Lighting a Flame Ch. 01

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This is the first part of a two part story

Kindred Spirits

Beth Goddard checked one dress after another from her closet, held them against her body and then replaced them. “What do you think,” she asked her husband each time and then ignored his suggestion. He liked them all but she was looking for perfect.

That turned out to be the yellow sundress.

“Okay,” Luke laughed, watching her from the bed. “That’s the one I had in mind all along…”

“Is that right?” the brunette smiled, walking to the long mirror and holding the dress against her body. She turned this way and that and then eventually nodded her satisfaction. “This is your boss who’s holding the barbeque and I know you want me to look my best.”

“You look sensational,” Luke growled.

“I do?” Beth playfully responded, raising an eyebrow. “With or without the dress?”

Walking halfway across to her husband, she placed the dress over the back of a chair and fluffed up her dark brown hair. Dropping her hands to her sides, she cocked her hip to one side and threw back her head in a provocative pose. “Maybe I should go like this?”

Luke felt his cock grow as his eyes covered his wife’s toned body. He loved her in this teasing frame of mind. The pink and black half cup bra accentuated the fullness of her breasts and allowed a good deal of the perfect flesh to escape over the top. She gave him a twirl and his eyes narrowed at the sight of her peach like buttocks that seemed designed for the plunging material of the matching skimpy thong. God, she was hot…

“I know that look,” she laughed, swinging back to face him and placing her hands on her hips.

“Look? What look?”

“The one that says you’d like to fuck my brains out…”

He was on his feet and across the bedroom in seconds. Beth smiled. In just his white boxers, Luke had a great body, too. Hard and athletic, with pecs he’d honed in the gym. Physically, they were a perfect match for each other. Their attitudes and interests were in harmony, too, although their jobs were sufficiently diverse to keep the lives together fresh and alive.

“Do we have time?” he asked, pulling her into his arms. Even before she could reply, he had his hands under the cups of her bra, pushing the sexy garment upwards. He cupped her breasts, loving the firmness and the way her nipples rose under his rotating palms.

“Let me think,” she groaned, nuzzling his neck. Her hand slid down inside his shorts and found him already stiff. “Mmm… it seems my show has had the desired effect. I think that at the very least we need to do something about this, don’t you?”

Sliding to her knees, she pulled his boxers downward. Both hands went to his butt, holding him steady as her tongue swirled around his thick girth. Within a minute, she was easing him into the back of her throat, one hand cradling his testicles as her dark soulful eyes watched his reaction. The way he groaned and grunted always gave her shivers…

She masterfully worked him, saliva dripping from the corners of her mouth as she got into her stride. God, she so loved cock! Since giving head to her first boyfriend in the corner of the physics classroom one evening, she adored these moments. Eagerly rubbing the saliva into the long shaft to provide more lubricant, she built up the pace. His hands were in her hair, though she needed no guidance. She knew exactly what she was doing.

“Fuck,” he grunted.

Her deep brown eyes smiled up at him. The word was shorthand for if you keep that up I’m not going to last. She gagged a little as he jerked in her mouth and one hand squeezed his balls while the other held him just under the crown until he calmed a little.

“Too hot for you, huh?” she murmured, sliding a finger into the crevice between his buttocks. His whole body jerked as she teasingly rimmed his anus.

“No… no…” he grunted, grabbing her by the wrists and lowering her luscious tanned body backwards onto the sheepskin rug that lay across the carpet. The white and fluffy mat was the perfect location for what he had in mind.

As she settled he held her wrists above her head with one hand as the other yanked her thong down her body. His eyes covered her smooth sex as she spread her legs wide for him. She was already wet and ready. Dropping his lips to the breasts he loved so much, he sucked first one nipple into his mouth and then the other as he crawled between her inviting thighs.

“Yes?” he asked, biting down gently on one hard nub as he rubbed himself against her.

“Oh, yes,” her husky voice agreed as she wrapped her long legs around his hips. She groaned as he buried himself inside her without another word. Even though his fingers left her wrists, she kept her hands above her head, grasping onto one leg of the bed behind her as if they were tied there.

“Fuck… that’s good,” Luke grunted as she tightened her velvet grip around him.

“Yes, baby, yesss…” she whimpered, locking casino şirketleri her ankles at the top of his butt. When she dug her heels in, his hardness eased even further inside.

Pushing up on his elbows as he angled over her, Luke dropped his mouth to meet his wife’s in a wet, passionate kiss. They didn’t have much time and that was just as well. Neither was going to last long. In their haste, the perfect rhythm they’d quickly established moved from slow to quick to fever pitch inside a few short minutes.

Sweat began to drip from his forehead. “Fuck…”

“Cum, honey,” she whispered, her hands leaving the leg of the bed to grip his hair. She pulled hard. “Now, Luke… now, baby…”

“My neck,” he grunted. “My neck…”

Her tongue obediently went to his skin, licking up and across the flesh just the way he liked. The both knew it took him from one side of the line to the other. Cheek-to-cheek, he thrust one final time and then felt the train leave the station.

Beth came with him, stretching her body backwards on the fluffy rug and dragging his head into her shoulder. They jerked together, their groans simultaneous, his cum mingling with her juices. She jerked on him for as long as he could maintain his erection inside her.

“Darn,” she playfully whispered in his ear as the moment eventually faded. “I need another shower before we head for that barbeque…”


“That dress is perfect,” Luke whispered to his wife as they wandered around the large gardens. He took a sip from his drink and cheekily wiggled his eyebrows.

“You’re driving,” she told him, nodding at his beer.

“Non alcoholic,” he cheekily grinned. “And don’t change the subject. You’re definitely the sexiest woman here…”

“You’re only saying that because I let you have your wicked way before we left home,” Beth laughed. “But I like the flattery. Keep it up the rest of the night and I’ll reward you when we get back.”

“That’s a long time to keep it up,” he joked. “How about I just get it up when we return?”

“Funneee,” she said, grinning at him. They stopped at the end of the path, glancing around at the groups that had casually formed across various parts of the perfectly manicured lawns. Beth nudged his arm and nodded across at a stunning looking woman in a low cut flowery top and black jeans. “What about her? She looks hot…”

“Hmmm,” he slowly murmured, focusing on the woman in question. In her mid twenties, the blonde had a familiar look. His eyes took in the deep brown cleavage the V-neck offered. “You might be right,” he said with a twinkle in his eye. “I must have missed her when I scanned the crowd. Okay, you’re the second sexiest woman here…”

She playfully dug her elbow into his ribs, accidentally sending some wine spilling over the rim of her glass as she did. She wiped the drops from her dress with her hand while Luke stared at the blonde. The way her full swells moved as she swayed from one foot to the other suggested she wasn’t wearing a bra. That was probably why three young men were surrounding her, hanging on to every word.

“Okay, okay,” Beth eventually told him, slipping a couple of fingers inside his shirt and turning him towards her. “I’m over here.”

His boyish grin spread all over his face and she returned the smile. That Michael Douglas dimple still made her swoon. He leaned in to kiss her lightly on the lips. “Just window shopping.”

“As long as you don’t buy,” she bounced back, her dark eyes hinting at the consequences.

“You’re the only woman I’d ever spend money on,” he laughed. “In fact, if think about it, I’ve already spent quite a bit…”

One eyebrow rose threateningly. “And you haven’t spent wisely?”

His eyes roamed across her body. “Oh yes. You’re the best present a man could ever have. And I’m looking forward to unwrapping you later.”

“Twice in one day?” she good-humoredly laughed, her eyes twinkling. “It must be the lager. I’ll have to keep you on non alcoholic more regularly.”

“Hmmm,” he sighed, holding the glass up and peering intently at the gold colored liquid. “There was I thinking I’d drawn the short straw by offering to drive, but I actually think it might have aphrodisiacal qualities…”

They both laughed loudly, but instantly turned at the sound of his name.

“Luke…” The voice was deep and confident. And familiar.

Beth had only met the dark haired man on a couple of occasions. Each time Luke’s boss had called by their house to discuss some problem or other that couldn’t wait until next morning. That was the problem with the legal profession, of course. Exemplified by Roger Mantle. There was always something that couldn’t wait until the next day.

His black moustache tickled Beth’s skin as he kissed both cheeks. “My dear, it’s lovely to see you—and looking so enchanting, too. What a wonderful dress.”

“Thank you, Roger,” she beamed, wondering how he could comment on her dress when it was her cleavage his gaze casino firmaları was attracted to. He looked different out of a suit, though there was still something uncomfortably formal with the blazer and crisp blue shirt.

“And you, too, Luke,” he added, planting one hand on his guest’s broad shoulder while the other briskly shook the younger man’s hand. He had a big beam on his face as he nodded around the impressive grounds. “What do you think?”

“Love it,” Beth enthused. “I want to live here.”

The straight backed man laughed as he fiddled with the button on his blazer cuff. “I can recommend it. I hope you’re both having a good time.”

“Absolutely,” Beth smiled, sensing that the question was a precursor to some sort of conversation about their latest case. As Senior Partner, the dark haired man took his responsibilities seriously. From what Luke had told her, Roger focused on his work even when he was asleep. Being a journalist, she understood. You followed the story whenever and wherever it took you and it was the same principle with the legal profession.

The difference, of course, was that even in these enlightened times journalists spent a good proportion of their time ensconced in a pub somewhere. That’s where Beth drew the line. Yes, she’d have the occasional after work drink with some of the journalistic team, but whereas they invariably turned a drink into a long evening out, she’d always head for home.

She glanced at the two men and smiled. It had taken less than thirty seconds for them to become involved in a conversation about work. Some breaking case where the local councillor had made unwelcome advances to more than one of his constituents, apparently. She’d have to get all the juicy details on that one later. Luke had kept that case quiet…

It was clear from the earnest way that Roger looked at her husband that he regarded him highly. He occasionally rested that friendly hand on Luke’s broad shoulder as he made a point. Beth felt a surge of pride as she watched her fair haired husband respond.

He really was a handsome devil…

Being movie buffs, they jokingly referred to themselves as a young Michael Douglas and Jeanne Tripplehorn—Douglas because of Luke’s dimple and Tripplehorn as a result of Beth’s uncanny resemblance to the beautiful dark-eyed actress. Plus the fact they’d re-enacted the Basic Instinct scene between the two actors whenever they were feeling particularly horny.

Come to think of it, it had been a while. If the mood was still with her, she’d let Luke take her over the chair again when they got home…

They often quipped that had it not been for fate they’d have met on a film set rather than in a bar. Luke insisted that she’d approached him, but that was a lie. She’d gone to the bar to get another drink for her friends and he’d done the same for the guys he’d been with. They’d tried to order at the same time and ended up laughing over it. Being the gentleman, he’d allowed her to order, but only if she gave him her mobile number.

Beth had compromised and taken his number. He told her she wouldn’t call but she had, four days later. That had been a respectable enough period to ensure she didn’t appear too keen. At twenty—two years younger than Luke—she’d quickly realised she’d met her soul mate. Taking her to the Comedy Club on their first date had been unusual to say the least but it had broken the ice and they’d laughed all the way through.

Marriage followed two years later and here they were, after another eighteen months, as happy as they’d ever been. Life was pretty much perfect.


“Penny for them?” The voice drew Beth from her thoughts.

With Roger and Luke still talking ‘shop’ she’d been studying people across the lawn. Most of the men had dressed more conservatively than Luke, although she thought his smart jeans and a jacket were ideal for the occasion. The women were dressed conventionally, too and while there were some stunning dresses, none showed quite as much cleavage as hers.

She swung around to find a blonde woman smiling at her. The same woman she and Luke had admired in the low cut flowery top.

Beth beamed back. “I was just people watching.”

“Mmm, I like to do that, too,” the woman said, handing Beth one of the two glasses of wine in her hands. “You looked in need of a refill.” She nodded at Luke and Roger. “Men, eh?”

Beth placed her empty glass on a nearby table and rolled her eyes. “That’s the legal profession for you.”

“I know. Still, we can have a chat seeing we’re kindred spirits…”

“We are?”

The woman ran the back of her fingers across the top of her breasts and then nodded at Beth’s. “You’ve been people watching. Have you seen anyone else here showing this much cleavage?” she smiled knowingly.

Beth broke into a self conscious laugh even though she was aware she’d coloured slightly. The woman was holding out her glass and she clinked it in kinship. “I’m Beth.”

“And I’m Annabelle.”

The güvenilir casino brunette grinned as she studied her new companion. She did look so very familiar. Her close cropped blonde hair framed an oval face in which her dark blue-hazel eyes shone so self assuredly. Her make-up was immaculate and, as she spoke, those soft pink lips opened to reveal her perfect teeth.

“Well?” Annabelle asked, not the least put out by Beth’s thorough scrutiny.

The brunette felt herself blush at being caught out. Had she really been looking that closely? “I’m sorry,” she gasped, laughing loudly. “It’s just that you look so familiar…”

“People say that. Ever heard of Susan George?”

The penny dropped. Of course! Straw Dogs was one of Luke’s favourite movies. They’d watched it more times than she could recall.

“That’s it,” Beth admitted, her eyes shining in recognition. “Luke says she’s—”

Annabelle cocked her head to one side, waiting for her to finish the sentence. “She’s…?”

Her blush deepened. Luke called the 70’s actress posh tottie but said that underneath, she’d know how to get down and dirty with a man. Beth had to agree. There was something about the actress that seemed to bring out the animal instinct in both of them. Maybe that was why she and her husband always had great sex after watching the movie.

“He says she’s a very sexy woman,” she continued. “Straw Dogs is one of his favourite films.”

“Mine too,” Annabelle smiled. “And I agree, Miss George a right sexy little bitch. She and I are so alike…”

For a few seconds they were both silent and then, when the blonde chuckled, Beth laughed too. It looked like the two women had similar senses of humour.

“So,” Annabelle continued, her eyes twinkling. “What conclusions have you come to from your people watching?”

Beth pulled a rueful face, though at the question. “That’s a good one…”

“Apart from the fact you and I are kindred spirits.”

Beth laughed. “Sexy bitches…”

The woman shared another laugh.

“Exactly,” Annabelle agreed, clinking glasses again. “You know, My guess is that you’re the wife of an up and coming lawyer. He’s young and trendy, which is why you’re wearing such a sexy dress, and well thought of in the firm or you would have worried about exposing those wonderful breasts of yours.”

Beth laughed out loud, though the reference to her breasts resonated between her thighs. “Well, you’ve pretty much got me spot on. I could say the same for you…”

“You could,” Annabelle replied, holding her arms wide. Her unfettered breasts bounced a little and the absurd thought that Susan George hadn’t worn a bra in Straw Dogs somehow found its way into Beth’s mind.

“You’re husband will be young, too,” she quickly said, averting her eyes from the full swells. Her nipples were clearly on show against the flowery top. “He’ll be around your age. Good looking, too, I’d bet. He’ll be well regarded by the firm. Let me see… he won’t be stuffy at all, he’ll be a free spirit.”

The blonde threw her head back and laughed. “In some ways, that’s a very good analysis. But before we take it further, why don’t you introduce you to yours?” She glanced over the brunette’s shoulder. “I think the men have finally finished their conversation.”

Beth turned to face Luke and Roger. She caught her stealing a glance at her new friend’s cleavage. She’d tease him about that again on the way home.

Roger was practically beaming. “Well, well, Beth. I see you’ve met my wife. Luke, this is Annabelle…”


“Hey,” the tall gangly man said, slapping Beth’s husband on the back as he approached the laughing couple.

As the long afternoon had turned into evening, a number of guests had already departed and the rest had moved into Roger and Annabelle’s opulent house. It was large enough to take those remaining and then some. Beth had hoped there might be an opportunity to check out the place but after a quick visit to a small bathroom, there was no opportunities to do anything other than join Luke and the other guests congregated in the piano room.

That’s were Harry Barnard and his wife found them. Harry and Luke went back a long way. They’d met at University but gone their separate ways after graduating. Yet by one of those quirks of fate, they’d ended up at the same law firm within a month of one another. Fate, Harry had called it, even though Luke knew it was simply one of those happy coincidences.

They worked together on the firm’s bigger cases, providing the ammunition for Roger to fire in court. So far it had proven to be an unbeatable combination.

“We finally catch up,” Harry beamed, stooping to kiss Beth.

She gave him her cheek and then hugged Emily. Whereas Harry was gregarious by nature, his wife was the opposite. Reversed and timid, you had to get to know the petite woman to appreciate her qualities. After a slow start to their friendship, Beth had gradually begun to appreciate her unexpected sense of humour and loyalty. Em been unemployed for a while, but the amount of charity work she got through testified to her character.

The copper haired petite woman glanced around the room. “Quite a place, don’t you think?”

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