Laura’s Cherry Pie

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Warning: The subject matter in the following selection may be offensive to many readers as it deals with sexual activities involving a woman’s monthly flow. It is submitted here as a result of numerous requests from women and men who have read my previous entries into this kinky area. Dedicated to Laura who made my imagination run wild.

All of my adult life I have debated what is the sexiest part of a woman’s body. I know some men are leg lovers, some are ass worshippers, and some can’t resist a big pair of boobies. As for me I have decided that it is all wonderful. In polite conversation you never hear about the best stuff though.

Guys will brag about fucking some woman while she begged for more. Some girls might speak of how nasty and great it was to give a guy a blow job and then squirm while he ate her out. I love talking to the rare ladies who can get down, dirty, and nasty. Laura is such a lady who can make me hard by just entering the room because I know that even if we don’t touch the conversation will blow me away.

Neither of us knew about the other’s kinky desires before we went out on our first date. In casual conversation around the office she had never told me that she loved trying all sorts of kinky things but one of her favorites dealt with assholes. She loved to have her asshole eaten out and loved tongue fucking her sex partners asshole any chance she got. It obviously never came up that my number one fetish was fucking; sucking and doing anything else I could do with a girl’s pussy during her period.

Now, Laura is not a beauty queen but sexier than most ladies you will meet and the sexiest woman in the large office where we work. She stands about five and a half feet tall, has those sexy long legs and 36C tits. Her ass is absolutely fantastic as it is a beautiful heart shape and nice and plump. My God, when she walks away there is not a man alive who wouldn’t get a woody watching the swaying of her hips.

We had worked together for about a year when I finally got the chance to ask her out as for the first time neither of us were dating anyone else seriously. Laura made sure to warn me that I should not expect anything sexual on the first date as she really liked to get to know a guy before anything like that happened; it might even be the third or fourth date. I agreed with her condition happily confident we would have a lot of fun together. I had no doubt that we would be going out again.

We both dressed to kill that evening. I wore my very tight fitting jeans that would have to be peeled off of my body which showed the bulge in front and the crack of my rear very well. Similarly, my shirt was tight enough to show Laura that I had been working out and had no extra fat on my chest or stomach.

Laura wore high heels and dark brown stockings topped by what could only be described as a sensual dress. The garment was black coming down to just below her knees. There was a slit to the waist on the side and it had a plunging neckline that drew you to her marvelous cleavage without quite showing anything.

Suddenly, I wasn’t sure that I should have agreed that there would be no sexual activity on the first date as I wanted to rip the clothes off of her body in her living room before we even left. But, we did make it out of her house to a very nice restaurant and laughed and carried on all through dinner.

Even before we made it to the restaurant the sexual double talk and teasing had begun. Anything that had two meanings that was said elicited a giggle from us. Somehow during dinner we ended up talking about our worst dates. Laura said, “There was this guy and it was our fourth date and I was ready to fuck him and we were obviously having foreplay and you know what the asshole did?”

With a tent forming in my pants I answered, “No, what did the bum do?”

“I took his pecker into my mouth and swung my cunt into his face and asked him to eat my pussy but the son of a bitch refused. He thought it was fine that I should suck him off but cunts were too nasty to eat out. I popped his pecker out of my mouth, got dressed and left him laying there Dumb founded.”

“It serves the idiot right. That reminds me of the sexy lady whose asshole I had just eaten out who then refused to eat out my butt hole. We kept dating but I never ate her shit hole again since she wouldn’t do mine.” I could see Laura squirm a little in her chair and wasn’t sure if this talk was turning her on like it was me.

“Sounds fair to me after all why should you give and not get? Do you really like having your ass hole kissed?” she asked allowing her hand to fall onto my knee. “Oh shit yes; the only trouble is finding a woman that doesn’t run the other direction when I bring it up. If we keep going out you will find that there isn’t much I don’t like doing.”

“I have heard that before even from the guy who refused to eat my cunt. I have got to experience it to believe it. Come on and tell me another bad experience.”

“Ok Gaziantep Merveşehir Escort it was my third date with this gal and I had gotten her blouse and bra off and was really into sucking her boobs. She was really into it to as she had unzipped my pants and was rubbing my cock. Meanwhile, I had gotten my hand all the way up to her silky panties and was rubbing her crotch.”

“That sounds pretty sexy to me I don’t see a problem there,” She responded giving my knee a squeeze. She was now hanging on every word.

“I was getting to the frustrating part. I started to push the crotch of the underwear to the side when she grabbed my hand and pulled it away. She told me that the panties were to stay where they were as it was that time of the month. I told her that I didn’t care and that I loved red hot cherry pie. But, no matter how hard I begged and pleaded she wouldn’t let me back under her panties. Hell, she wouldn’t even let me hug my face and nose to her silky cloth covered crotch!”

“Shit, you may be just as kinky as you claim to be. None of my stories compare to that one. Somehow, going out with a guy and finding out he is impotent doesn’t compare to that one. You aren’t impotent are you?” The question surprised me until I realized that it was just part of our usual playing around.

“No, Laura, I ain’t impotent just frustrated from time to time.” The conversation began to head off in other directions as we finished our entrees. Then, the Waiter came up and refilled our wine glasses and asked us if we wanted dessert. Laura looked at me to see if I was going to have anything and I nodded my head in the affirmative.

“I’d like a piece of red hot cherry pie,” she said in her sultriest voice. I followed her lead when I ordered.

“Give me two scoops of vanilla ice cream side by side with dark brown chocolate drizzled between them, please.” The waiter had a weird look on his face as if he were trying to figure out what was going on here exactly. Five minutes later he brought back our desserts. Laura’s pie had steam still rising from it and the ice cream was perfect as it looked just like a beautiful ass.

Looking at my dessert she commented, “That looks nasty yet sensual.”

“It sure does. I’d love to eat your hot cherry pie.”

“Which one,” she giggled as my face turned red. I couldn’t be the only one that was embarrassed and was determined to make her face match mine. “Well, sexy lady I will eat whichever you are offering. I just love cherry pie,” I purred looking down at her lap. We ate in silence for a minute as sure enough her face turned red.

“So, what would you like to drink with my cherry pie if you were able to get at it and eat it up?” Boy, did this question throw me for a loop. I wasn’t absolutely sure that she meant what I thought she meant, or what I hoped she meant. So I decided to go for what I hoped would be a safer answer.

“Baby, I would drink anything you gave me if I was to eat that cherry pie of yours.”

“Anything, even if the drink was hot and I poured the drink all over your face. Is cherry pie that special to you?” I was tongue tied and just nodded my head. We hadn’t even intimately touched at all yet but I was more aroused than I have ever been in my entire life just from the innuendo flying around the table. Somehow we made it through dessert and headed for my car.

We had planned to go dancing at a local club but as we put our seat belts on Laura looked over at me and smiled broadly. Putting her hand on mine to stop me from putting the car in gear she spoke up, “Let’s not go dancing my back hurts and I have muscle cramps.”

“Then what do you want to do instead?” I asked her innocently.

“It might be a little boring but we could go back to my place and listen to music while we chat.” Somehow it did not sound boring to me at all. Agreeing quickly I put the car in gear and drove straight to her place with the bulge in my pants never leaving me the entire way. As she fumbled with her house keys I kept my eyes on that sweet ass dreaming of what it would be like to be tonguing it.

When we got in she walked right to the refrigerator and brought out a bottle of wine and handed it to me with two glasses and asked me to pour it while she put on some music. By the time I got to the front room the stereo was playing some soft jazz. Seeing me coming she patted the couch right next to her for me to sit down beside her.

Handing her a glass of wine I sat down almost hip to hip with this sexy lady. It was hard to keep my hands off of her but I felt that I had to given what she had said earlier about nothing happening on the first date. I was almost drooling as we toasted and took our first sips of the sweet red wine.

Then to my surprise she put her arm around my neck pulling me toward her face and then leaned over and softly kissed my lips. The kiss lasted all of a second as she backed off and looked deeply and sensually into my eyes. It was as if Laura was trying to make the most important decision of her life as we both sat there nervously.

Throwing her other arm around me our lips met again but this time I felt her tongue pushing at my lips trying to invade my mouth. I wasn’t about to put up a fight and opened my mouth wide. Our tongues spent the next couple of minutes doing the most amazing dance together. As she sat back and took another sip of wine I started to say something but she just put her finger over her lips to hush me.

“So, that girl you were talking about at the restaurant did it really piss you off that she wouldn’t let you hug her crotch?” she nervously asked.

Not knowing what she was up to I decided honesty was the best policy and replied, “It sure as hell did.”

The words were no more than out of my mouth when Laura stood up right in front of me and pulled her dress off over her head. Swallowing hard I couldn’t believe what I was seeing as she stood there in a lacy black bra and matching panties which were covered by the pantyhose that made her legs look so damn sexy. She purred, “Give me your hand.”

“Oh my God, you look fantastic,” I muttered still ogling her body as I put my hand in hers. She took my hand and lifted it straight for the crotch of her underwear. There was no mistaking what I felt; it was a feminine protection pad. My heart began pounding in my chest a mile a minute.

“Most guys don’t want anything during my flow which is why I told you that crap about doing nothing the first couple of dates. Now go ahead stud and give my nasty cunt a great big hug.” As she spoke she put her hands on my shoulders As soon as she finished speaking I wrapped my arms around her luscious butt and drew her crotch up against my nose and mouth and inhaled deeply.

Pungent yet somehow sweet smells filled my nose from her pussy. Her pad must have been fairly full of cherry juice as it felt spongy against my nose. I debated ripping her pantyhose and panties down right then and there but figured I would get them off soon enough by being patient. Heat was emanating from her crotch as I exclaimed, “Laura, this is fucking kinky, I love it!”

Pulling away and motioning for me to sit still she stood in front of me and slid the pantyhose down her legs. Then bracing herself against a bookcase removed her shoes so that she could get the hose all of the way off. With the pantyhose removed she put back on the five inch heels and came back and sat on my lap.

Giving me a torrid kiss and placing my hand on her beautiful breast she snuggled tightly against me. Excitedly she spoke; my flow is extremely heavy right now. Are you sure that you would like a serving of my red hot cherry pie?”

Caressing her melons through the bra eagerly I replied, “Oh fucking shit yes, more than anything in the world!”

“You know I can be pretty kinky too. Will you promise to do whatever I ask if I give you my very hot messy cherry pie?”

“Oh fuck yes anything except hard core BDSM or eating your shit,” I answered her honestly hoping not to have screwed things up but not wanting her to be disappointed later. She sat there for a second thinking about my response.

We kissed passionately once again then she laid things out for me. “You can spend the night with me. Get out of these clothes and meet me in my bedroom. Before you can have cherry pie you have to give me something first.”

Laura hurried out of the room not having to wait for an answer from me. My eyes were fixed on her ass as she walked away. As soon as she was out of sight I quickly removed all of my clothing and neatly laid it on her couch with my shoes and socks on the floor next to the rest. Timidly I walked toward the back of the apartment looking for her room.

Seeing a light coming from a doorway down the hall I headed for it. Sure enough it was the right place. There was a queen size bed which Laura had laid two beach towels on top of. She was still wearing bra, panties, and high heels as she met me just inside the door and gave my cock a good hard yank as she stuck her tongue down my throat.

“This gorgeous cock will feel so good inside of my bleeding twat. But, right now your red hot cherry pie is still baking in my hot little oven. I bet we can find something to do until it is hot and gooey. Why don’t you go and lay face down on my bed? Oh fuck, you sure have a sexy ass!” I practically jumped onto her bed.

It wasn’t more than five seconds later that I felt her soft hands on my little ass. Saying nothing she rubbed her palms all over the cheeks before spreading the cheeks apart. She ran her finger so lightly up my crack that a shudder went up my spine. Then I felt pressure against my butt hole as she stuck her finger tip inside of me. I let out a soft moan as her finger plunged deeper and deeper. I whispered, “Laura that feels so damn great.”

“You’ve got a beautiful little ass. And you haven’t felt any thing yet you sweet bastard!” Moving fast she quickly straddled my legs as she climbed on top of me. Her boobs rested against my thighs as she began planting tiny kisses all over my butt cheeks. Her kissing soon grew in passion as she was now feverishly licking and sucking my butt as she got closer and closer to my ass crack.

Her tongue then swiped up and down the length of my crack. Fuck, it felt so nice. Then shoving her legs between mine she wrapped her arms around my hips lifting my ass off the bed. Like someone who hadn’t eaten in days she attacked my rectum with her tongue. She was sucking and tongue fucking my shit hole so sensually that I thought I might cum even though she had barely touched my prick.

Having satisfied herself at my back door she shimmied up my body. Her boobies grazed sensually across my back as she moved up my body. Finally we made eye contact once again and rolled onto our sides facing each other. Throwing her arms around me we kissed but this time she made sure that I tasted my ass on her mouth.

Seductively she whispered, “I just had to make sure I had my fun first. After all it wouldn’t be fair if you got cherry pie and I got nothing. Now I am all yours, but take your fucking time. We do have all night you sexy cunt lapping bastard.”

It seemed wrong to go straight for her muff. It was obvious that I should, at least, make a stop at her breasts first. Rolling her on to her back I unclasped her bra strap and pushed the garment aside. Her big breasts were topped with huge pink areolas and equally large pink nipples. Pinching her nipples I told her, “These look like little cherries.”

“Well then I guess that you will just have to eat them,” she smiled and caressed my head. My hands kneaded both of her melons as my mouth traveled from one to the other. Each time that I bit down just a little she squirmed under me. She was rubbing the spike of her high heel against my leg as I sucked her boobies in and out of my mouth.

As much as I was truly enjoying sucking her jugs and nibbling on her cherry-like nipples it was time to move on. I planted little butterfly kisses down her flat stomach until I reached the top of her silky panties. Pausing for a moment as I expected deep down inside that she would stop me. As I resumed and kissed across the front panel of her undies the beautiful scent of her menstruating pussy over took me.

Then I could feel the maxi pad under my lips. I knew now that Laura would have a difficult time stopping me from at least eating her out. Kissing and biting her crotch through the panties and pad for a couple of minutes I decided it was time to unwrap this package and see what wonders her pussy had for me.

Hooking my fingertips into the side of her panties I began to pull them down as she lifted her ass way up off the bed. I was careful in pulling them off so that none of her juices would be lost on the bed or her legs. For some reason, my first instinct was to look at the pad. It was totally saturated with blood and her other juices.

Not being able to resist I inhaled deeply and then gave it a little lick. The taste was indescribable. The mixture of her cum with her monthly flow was enough to drive a sane man nuts. She brought me back to earth fast quipping, “Glad you like my pad but how about paying some attention to the real thing. Help yourself to some red hot cherry pie that I have been saving all evening just for you.”

She had her knees up and spread far apart perfectly displaying her cunt for me. Her thick forest of pubic hair was all matted and twisted. Her bright pink pussy lips were all puffy and swollen. The inner folds of her pussy seemed to glisten in the light of the bedroom as her juices ran out. Carefully I put her panties down and took my place between those long legs. Almost bellowing, “Laura that is the sexiest sight I have ever seen!”

Determined not to let a drop of her cherry juice go to waste I started licking and sucking at the top of her pubic hair. It didn’t take long as hard and fast as my tongue and mouth was working to reach the top of her cunt lips. I kissed and licked one and then up the other making sure to clean up the narrow area between her lips and thigh as I went along. Then I took one huge swipe of my tongue from the bottom to the top of her cunt scooping up the sweet discharge as I went.

Laura was now moaning and writhing in ecstasy at my attentions to her nasty twat. My face was covered with blood and her sweetness and her high heels were being ground deeply into my backside. Looking up from her swamp I ordered, “Oh fucking shit, unfucking believable; now my sweet nasty bitch get up and sit on my dirty face. Give me all of your damn fucking cherry pie!”

Swinging her leg over my head she bounced up onto her knees waiting for me to get into position on my back. Scooting over toward me was the incredible sexy sight of her sloppy twat. Reaching up I played with her fleshy ass cheeks jiggling them from side to side and up and down. As soon as her cunt was upon my face I attacked it; licking and sucking all over paying special attention to her clitty.

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