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Chapter 3: One Week Later

**Note to the reader: This is the third and latest installment of the ‘Karen & The Pool Boy,’ series (it is strongly suggested that you read the other two stories first). I don’t know if the story of these two characters will continue but as always, feedback is craved and truly adored. Lastly, I would like to dedicate this piece of writing to Michael who is my love, my muse, and my own personal version of Jared.**

It was Wednesday and Karen was having a bath. She used her big toe to ease the hot water faucet off, leaning back into the warm water as her eyes slipped shut. Outside, the weather was too hot and too muggy, the air too still – just another lazy afternoon in a seemingly endless summer. But upstairs, in the marbled-floored master bathroom of her spacious home, Karen was oblivious to it all. Her glossy black locks, piled atop her head, were the lone dark spot in a sea of frothy white bubbles, the bronzed flesh of her slender shoulders and her ripe breasts peeking through now and again where the bubbles slid away from her water-slicked skin. She had already put on a CD that fit her mellow mood and she could hear the strains of sexy, African-infused blues music floating towards her from the stereo in the master bedroom. A bottle of her favorite chardonnay sat chilled in an ice bucket beside the antique claw foot porcelain bathtub and a half-empty wineglass dangled lazily one from the fingers of one hand as she hummed to herself. She brought the glass to her lips for a sip, the wine tasting crisp and dry on her tongue, and in that moment Karen felt utterly content. She had always adored bubble baths. They made her feel luxuriant and pampered, like a queen, and she was usually quite adamant about bathing alone. But today just might be an exception.

Karen didn’t know the exact time, but she knew Jared would be arriving soon. Just the memory of him, the recollection of his wide expressive blue eyes, his hard sinewy young body… it caused a ripple of arousal to snake its way down her spine right into her loins. Below the surface of the bathwater, she could feel her pussy clench in delicious expectation and she shifted her hips, the hand not holding her wineglass slowly trailing across her lower belly beneath the warm water. Mmm, Jared. She allowed herself to indulge in a slow replay of their last meeting – the way his hips arched up when she eased herself onto his cock, his mouth capturing her nipple to suckle like a baby at that swollen flesh. The memories caused goosebumps to crop up all along her thighs and she wondered idly if he would show up on time.

It was a week since their tryst and though she had seen Jared several times since then, Karen always played it just as cool as she had before anything happened between them. She ran into him and his mother at the grocery store on Friday, when she was out picking up a few things for Phil’s dinner party. While making idle chit chat with Mrs. Hall, Karen had caught Jared watching her with an intensity that made her thighs quiver. On Sunday, she had seen him mowing his lawn when she was out on her way to the country club, clad in one of her incredibly short tennis skirts and a cotton polo shirt. Jared had nearly run the mower into his mother’s prized gardenias and when she waggled her fingers at him in a friendly wave, she could see him reach down and adjust himself in his shorts. It gave her a delicious thrill, an exhilarating sense of power to tease him in this way and yet, as good as the anticipation was, Karen’s own desires were beginning to mount. He had been such a sweet, virginal piece of ass and she was as turned on by his horny, eager innocence as she was by his perfect body. She leaned her head back against the edge of the porcelain tub, letting her hand glide up from her belly over to her left breast, and gave it a gentle squeeze, her thumb grazing across her nipple. That keening sense of desire was growing, like a low hum that was steadily growing louder, and her pussy clenched once more, accompanied by a surge of wetness.

Then, she heard it. It was a sound outside of herself, a sound she detected below the mellow music that drifted from the CD player. It was a repeated thudding noise, the sound of weight on the staircase, and she kept her eyes trained on the entrance to the bathroom until he appeared in the doorway, his face flushed, his eyes looking even more blue than she remembered. She smiled slowly at him in greeting. “Hello, Jared.”

For a few long moments, he just stared at her. Karen did not prompt him to speak. She took the time to admire him with her eyes – he wore a white t-shirt, with a pair of shorts very similar to those he had worn the week before, and she could already see his cock straining against the fabric, his broad chest rising and falling with his quickened pulse. “Hi, Mrs. McMillan,” He blushed, then added as an afterthought. “Um, how are you?”

“I am just fine. Thank you for asking.” Her smile widened and became slightly mischievous. She felt very much like the cat casino şirketleri that ate the canary but in this case, the canary was standing right in front of her like a teenage Adonis. He held a piece of paper in one hand. She recognized it as the note she had taped to the sliding glass door, the note that given him instructions to come upstairs to the bathroom and meet her. “I see you found my note.”

He glanced down at it, then nodded. “Yeah…” He cleared his throat, the paper clenched in one hand before he release it, letting it drift down to the bathroom floor. His eyes devoured her and yet he seemed too nervous or too uncertain to move. Karen let him squirm a little while longer, the silence stretching on between them before she reached up with her free hand, the one not holding the wine glass, and crooked her finger at him. “Come here.”

He seemed eager to obey, just as before. When he was about two steps away from the tub, she held her hand up to stop him and he halted, tongue pressing forward to wet his lips again. Karen kept her voice even and pleasant when she spoke. “I want you to take off your clothes, Jared. Now.”

She had emphasized that last word just slightly, but there was no need. Jared’s large hands had already moved to the bottom of his cotton tee, pulling it over his head. That made her smile, murmuring her approval to him.

“So obedient, Jared. Very good.” She brought the glass of wine to her lips again as she watched him, broad chest bared, belly flat and rippling with muscle beneath the taut, bronzed skin. Next came the shorts, which soon joined the shirt in a heap on the cool marble tile. He hesitated only a moment with the blue boxer briefs, the same color as his eyes, but one wordless look from Karen and he hooked his thumbs into the elastic band and slid them down his strong, slender hips. This was the part she delighted in the most, watching when his thick, swollen cock bobbed free of its cotton confines, the head already deeply flushed with color and drooling precum. The veins pulsed, throbbed in time to the beating of his heart, and his heavy balls hung just beneath the thick root of his member. She remembered exactly how he tasted, the salty tang of his sweet precum, and it was a shuddered sigh from Jared that finally drew Karen’s attention away from his magnificent cock. Slowly her eyes traveling up the length of his naked body to meet his, taking in all the scenery along the way. His blue-eyed gaze was riveted to hers, his expression hungry, aroused and apprehensive all at once.

Karen raised her hand from the bath, fingers slippery with bath bubbles and warm water, and she reached for him. He released an aching groan when she found him and began to stroke with all the gentle firmness she had used the last time they met. He throbbed instantly at her touch and the feel of him was like steel sheathed in warm satin.

“Mmm, Jared… it looks like you’ve missed me.” She slid her fingers down, giving that thick base a squeeze, and his hips arched forward almost desperately. “Have you?”

“Oh yes, Mrs. McMillan… God, yes. I can’t think about anything else but you…” His eyes had slipped shut while he rambled, hands clenched at his sides, and he was rocking his hips back and forth now, shamelessly fucking his cock into her hand. Karen took another long sip of wine, then released him and returned her hand to the bathwater. Jared whimpered then, eyes fluttering open slowly as he glanced down at her. His voice was almost as aching as his moan had been. “Please… please don’t stop…”

“You beg beautifully, Jared, but I have plans for you first. Here…” She handed him the glass of wine. He looked at her dubiously but Karen gave him an indulgent smile. “It’s alright. Go ahead and drink it. It’s cold and delicious and it will help you… relax.” She cast a knowing little glance at his raging hard-on. Jared looked slightly sheepish, then obeyed her by draining the contents of the glass. He made a face when he finished and Karen laughed. “You’ll get used to it, I promise. Have a seat, Jared, and pour yourself a bit more.”

She indicated the small wicker stool beside the tub, the one she’d hauled in from her vanity in the master bedroom. The seat was lined with a soft cushion and she watched as he slowly lowered himself and reached for the chilled bottle of wine. While he was busy doing that, Karen leaned back in the tub and found the bath sponge, using it to trail water over the tops of her breasts, revealing them as the suds washed away from her skin. She reached up and cupped one soft, pert breast, guiding her thumb over the swollen nipple. Beside her, Jared sat staring, his wine glass nearly overflowing. Karen smiled again before she spoke: “Mind your drink, darling.”

“Huh?” His voice sounded thick with lust, a bit of the wine splashing onto his feet when he did not heed her warning quickly enough. “Ah, shit.” Only then did he tear eyes away, tipping the bottle back to stop the flow of liquid. He lifted the wine glass again and casino firmaları guzzled almost all of the contents he had just poured, as if the drink would make him more prepared for what was about to happen next.

Karen’s Cheshire cat grin returned, grasping both breasts now and massaging them, nipples burning hotly against her palms. “Mmm…” She let her exhale take on a breathy sigh. “Feeling better now?”

He was back to staring again, the glass dangling from one hand. His blue eyes were fixated on her wet, naked breasts, her nipples erect and glistening. Jared’s head nodded up and down in answer to her query.

“I can’t hear you Jared.”

His mouth moved, as if trying to form the words, but snapped shut when nothing came out. When it opened again, he had found his voice. “Yes, Mrs. McMillan. I feel much better.”

“Good. Very good…” She let her fingers slide away then, breasts left bare once more, and one of her hands found the sponge she’d discarded moment earlier. “I want you to take this…” She lifted it from the water, pressed it into his empty hand with a splash of warm bath water. “…and bathe me.”

Jared looked uncertain but took the sponge gingerly, clearing his throat as he did so. Karen laughed at his seeming reluctance. “It’s not hard. You’ve bathed yourself before, haven’t you? Just do the same thing to me. You can start here…” She lifted one slender leg from the bath, letting her heel rest against the edge of the tub. Water trickled from her skin, slid back along her inner thigh, towards the treasures of her body that were still submerged beneath the surface. Karen’s golden-hued gaze watched the progress of the sponge as Jared leaned in, starting near her ankle and drawing it up along her calf.

The sensation caused a smile to spread over her sensuous lips. “Mmm, that’s it darling. If you do a good job, I’ll give you a very nice surprise later…” Karen’s arm rose from where she had left it draped along the edge of the bathtub and her fingers raked themselves through Jared’s smooth blond locks. “Would you like that?”

He seemed wholly engrossed in the task of bathing her, drawing the sponge towards her thigh while his free hand gripped the edge of the tub. But at her question, he looked up to meet her gaze. “I would, Mrs. McMillan… I’d really like that…” He was as eager as a puppy dog and that alone was enough to turn her on. He was very willing and there was so much she planned on teaching him.

Already he was learning. He had started off holding the sponge gingerly but he grasped it more confidently now as he drew it towards the spot near the top of her inner thigh, where her it disappeared beneath the water. Karen gave him careful direction, using her hand to move his sponge towards the spots she wanted him to wash. Her shoulders. Her back. Her stomach. He was soaping up her left breast, gently trailing the sponge along the underside, when she reached for the wrist of his free hand and guided his fingers to her right breast, encouraging him to cup it and fondle her nipple as he worked. The contact of his fingers was almost electric and Karen tilted her head back slightly, shifting her hips below the surface of the water. Jared was watching her, entranced, the sponge held idly in one hand while the other held her breast, his thumb rubbing at her thick nipple. His inexperience was obvious but that was what made it so hot, the fact that he was doing most of this by instinct alone.

“Jared, baby…” Karen trailed her hand along his arm, words spoken in a voice soft and slightly husky with desire. “You are going to make an excellent student… and it’s time for your next lesson.” She slid her hands down from his arm, to the wrist of the hand that was gently stroking her breast, and lifted it gently away. Jared seemed disappointed that his fondling session was over for the moment but Karen knew it wouldn’t last long. She brought his hand to her mouth, kissed the palm of it before doing the same to each of his long, tapered fingers. When she reached his index finger, she not only kissed it, she drew it easily between her lips, tongue stroking along the pad of his fingertip while her cheeks hollowed out with the effort of sucking. Jared groaned and his eyes almost slipped shut, as if there was a direct correlation between that slender digit and the throbbing member between his thighs. When he spoke, his voice was a whimper. “Oh fuck, Mrs. McMillan…”

“Exactly, Jared.” She released his finger with a final lick and a smile that spread across her features. “But first things first…” She leaned forward, gripping both sides of the tub, and pushed herself to her feet. The water sloughed from her flesh in a wave, trickling down the hollows and valleys created by the sumptuous curves of her naked body. Jared sat as still as a statue, gazing up at her with his mouth open and his jaw slack. Karen laughed, tapping him on the chin. “Drooling is really very unbecoming, sweetheart… Hand me that towel, please.” She nodded towards the rack behind güvenilir casino him and he obeyed, still staring at her and moving as though he were in slow motion. Karen took it from him, wrapped it around herself before stepping daintily from the tub. With one swift movement, she reached up and released her hair from its knot, letting luxuriant locks of glossy black waves cascade down over her shoulders.

“Go wait for me in the other room like a good boy.” She leaned down then and claimed his mouth with a kiss that was both sensual and demanding, a brief promise of what might be coming next. “I’ll be joining you in just a moment.”

“Ok, no problem.” Jared moved from the stool and received an affectionate smack on the way out. He jumped, but gave her a sheepish grin over one shoulder before disappearing into the bedroom. Karen made sure he was gone before she began to dry herself with the towel. This was her way of giving Jared a chance to stew in his own juices, to get all hot and bothered for her again before she moved on to the next step in his education. She had already decided, during the time since they’d last seen one another, that Jared was going to become hers. Her personal plaything. Her boytoy. Her love slave. Whatever term she preferred to use, she planned on teaching him everything he needed to know to keep her happy. The boredom she had been trying so hard to stave off a week ago now seemed like a distant memory.

Karen finished toweling off, humming to herself as she applied a fragrant, skin-softening lotion that would seal in the moisture from the bath. Once dry, she rewrapped the towel and strolled her way out into the bedroom, where she found Jared, sitting on the edge of the bed with his thighs spread, eyes closed while he masturbated in earnest. He looked like he was just about to go over the edge, toes curled into the thick nap of the carpet beneath his feet, but Karen stopped that by letting the bathroom door slam loudly behind her. He jumped again and his eyes flew open, his hand moving away from his crotch as if his dick was suddenly too hot to hold on to. He was blushing deeply beneath his tan and Karen made a “tsk, tsk” sound as she approached him. “Now that was very naughty, Jared. Were you going to just spurt all over my bedroom and make a big mess for me to clean up?”

His blush deepened and he shook his head. “No, Mrs. McMillan. I just get so excited… thinking about you…” He looked up at her then and she could see that he was still embarrassed but his hungry desire, his irrepressible horniness, was stronger than his pride. She moved nearer to him and it was easy to step between his widespread thighs. He was just as hard as he had been before, his cock now slick with the precum he had been rubbing into it, and Karen rested her hand on his shoulder, smoothing her palm across the broad expanse of his chest, down towards his belly.

“You know… that’s very flattering, Jared. That you think of me…” He shuddered at her touch and she felt every tremor, her fingers splayed against his skin. “And I can’t really blame you for wanting to touch this all the time….” She had grasped his cock by then, giving a loving squeeze as he groaned. “I know I’ve thought about touching it ever since last week…” Karen’s voice lowered, became even softer, more sensual. “Not just touching it… sucking it, too… and burying it deep inside my pussy….” She released him then and reached up to pull her towel from her body. The coolness of the air-conditioning felt amazing against her bare, still-damp skin and Karen moved away from Jared then, crawling up onto the spacious bed. She lay on her back, letting her hair pool around her head, and spread her thighs wide. Her knees rose, drew up until her feet were planted firmly on the comforter beneath her.

Jared was staring rapturously. With her thighs spread his view of her pussy was unobstructed, her labia pink and swollen, her clit throbbing just above it. The wetness of her juices had pooled up around the lips of her pussy, a glistening jewel beneath the trimmed bush of pubic hair that protected it. Karen, with her eyes on Jared, drew one perfectly manicured fingernail down the juicy wet slit of her cunt, arching her hips off the bed and using her other hand to tug gently at her left nipple. “Mmmm… you see, Jared… this is how I get when I think about your beautiful cock…” Her voice was even sultrier than before, breathless with desire as the boy sitting at the foot of the bed watched her. “I want you to kneel at the foot of the bed… just like you did in the bathroom.”

As always, Jared was more than willing to obey. His dick bobbed as he moved into position and once he was kneeling, baby blue eyes dark with lust, Karen rolled her hips towards him again. The scent of her own arousal was reaching her now, musky and hot. The unmistakable scent of sex. She locked eyes with Jared, using her thumb to trace the outline of her clit. “I want you to eat my pussy, Jared. I know you don’t know how but I am going to show you…” Her words were absolutely wanton but she said them with authority, fully expecting her wishes to be carried out. She went a step further and lifted her hand from her breast, cupping the back of his neck and bringing him in closer against her pussy.

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