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The chronological order of my stories is now listed in WifeWatchman’s biography.

Feedback and constructive criticism is very much appreciated, and I encourage feedback for ideas.

This story contains graphic scenes, language and actions that might be extremely offensive to some people. These scenes, words and actions are used only for the literary purposes of this story. The author does not condone murder, racial language, violence, rape or violence against women, and any depictions of any of these in this story should not be construed as acceptance of the above.

Part 1 – Prologue

Dear Readers, this story is like an Interlude, just cleaning up some stuff and bridging to the next series of mysteries to solve. For those who want SEX in my stories, your wishes will be fulfilled. Yes, there is politics in this story, also. Thank you for your patience, and enjoy the story. WW

“This is Bettina Wurtzburg, KXTC Channel Two News!” said the lovely redhead at 7:00am, Tuesday, October 25th, from in front of City Hall. “Channel Two News has learned that the Town & County Council will go into executive session during their meeting tonight, and may call a special session for tomorrow to ratify tonight’s business. That can only mean that there is a looming deadline related to this activity, and experts say it is likely that deadline is to approve the Fire Department’s Superintendent Davies to the Assistant Fire Chief role.”

“Experts.” I said as I watched. “Gotta love them ‘experts’.”

Bettina continued: “And there is no further news from the Police on why former Deputy Police Chief Robert Brownlee shot and killed Joe Smedley last week, nor why he smoke-bombed Jenna Stiles’s Campaign Headquarters, with which he has also been charged. Police Chief Sean Moynahan says that Brownlee is not cooperating with authorities since his capture by Commander Donald Troy last Friday. Brownlee is the third Town & County Police Officer to shame the Badge in the last few years, the others being Detective Julie Newton and Detective Angela Harlan.”

That ticked me off as I drank my coffee in MCD. I said “What about Captain Malone and Steven Ikea, Bettina?”

“And Delmar and Carroll, Bryce and Sharples.” Cindy added.

“Comet and Cupid, Donner and Blitzen.” added Joanne Warner, making us all laugh.

Bettina was not finished: “And in political news, with the Election just two weeks away, it’s neck and neck in the gubernatorial race. SBI Director Jack Lewis has a 50-47% lead over incumbent Governor Val Jared, within the margin of error, but analysts say that it is likely Jack Lewis will win. Roll tape.”

The tape showed Dr. Romanov of the University’s Political Policy Center and KXTC evening news anchorette Amber Harris. “Yes,” Romanov was saying, “it appears close, but Director Lewis is gathering momentum. The ‘security review’ of the SBI is showing no wrongdoing by SBI Agent Ferrell, and Director Lewis is ahead on the issues that are important to the people of the State, such as social justice and climate change.”

“That’s right.” said Amber Harris. “And Governor Jared is deeply unpopular with all the important age groups: millennials, women, minorities… pretty much everyone except white males. Director Lewis is in a strong position in these final two weeks, and I see little hope for Governor Jared to be re-elected.”

Back to Bettina Live: “And in local races, District Attorney Gil Krasney has opened up a five point lead over challenger Jenna Stiles, 48-43%, and appears well on the way to victory in that important race. The race for the open Council seat, vacated by the death of Pastor Raymond Westboro, is 45% for Public Health Officer Loran T. Michaels, 40% for Sheriff Deputy Scott Peterson, 10% for Sheila Sorrells. Fifty percent plus one vote is required to avoid a runoff, and sources tell Channel Two News that both the Michaels and Peterson campaigns are working with Sorrells to gain her endorsement and her supporters. And now let’s go to Nick Eastwood for Sports. Nick!”

The very handsome young blonde stud Nick Eastwood appeared on the monitor. “Thank you Bettina! This is it, the big week! The defending National Champion Wildcats will bring their undefeated record into University Memorial Stadium on Saturday to take on our undefeated Bulldogs! It will be No. 1 vs. No. 2 in the Nation, and all the national Media will be here! Adding to the drama, Bulldogs Head Coach Ted Thrasher was hired away from the Wildcats last season, and he is excited for the opportunity to play his former team. Roll tape.”

The tape showed Nick interviewing Coach Thrasher. As everyone watched, I noticed that there was some kind of commotion going on in the hallway. My birthday wasn’t until the next day, so I wondered what was going on out there.

Once the Sports was over, Bettina went on to national news and insignificant things. Just then, Chief Moynahan came in.

“Okay, crime-fighters,” he said, “what are your plans for this week?” Everyone looked at me.

“Security for the biggest altyazılı porno football game in a long, long time.” I said. “Lt. Croyle is getting a huge headstart on that Captain of Operations position.” Teresa nodded vigorously.

“Otherwise, there aren’t really any big open cases, sir.” I added. “Except the Westboro house break-in.”

“Good!” said Moynahan. “Commander Troy, you wife is not only a lovely woman, she is very per-sway-sssivvvve, and she has asked me to make sure she has your undivided time and attention for her plans for your birthday. Sooooo, you will have the next three days on vacation, and that is not an optional assignment.”

“But…” I started.

“No buts, no debates, Mr. Crowbar.” drawled the Chief. “Do not pass Go, do not collect $200. After you leave work no later than 4:00pm today, you are on vacation.”

“That’s right.” said Cindy Ross, obviously in on this ambush. “We’ll mind the store. And we all know that whatever you wife has planned for you, it’s gonna be hot!” Everyone laughed.

“And since you’ll be on vacation to-morrowwww,” said the Chief, “let’s just have a celebration today.” With that, Commander Della Harlow came into the room, followed by a number of people from Personnel & Records, including the drop-dead gorgeous Sergeant Janice Holloway.

They brought in a covered tray, and when they lifted the cover I saw three stacks of doughnuts arranged in circles as if they were three cakes. Each stack had eleven candles on top, for a total of 33… which would be my age the next day. After Janice lighted the candles, everyone sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to me and I blew out the candles.

Then, as Police Officers are wont to make happen, the doughnuts were consumed. Rapidly.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

At 8:30am, Cindy came into the office and said in a lilting voice. “Oh Cousin dear, can I borrow the keys to the car?” She then added: “Daddy wants to upgrade.”

“Sure.” I said, taking the keychain for the Black Beauty off my regular one and tossing the keys to her. “You have the code to the garage?”

“Yes I do.” Cindy said. “I’ll take the car down tonight after you leave. Then I’ll get a ride back and go to the gym. I’ll start working on the books while Ariel and Wanda are with you and Laura.”

Cindy’s gym partners were going with us to the Lake. I was looking forward to fucking Wanda; she might be over fifty years old, but her body was absolutely magnificent. Ariel was younger; about Cindy’s age. She would be Laura’s tasty treat while I satiated my sexual lusts with Wanda.

“Okay.” I said. “I’m doing this somewhat under protest. If anything comes up, let me know, okay?”

“I will.” Cindy said. “Let me ask this: do you expect anything to happen?”

“I don’t know.” I said. “But Molly and the boys are staying at the Cabin, and you’re staying with them?”

“Yep.” Cindy said. “And Carole and Jim and your mother and of course the dogs. We’ll be fine.”

“Good.” I said… then went introspective.

“Penny for your thoughts.” Cindy said. “Canadian penny if they’re dirty.”

I laughed. “No, I’m just thinking what might happen, which is… nothing. I’ll be back for the game Saturday, for sure. Tell ‘Coldiron’ to have Vice watching for drug shipments to service all the people coming to the game.”

“It’s the prostitutes he’s more worried about.” said Cindy. “They’re going to be working the hotels like crazy. They’ll probably make a ton off the ESPN crew coming in for the morning ‘Gameday’ program.”

“Hoo boy.” I said. “I’ve never been one to focus on a so-called ‘crime’ where there are no real victims. I guess that’s just the ‘entrepreneurial spirit’ in me.”

“Teresa generally agrees,” said Cindy, “but she once made the excellent point that the hookers bring in the drugs, the gambling, and those that practice those things right in behind them. Coldiron said they liked to bust prostitutes in Midtown, then let ’em go after they give the names of their pimps and drug pushers, and they’d go after those, and so on up the chain.”

“True.” I said. “By the way, keep an eye on that Council meeting. Maybe give Mr. Colby or Mrs. Schoen a call and see what’s up with that second meeting tomorrow. Davies’s promotion was already approved, so I know that can’t be what’s up with those jokers.”

Was it just my imagination, or did Cindy’s face change just a bit as she said “Oh, that. I heard that Zoe Singer was put in for a medal for protecting Loran Michaels when Brownlee opened up on them. So don’t stress on it.”

“Well, that sounds good. Zoe deserves a medal for putting up with the TCFD in the first place.” I said. “Okay, so the Orange Order dinner is Sunday night instead of Monday, because of Hallowe’en?”

“Yes. There’s a Hallowe’en party at The Steakhouse on Monday night, so we moved the Orange Order dinner up. Sunday night, Junction Station Depot. I’ve made all the arrangements. No big secrets to tell, as everyone and their mother knows Teresa’s getting promoted.”

I got out my anti-bugging türkçe altyazılı porno device and switched it on, then said quietly: “So is Janice Holloway. She’s being breveted to Lieutenant. Captain Weston is going to be doing double duty by taking over Press Relations as well as Personnel & Records, and Janice will be taking on more and helping out.”

Cindy’s eyes got wide at that. “How did y’all get that past me?” she asked.

“The Chief put that one together with Commander Harlow.” I said. “They haven’t told me yet, either. Of course, I only know because I keep my eyes and ears open.”

Cindy gave a little laugh of uncertainty. “I think I better start using my bug killer to keep you from finding out things.”

“It won’t help.” I said, very knowingly. “This is not an Agency of the Weak Minded, ya know.”

Yep, no doubt about it: Cindy’s eyes gleamed just a bit. She said “Okay. Have fun at the lake, and make sure my girls come back satisfied. And do have fun… after Saturday, you’ll be feeling sad… and… blue.”

“Dream on, Ms. Bulldog. Dream on.” I replied.

Part 2 – Little Sisters

“The soup is really good today.” said Laura as she tasted the thick tomato broth in front of her. “Better than usual.”

“It’s always good to me.” said Melina. The sisters were at Laura’s favorite Soup & Salad Restaurant on the northeast side of Town. They had a table by the window that overlooked the artificial lake.

“So.” Laura said after some chit-chat about their respective children. “What’s going on between your husband, my husband, and the Police Chief?”

“I don’t know.” said Melina. “I’ve been busy with Company stuff. All I know is that Daniel’s friend Scott Peterson said something in front of the Media that Don and his Chief took exception to… especially the Chief, who apparently got in Daniel’s face about it. Daniel wanted to suspend the Chief, but so far hasn’t done it.”

“Why not?” asked Laura, her curiosity overwhelming her manners.

“Because…” Melina started, then paused. She marshaled her words and said “I think Daniel knows that suspending the Chief causes more problems for himself, Daniel, than anyone else. And he does not want the wrath of the Iron Crowbar coming down on him… which is what ultimately would happen if Don became Police Chief.”

“Yes, that’s true.” said Laura. She then gave a short, mirthless chuckle and asked “Melina, when you were married to Don, did you ever think things would come to where they are now?”

Melina arched her eyebrows at the question, knowing that Laura did not ask questions idly. Something was behind this, she thought as she answered: “No, I can’t say that I did. Looking back, I think it was inevitable that Don and I would split up, but to be here, with him where he is, and us where we are? No. And, of course, I might still not know we’re blood sisters if things had been different.”

“Oh, I think that was ordained by the Universe that we eventually find out.” Laura said, then asked “So, when you married Don, you thought you were having to ‘settle’, didn’t you?” Melina felt the older woman’s eyes peering at her.

“No, I loved Don when I married him.” said Melina. “But I know what you mean. In hindsight, marrying Jack Burke would’ve been a disaster. But I always thought Don would do more. I thought he’d be a military officer full time, and I was considering telling you that I could become a full-time Company agent, like you were with your first husband. And then Don went and took only a Reserve commission, and ended up working in labs until he started his security business… and things got boring for me. Even the sex.”

“That’s too bad. Things are not boring now, are they?” Laura asked as she sipped her coffee.

“Noooooo.” Melina said. “Let me ask you this: was Jack Burke with the Company?”

Laura shook her head. “No… well, not that I know of. One never knows who is in rogue cells like Corrigan’s, but as far as I know, Jack wasn’t with the Company. And if he was, he might’ve been up on treason charges. He was stealing intellectual property left and right, and selling to the highest bidder, no matter who that bidder was. I was always amazed that he wasn’t assassinated by foreign agents. Instead, he ended up dead in some woman’s bed, shot by her jealous husband.”

“Now that did not surprise me.” Melina said. “Jack loved fucking women, for the sake of fucking them. But it’s funny you mention the assassination angle. One thing I found out since taking my current Company position is that Jack was banging women in France and in South America. That pipeline Paul Claisson had? Jack Burke might’ve been in on that, either before Claisson took it over, or with Claisson before Jack was murdered. And maybe, just maybe, Joe Arruzio didn’t blast Jack and Marie full of holes out of jealousy.”

Laura stared at Melina. “Wow, are you sure?”

“Oh yes.” Melina said. “My cell was given this after Claisson was accidentally uncovered in the Melissa Darby Cash murder case. Wouldn’t you know hd altyazılı porno it, yet another case involving us happens right in the Iron Crowbar’s back yard, damn the luck.”

“So why is that important?” Laura asked.

Melina looked around and made sure her voice was barely above a whisper as she said “Claisson is one of us.”

“Oh.” said Laura. “And like Jack Burke, he didn’t keep his pants zipped up.”

“That’s right.” Melina said. “But that’s not the worst of it: Don knows. He somehow knows Claisson was our mole in that pipeline, which is run by his sister Elizabeth on the French end.”

“How do you know that?” asked Laura. “That Don knows?”

“The NSA told us.” said Melina. “A burner phone from his office sent a message that was received by a burner phone in France. The text read that Paul Claisson was CIA.” (Author’s note: Lady Ironside, Ch. 03)

Laura nodded. “Well, a lot is making sense now.”

“What do you mean?” Melina asked.

“Melina…” Laura started, paused, then started again: “I sent my retirement paperwork in months ago. They’ve been stringing me along about it. First they said by Thanksgiving, then by Christmas, and now… maybe after January. They say.”

Laura went on: “At first, I thought they wanted me to help the FBI clear up this ‘Superior Bloodlines’ business, but now I’m not sure. I don’t like the way they’re going about this. They should be handing me a gold watch and telling me Good Riddance. Instead… nothing. I can’t get an answer.”

“That sucks.” Melina said.

“And they haven’t learned their lesson about my husband after what they did to him, and what Cindy did to some of their agents.” Laura said. “I think I need to have another talk with the Director.”

Melina said nothing. She was thinking hard, almost in a reverie. Then she was jolted back to present space as Laura said “I’ll be gone three days, starting tomorrow. We’re going up to the Lake. I gave Gayle the three days off, too. Don’t contact me unless there is real trouble, okay?”

“No problem.” Melina said. “Have a good time up there.”

Part 3 – The Loving At The Lake

Tuesday, October 25th. We arrived at Lake Watchacoochie just before dark. As usual, I went into the cabin and checked it out thoroughly, including checking for bugs of the listening device kind. Finding none, I turned on the lights and went out and helped bring in luggage.

Wanda and Ariel were looking smoking hot in their blue jeans and clingy blouses, and they were still no match for my wife’s hot body, with her milk-filled breasts, shapely ass and magnificent legs. I did notice that her clothes seemed to be just a little bit loose on her.

“You’ve lost weight, haven’t you?” I asked. “You’re looking hot as hell.”

Laura smiled and kissed me on the mouth. “Nice of you to notice. I’ve been working out with Ariel and Wanda for a couple of months now, toning up and going through tai-chi with Ariel and Cindy.”

“And fucking me into exhaustion.” I replied.

“And we’re going to do that to you tonight and the next couple of days.” Laura said, her eyes sparkling. “I brought several ‘gray viagras’.” She then wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me deeply, and we began making out right there and then.

“Look at ’em.” I heard a voice say. “Young teenagers that can’t keep their hands off each other.” That was Ariel.

“Save some for us, guys.” Wanda said. Laura and I broke our kiss, then got the rest of the gear into the cabin.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I guess I just have a thing for older women.

As I looked at Wanda’s toned, firm body, slender thighs, and shapely calves, I was already getting hot thinking of what I wanted to do to her. Her blue eyes sparkled from under her mane of dirty blonde hair as she saw me watching her, and I knew she was anticipating our liaison as much as I was.

It was late in the evening when we sat down to dinner. We’d brought steaks and ingredients for salads, and I grilled the steaks outside, in the dark, chatting with Wanda and sipping our drinks as Laura and Ariel prepped the sides and set the table… and sipped their drinks.

After dinner, Laura brought out a cake for me, a basic cake with caramel frosting. There was one big piece cut out. Laura explained: “We had the family party for Don last night, and Carole wanted a piece of this cake. So Don cut a piece out, gave half to Carole and ate the other half himself.”

“What was the other cake?” Ariel asked.

“Red velvet with cream cheese.” said Laura. “It disappeared rather quickly, I might add. So now we have the new tradition of Don’s birthday cake with a slice missing.”

“As long as I have some of that slice,” I said, “that’s a good tradition to have.” I might not have meant just a slice of cake, there…

After dinner, I lit the gas logs in the fireplace. Ariel asked if I wanted a massage, and I said I’d rather watch her give Laura one. So my wife stripped naked as Ariel laid out in front of the fireplace a plastic sheet to capture the oils she would be using. As Laura laid down on her belly, I admired her magnificent body. She had really gotten into better shape, I noticed, and her back and legs were toned and firm… and my cock was beginning to throb.

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