from friction. Her legs loosened; she no longer squeezed the air out of me.

We kissed softly, part from passion and part from exhaustion.

“Holy shit,” I exclaimed softly into her. “That was Awesome. Fantastic. Amazing.”

“So, you liked?” Jenny asked, playfully, seductively.

“Very much so.”

“Good, so did I.”

“I think I need to sit down,” I started to move.

“Jack, wait.”

“I don’t think I can hold this much longer.”

“I know,” she said. “But don’t pull out of me until I say so.”

“Round two?” I asked with playful anticipation.

“I’m not done with you yet,” she said with sex on her mind and in her voice.

Wanting the experience to last as long as possible, who was I to argue. I nodded and we moved in unison. She pushed out from the wall, and I turned while holding her still impaled on my cock.

I managed a step towards the bed and turned again facing away from it. I leaned back, and she released her legs at the right time and straddled me as I collapsed backwards.

Jenny leaned forward, her breasts pointing out from her torso, looking beautiful and inviting in the space between us. I reached up and grabbed them, she pressed into my chest. She sucked on my tongue as we kissed.

“Jack, I want to make our first time together one for the ages.”

“I do appreciate the enthusiasm.” I grabbed at her ass with both hands as we writhed on my bed.

“After tonight, I want you to say that I’m the best you’ve ever had.”

“I’d say it’s been wonderful so far.”

“I don’t just want wonderful. I want the best,” she added emphasis on this last word, “ever.”

“Is this still a competition?”

“It’s always been a competition, Jack. Everyone’s always being compared. Guys compare the women they’ve had, just as women compare the men in their past. We also want to know how we stack up against your past girlfriends. Even your future lovers.”


“It could be tomorrow, or more likely many years from now,” Jenny nibbled on my neck and earlobe.

“Years?” I interrupted in a playful, questioning tone.

“Years from now,” she was undeterred. “You will one day be in the arms of another. I know, it’s sad to think this can’t last forever, but it’s true.” Was she being playful or serious? It was hard to tell.

“I don’t want this to end,” I said truthfully.

“I don’t either, but when summer ends…” Jenny kissed me hard and fierce

“Whatever happens,” she continued. “I want whatever you do now, with me, tonight — I want it to be the benchmark that is used to compare against – for all time. You will say ‘sure that was nice’ but it’s not the most fantastic sex I ever had — not like that one time with Jenny at the Lake House,” she said as she pressed her chest into mine, kissing me softly between sentences.

“That time we made love with such passion, we fucked with such intensity, we kissed and touched and pleased each other until there was nothing else possible to give.” She bit and sucked on my lower lip.

“You’re not asking much,” I said, still aware that my cock was still inside my cousin’s pussy.

“And we were so exhausted, we fell asleep in the wee hours of the morning. Spent and unable to move a muscle. Your cock still inside my ass.” That was surely a way to get my attention.

“Your ass?” My curiosity was peaked, and she knew it.

“Oh, I know what you like,” she said seductively. “What you want, what you need.” Was she just saying that because men generally love anal? Or did she have some specific information to that fact?

“Jenny,” I started. “I don’t know what to say.”

“Say that you love me.”

“Jenny, I…” for a moment I paused. I didn’t want her to get the wrong idea. But maybe I really didn’t know how much I felt for her. What was love, what was lust.

“Jack, I’m not asking you to marry me” she said, pressing her body into mine. “And I get that love means different things to different people at different points in time.” She moved her hips and legs in tightly, pushing down with her waist and impaling herself deeper onto me.

“Just love me in this moment, love what we are giving to each other, love with all your heart and artemisbet yeni giriş soul,” and this last part she said as she squeezed her vagina around my cock again, “and your body.”

“Zen Jen?” I asked, consider what she just said.

“Just promise that you’ll do whatever I ask tonight, give it your all to fulfil my every need and desire, hold nothing back.”

“I promise, I will do whatever you ask, I will give you my all.”

“And that if anyone ever asks, you’ll say I’m the best you’ve ever had.”

“Well,” I said holding her tight and kissing her. “That depends on if tonight really is one for the ages.”


“You’ve probably noticed,” Jenny said, shifting her position and squirming on top of me, “that I’ve kept your cock hard, and firmly inside of me.”

“Which I appreciate very much,” I added.

“That brings us to round two.” I looked at her questioningly. “Normally I would have suggested we start with oral, then graduate to vaginal and finish with anal,” she paused.

“I didn’t know you liked sex this much. I like you more with each passing minute.”

“Every minute your wonderful cock is still inside me?” We both laughed. “Girls do love sex just as much as guys. We just don’t fixate and need to act on it all the time. But when it is time, it is time.”

“And now is the time?”

“Since you came in my pussy already, round two is oral.” Jenny resumed control of our sexual escapade.

“I like where you’re going with this.”

“I thought you would,” she kissed me again. “But Jack,” her voice went sexy and seductive. “If you really want to fuck me in the ass, you have to prove to me you really have my needs as a priority.”

“I am thinking about them all the time now.”

“Both my physical and mental needs.”

“Care to be more specific?”

“I want you to do something naughty for me.”

“I like naughty,” I replied.

“A little nasty, too.”

“Normally it’s the guy that wants something the girl thinks is nasty.”

“I want you to eat me out.”

“Eating pussy is one of my favorite things to do in life.”

“My pussy is currently filled with your cum,” she wiggled herself, and my cock got harder if that was at all possible. “When I pull off, I’m going to let it ooze out, all over your wonderful dick,” she licked her lips as she was looking into me with a devilish grin. “I want to taste your cock and our juices, and I’m going to suck your magnificent cock until you cum again.”

“Am I supposed to have a problem with this?”

“And I’m going to put a finger in your ass.”

“Well,” I was hesitant.

“You will fucking love it, trust me.”

“Do I have a choice in this matter?”

“You always have a choice, Jack. Do you want to stop?” She asked playfully pouting.

“No, but…” I started.

“At some point you’re going to want to do things to me. And you’re going to need me to trust you, that you’re a good lover and will take care of me.”

“True,” I said, feeling like I was being led into a trap.

“So now you need to trust me that I will be a good lover and take care of you, too.”

“Ok, I trust you,” I relented. After all, I was going to get her ass later, too.

“Good. But you have to do the same for me,” she replied.

“Sounds fair. I happen to know many women like a finger in their bum to help them get off.”

“Yes,” she smiled. “But I meant you have to bury your face in me and eat me out.”

“I think I can handle that,” I countered.

“Some guys don’t like eating pussy right after they’ve cum in it.”

“Admittedly, I would have done it in a different order,” I agreed.

“You have to finish me off, no matter what.” She clarified the request. Or was it a command.

“I will not leave you unsatisfied.”

Jenny lifted off slowly, inching off my cock until it popped out and fell against my abdomen. She rubbed her pussy against my rod, then slowly our mingled juices started oozing out. She arched her body so she could look between us, watching it drip from her, down onto me.

Jenny lifted off and quickly twisted around. She hoped back over me and sat back on my face in a 69 position. And she began to suck my cock with great enthusiasm. She grabbed my cock at the base, massaging and jerking me with her fingers wrapped tightly on me. And her warm mouth licked and sucked on my stiff, messy cock.

She pulled off just long enough. “I love the taste and feel of your cock in my hands and in my mouth.” Then she went right back to work sucking me deeply into her mouth while giving me a hand-job.

Fuck I was in heaven! Jenny had a naughty side I never knew. She was fully into sex, getting the most out of every moment, and doing everything a guy would want.

For my part, I pulled Jenny down by her hips, her pussy smashing down onto my face as her legs went back. I licked her pussy, around the edges, biting her lips. I found her clit and flicked my tongue on that too. But I knew what she wanted, and I had to give it to her.

I artemisbet giriş pulled my pillow under my head to align better at her opening. I fingered her pussy and licked her. I found the last remnants of cum — it was both of us combined. I lapped her up, sticking my tongue as far into her warm insides as I could. I grabbed her ass with both hands and pulled her into my face. My upper gum and lip found her clit as my entire mouth invaded her entire pussy.

“Oh, that’s nice!”

“Just nice?” I asked playfully, wondering what all she knew.

“Ask me again in a few minutes.” Holy shit she did!

Meanwhile, Jenny had been trying to go deeper and deeper onto my cock. She found a good angle and tried to control her breathing. She let her hand go off my cock and bobbed downwards. My cock went all the way into her mouth and to her throat.

“Oh shit, that feels great!” I gave her encouragement. “You have a new friend.”

Her lips reached for the base. She grabbed my balls and pushed them up to my cock, then tried to fit them into her mouth. She must have seen that in porn somewhere, but it didn’t quite work.

Jenny pulled off and took some breaths while she jerked my cock with two hands. Then she used one hand to play with the head of my cock and the other pumped me furiously.

“I really like my new friend.” She began to suck furiously on the head, pumping my shaft with her other hand. Then it happened. She reached between my legs with her arm, and I put one leg up behind her back. She licked a finger and slipped it into my ass.

I could feel the pressure — it wasn’t ecstatic, but it wasn’t bad either. Then my sphincter closed around her finger, and I could feel that my cock pulsed and contracted each time she moved it. She began to time moving her finger in and grabbing my cock so both tensed at the same time.

I decided to the same to her. While I continued to eat her out, and one hand fingered her pussy… the other reached around her leg and spread her ass cheek. I reached up with my mouth and licked her butt, first a little, then a lot.

She pushed back against me. With renewed vigor I pushed my tongue in as far as I could, spreading her ass cheeks until her sphincter opened wider.

She lifted her head up. “Fuck yea I love a tongue in my ass!” Then she resumed gobbling my rod again.

I groped and squeezed her ass a few more times. I licked a finger and slipped it into her ass too. Her sphincter tightened, and her pussy could feel it. I understood what she was doing to me, and what she was feeling when I did it to her.

I pushed my finger all the way into her tight butt. My other hand broke from fingering her, long enough to spread her cheeks wide. I then pushed a second finger into her rectum. Then I resumed fingering her pussy with my other hand. I had two fingers in each hole as I licked her clit.

“Fill me up and eat me out!” Jenny loved it – she pushed back with her body, impaling herself on my fingers and against my face. I could smell her and us — the taste of cum was replaced by the smell of sweet pussy, the taste of pink flesh, her getting wet and worked up.

Jenny sucked my cock and we continued to rock our bodies in our 69 position. She continued to pump that finger up my butt and combined with practically throating me, got me to blow my load. I wanted to hold out longer than she did, but it was no use. I love the smell and taste of a woman’s pussy, and I was totally engulfed in her private parts. Her pussy and ass tightened around my fingers, and I just lost it.

I started to spasm and my body convulsed. She grabbed tightly and just totally sucked and sucked and sucked. I pushed up with my hips and she locked down with her head and mouth. She had all of me covered, and I gave it all to her.

And for the second time in as many hours, I was coming into my favorite cousin Jenny.

“Fuck that was awesome,” I said as Jenny continued to stroke my cock. At first, I blasted a solid load into her mouth, and she swallowed it all like a pro. Now little goblets of cum came out, and she licked the head of my cock and swirled it playfully.

“I like your cum, Jack.” Fuck I was in heaven!

After I finished coming, I knew it was time to get my cousin off, to show her what moves I had.

I pushed up on one side, and she lifted her body to roll with me. We still maintained our 69 position, but now I was on top. I buried my head between her legs and furiously licked everywhere I could. She lifted her legs and opened wide so I could get in deeper.

“Remember Jack, finish me off no matter what.” Jenny instructed.

I didn’t get what she meant, after all I had already licked out the combined cum from her pussy earlier.

I grabbed behind her knees, pulling them back. I got my arms inside and around her legs. Then I pulled back with my upper body, lifting her waist off the bed. Her pussy was now open and exposed. I reached under her, spreading her ass cheeks, and tongued her ass for a few minutes, getting artemisbet güvenilirmi really deep into her.

“Fuck! Did I tell you I really like your tongue in my ass?”

“I’m going to do everything to you at least once,” I said. “But if you tell me you like something, expect to get it over and over again.”

“I like you more with each passing minute,” she echoed my words back to me.

“You’re just saying that because I’m rimming your beautiful ass and eating you out.”

“Hell yea I am!” She was worked up, horny and unashamed, enjoying sex, both giving and receiving.

Now I released off her ass and licked her pussy. I slipped a finger into her ass, pushing in as far as I could go. With my other hand I slipped two fingers into her pussy, then started licking and biting her pussy and clit again. I pinned her body back, much like I had her pinned up against the wall earlier. This time, she was under me, powerless to move or get out of the way. She tried to squirm as I drilled into her clit, but she couldn’t go anywhere.

I lowered my hips and put my cock on her face. She grabbed it and asked, “need more?” she started sucking me again.

“It distracts you just enough,” I said.

“From what?” Jenny said as she took me fully into her mouth again.

“From this.” I jammed four fingers into her pussy and pushed in until the sides of my wrist strained against her.

“Argh! Damn!”

I thought about fisting her, but the angle wasn’t right, and we might have to work up to that. Instead, I pounded her with my fingers and licked all over her pussy lips.

When I thought she was ready, I released from her snatch, but maintained my fingering of her ass. Then I began to gently slap her pussy with my hand. I rubbed and twisted on her clit.

“Oh shit,” she bucked and moaned. “Finish me off Jack!”

At this point, I slipped a second finger into her ass, pushed deep and held in place. Then I fucked her pussy with my other hand, and just sucked on her clit with all I had, licking and licking and licking.

“Argh! That feels so fucking good!” Jenny came fast and hard. “I’m coming!!” she screamed out loud, and I was sure everyone in the house could hear us.

Then a warm stream hit me in the face. It took me a second, but then I realized she was peeing. But I had to see it through. I licked at her pussy, and waves of orgasm still racked her body.

“Eat my pussy Jack!” She was at the top of her voice, and there was no denying now what we were doing. Maybe that secret was lost long ago.

Jenny grabbed my head in both hands, grinding herself into my face. Then she let go — she squirted fully while her body spasmed. “Fuck fuck fuck!”

Some pee got in my mouth, the rest on the side of my face as I tried to still eat her out through the rushing orgasm. Her body convulsed and twisted underneath me. I still had two fingers in her ass, and I massaged her pussy with two more as she came on me. I could see white jizz on my fingers.

“Holy shit that was fantastic!” She collapsed back into the bed, spent. “Fuck you are good at that.”

“You like?” I asked playfully.

“Yes, I do.”

“Good, so did I.”

I released her legs, hopped off and turned around. I lay next to her, pressing into her breasts with my chest. I kissed her, probing her mouth with my tongue.

“You smell and taste like me,” Jenny said as she sucked my lower lip and sniffed the side of my face.

“It’s intoxicating. Your pussy tastes wonderful.”

“I like that you enjoy it.” She threw her head back into the pillow. “Fuck! You can do that whenever you want,” she exclaimed with pleasure.

“Be careful what you ask for, you just might get it.”

Then after a moment’s reflection, “you know, you’re developing quite the reputation for your oral skills.”

At first, I was confused. How much had she and her mom talked about?

“Jenny, about what happened with Aunt Julie.”

“Actually, I was referring to something naughty I heard about between you and your sister.”

“Wait, what?” I was shocked. “Let me explain,” I frantically tried to think of something to say. “She made me do it,” was all I came up with. It sounded weak.

“What, did she tie you down and force you?”

“Well, no, not exactly.” It tried to figure my way out of this, but it was no use. “Although that sounds like something we should explore…” I playfully tried to change the subject. She didn’t take the bait.

“In any event, she was apparently very complimentary of your skills all around.”

“She got what she wanted out of it, too.”

“So, it is true!” She pinched my arm. Wait, had I just inadvertently admitted to it?

Regardless, it was true, and Jenny knew all about it. My sister had manipulated me, getting me to do her bidding in exchange for sex. We both liked it, the naughty sex, overcoming taboo, realizing the fantasy after years of playful teasing and touching. We both got what we wanted, and then some.

I was somewhere else when I heard Jenny’s voice bring me back to the present.

“Jack,” she snapped her fingers to focus my attention. “Was it just oral, or did you fuck her too?”.

Holy shit! Did she know everything? I lowered my head into the pillow, my scream muffled in the material.

“I take that as a yes,” she added.

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