Kitty’s Little ShowOff Game Pt. 02

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I turned around and marched into my front door, looking back at him with a smile, and I didn’t need to say a word to make him follow…he just did it instinctively for some reason. I stood in front of a large mirror near in the hall and posed, bending slightly forward, sticking my chest out and staring at myself as he approached me with his eyes moving up and down my body.

“Come here, hon, and help me with this skirt…”

I looked down at it, tugging the bottom of it down a bit and smoothing it out on my fabulously curvy ass and continued, “Yeah, I know it’s already kinda short and tight, but I think it would look sexier if it was even shorter. Maybe you’d like to help me adjust it a bit?”

He just nodded. I thought so…

“Now I’m gonna fuss over my hair and makeup for a minute, so why don’t you come closer, stand right behind me and help me smooth out this skirt a little bit. Maybe then I’ll let you make it shorter if you want…”

He started to reach forward with his hands, but I lifted up a finger, putting it right in his face and halting him in his tracks, saying, “Ah-ah-ah…but first you just stay right there and watch as I fluff up my hair…I know it’s sexy, and it just seems to need constant attention!”

The way I was manipulating him was exciting me; I simply adore controlling a man’s behavior like that! I also really enjoy directing them to do something and then diverting their attention to some other related thing…and judging by this guy’s behavior so far, he was more than happy to play along with all my little games!

So he stood there and stared at me as I primped myself for a minute, fussing over my hair, running my slender, feminine fingers through it and making sure it fell just the way I wanted over my shoulders and down my back. And then I continued, “All right, now you can go ahead and take care of this hot little skirt…”

Without saying a word he reached out to touch me, and I smiled as I watched him obeying my whims. I let him rub his hands on my skirt for a bit, smoothing the stretchy material around my hips and ass a little before reaching down to casually push his hands away.

I giggled playfully as I denied his advances, and he allowed it without hesitation, letting his hands fall loose at his sides and exhaling noticeably, whispering barely audibly, “Wow.”

My only response to this was to glance back at him and ask innocently, “Ooo, so you liked that, did ya??”

He just nodded…I do believe the teasing had officially begun!

I smiled at myself in the mirror as he watched me fuss over myself some more, and it excited me the way he didn’t dare make another move without permission. I giggled as I squirmed my body around, adjusting little parts of my outfit, tugging on my tight top, smoothing my skirt, playing with my dangly jewelry, etc.

And then I glanced at him again, giving him a knowing smile as I said softly with a wink, “Try again…”

Again he reached out to touch me, seeming to accept how my little game was going to be played, but this time I just pushed his hands away before he even touched me. I could tell that he was helpless to resist this particular game, because his reaction was the same and he just let his arms go limp as he accepted my denial.

His behavior was reinforcing the idea that I was in complete control of his advances, and I could feel my excitement starting to build as I glanced back at him again. I had him right where I wanted him, so I coaxed him to try again, beckoning him with one long-nailed finger and then swatting his hands away when he tried, this time with a playful slap.

The way I did it was just a bit more dominant, and he seemed to like it as he didn’t need any more encouragement to try again. He just kept reaching forward over and over, only to be met with a variety of rejections on my part, everything from simply pushing his hands away to swatting at them playfully but firmly, or grabbing his wrists and holding them in place.

My eyes twinkled and my smile grew as I toyed with him repeatedly just like that, revelling in my power over him. The whole thing was getting Escort Bayan really exciting, and he was just eating right out of the palm of my hand, so to speak!

It was becoming clear that I could continue this little game as long as I felt like it, but soon enough I decided to have a little mercy on him as he reached out one more time, and this time I let him touch me and start adjusting my skirt.

I went back to tending to my appearance, ignoring him and letting him enjoy my gracious reward for playing along with my teasing and denial…

He gently began rubbing the stretchy pink material, and when he had felt it all over for while I said sweetly, “There, that’s it, nice and slow and gentle, honey, very good. Now you can slip your fingers inside the top of my skirt and fold it over inside itself…once or twice, or maybe three times.”

His fingers trembled as he tried to comply, and slowly he managed to do what I wanted and I continued, “See how it rides even farther up my legs each time you fold it over! You like that?” I pulled away a little, displaying my ass and legs for him to ogle, checking for his reaction.

Of course he liked it – now it was even sexier!

“And maybe you’d like to help me by smoothing out some of the wrinkles on it – there, just run your hands all over it while I paint my lips with this shiny, dripping wet pink lip gloss, okay?”

He obliged me as I bent forward a little to paint my lips, pushing my ass back towards his crotch, and it just barely touched the bulge in his pants. He took a sharp breath as I paused right there for a moment and then pushed my ass softly up against him.

He stood still, staying right where he was as he watched me paint my lips seductively until they were all shiny and glistening wet.

I took a look at myself in the mirror after I tucked my lip gloss into a small silvery purse and said, “There now, I think we’re ready to go down to the store. Come with me, honey…oh yeah, and I forgot to mention…you won’t be walking beside me on the way, I’d prefer it if you followed me from behind. I still have more practice to do, walking in these pretty shoes as sexy as possible, and I’ll need your honest opinion on how I’m doing in that regard. All right?”

Without waiting for a response, I took his hand and led him toward my front door, and as we passed by a large, full length mirror near the door I paused to inspect myself and make sure my appearance was absolutely perfect for this little showing off game we were about to play.

I couldn’t resist the urge to prolong my little display of femininity before taking him with me on my walk, and I casually dropped his hand and looked at myself, fluffing up my hair again and striking a couple of poses.

I noticed him staring at me with a familiar look of arousal and admiring fascination, and I caught his eye for a moment, winking at him suggestively, pouting my lips and blowing him a kiss.

And then my eyes quickly glanced down at his crotch and I could see the results of my teasing so far – his erection was obvious under his pants, and I smiled as my eyes moved back up to look into his. With a wink I said sweetly, “Well now, I think you’re ready to go for a little walk with me! Now come with me, honey, and don’t fall too far behind!”

I turned and strutted toward the front door, and I purposely walked very quickly, prancing out into the garden, knowing he would have to focus on keeping close behind me. My walk became particularly sensual and seductive, with my hips and ass swaying purposefully as I moved, and he simply couldn’t take his eyes off me. Wow, this whole situation was developing quite nicely!

I led him outside into the garden, and as I approached the gate I slowed down my strut, taking smaller, dainty little steps. He slowed down too, keeping perfect pace with me, staying a few feet behind me, no closer, but no farther. It was delightful, the sense of power and control he seemed to be naturally affording me…

I simply stopped when I got to the gate, and I called out to him. Somehow he knew exactly what to do! He came around me as Bayan Escort I smiled and watched, and he opened the gate for me.

I simply marched past him, ignoring him instead of offering even a simple thank you. And I also tossed my head to one side, whipping my long silky hair right in his face and making sure my heavily perfumed scent filled his nostrils.

There was something about having me treat him that way that excited both of us…we both knew full well how aroused he was…how attracted to me he was…and there was simply no need for pleasantries or acknowledgement of any tasks performed in my honor!

As we proceeded down my driveway, he purposely fell a little behind me, and he noticed how this helped him watch every inch of my body as I wiggled and jiggled myself along in front of him. I knew he would be stunned at the sight of how tantalizing I was, how I knew exactly how to display myself for him so deliciously.

His heart started pounding and he could feel his cock getting even harder as I flaunted my charms for him, letting my arms sway back and forth with each juicy little step I took.

At the end of the driveway, I spun around and put my hands on my hips, saying firmly, “Come here!” He approached me, and I reached out with one hand and stopped him about a foot or so away.

I smiled knowingly as my hand moved slowly down his chest and slid over the top of his jeans, approaching the aching bulge underneath. Slowly, I undid the button on his pants and unzipped his fly, pulling them down just a little and yanking down on the strap of his underwear.

His eyes looked all around as he realized what I was about to do, and to his relief, there were no cars driving by and nobody walking along the street. Before he could speak or offer any protest to my bold actions, he felt his erect cock come falling out of his pants, and I grabbed it and started to playfully stroke it up and down between my long, feminine fingers.

In no time at all he could feel an orgasm beginning to build inside his balls, and they started to swell up with a hot load of love juice…all for little me!

I could feel his erection starting to twitch and pulse as I continued to play with it with my soft fingers, and after a few more seconds I simply stopped and pulled my hand away. I took a couple of steps back, leaving him standing there with his hardon poking out like a flagpole, and I looked into his eyes and licked my lips.

“Time to go, sweetie!” I said playfully, and I spun around on my heels and strutted away from him. He fumbled over himself as he pulled up his underwear, leaving his cock sticking straight up inside them. He zipped up his pants as he started to walk behind me, and once again his eyes moved immediately down to my ass, which seemed to have a hypnotic affect on him as he watched it wiggle back and forth.

As we proceeded down the street, people passed by us and his face turned beet red as some of them noticed the large bulge in his pants.

Most of the people that noticed were groups of young twenty-something girls, and they whispered to each other as they saw me strutting along in front of him, my walk simply oozing with confidence and raw sex appeal. A few of them even pointed directly at his crotch as we passed by, giggling to each other.

He was terribly embarrassed, and he glanced momentarily at the girls as they observed my obvious power over him, but his eyes were quickly drawn back to watch me as I continued to lead him along with my invisible string of sexual attraction.

Suddenly I stopped again, spinning around and posing with my hands on my hips. I smiled as he came closer to me, and once again I reached out to his chest as I looked into his eyes. He looked back at me, unable to offer any resistance as I playfully let my nails trail down his chest.

As we stood there, more people were passing by but he didn’t care as I let my fingertips glide lower down. I teasingly made little zigzag patterns with the tips of my nails as they went down over his stomach, and then I began to tease the bulge in his pants, stroking up and down Escort over the length of it. His eyes closed as I kept stroking it lightly, and then I leaned in to whisper in his ear, “I’m gonna to make you CUM!”

A feeling of panic washed over him as he realized how helpless he was, how embarrassed he’d be if I made him explode right then and there, but suddenly I stopped stroking him and started to walk away from him again.

As he opened his eyes, he saw that I was a ways in front of him and he stumbled over himself trying to catch up. I glanced over my shoulder, tossing my long hair to one side and smiling broadly as I saw him practically running to catch up to me.

I slowed down a little, making it easy for him to catch up, and as he approached I started strutting along seductively in front of him again. Once more his eyes were drawn to my ass, and he was struck with how hot I looked since I made him shorten up my skirt by hemming it over a few times.

That prompted him to let his eyes move down over every inch of my luscious legs perched up in my sky-high heels, which were now even more revealed by the little skirt than before.

My heels made a click-click-click sound on the sidewalk as we continued towards the store, and this was a sound he would come to know and love! He was turning into a mindless robot as I continued to prick tease him, and I just kept brazenly showing myself off for him as we arrived at the corner store and he followed me inside.

I made him pick up a small basket as I started to lead him up and down each aisle, dropping items into it. As I reached down to pick things off the shelves, I stayed in front of him and took every opportunity to bend over at the waist, keeping my legs straight.

He found himself staring at my ass each time I bent over, noticing that my panties come into view when I did, but then they’d disappear as I stood up and strutted away from him.

His cock was really throbbing now as I continued the merciless teasing, and as I bent over again to pick up another item, I looked back at him and beckoned him toward me with one finger. He came up behind me, obeying me without hesitation.

I backed up towards him a little, pausing for a moment and wiggling my ass some more before pressing it softly into his bulging erection. His hands fell to my hips as I pressed myself against him a little harder, and I wiggled it back and forth on his bulge and then stood up, casually tossing the food item into the basket he was holding.

Over and over I repeated this fabulous torture, purposely finding items that were low on the shelf just so I could bend down and let him feel my ass rubbing against him. Soon he was breathing heavily as I started rubbing my ass up and down the length of his cock each time instead of back and forth, and I could tell by the way he was acting that my efforts were having the desired effect: he was just about ready to come!

A few more little ass-teases and I knew he wouldn’t be able take it anymore, and sure enough, he started to pant like a dog as I brought him right to the edge of an explosive orgasm. I looked back at him, just to watch the look on his face as I made him come, and suddenly a couple of pretty girls come around the corner and caught us in the act!

His face turned bright red as they burst out laughing, but I didn’t stop and let him off the hook, in fact, I was simply delighted as I kept rubbing my ass on his erection and watched them stare at us with their mouths open.

But their surprise was not one of disapproval, in fact, they were simply fascinated as I increased the speed of my rubbing, and suddenly he moaned loudly and I could feel his cock pulsing as a hot load of come squirted out of his cock right inside his pants.

I pulled my ass away as the come made a wet stain his pants, and the girls pointed and laughed at him as I stood up and walked away, grabbing the basket from his hand and leaving him standing there.

I glanced back at him and smiled as the girls whispered to each other, and he couldn’t believe what was happening as his helpless attraction to me had made him so weak that he had been simply unable to resist my teasing humiliation.

And that, my dear readers, was just the beginning of a nice little collection of public prick teasings that I subjected this particular teaseboy to…but that’s another story!

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