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JudyJudy the mother of my friend Lisa and i have been sharing time now for several months. She is an older lady but very attractive and in good physical shape.She always dresses well and is classy. I met her trough her daughter Lisa who ive been having sex with regularly and wanted her mother taken care of sexually. We began meeting and really enjoying each others company as well as the great sex. Judy had been without sex for a long time and she told me men her age are terribly hard to find since women outnumber them 10 to one here in the U.S. But for her and i it was easy because we just like the same things, food, movies etc.As time went on we have become quite friends and go out to dinner and walks and spend several evenings together a month and just became friends. As time has went by i gave her a key to my house, she likes to cook for us and its nice to have her do it at my house as well as hers so the key made since especially since i have one to her house as well.Everything had been agreed on earlier as far as sex , i would still see Lisa and no real strings just good friends. This has worked out well and its great except it seems shes falling in love with me and has told me she has. I told her i love her as a friend but time will tell if it becomes more.All was well up to 2 weeks ago on a that day i was at home about 11 am and was on the computer looking at porn like i always do. I use my 3rd bedroom the smallest as a office. Its at the end of the hall across from my master bedroom at one end of the house. When anyone comes in you usually dont hear them from back there.I was looking at a set of naked photos of a lady with one of them full screen when Judy walked right in on me which i didnt care she wasnt my mother or anything. Before i could say a word she said ” what are you doing?… i looked at her and said “im looking aydın escort at pussy!” She stood there in a dress dark nylons and heels and said “stop it right now” At this point i got pissed off and told her “go fuck yourself!” “Who the fuck do you think you are to tell me what to do!” “you fucking whore” It was not the reply she expected to say the least. But i was so pissed i said it. She said “im leaving your a pervert!! ” go ahead and look at porn” I got up my 9″ cock pointing up at her and told her “go on you dumb cunt leave and grow up ,your over 60 years old and act c***dish like a teenage girl Fuck you”I do what i damn well please and no one is going to tell me i cant. I went back in and spent the next hour looking at hairy pussy older women.I was a little sorry i used bad language but not i what i said to her and went on after a couple of days and forgot it and guessed she was gone for good. I called Lisa since i had gotten horney and needed some pussy. She was excited and ready and came over since it had been almost a week since we had fucked. She came in and we went directly to bed and naked and as we kissed and i rubbed her big nipples she came out with ” so whats the deal with you and mom?” We didnt stop we just talked as we had foreplay. I said “what do you mean? She said ” moms a mess and when i talk to her she crys and said she ruined it for you and her” As i got my third finger in Lisas cunt hole fingering her i said ” i havent talked to her since the day she walked in on me” Lisa then said “can she call you?’ i said “Yes” With that my cock slid deep into her hot wet pussy and i began fucking her.I reached around her as and pushed 2 fingers in her asshole as she climaxed the first time as i pounded my cock in and out of her. As she climaxed a second and third time i felt my load coming up and pumped her big cunt escort aydın full of my hot cum as she squirmed and came with me.As she dressed and readied herself to leave i will tell mom its up to her, your not mad.It was the following evening when the phone rang as i said hello i heard a soft “hello its me Judy”. I asked how she was and hoed she was doing fine. As she began to speak her voice cracked a little and was struggling to continue. I said “its ok dont worry about it, i got mad and im sorry i was so hard on you”.She seemed fine and said ” i was affraid you would never bother with me again” I told her “no, but i wont be told what i can do by you or anyone else”.I said “Judy if i was going to let anyone it would be you but no one is going to tell me to change” From then on the conversation was better and told her i was fine to continue as long as she is fine with me. She did surprise me when she said ” i just want to be better and it will never happen again if you let me ” So things were all patched up and we agreed to go ahead and enjoy each other. We said our good nights and hung up.The next day i was on the pc looking at porn again when i heard sounds, i realized it was the sound of high heels coming down my hall as i looked up and there was Judy smiling this time but….naked except for the high heeled shoes. Her big full titties hanging there with her huge pinkish brown areolas and big hard nippled pointing out at me. Her small waist and full hips with her full dark bush of pussy hair right in front of my face as i sat in my chair. I reached and grabbed around her ass and pulled her pussy into me and ran my tongue up and down her wet crack as she let a moan out and arched her mound into my tongue.As i moved back she was looking at the screen at a younger girl with big puffy nipps , the one i was looking at. She aydın escort bayan said “can i join you for a few min. ? I said “yes you can ” we sat there looking at movie clips and photos of naked women i was already naked as i pulled her onto my lap and she “said im so sorry for being a prude” I said ” your not a prude you just thought you were not enough for me” Her eyes got big and said “your right”We went into the bedroom and she layed back as i began to kiss her pussy and lick her lips. She used both hands to open herself to me as her pink folds opened and her hole gaped i could see all the way into her cervix as i ate her in earnest my tongue lapping at her cunt like a hungry dog. I moved lower to her anas and began licking it as i slid 4 fingers deep into her vaginal canal as i loosened her for more. Her Ass hole was hot and wet and winked as i smelled her cunt and ass juices as i ate her out. She was hunching and fucking my fingers as i lowered my thumb to join the other fingers i folded it against my hand and with a small slow push my full hand dissapeared inside her wet pussy with a loud fart as the air was forced out.I worked my fist around her sloppy cunt as i began fist fucking her i got several inches up my forearm inside and began to ram in and out as she screamed And fucked my arm. I lifted her up over me and put my cock at the entrance to her ass and slipped it inside and bottomed out in her shit hole. I began ass fucking her with my cock as i stroked in and out of her pussy with my fist. Within min. she was in a steady stream of climax going off one after the next with no end the bed covered in her juices as she rocketed along in a marathon of screaming squirting and telling me to fuck her.I felt my balls rise and the cum course up my cock as i erupted inside her ass shooting all my cum into her. IT WAS THE BEST SEX I EVER HAD.Her pussy Would not close from the fisting it hung open deep and red as did her ass hole fucked out and oozing cum. We kissed and held each other and from then on i knew she was mine to do with as i pleased!! And do I !!!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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