Loving… Part 1

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Loving… Part 1A deep whiff of desperation filled my lungs and my heart. Nothing could make me want him more, except for his virginity. The only thing that worried me most, was the feeling of his eyes watching me. I couldn’t help peering over my shoulder to look at the glass wall that appeared as a reflection of the classroom. He was watching me. “Okay, class, you know your homework and you better finish it.” Mr. Laryington said, shutting the Grade. 10 science textbook with a loud ‘thump’. I flinched and grabbed the spiral notebook sitting in front of me and stuffed it into my shoulder handbag. The bell rung loudly and everyone in the class stood up, heading toward the door that lead to busy, loud hallways. I followed along, budging past people who just stood in the middle of the halls like complete idiots and finally got to the staircase after a minute or two. I was just glad that the day was over and that tomorrow was a friday, the day everyone enjoys most. Without looking, I accidentally bumped into Mrs. Perry, the districts youngest, most attractive female teacher that took the place of our Home Ec. teacher after they had an accident.”Oh- I’m sorry.” I quickly said and she nodded with a friendly smile on her face and kept walking. I hurried down the hall to my locker that was surrounded with all the amazingly attractive grade 11 boys. I was always teased in grade 9 by my abnormally perfect large breasts by them, but they wouldn’t do it rudely, kind of in a teasy funny way. But none of them could compare to the boy in my science class, Brandon Branker, who was the hottest, sexiest, most attactice guy in the whole school and he was also in grade 10. Standing in front of my locker, I untwisted the combination and looked into the circular mirror that hung from the top and glanced at my hot curled hair that I put in rollers this morning and my white Florenca Pull- Over, my Denim Roll- Ups and my black wedges and smiled softly. I grabbed the brush that lay on the bottom of my locker and quickly combed out my hair. I heard a whistle behind me and I slowly turned around, glancing at all the guys that stared at me, mainly my breasts and they grinned. But past all them, was the face that could make me smile, cry and laugh all at once. He slowly walked down the stair case in his black Polo, shaggy jeans, sneakers, and his gorgeous black hair was swifted to the side. I began to breathe heavily but I quickly turned back to my locker, shoving my backpack into it and sprayed a few hints of Lancome perfume on my neck incase I started to sweat. I always felt like Brandon and I had a connection, because everytime we looked at eachother in the eye, he would do his sexiest smile, and winked but I think the only time we “connected”, was when we were at my best friend Shyla’s house and she was having a party since her parents were gone for the weekend and Brandon and I snuck into a closet, making out and touching each other. I looked down at my breast and even thinking of that night made my nipples go hard and they started to poke threw my shirt and I gasped, thinking of something else, hoping the guys wouldn’t notice. I shut my locker and turned around and there stood the guys, grinning even bigger when they saw how horny I’d just got and I was about to spring my hands up to cover my breasts when Brandon stood in front of there view and a whiff of releif filled me, and I suddenly got my horny when I looked at his face. His dark golden skin was like a god and I pressed my back against my locker. I brought my hand up to scratch the back of my head nervously when he brought his hand up to and my hand was halfway to my head when our hands twined together, our fingers mingling and our eyes kıbrıs escort twinkling. I smiled and all he did, was smile back and he started to bring me down the hallway with him. The grade 11 guys started whistling and when Brandon whipped his head around, they stopped. I giggled and covered my mouth with the hand the wasn’t being held by his.We ended up walking through the less busiest hall of the school and toward the two doors that leaded to the drama room. When he opened the big black door, I began to get extremely nervous and excited at the same time and I began to walk in the rhythum of his walking when he stopped, spun me around and then pressed his soft lips against mine and it turned into a soft peck to a full on make out scene and this reminded me of the time in the closet and I went onto my tippy toes to reach his full height and get a better kiss. His arms wrapped around my waist and he suddenly stopped and began pulling me through another set of doors. I smiled and then read the sign of the door that said “Gym A” and Brandon pulled a silver key that he always snatched when he went to the principals office, after he’d purposly gotten in trouble just to get the key. And if they were watching him full on, he would start to seduce them, either gender. Yes, it was a bit abnormal, but that’s what made him special. He opened the door and pitch black darkness swirled all around me and the door shut behind us, shedding no posible light and I heard him drop the black backpack that he usually carried across the room. All I knew that the real gym was across the hallway we were standing in. “Brandon- I can’t r- really see-,” But the moving of my lips were passed onto his quiet lips and we began to make out against. I wrapped my arms around him warm neck and one of his hands were on my hips and the other cupped my butt. I moaned, enjoying this moment and hoped if never ended, then the hand that was on my butt scrolled to my head and he began to ruffle his soft fingers threw my hair and he brought his knee up to rest between my legs and my vagina was pressed against his knee, and I gasped at the sudden pleasure. Then both hands when to my hips and he started to move me back and forth along his knee and I began to get extremely wet. “I- oh-” My lips murmured and he pressed his lips against mine against and I knew he felt horny too because everytime he slid me toward him, the tip of his cock pressed against my stomach. I couldn’t hold it anymore and he expected it and he began to walk toward me as I walked backward and waited to bump into a wall and as soon as we did, his lips moved from my lips to my neck and his hands slid my shirt up, revealing my white lace bra and his tongue flicked aginst my warm, hard nipples and he began to suckle on them and I moaned, tossing my head back and I gently grasped his head, wanting more. He did so by unzipping my shorts revealing my matching panties and he slid them down and with his pointer finger, he began to finger fuck my pussy. I yelped, stopping myself to not attract attention to the room. He then lifted my leg straight up into the air easily, knowing I was the most flexible girl in the school and brought his mouth to my pussy and began lubricating it with a deep desire of pleasure and love. “Oh my-” I gasped and he suddenly stopped and I could feel him look up at me. “It’s fine, keep going.” I quickly said, feeling a bit of embarassment come to my face and he continued. I could now slightly see him because a closed window was a few feet from us and the sunlight dimly shined on us and I smiled, swinging my head back and his tongue went from deep inside my pussy to my clitoris. “Your turn,” I said in a deep seductive tone escort kıbrıs and I saw him look up at me with a deep sense of anticipation and I made him stand up, take my place by the wall. Stripping my clothes off to reveal my smooth hairless body, I grabbed his belt, swipping it off and I tossed it behind me and his jeans began to lower. They fell to his ankles showing his grey boxer shorts and his pumping cock. I lowered his boxers and his enormous cock stood straight in the air in pride and I blink in astonishment at its size. It was the first time I’d ever gave a blowjob and compared to all the porn I’d watched, this was almos the biggest cock I’d ever seen. I went to my knees and flipped my head back and I brought my face forward and stuck it into my mouth, swashing my tongue around and lubricated it as my pussy throbed. He groaned, leaning back his head and his arms fell to his side as I did the job. I brought it in and out and between every pause, I stuck my tongue to the tip and teased it and I could feel his cock begin to harden and I knew it needed to eject. “Go ahead, it’s fine.” I whispered and he looked down at me and his cock began to harden and I stuck it into my mouth and the warm thick liquid squirted into my mouth and it tasted better than I thought. Swallowing it, he stood me up, and I completely swallowed every last bit and his kissed me and our tongues mingled for a quick second before he lead be down the hall and I knew he was heading for the actuall gym. He swung the door open once I was out of the way and I heard him switch all the lights on in the gym shining a surprising amount of light to my eyes and I blinked, shading my eyes in its golden glow. When the blur disapeared, I realized he’d goteen undressed and he stood in front of me without feeling any embarassment, only excitment. “Well, I guess he’d good enough for me.” I grinned, looking from his face to his cock and he chuckled, opening his arms to me and I sprinted toward them as he caught me in his strong muscular arms and he carried me toward the bleachers that were forgotten to be pulled in and he carried me up the stair case to the the top bench and ever so gently he laid me down on the bench and my body was completelly vulnerable to his eyes and I felt my hands slowly tingle toward my breasts but I stopped my hands, knowing this is what I wanted. He positioned me by lifting my legs to rest on his shoulders and his black hair covered his forehead in a sexy way and his cock was at the top of my area. “Are you ready?” He dark, seductive tone made me feel in love and I nodded.”I’m just- worried about the pain,” I whispered and I knew he felt for me. “It will feel good, I promise. It will only hurt for a second.” He pecked my lips and I felt his arms tense as they were positioned beside my shoulder and he thrusted his hips forward as I gasped in pain, shutting my eyes and my flat palms turned into fists as he wiggled his way in and I looked down, seeing blood drip from the bench to under the bench. I breathed heavily as he waited a second and then began thrusting more and the pain was melted away by the rythum of his hips. I bounced back and forth, my breasts moving vigourosly and I felt nothing but desire and my hands raced to my tits, squeezing them and I saw him grin as he continued, moaning in pleasure and I tossed my head back. His cock moved back and forth, never leaving my pussy and it felt so fucking good. Suddenly he grasped my back, lifting me up and I blinked as he picked me up, still inside of me and he sat down on the bench with me sitting on his lap and began fucking me again. I gasped in pleasure and bounced my way until his cock was completely inside of me and I could kıbrıs escort bayan feel his balls move up and down against me and my head flew back against and he brought his head forward, kissing my breast and suckling on my nipples. “Ohh-” I moaned in pleasure and I grasped the bench behind me, moving faster- and faster-Suddenly we heard the door swing open and I was about to shriek when he pressed his warm palm against my lips and dove to the ground and I fell to my side. I shut my eyes, waiting for the pain. I opened my eyes, seeing his lips moving. “Shhhh…” He whispered and I was in his arms, ducking behind the benches and we heard the clicking of heals in the gym. I looked down and saw his cock came out of me and I moved up a bit and he jumped at my sudden movement and I stuck it back inside of me and he moaned at my dangerous idea. He began to hump me. “I saw your clothes outside, if you come out now, I won’t press charges.” I knew that voice. I peeked above the bench, just enough for her not to see me and there stood Mrs. Perry, her blonde wavy hair flowing to the side and she changed from her tight black pencil skirt and blouse to Denim jeans and a pinstriped tee. Her breasts were way to overflowing in her shirt and her hands were on her hips while her eyes scanned the gym, waiting for our presense. I knew were weren’t going to get out of this without making a move and I turned my head to look at Brandon with an idea. The second I looked at him, he bit his lip, sort of feeling weird with the idea. “We have to, or she will tell our parents.” I whispered quietly and I pecked his lips as he nodded and I stood up slowly, revealing my self to her presense and her head spun toward me and her eyes went wide and Brandon stood behind me and her eyes looked like guppy fish since they were so big.”Erin? Brandon?” She gasped and I curved my lip, walking down the stairs with slightly shaking legs and Brandon followed me in case I decided to fall. I could tell that Mrs. Perry was having a hard time not looking at my breasts and Brandons cock so while I approached her, Brandon walked to the doors, locking them. “What do you think you’re doing?” She snapped and I stared at her and her breasts. “You naughty bitch,” I said and she gasped, now spinning on me. “I mean, for shit sakes, look at your nipples, I swear, they’re harder then mine before we started fucking.” I glanced at Brandon and I could tell he was biting his bit to not burst out laughing. She narrowed her eyes, covering her breasts. “Why be like that? I never said it was a bad thing, did I?” I cooed and walked toward her, grabbing her wrists and putting them to her side and I grabbed her boobs and began squeezing. Brandon was surprised by my movement and Mrs. Perry gasped and didn’t even try to stop me. I grinned, glancing at Brandon again as he walked over, and began kissing her neck and she moaned, leaning her head back. I was surprised at the size of her tits, since she was only like 22 and she had twice the size of boobs than mine. A whiff of jealously lifted over me and I frowned, ripping her shirt in half, revealing her breasts and she wasn’t even wearing a bra. “Whore.” I said and brought my head down to suckle on her tits and she yelped, grabbing my head to make me suck harder. I grinned, bringing down her jeans and I began to finger fuck her just like Brandon did to me and she whispered something to Brandon and he nodded, and they behind kissing. I blinked, furious jealously whipping over me and I frowned as I stuck four fingers into her pussy and she gasped. “She’s ready.” I said and he nodded, their lips parting and he stepped away from her as I grabbed her and yanked her to the ground and she yelped. Grinning, I spread her legs and ordered Brandon over. “Enjoy this while you can bitch, because it’s probably the best thing you’ll ever experience.” I grinned, looking up at Brandon as he smiled back. Part 2 coming soon. (Loving… Part 2)

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