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KateI had just turned forty and had taken a job at a fairly senior position at a different professional service firm in my town and was starting to get familiar with their procedures and personnel. I started noticing one of the junior associates who was assigned to a few of my projects, a striking girl of about 24 with long legs, blonde/brown hair and a very slim (some would say skinny) body with exciting blue eyes and a saucy, teasing look on her face. I felt very attracted to her, but because of the nature of our firm’s services, and my senior position, I knew it would be inappropriate to become involved in any way.I had heard gossip that Kate was attracted to men with power, but nothing further.Once in a while she would be assigned to work on one of my projects, or I would see her in the halls. There definitely was an attraction building up, but I tried to keep my composure. It was agony. I started looking for her in the halls, or calling her into my office on some pretext or the other. I was sure she was interested in me, but I had to be careful. I couldn’t let any rumors start as it could have negative consequences on her career.One day, about six months later, she came into my office to tell me that she had accepted a position with another firm. I had very mixed feelings, although it would be good for her career, I would miss seeing her around the office, and our infrequent chats. But also relief, that I would no longer be tempted.On her last day, we had a small gathering at a nearby Mexican restaurant for those of us who knew her, and had worked with her, to say goodbye. As it turned out I was the most senior manager at the gathering so I was in effect the host. Despite the sad occasion, we all had a good time. After a while, I got up to leave. As I kissed kate goodbye, she whispered “I really like you” and pulled me closer for a hard kiss. “Give me a call, now that you are no longer my boss.” I kissed her again, this time with a lot more feeling. Not sure how else to react.I was busy for the next few days, but made an excuse to look at the payroll records, noting her address and phone number. Was I reading something into this that wasn’t really there? After about a week I called her number- she answered. I stammered and stumbled, but managed to get out that I would like to see her again. She suggested that I pick her up at her apartment early the next afternoon. She lived in a small apartment building near the beach. I parked the car and found her apartment on the second floor. Rang the bell and waited. Was I making a fool of myself?“Who is it?” She opened the door tentatively, hiding behind it with just her head showing. As I closed the door behind me- there she was dressed only in a flimsy satin wrap, fastened at the neck with a bow. And where it touched her body, it clung, outlining a shape she had always hidden in formal business attire at the office. She grabbed me to her and started kissing me hard and passionately- I was only too glad to reciprocate. She was panting, and quickly grabbed at my tie and jacket to tear them off me. She started fumbling with my belt. I took a half step back and loosened the tie to her wrap, pushing it off he shoulders and it fell tto canlı bahis the floor. She was wearing only a tiny pair of pale tan panties, matching her gorgeous tanned body. An advantage of living near the beach.I stood and gaped, this was the first time I had seen someone so beautiful, so close to being naked.She went back to loosening my belt, struggling to unzip my fly. The sight of her near-naked body had given me an instabnt hard-on, which was making it difficult. She eventually got it right, with one hand working inside my pants and the other on the outside pulling down the zip. The activity and movement of her hands rubbing against my cock was making me even harder. I slipped my shoes off and we managed to get my suit pants off. There I was standing naked except for my Y-fronts, not doing anything to hide my now rampant cock with a mind of its own, and a wet and growing pre-cum spot at the end of my cock. Not even in my wildest dreams had I imagined something as wild and a****l like as this. She took my hand and led me to her bedroom. She laid back onto her small double bed. Naked, except for her panties. I must have been drooling she looked so beautiful. “Take of your underpants”. I rapidly replied. My cock was embarrassingly hard and sticking straight up. I crawled onto the bed. She had her legs apart. I leaned over and kissed her pussy through her panties. Leaning back, I grabbed the top of her panties. She arched her back, so I could pull them off her. Running my fingers down her legs as I did so. Now we were both stark naked, I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. Had I died and gone to heaven? This was getting more than I could bear. I had to have her.My brain finally kicked in.”Take your time, don’t do something stupid to scare her off”I got on the bed next to her, lightly kissing her neck, face, shoulders and eventually her tits. Another hard kiss on the lips which she returned, and my hand went to her cunt, touching, rubbing, teasing, slowly putting just the tip of my fingers inside her, lightly stroking and probing. Her cunt was wet. She wanted this as much as I did. She grabbed my back and pulled me towards her’ “Now!” “Do it” She opened her legs and pulled me onto her. My cock found her entrance and I pushed in.Although I wanted to just plunge in and ravage her, I started slow and gentle, slowly pushing in and pulling out, occasionally lightly kissing her neck. A long sighed “Yesssssssssss” from Kate. I started picking up speed and Kate started to respond, fucking back at me, more and more. “Harder, harder, fuck me harder.” “Yes, yes, more.” I was fucked harder and deeper, trying to fill her. As hard as I could. Feeling her sparse pussy hairs against my skin at the end of each stroke. Kate was responding stronger and stronger, fucking back at me as I fucked into her. “Fuck me. Fuck me. Harder. Harder”. Almost screaming the words in time with my strokes- push in “Fuck me”,push in “Fuck me”, “harder, harder”. Then it was as if a time bomb went off, she was bucking back at me so hard I was scared my cock would be pushed out of her pussy or I would slip off her onto the floor. I concentrated on pushing my cock in as far as it would go and just trying not to slip out. bets10 Fuck her, fuck her. “Fuck me” “fuck me,” ”ugh”,ugh” “ugh’. We were fucking so hard she could no longer talk, just grunting in time with my strokes, “Ugh, ugh, ugh”. I had my face buried in her neck, just concentrating. Suddenly I felt her cunt tighten around my cock, spasming. She was cumming, HARD. – I pushed my cock in as deep and as hard as I could, no longer stroking. I could feel my balls inside her hot wet cunt,lips and still hadn’t bottomed out. Kate exploded all around me. This did it for me. I couldn’t control myself any longer. Keeping my cock buried deep inside her I came, and came and came. I don’t know how many times. I had no control. I lay on top of her, enjoying the moment, slowly stroking in and out, very slowly and gently. Kissed her hard and rolled off. We were both panting. “Kate, that was fantastic, you are fantastic”. She started lightly stroking my cock. “Again?” “In a few minutes, I am not as young as you”She got up and sauntered to the bathroom. I couldn’t take my eyes off her naked body. I watched her lean body and tight ass cheeks moving away from me. “You look so sexy from the back when you are naked.” She reacted by exaggerating her sexy walk. A few minutes later, I watched as she walked back, still buck naked, carrying a wet cloth and a small hand towel. “You look so sexy naked from the front, too.” She stood right next to my head- her dripping cunt right in my eyesight. “I need to clean all your cum stuff off me” and she proceeded to wash her cunt with the cloth, dipping the towel and her fingers into her cunt , and then dried it with the towel, wiping it across her pussy just a few inches from my nose. This girl knew how to tease a man.“Let me clean you too”. She kneeled on the bed beside me and started to wash my cock and balls with the cloth, the same cloth she had used to wipe her pussy. I didn’t argue. She took the towel and wrapped it around my cock, slowly moving the towel and her hand up and down my cock. Then the towel slipped away and she was stroking my cock with her bare hand. I started responding. She leaned over and took the tip of m cock in her mouth, a few strokes from her mouth, sucking a little and then licking just the tip with her tongue. My cock was now hard. “Well it looks like you are ready for another go.” As if any man could resist.She opened her legs and I pushed in. We started fucking again. After all those months of eye contact we were still extremely hot for each other. I was fucking her fast and she was responding, fucking me back, her back arching and her pelvis rising up to meet me on my downstroke. Both of us were wet and panting. I could feel my cock sliding in her cunt, sliding along the wet, pink inner walls. Occasionally I went too deep and hit up against something- her cervix , maybe. When I did I would hear a grunt from kate as if she had been punched. But she just kept fucking back as hard as I was punching her, she was fucking back. Nothing gentle. Still pure a****l lust. The feeling in my cock and balls was intensified. I couldn’t last at this pace, my balls wanted relief. Kate must have felt the urgency. “Don’t come in me. bets10 güvenilir mi Pull out, Pull out. I want to see you cum” “Squirt on my tits.” ”I want to see it” “Cum on me, Cum on me”.If I hadn’t wanted to cum before, the urgency in her voice would have done it. This young girl was just too sexy. Something I had never experienced before. The pleasure of fucking her pussy was making me excited. I felt I was starting to cum, I pulled out quickly, my cock bouncing straight up. The first blast shot out and hit her on the cheek. She grabbed for my cock pulling it downward. A little too late, the second blast hit her on her tits. She continued pulling my cock down until the tip was right on her pussy crack. The third and fourth blasts shot onto her pussy lips, maybe even a little inside her as her pussy was still open and the tip of my cock had ended up in her pussy. She lay there laughing with my cum all over her body. “Look what you did, now you will have to clean ME up.”After giving her cummy lips a thank you kiss, I took my finger and wiped the cum from her face and cheek. She opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out a bit. I got the message and pushed my finger into her mouth. She quickly closed her mouth, with my cum and finger trapped inside. She began to suck the cum off my finger, then twirled her tongue around it, licking all the cum, teasing my finger like she had done to the end of my cock just a short while ago. While she was still sucking, I started to fuck her mouth with my finger, in and out, in and out, until she opened her mouth wide to release my finger and show she had swallowed all my cum.I wiped the drops of cum off her tits with that same finger, kissed and sucked her left tit, and then again fed her the cum off my finger. “Now down there. Clean it off with your thing.” I wondered whether that would end up in the same place as my finger had. I leaned up awkwardly and slowly pushed my cock around her pussy lips, pushing as much of the cum as I could onto her pussy. “Push all that stuff into me where it belongs.” I ran the tip of my cock over her pussy lips, pushing the globs of cum (and the business end of my cock) into her pussy. On the last bit, I stuck my cock in deeper. She didn’t complain, so I slowly started shallow fucking her, slowly, just enjoying the feeling. This was a little awkward, so I moved around until I was lying on her again, missionary style, and just slowly fucked her. She was very lightly fucking back at me. No lust, no sex, just pure pleasure. After about ten minutes, exhausted, I rolled off of her and just lay next to her, my hand on her pussy, while she softly stroked and played with my cock.I sat up and got dressed quickly. She was still lying there on her back with a smile on her face. I leaned over and kissed her on the lips. “That’s not where I am sore” and she opened her legs. I got onto the bed, kneeling between her legs and leaned over to kiss her pussy. It was still gaping a little, so with my hands, I spread her pussy and kissed her again, this time inside her pussy. She pushed my head in harder. I pushed my tongue in, licking and twirling it about on her inside walls. “That’s a promise for next time.”, I said. “It had better be, I will hold you to it.”She walked me to the door, still naked. It was twilight outside. “Well now you know where I live”“Next time don’t wear a suit and tie.” “Next time don’t wear panties”Next time couldn’t come soon enough.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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