Lonely Twenties: The Venus Flytrap

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“Just go away, Arvan!” shouted Lisa.“It’s no big deal,” replied Arvan, in bed naked with the tanned girl with dark hair.“No, it’s over, fuck you, you are a fucking monster! You don’t show any love, get out!” shouted Lisa, crying after feeling like she had been used.Lisa looked exactly like Dua Lipa with her black hair and was one of the girls on Arvan’s rotation. In the past, she had complained of Arvan not showing enough love. Now Lisa was upset as Arvan had been his usual self, only fucking her with his cock but not doing anything to please her. Arvan had such pretty lips and a tongue that did work but no, only the penis selfishly getting pleased. Lisa had been thinking about it for a while and she’d finally pulled the trigger; it was over.Arvan was quickly dismissed and left, having a relationship rupture with a woman in his rotation. At the age of twenty-eight, Arvan was quite a lonely guy who just had a lot of money. Even the friends that Arvan had were mostly fake friends; such is life in the city, where everyone is out for themselves. To soothe the pain, Arvan hung out with some alcoholics at bars and used dating apps to have sex with a lot of women. The sex, alcohol, and work itself led to Arvan having an existence even though it was quite sad.On a humid Saturday afternoon, the bored Arvan swiped right on a dating app. Arvan actually got a lot of matches given that he was around six feet tall, had a darker olive skin tone, dark hair, brown eyes, and looked exactly like Rohit Khandewal. Most of Arvan’s life consisted of work, some drinking, and sleeping with a couple different women on a weekend. Arvan matched with this one woman on the app called Leah; she was in her forties and looked exactly like Kim Kardashian. The age difference was kind of big here as Arvan was only twenty-eight.”Busy?” asked Leah on the app.”Yeah, I have a lot going on,” replied Arvan.”Sure, hey I am really horny right now though,” said Leah.”Is this a fake account?” replied Arvan, confused. Leah sent Arvan a pic of her nude in her bed smiling at him. “No, just an old woman who could use some company, you seem to have a lot of that,” said Leah.”I mean, where are you? It could be a long trip,” replied Arvan.”I am in Hell’s Kitchen, I’ll text you the address and the apartment is on the 50th floor, it’s 50E,” replied Leah, soon texting Arvan the address.”So what are you down for?” asked Arvan.”Well, whatever you want, I mean I can use some stuffing if you know what I mean haha,” said Leah, sending a wink  to Arvan.”This seems too good to be true,” said Arvan.”Well, I am sure it isn’t the first time you’ve been proposed. Are you coming?” asked Leah. Arvan knew that this had happened with him a handful of times, particularly with older women.”Sure, give me an hour,” said Arvan.”Hurry up because this dildo is not doing it, door is unlocked too but lock it when you come in,” replied Leah.Arvan had a shocked reaction while at Leah’s place, it was a horny time. Leah was very horny, fingering Göztepe Escort herself and stuffing a dildo inside of her as she laid in her bedsheets covered in sweat. The room smelled of musk which comes from a woman but it was an arousing odor. Meanwhile, the picture of Arvan in his underwear with his six-pack abs really aroused Leah to the point where she was biting her lips while fingering herself.Meanwhile, Arvan had arrived at the apartment and found the door unlocked. Immediately upon walking in, a powerful sexual odor consumed him and made his cock erect. To the right of him, Arvan saw the image of a saint with the face of a skeleton, it was a horrifying image which made him wonder what he was getting into. The apartment was a luxury one with a massive living room but to the left, he saw a bedroom. In the bed, he saw Leah and her gaze immediately stunned him, it was something else.”Gonna have to strip down there,” said Leah, in a soft voice.”Oh, okay,” said Arvan, who now noticed he was having deeper breaths and his heart was pounding for no reason while his cock became as stiff as a rock. After stripping down, Leah finally saw the huge cock, licking her lips as she stared at it.”Damn, now I don’t regret skipping breakfast; bring that over here!” said Leah, still in the sheets as she smiled, the laugh seeming devious. As soon as Arvan got close to her and stood along the bed, she immediately grabbed his ass and stuffed the cock in her mouth.Arvan felt goosebumps on his skin as the body scent from the cougar consumed the room; it was oddly arousing while being natural. As soon as the cock went inside of Leah’s mouth, a powerful rush hit Arvan’s entire body that made his heart pound faster as his body got weaker. Arvan’s body temperature seemed to go up by about twenty degrees as his breathing became deeper, leaving him to wonder what happened. Now he looked down to find a devious and almost demonic look meet him, wondering what was to come. She violently shook her head, stuffed the cock deep in her throat without issues, and sucked on it like a hungry man devours his meal. To Arvan, she came off as a pitbull latching on to its victim, it was going to have to take a lot of convincing to get her off of him. Losing his balance, the horny bachelor fell down from the side of the bed and was now in the bedsheets. What was amazing about the situation is that despite the moving body, Leah kept her mouth on the cock and was making almost demonic noises while sucking on it.”What the hell did I get into?” asked Arvan, barely able to get the sentence out.Arvan tried to move around, unable to see the devious cougar who was now in the bedsheets and tearing his cock to shreds. The burning feeling on his dick made Arvan wonder if it was okay, felt like a burning acid had been poured on it. Getting into the sheets, he saw a devious look in the eye as she gave him a thumbs up and a wink, continuing to suck the cock while she looked at him. “Well damn, Göztepe Escort Bayan lady, let me get a taste of you,” said Arvan, immediately noticing a fast shift in position.The horny bachelor whose dick was still getting chewed by the cougar immediately saw her legs coil around his head, being in a sixty-nine posittion. Leah’s pussy was pressed up against the bachelor’s face, an arousing scent that smelled like freshly baked bread consuming him. Arvan was not a fan of eating pussy or ass, it was something he found disgusting. Typically, Arvan relied on his cock to plow away at a woman for a few good minutes as he busted on her. Meanwhile, the picture on Leah’s end was of cocksucking going at the same pace.”Fuck uh,” said Arvan, immediately trying to get off the bed. After moving his body around a good bit and violently shaking, Arvan managed to get Leah off of him but the woman who rose was a somewhat scary image. Leah was a beauty but her expression was that of a witch from hell, a woman possessed by the devil; it was all in her demonic eyes and stare as cum dripped from her bottom lip.Arvan wasted no time in grabbing her and putting her on her back, something she allowed him to do without resistance. As soon as his cock went into her wet pussy, Leah gave a sinister smile and laughed but the story was different for Arvan. The pussy was wet but whatever was inside it aroused him even more, sending shockwaves throughout his body. A sudden rage hit Arvan who started to pound the cougar harder than any other woman he had in the past. “Oh yeah, that’s what you call fucking, you bitch?” said Leah, in a deeper voice as Arvan continued to pound her.”God damn, I am fucking horny, do something else you soft cunt!” said Leah, softly biting her lower lip as she smiled. Arvan started to groan and it seemed like if he went any faster, he might get a heart attack as breathing was becoming an issue. “Oh man, damn, I might need to read a fucking book. Jeez, are you gonna use that cock or not?” asked Leah, giving a devious look as she mocked the poor bachelor.Arvan collapsed on top of the horny cougar, kissing her on the neck and softly biting her shoulders as he started to plow her. Even though the strokes were slower, Leah had a moment of weakness where her devious look had turned more innocent, but he saw none of it. Arvan stuffed his cock in for a few more strokes pulling out and cumming on her belly, quickly collapsing after that in exhaustion. The exhausted man tried to catch his breath as his heart raced, his vision blurring from the exhausting ordeal.”Done?” asked Leah, coiling her powerful legs around Arvan’s waist while taking his back and putting her arms around his neck. Leah sniffed, whiffed, and softly bit Arvan’s ear as he was losing consciousness every minute. The sinister milf softly bit his neck and shoulders, leaving marks.”Uh, let me go, uh,” said Arvan, blindly swinging his body around but feeling restricted.”Who’s stopping Escort Göztepe you from leaving?” said Leah, her voice becoming scary and deep, similar to Scarecrow’s from the Batman movies.The bachelor’s view had turned dystopian, it is like he was in hell right now and Leah his tormentor. For some reason, he felt too burnt out to move, as if his body had been broken down by the cougar. The smells started to arouse him again, putting his cock in a stiff state one feels right before they cum, but making him unable to cum. As his breaths became slower and deeper, and his heart rate started to speed up, Arvan was in panic.”What have you done to me?” asked Arvan, barely able to get the words out.”Shown you who you are, a worthless man,” said Leah, the sinister tone again heard in her voice. Arvan felt the hands work quickly and carefully around his body, the cougar’s fingers digging into certain muscles which kept causing arousal.”I have things to do,” said Arvan, in the tone of an old man.”Oh you have things to do, don’t worry, no one is gonna look for you. You can be locked here and no one will care, who’s gonna care Arvan?” asked Leah, seamlessly overpowering her victim and now getting on top of him in a mount position.”Friends, I have friends,” said Arvan, in a degraded, aging tone.”Yeah, friends, I know men like you all too well. Thinking they can prance around this city and use women for sex, all that plowing but no love huh, love. No family’s gonna care for you, no woman is gonna care if you disappear, oh the reality, love,” she said, softly biting his lower lip.”Who are you?” he said, in a low tone.”Your life lesson,” she replied, locking lips with him.Arvan started to pass out, barely able to open his eyes, but felt the mouth on his cock again. Now the cougar was massaging the testicles and even taking the time to lick his anus, which further degraded his body until he finally passed out. The poor bachelor’s body shook as he was being demolished by his predator, unable to come up with any response. No one knows how many hours passed, it may have even been a day, but he dreamt of the encounter to notice how the cruel milf softened up as soon as he started to bite her.In pitch black darkness, he woke up but could not see a thing, wondering if he had gone blind or if it was truly that dark. Arvan was nude in the bed but felt around him to see if she was still there. In a shocking twist, the lights turned on but they were red. As soon as they turned on, he saw the sinister woman wearing demon horns and smiling. Consumed by fear, he tried to get up but felt that he was struggling to move.”You fed me; I sucked your cock and that cum made for one mean meal, even put it on the chicken I was eating.  Yummy!” said Leah, laughing hysterically as Arvan tried to move.”What did you do to me?” asked Arvan, as the raven-haired beauty walked towards him.”Oh it’s more what you didn’t do to me,” said Leah, now in bed with Arvan with her soft-skinned arms around his neck.”What happened,” the scared man said, confused as to who he had fucked.”Tell me bachelor, you go from woman to woman on these apps, fuck em, forget about em, and then go on with your work and life. Lather, rinse, and repeat. Aren’t you already dead?” asked Leah, massaging the horny man’s shoulders.

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