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Kerry lazed on the sofa with a pillow arching her back, her body draped in a feline stretch that held the material of her T-shirt taught against her breasts. She never seemed conscious of just how sexy she was, and still is I might add.

It didn’t seem to matter what she wore or how she behaved she could always catch my eye. Whether it was her brown hair cascading down the of her back and shoulders and the creamy white of her long legs descending from her shorts or skirt or whatever she might be wearing; or the curve of her breast or the slender wrists which were always covered in bangles. Kerry was hot.

And she was my flatmate.

We’d hit the friend zone pretty early on in our college days. I’m not exactly a lady-killer but I will take them out for coffee and good conversation. Ironically I don’t consider Kerry out of my league, it just didn’t happen that way.

After being friends for a year we’d decided we would move in together. She had a boyfriend at the time that didn’t like me and was against the whole thing and all of our friends thought we were hiding something. But we weren’t, not even from ourselves except, as it turns out, one thing.

Even before she broke up with her asshole boyfriend, I’d fantasized about fucking her. It was a source of inner conflict for me, especially after we got the house together. It was a detached double story affair with a backyard surrounded by tall fences and a hedge. We had been in the place two weeks when one of her friends donated a sun-bed to us. That bed sitting in the middle of the yard, that protected-from-view, secluded yard…

I ached to feel the cool autumn air caress my skin as she pushed her warm naked body into me, feeling her body give way as I entered her under the starry sky and letting the neighbors make what they would of the sounds of our sex wafting over the fence.

I’m not ashamed to admit I may have rubbed a few out with that scenario playing through my mind, but I never let my own depravity interfere with our friendship. I have a thing with girls and I think it’s why I get along so well with the other sex and it goes like this: objectify then identify.

That’s it, that’s all. It’s honest to god the secret to being a man and having a great relationship with women while at the same time maintaining your heterosexual pride. You must, as a woman-loving man, allow yourself to feel desire and to take in all the attributes of the other gender. All of the bits you can imagine yourself poking, fingering and fucking you must imagine this. That’s objectification. After you’ve gotten past this you get to the next layer which is identification, where you get to know the person who owns the all the bits.

Trust me it works, and I have many women friends because of it. Of course if you’re out at the pub and you’re trying to find someone to fill your bed for a night, then, skip the second part.

I digress.

Living with Kerry was fun; we got along famously and rarely had any problems. But since this is a sex story you may be interested to know if we’d ever had any accidents where we’d seen one or the other in some state of undress. Yes. I mean, it’s pretty hard to share a bath/toilet without being seen.

One time she didn’t think that I was home and walked from the bath to her room naked. My room was on the way; I’d been in the yard and had come up to read on my bed. I remember looking up at the sound of her padding down the carpet of the house and there she was in all her shapely goodness, her tits firm with pinkish brown nipples riding high and her ass curving gently out from the small of her back before collecting itself and sweeping back in to join her perfect thigh. I could only see side on but I saw a small trim bush of brown pubic hair nestled between her legs. She happened to look my way as she passed and jumped visibly with surprise before running down the hall, appearing minutes later clothed and sporting a sheepish look.

‘Sorry,’ she said sheepishly leaning on the door-frame.

‘Um, no need to apologize,’ I said, ‘it’s a small house, it was bound to happen at some point, don’t worry about it. I’ll try to forget what I saw.’

‘I’m a little embarrassed.’

‘Well don’t be, it’s not like I’ve never seen a woman before. But I probably won’t though.’



She giggled good-naturedly, ‘Idiot,’ she said smiling as she left me to my book.

Occasionally I’d bring a girl home for a one-nighter and one evening my door hadn’t latched while I’d been fucking a pretty little thing and it had swung open in the night. Well, I’d been pretty drunk and the girl had been pretty and drunk and we fell asleep with Antalya Escort no covers so the first thing Kerry saw when she made for the kitchen in the morning was me spooning the girl from the night before; both of us naked. I only know this because the sound of Kerry closing my door woke me up and through my half-closed eyes I saw her looking as she slowly swung the door shut.

After a while we became quite relaxed about our general state of clothing, especially in the evening before bed, I would often wear just boxers and T-shirt and she would wear sleep-shorts and a worn tank top with a plunging V-neck. On anyone else it could only have diminished their appeal but on Kerry it only seemed to beg for my curiosity.

On rare occasions she would traverse the house from the bathroom in panties, keeping her waning modesty intact by keeping her arms crossed around her boobs. Nevertheless I eventually got used to it even with the odd flash of nipple here and there. My penis was reasonably well behaved with only a few instances where I’d had to sit on the couch longer than intended due to a terribly timed erection.

Life was good and I wanted nothing to upset what I saw as a delicate balance of school, socializing and home.

Our living room was sparsely furnished, as students living rooms tend to be. There was one double seater couch and a bunch of cushions, a TV, stereo and flat-screen which had been a gift from my grand-parents. Our habit was to watch TV together a couple of nights a week. True Blood was our favourite and not to be missed. Our weekly helping of gore and sex was like crack to an addict. I normally surrendered the couch to Kerry lie on while I lay on the floor on the abundant cushions.

I was perfectly happy with this arrangement until Kerry offered to share the double-seater with me. At first we both sat but after a week or two she took to putting her legs across my lap. The first night she did this I almost jumped, but a complex exchange of looks between us put it to rest and it became our default. The only problem with this was that True Blood is full of naked scenes, sex scenes and just general fucking so maintaining a flaccid penis was not always an option and I’d have to slide her legs a little further down my thigh so she wouldn’t feel my cock hardening. I would say that my leg had gone to sleep as a reason for the adjustment and I never had reason to believe that she thought otherwise.

One night while Vampire Bill had Sooky pinned beneath him, drinking her blood and doing the worst sex acting I have ever seen, we were drinking wine. I’m not a wine drinker but for our weekly fix it felt fitting and comical to us both that we should be sipping on something that resembled blood.

Bill was ploughing away and my second glass was making me feel lofty and relaxed and the sounds of fucking were like a strange and distant music. Kerry’s legs lay across my thigh reflecting the blue light of the TV and she was warm. I imagined the blood pulsing through her leg, all those sinuous veins and branched arteries hurrying the red liquid through every millimetre of her body. I thought of her breasts, her cunt, her mouth, all the places where her blood flowed that I wanted to kiss. I imagined I could hear her heart beating in synchronicity with her circulation, sending and receiving, pulsing and squirming.

I became aware of my right palm gently rubbing her thigh in a slow snake-dance, each stroke travelling slightly higher towards the hem of her shorts, while my left hand held her foot softly.

I stopped.

I could hear her breathing coming deep and regular.

I looked at her and she was looking back at me with a quizzical yet lost expression on her face

‘Don’t stop,’ was all she said and I started moving my hand again, this time venturing further up her milky leg and down again and then back up and under the fabric of her shorts. I felt the roundness of her legs flatten out into her hip and I’m sure she could feel my dick begin to expand.

Again I stroked down her leg and up again this time to her hip and then around to fell the swell of her ass, her perfect skin was like silk to me. From her butt I felt around, running my fingers under her clothing until I was met with the coarse hair of her pussy. From there I let my hand cup her thigh and I could feel her labia against my pinkie finger. She made an involuntary sound followed by a deep exhalation.

Removing my hand, I slid up the couch and half out from under her so that my right hand was by her side and my left was free to join the game. I was not quite high enough to kiss her but her hands met my face and she pulled Antalya Escort Bayan me into the firm but soft mound of her breast. I could smell the skin, that faint odour of her was driving me crazy. I slid my hand under her shirt to her other breast, cupping and gently feeling my way through this unexplored territory. Her fingernails found the top of my back and she pulled me to her more strongly.

I pulled out of her embrace and wriggled out from her legs and took off my shirt. She sat up too and began to kiss my chest and my neck. Her hands stayed away from my cock and it drove me insane. Just the occasional touch of some passing part of her arm would nudge my cock sending shock-waves of feeling through my body.I brought her face up to meet mine and finally we kissed. She was sweet like sugar and smelled of Pinot Noir.

As we kissed her hand found its way through the elastic waist of my boxers and grabbed the shaft of my penis. She slowly began to move her hand letting the base of her palm roll over the head of my dick.

I found it hard to keep kissing her and my hands found her ass and pushed the sleep shorts down so that her cheeks were revealed to the glow of the TV.

‘No.’ she said pulling up her pants.

Instead she pulled mine down until they were at my knees and my cock stuck out at ninety degrees flailing around like a jack-in-the-box as the elastic was ripped past it. I stood and let my pants fall to my feet, stepping out of them before kneeling back on the seat of the couch.

It was such a liberating feeling, to be naked with her still clothed.

We locked our lips once again for a long kiss which she broke and trailed her tongue down my neck and chest pausing to suck on my left nipple then continuing down my stomach until her chin touched my rigid shaft. I could feel her breath warm in my pubes and the head of my cock rested against the soft skin of her neck. Suddenly I could feel something even warmer only this was also a wet feeling. Her tongue traced the length of my cock to its very tip as her hand gripped the base to steady it as her tongue swirled around the head.

The scene was surreal in the blue glow of the TV. Vampire Bill had long finished with Sooky but I had my own supernatural being to contend with.

A cry almost escaped my mouth as she slid my cock into her expectant mouth, only stopping because her nose hit my stomach.

I could feel her teeth lightly at the join of my cock and balls, her tongue flat against the shaft and the back of her throat pressing in on the head. She gagged slightly and pulled back off stopping to catch her breath and sucked less deeply on my member. All the while her brown hair fell across her face so all I could see was my dick disappearing into a part in a mass of her hair. She kept up her work until I thought I was going to cum at which point she seemed to intuitively know to stop.

My dick came out of her full lips with a plop and she brushed the hair out of her face and smiled up at me.

It was a weird moment. I was butt naked with just over half a foot of my penis jutting out at right-angles from my body and the gentle pulsing of a near-orgasm subsiding in my groin and she was still exactly as she’d been before anything happened. If it hadn’t been for my nakedness she may as well have been getting up for a glass of water. For a horrible second I thought she was going to tell me she was going to bed, or to put my clothes back on.

‘Don’t you think it’s time I got to see you too?’ I asked.

‘What the hell are you waiting for?’ she said.

I reached down for the bottom of her top. I took my time as if I was peeling a delicate fruit, watching her abdomen reveal itself slowly to me. Up it came and up went her arms to make it easier for me. When it got to her breasts the shirt caught slightly before I pulled a little harder and those beautiful firm melons bounced free. I held the top in place with her face covered and her arms trapped inside. I let one hand travel lightly over her breasts, exploring and learning.

I leaned in and trailed my tongue across her chest eliciting a muffled moan. I couldn’t take it any longer and pulled the tank top completely off in a swift movement; her hair fell to her shoulders and she looked at me backlit by the TV.

I knelt on the ground and hugged her to me as she sat on the couch. My cock was pressed in against her mount through her shorts, our chests molded to each other and we kissed. As she had done to me I kissed my way down her body, stopping at each breast to suckle and lick and smell. The small pink-brown areole pulled taught from excitement and once I had Escort Antalya had enough I traveled further down to her belly kissing and licking as I went.

She was big on contact and reveled in being kissed in such a way. As I went further down her body she reclined so that she leaned back against the back-rest of the couch with her torso across the seat and her legs spread and feet on the floor and me in between getting closer and closer to heart of her womanhood. When I got to the cloth of her shorts she lifted her ass so that I could slide her shorts off her and there it was.

I momentarily got out of the way so we could undress her all the way and when she opened her legs again her labia peeled wetly apart to reveal the hood of her clitoris and just the very hint of her smaller folds. I could smell her and I wanted to taste her quite badly but I held off, wanting instead to survey the scene. Her clit was a small and tight button nestled in the blurred neat bush of her pubes.

Her head was turned slightly from me but her eyes were watching me. What a vulnerable position to be in I thought, and how much you must trust me even though we’re crossing lines we never thought we would cross.

I moved in close to her sex with my mouth, savoring the moment and holding off the inevitable. I kissed and licked all around her mound as she squirmed and moaned as though I was biting her and for second I imagined I was a actually a vampire sinking my teeth into my nubile victim.

I had her juice on my cheeks as slowly I rounded on her moist interior. The first time my tongue made its way between her flaps she cried out loud and I could feel the heat of her growing. The second time I used my thumbs to gently pull her pussy open so that I could kiss her pink wet skin. I leaned in and found the entrance to her vagina and played with the vague remnant of her hymen. As I did this my nose was pressed into her clitoris and she responded with a loud ‘Aaah…’

Realizing that the poor thing probably needed putting out of her misery I engulfed the top of her mound with my mouth and stimulated her clitoris with the flat of my tongue. More sound escaped her and I could sense she might have an orgasm building. I kept up the pressure and rhythm and dropped one hand to caress my balls and erection.

She started to grind her hips into me, moving faster and faster. Her hands came down grabbing my hair and pulling me harder into her until I felt the juice begin to wet my chin and in her climax she screamed.

Once she came she abruptly pushed me away from her pussy, panting and flushed. She looked at me with disbelief (or so I imagined).

‘I… need you… to fuck me… right… now.’

A simple statement and so many complications. I looked at my friend and wondered briefly if we would survive this.

I got to my knees, sliding one hand along the couch for support with my other guiding my cock the entrance of her pussy. I rested the head of my dick just inside, just at the beginning of her tunnel and looked at her for one more sign to keep going.

She pulled me into an embrace and my penis was suddenly fully inside her. The heat of her insides surrounded me and I automatically began to thrust. The wall of her vagina pulsed around the shaft of my cock; I could feel her cervix every now and again. I had never felt so completely inside someone before. Her breasts rubbed against my chest and I thrust with growing enthusiasm as I felt my orgasm rushing on.

All at once time stood still like a momentary calm before the storm and suddenly I was filling her with my semen. It gushed like a volcano adding to the heat I could already feel inside her, adding to the wetness. It seemed to go on forever.

As it subsided and I again became aware of the room and the person under me I opened my eyes and looked directly into hers. Her hand came up to caress my face.

‘Is it bedtime yet?’ she said.

‘Whose should we go to?’

‘Let’s keep this real, we each go to our own beds, I don’t want a boyfriend.’

‘So..’ I began but she hushed me with her hand.

She moved under me and I pulled out of her as she stood. She was so beautiful in the soft light and the trail of semen descending her leg, which she made no effort to stop, glistened. The room was full of the scent of fucking.

Kerry looked at me, ‘I like this, I like you and now that I know we’re so good at screwing each other, can’t that just be another bonus to us as flatmates?’

‘I guess… sure, why not? I was afraid we’d broken too many boundaries, that this would mean the end of our friendship.’

‘Why didn’t you stop?’

‘I don’t know I just couldn’t. I wanted you so badly.’

‘I believe sometimes you’ve got to break things to know if they go back together. I’ve never done anything like this before but I just feel like this could work.’ she said.

‘See you in the morning?’ I asked.

‘Yes. I know where you live.’

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