Lesson Number One

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She was eighteen and never fucked! A virgin barely kissed. But unlike her friends who went on and on about their weekly romps with their boyfriends who were more interested in spider man than sex, Emma was at a loss. She didn’t want to admit to them her laughs and carefully slotted observations and opinions came from pornos and playboy. She wanted sex but with man not a boy. She wanted someone who could tease and please her. Make her breasts heave and her cunt wet and drip. She wanted man who could drive crazy with lust and dangle her off the edge. But how was going to find that at the all girls catholic private school she and her friends attended?

Then along came Mr. Andrews. Jace Andrews. Emma got wet the moment she laid eyes on him. Fresh out of teacher’s college he wasn’t even thirty yet. He was tall with short, rich brown wavy hair and had very broad shoulders under his dress shirt. His voice was deep and friendly. Also, she could see a slight bulge in his baggy dress pants meant he was packing. She went up to talk to him a few times during his first week and he was also very nice and even gave her a hug once. She smelt his sweet dolce & gabana cologne and bit her lips as the part in between her legs got hot. He was perfect!

She spent nights rubbing her dripping pussy, thinking about him on top of her. She would lie half naked and rub her C cup tits imagining it was his hands and tongue brushing against them. She had to have him and soon! She wasn’t the only one who though he was incredible. Some of the other girls flirted with him and even some teachers. If she didn’t make a move and soon someone else will.

On Friday she went up with the other girls to his desk, handing in mid-term essays. She made sure she was the last one she to ask him a question.

“Sir,” she said in her most innocent tone of voice. “I was wondering, I’m having a lot of trouble with one subject and I was wondering if maybe I can see you after school for extra help?”

“Sure Emma,” he replied. “You know I’m here to help. How about you drop by ten minutes after the last bell?”

“Sounds good Sir.” He flashed her his brilliant white smile as she returned to her desk.

When the day ended, she went to the nearest washroom and changed into an altered version of the school uniform. Then at fifteen past, she made sure the school was empty before returning to Mr. Andrews’ class room. She entered and shut the door, wearing a violet trench coat.

“Ah Emma.” Mr. Andrews greeted. “So what can I help you with?”

She turned around slowly, holding the belt of the coat. “Well sir, I’m a little embarrassed, but I’m so confused I don’t think I can let this go on much longer.”

“There’s no need to be embarrassed.” Mr. Andrews said calmly, waving her forward. “I’m here to help you in any way I can. Just tell me what’s wrong.”

“Well you see, in class I’m having trouble concentrating.” Emma started to say meanwhile she began to pull the knot loose on the belt of her coat.

“Is the material too difficult?” he asked.

“No… It’s you.” She undid the knot and let her coat fall. Underneath she revealed the school uniform but the shirt had a low v-neck neck and was altered to cup her tits up and tight, the material stretching over her push up bra. She had fishnet stockings under a belt-like kilt that showed off her newly tanned midriff.

She looked carefully at Mr. Andrews, praying he wouldn’t shout.

‘Want me,’ she begged internally. To her pleasant surprised he slowly put his pen down and there was a glimmer in his eyes.

“Me?” He stuttered a little which Emma found to be cute. “Am I distracting you in some way?”

“Well yes,” she continued. She walked around his desk so he could get a good look at her.

“Every time I see you in class… I feel strange.”

“How so?”

“Well I start to feel hot. My cheeks turn red and…” He stood up and she sat down at the other end of his desk.

“Go on.” He said in almost a whisper. “You can tell me anything Emma.”

”Oh teacher!” she closed her legs tightly, hoping to excite him. “I’m so embarrassed!’

It appeared to be working. He walked around his desk, staring at her. His jaw practically hitting the floor.

“Please,” he sighed, losing control of his voice. “You can say it.”

“I get hot… down there.” She pointed to her kilt. “Between my legs, in my private area.”

“Really? That must be distracting.” He reached her and caressed her cheek. “You poor girl.”

“Oh my!” Emma turned away a little bit and clutched in between her legs.

“Did I do it again?” he asked.

“Yes.” She turned back to him. “My private feels all warm hot… and… strange… It’s wet teacher.”

She loved the way his eyes widen as he looked down at her hands over kilt between her legs. He was actually blushing a little too.

“Does it… Always get wet?’ he asked her, stepping closer.

“At first it was just hot.” Emma said slowly. “But then as illegal bahis more time passed I started to notice how handsome you are. Your board and strong shoulders. Your legs and…Ah!”

Emma started to move her hand up and down her pussy lips, covered by a lacy black pair of panties. Mr. Andrews couldn’t believe the sight. It was so arousing and wrong at the same time. But it made it all the more exciting.

“Oh no!” Emma moaned. “See what happens. Every time I see you, I just get all hot and wet. And then all I want to do is rub my privates until they sore!” Emma tried to close her legs but still rubbed.

“I’m a good student, teacher.” She looked at him but kept her eyes narrow and lustful. “I’m a good girl. But this keeps happening. Help me Teacher! Help me so I don’t have this constant need!” She moaned loudly.

Mr. Andrews grabbed her hands and slowly pulled them away.

“Yes, Emma.” He said to her. “I’ll help you. I know exactly what’s wrong and how to fix it.”

“Oh good!” Emma sighed. “Thank you Teacher.”

He drew his face close to her and planted his lips on hers. He kissed her slowly and when she responded he started to kiss her harder. He caressed her cheeks with one hand and explored her body with the other. He moaned feeling how nicely developed she was for a girl her age. She was actually sexier than some of the women his age. His hand soon reached below her waste and he slowly placed it on her panties, which were indeed quite soaked. When Emma felt his hand, she gasped and pulled back.

“Oh teacher!” she cried. “Is this right? Should you be touching me?”

“In order for me help you Emma, I have to touch you, and more.” Mr. Andrew explained. “Can you let me do everything that I need to? Will you let me and do exactly what I say, no matter what?

Emma stared into his eyes and tried to maintain her innocent school girl confused face, but inside she was doing cart wheels. He was being so sexy and completely turned on by her. She wanted it and him so baldy and was pleased to see he felt the same.

“Alright teacher.” She replied. “Just… Promise you’ll be gentle.”

“Of course, Emma.”

She gasped. He kissed her again and started to rub her with two fingers. She sighed, enjoying the small sensations along her pussy. She had masturbated many times, picturing him fondling her. She was already so aroused she could feel herself getting more wet already.

“Mmm! My my Emma.” He murmured, pulling away to look. “You’re practically dripping.” He began to use his whole hand to rub. His thumb rested tightly on her mound and the rest of his fingers stroked along her clit beneath her panties. He then licked her lips and she licked him back. Shortly they were sucking and slurping each other’s tongues, moaning and sighing.

“Emma,” He groaned between their kisses. “Do you like me?’

“Yes teacher.” Emma sighed. “I really, really like you.”

“Good.” He pulled away from her again and looked at his hand on her pussy.

“You’re still dripping. So I’m going to try to cool you down and dry you.” He said seductively.

“How teacher?” Emma asked.

Mr. Andrews knelt down and spread her legs. “Oh my!” Emma cried as he grabbed the band of her panties and slid them down, pulling them right off her dangling legs. Emma notice her juices stuck to her panties.

“You smell nice Emma.” Mr. Andrew said, his head close to her pussy lips. Emma got more excited, feeling his breath.

“Teacher, that’s embarrassing.” She cried.

‘”I think it’s sexy.” He commented. Emma gasped as he held her legs open and ran his tongue down to up her wet pussy lips. He smacked his lips loudly tasting her.

“Mmmm! You taste good Emma.” Emma couldn’t respond as he began to lick her more. She sighed moaned and held his head close, spreading her legs wider. His tongue flicked over and over and started to worked against her clit. She groaned, “Oh teacher!” as he stimulated her clit with his tongue. It felt amazing! Soon she couldn’t tell the fluids apart. His warm tongue teased her vaginal opening and worked around her pussy lips, making everything very wet.

“Oh Emma,” Mr. Andrews suddenly said and stood up. “It doesn’t seem to be working as I thought. “

“I guess not.” Emma confessed, disappointed he stopped licking her.

“But it seems now I have a problem.” Mr. Andrews held Emma’s face and pointed down. Emma looked and saw a huge bulge at the crotch of his pants. She could see the brass zipper, barley able to contain the swelled member underneath.

“Are you wet and hot too, teacher?”Emma asked, trying not to sound too teasing.

“I’m hot,” Mr. Andrews confessed. “But hard not wet. But I need to be wet. I need to cool down.” He held Emma’s face with both hands and kissed her hard.

“Help me.” He gasped when he let her go.

Emma breathless, simply nodded. He sat beside her and pulled the zipper and button of his pants, and pulled his cock out. Medium, soft chest nut illegal bahis siteleri hairs crowned his fleshly dick. Emma was pleasantly surprised to see he was circumcised. His dick was smooth, pink, and had a perfect mushroom top with a clean, visible hole.

“Come,” he said to her. “Wrap those luscious lips around this,”

Emma obeyed, bending down, practically laying. She took the cock in both hands and opened her mouth wide, taking the tip in and began to lick and suck.

“Mmm! Emma!’ Mr. Andrews moaned. “That’s good!” She began slowly, and tried to make the sounds the girls in the pornos she watched made. She moved her lips up and down the shaft, and began to wiggle his balls with her free hand. It felt strange, having this long, soft but stuff log, like a strange tasting, giant sausage in her mouth. When she began to taste the salty precum, she began to enjoy herself and go faster. Mr. Andrews has begun fondling her breasts and sighing and groaning throughout.

“Suck my balls too!” he gasped at one point. “I need to be cooled down everywhere.” Emma released his cock but continued to rub it with one hand as she reached under and tasted his balls with her tongue. “Teacher,” she sighed. “Are you sure this isn’t wrong?’ she asked.

“If you like me, and want this.” He whispered back, “Then no, there’s nothing wrong.” He suddenly grabbed her head, causing her to take almost his whole cock into his mouth, practically choking. “Now you’re about to see how wet you’ve made me.” Emma continued to suck, moving her head faster and faster. Her fingers dripped in her saliva and she used these to rub Mr. Andrews balls. She was ecstatic. Her pussy continued to drip as she sucked his cock, which had become long, hard, and large in her mouth.

“Oh Emma!” Mr. Andrew gasped. “I’m gonna spray it into your mouth!”

He grabbed her head tightly as she hesitated briefly.

“Keep going! Don’t take it out!”

Emma obeyed and continued to suck, faster and faster, moving her head more. She even nibbled the tip.

“I’m gonna cum Emma!” Mr. Andrews cried. Emma gave a muffled moan as Mr.Andrews cock twitched and sprayed his milky white seed down her throat. She tried to swallow, but some of it dripped out of her mouth. Emma sat back, opening her mouth. Mr. Andrews’ dripping cock flopped down as she covered her mouth and swallowed. His cum had an incredibly strong taste. Salty-sweet, but when it hit her throat it was like a shot of vodka. It made her feel light headed.

“Oh my god!” she finally gasped. She looked up at him to talk about how yummy and sweet his cock was when he pressed his lips against her. She let his hand run along her legs and screamed with pleasure when a finger found its way inside her pussy.

“Good girl! You’re incredibly wet.” Mr. Andrews said, pulling his face from her to look down at her pussy. Emma started to scream. “Oohh! Ahhh! Ahhh! Mmmahh! Ohhh!” Loudly and almost rhythmically as he works her pussy hole with his fingers and her clit with his thumb.

“How many times have you fingered yourself thinking about me?” Mr. Andrews asked. At first Emma couldn’t answer due to the stimulation, so he slowed down a little to let her speak,

“Lots of times.” She confessed with a moan. “At first… mmmahhhh! We just… just kiss! Ohhh God! But then we end up having sex! Mmmm ahhhhh! Baby!”

“You’re so naughty!” Mr. Andrews cooed. “I love it!” He started to shove his finger into her pussy, causing Emma to scream loudly. She never thought she could feel anything like this. Her pussy was burning inside and out. Her hips kept trembling and moving forward so her pussy rubbed against his hand. Her pussy throbbed around his finger. He grabbed her breast with his other hand, using his thumb to tease and move her nipple. She moaned loudly.

“Oh teacher!” she cried. “Please, please, teach me how to have sex like an adult.”

“You sure that’s what you want?” He twisted his fingers inside her and she screamed.


It felt like he had torn what was left of her clothes completely off. He cleared his desk with two swings of his arms. Then he carried Emma and laid her on it. He then started to lick her pussy again, moving his tongue into her pussy, licking the walls in circles. Emma saw that as he licked her, he had dropped his shirt and pants and pulled out a condom.

Emma breasts bounced as she moved against his incredible tongue. When he stopped licking her she started to rub her own pussy. She could feel how soaked and slippery it was. She gave soft moans as he licked and sucked her tits. Soon he stopped and stood up. She sat up a bit and saw the most arousing sight. Mr. Andrews stood in front of her completely naked. She could now see how buff and toned his body was. His long arms had beautiful muscles. His stomach was smooth with gorgeous curves running down his sides and melted into his buttocks. His cock was huge, red and covered with a clear condom. Emma smiled canlı bahis siteleri but teased him by closing her legs.

“Oh teacher,” she cried. “What if we get caught?”

“Mmm. It’s late.” Mr. Andrews murmured, grabbing her erect tit with one hand and his cock with the other. “No one will come.” He reached her face and kissed her roughly. They took turns sucking and biting each other’s lips and tongues. Emma gasped loudly when he stopped. He pulled her legs wide and wrapped them around his body. He then gazed at her intensely and started stroking the tip of his huge cock around her pussy hole.

“Now, my sexy little student,” he growled. “Are you actually a virgin?”

Emma gave him a huge smile, feeling her pussy drip another glob. “I am. That’s why I want you to teach me. Show me how to fuck teacher!”

“Oh baby!” He pulled her up and kissed her hard again. “It might hurt a bit at first,” He whispered in her ear. Emma moaned loudly, feeling three emotions at once. Extreme arousal. Pleasure. And impatience. He was so close. His cock raised up against her soaked and sticky pussy.

“But I swear, I’m gonna make you feel something you’ve never felt before.” Emma moaned loudly as he put the tip of his cock into her opening.

“And it’s gonna be fucking amazing.”

Emma’s moans soon became cries as he thrust his cock into her slowly, pushing it in inch by inch with each thrust. Emma threw her head back as Mr. Andrew held her from behind and kissed her neck and lower on her shoulders and then her tits. She screamed when he was half way in, her vaginal opening stretching to accommodate his thick shaft.

“Oh Jace!” she screamed.

“Does it hurt Emma?’ Mr. Andrews asked, half groaning with delight at how tight her beautiful pussy was.

“Mmmahhhhhhhhhhh!” was all Emma could say. Her pussy lips throbbed painful but also with sweet expectation. She needed his rod in her now! She grabbed his hips and started to pull her body closer to his. They both moaned as he moved in another inch.

“I’ve wanted this for so long!” she gasped. Her tits bounced as he thrust once more, gaining more ground. “Oh, fuck me! Please! Do it now!”

Mr. Andrews pressed his lips against Emma’s and start to eat and suck her mouth. As they kissed, he started to work his cock inside, using slow but powerful motions, going deeper and deeper until finally…


Emma was in ecstasy! Mr. Andrews had loss complete control and was now plunging his cock deep inside her. His balls slammed against Emma’s ass as he rammed her pussy, using a circling motion. Emma legs tighten around Mr. Andrews’ body as she screamed with lust. Her pussy was burning on his hot rod and she felt every single thrust hit her pussy, ass, and all the way up her to tits and head. Soon he stopped kissing her and start kneading her tits and moaning. Soon she started get really into it, and began to cry:

“Yes! That’s it! Fuck, you’re so good! Oh my God! I’ve never felt this before! Yeah! That’s right. You’re so deep! Yes! Slam your huge cock into me! I’m gonna explode! Oh Jace! Jace! Fuck me! Fuck me hard! Take me! Fuck! Fuck!”

Mr. Andrews could only respond by moving his hips in rhythm with her and gave loud groans. He moved her legs on top of his shoulders so he could go deeper still. He now moved faster as his cock twitched and Emma felt a new sensation deep inside her pussy. It started as a thin burning hot fire and soon exploded into river of pleasure that surged through her body. Emma gave a deep cry as her body trembled.

“Yeah Baby! That’s it. Cum all over me!” Mr. Andrews cried. Emma’s pussy literally exploded, as if on command, and her juices leaked loudly from her well plugged vaginal hole. Mr. Andrews sped up his thrusts as Emma’s earth shattering orgasm continued. Then he grabbed her and slammed her against him as his balls tightened and he came.

“FUUUUCCCCCKKKKKKKK! EEEMMMMMAAAAAAA!!!” He roared as his seed squirted into the condom. Emma screamed with him as the last of her orgasm rippled through her body. They soon collapsed on the desk and Mr. Andrews slowly pulled out. Emma moaned and gasped, her body limp and shaking from small after comes. He grabbed her and slowly and softly kissed her tits, tummy and finally her pussy lips. She moved down and kissed him hard.

“Oh my God!” she gasped. “Oh teacher! That was fucking amazing.”

“Yes, it was.” He smiled. “You are such an amazing woman.” He said as he bit her lip.

Emma reached and grabbed his hand and shoved a finger in her still burning hot pussy.

“I want you to teach me more, teacher.” She spoke in her soft, seductive voice. “I want to learn everything about fucking so I can make you come. So I can taste you and smell you all over.” She grabbed her tits and rubbed them hard, moving them around and against her chest. “I want to feel your cum in me!”

Mr. Andrews’ eyes bulged as he stared at Emma whose breasts were pink from being pulled, squeezed, licked, and touched and her gorgeous tight pussy that was already melting on his fingers.

“Oh Emma.” He finally said and grabbed her as he wiggled his fingers inside.

“I intend to teach you everything. My little student whore!”


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