Journey of Our FLM Ch. 04

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(Part 4)

Meeting Warren

I woke up first. As I walked back in from using the bathroom, I noticed it was 9:30. We’ve never slept in like that before. But we had never had sex like that either. As I recounted the previous night, I had a blowjob, came inside her three times, used the 8″ and the massive 10″ on her. That was a sight to behold! That thing is as big around as my wrist, and she took it all in.

“Oh, I’m really sore.” I heard as she started standing up.

We had coffee and as we sat, I asked what happened at Fran’s house.

“Go get your cage on first.”

We were so wiped out last night, we passed out and didn’t think about the cage.

I walked back in and handed her the lock. ‘Click’

“Where do I start? When Fran came here yesterday, she had just left Tommy’s hotel. Come to find out, he’s the widower of her college roommate. She died several years ago from breast cancer, but she has kept in touch with him since the funeral to see how he was doing.

Three years ago, his job changed and he started traveling here on occasion. He called and asked if she and Warren could have dinner one night when he was in town, so they met for dinner. They caught up on life and he told them he really hadn’t dated anyone since Mary’s passing, and kept himself buried in work.

She felt an attraction, and Warren picked up on it. When they got home that night, they began talking about Tommy and the fact that he was alone. She said casually that she should have given him a handjob under the table just to give him some relief. Apparently, Warren got really horny when she said that, and they had crazy sex that night.

About six weeks later, Tommy called and said he was going to be back in town and would love to do dinner again. Fran said that Warren was away on business, but she wanted him to come over and cook him a homemade lasagna.

Fran called Warren and told him Tommy was coming over. She didn’t ask, she just told him. One thing led to another, and she ended up fucking him in their bed, all night. He stayed overnight and left the next morning to catch his flight, but not before they fucked twice more.”

I let this sink in. “What did Warren do when he found out?”

“She said Warren called that morning to tell her he had just landed and would be home in 45 minutes. That’s when she told him that Tommy was just leaving. When Warren arrived, she was still laying in bed, the wet spot still visible on the sheets, and her pussy still wet from the sex.

Warren stood there, looking at her used pussy. He walked over and started going down on her, cleaning up the mess they had made. She said they had mad, passionate sex the rest of the afternoon. He asked for details, and the more she told him, the hornier he got. The sex was so raw, they decided that night she could be with him whenever he was in town, but not overnight again. That’s how they became a cuckold couple.”

My cock twitched, and Cass noticed. She continued.

“So, Fran let Tommy know about her arrangement with Warren and they began seeing each other while he’s in town. He altered his schedule, to be here on business on Friday, so he will stay over and leave Saturday afternoon. She visits him first thing on Saturday and stays until shortly after noon. That gives them several hours of uninterrupted sex.”

“What does Warren do?”

“He sits at home, and waits. It drives him wild, as I found out.” Her face started turning red.

“Oh, my pussy is sore. What I’m going to tell you is going to turn you on, I just know it. It’s turning me on thinking about it. But I can’t have sex right now. Do you want me to continue?”

“I do, I’m so turned on right now. May I kiss you where you hurt?” I asked, with a boyish grin.

“Yes, I was going to require it, but since you’ve offered, I may now give you more detail. Although, I think you will be ready to pop out of your cage before I’m done.

“As Fran told us the other night, she will spank Warren when he gets home, just to re-establish her control, and heighten the sexual tension.”

“Right, she said there was more, but didn’t tell us that detail.” I said.

“Oh, there is SOOO much more to it.

As she said, she had never exposed Warren to anyone else witnessing a spanking. That’s why she asked me to come over. She told me some of what was going to happen before we left, but left out the details, so I’d be surprised.”

“Ok, what is it?” I asked, cock twitching from her teasing and tasting her dripping pussy.

“You are going to have to settle down, this is going to take some time. Slow down, I’m really sensitive.”

Her pussy was bright red and puffy. She did take a pounding last night. So, I softly licked as she continued.

“Unlike the punishment spanking you received, the ‘re-establishment spankings’ are erotic. She wanted to embarrass Warren by having me watch, but asked if I’d be comfortable with the level of intimacy they would share. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but said I would love to watch, and maybe even konyaaltı üniversiteli escort get ideas for you.” She looked down at me, and as she did, I felt her pussy become even more wet, and I continued to lick it all up.

“She texted Warren and said she is on her way home. Which tells him to use the bathroom, get a shower and wait in the bedroom. I followed her home, so I walked in the door right behind her. She looked at me as asked if I was sure about this, which I told her of course I was. She told me this would occur in the bedroom, and she would have Warren set up a comfortable chair for me to watch. I was only to watch though, unless she said otherwise.”

I kept licking, and she just seemed to draw the story out to keep me on edge.

“We walked into their bedroom, and his eyes were almost as wide as yours were the other night. He didn’t say anything, but his face turned red, obviously embarrassed at my presence. She then told him that he was so turned on hearing about your spanking, that she thought it only fair that I got to see his.

His face was deep red now, and as I looked down, his cock was twitching in their ‘teasing cage’. She then told him to get up and set the chair up in the corner of the room, just a few feet from the foot of their bed.

As I sat down, she told me to get comfortable, because this was going to take a while.” Cats paused, grabbing my head with both hands, pulling me tight into her pussy. She rubbed her pussy up and down, as I lapped up her juices.

She continued, “She had Warren stand in front of me, his caged cock only inches from my face. She reached down and felt the cage, lightly caressing his balls. He grew and filled the cage, with his cock sticking out a little at the end. Then she asked him where she had been.

He said at Tommy’s. And what have I been doing at Tommy’s? Making love to him all morning. Yes, do you want to hear the details? Yes.

Andy, he was shaking, as he was looking down, trying not to make eye contact with me. I could tell he was embarrassed, but so turned on. What happened next, I wasn’t expecting.”

My cock was twitching, just listening to her recount the details, and her pussy kept getting wetter.

“Fran had Warren back up and turn sideways towards her. He was still only two or three feet from me, and I had a profile view of his cage. Fran looked at me, looked at Warren and dropped her dress. She was naked! No panties. No bra. Naked!”

My cock twitched again, as I felt more wetness flood my mouth.

“I wasn’t expecting this, but kept my cool. Seeing her standing there like that, I could feel dampness in my panties. She had a huge hickey on her left breast, and another just above her clitoris. She then said that Tommy wanted to take her panties back to Chicago with him, to add to his collection.

Warren’s cock twitched again, but the next part is where I about exploded myself. She reached down to her pussy, stuck a finger in, and pulled out a condom! A tied off, used condom!

She held it up to Warrens nose, dragging it all over his face. She then stuck it in his mouth, and then teased him about this being the first load she took today. She went into detail about how Tommy just took her for the first time this morning, without much foreplay, just raw sex. He hadn’t had sex since the last time he was in town, and was backed up. She then said that she brought him this present, and took the condom out of his mouth, and tied it around his cage. There it was Andy, a condom, filled with another guy’s semen, tied to Warren’s cage!”

I wasn’t sure how much more I could handle of this, but she continued.

“She reached back down and pulled out another condom and went through detail of that encounter, and tied it to his cage beside the other one. Then a third. Same thing, going into detail and teasing him, walking around him and playing with his balls and pulling at the filled condoms hanging off his cage.

I was so caught up in the moment, I had pulled up my skirt and slipped my hand into my panties, playing with myself. She saw me and smiled. She then had Warren turn back to me, showing off the new decorations hanging off his cage. I can’t describe the look in his eyes. It was embarrassment, humiliation and desire.

She told him it was time for his spanking, and he went over to the dresser and pulled out a paddle and a leather crop. He got on his knees in front of me, and she smacked him. It was the same kind of smack you got, but she only gave one and then walked around him, teasing him. SMACK!

She lifted his head, straddling his face, rubbing her pussy into him. She was also turned on, because she left his nose and forehead wet from her pussy.”

I was so turned on, and so was Cass, because she kept flooding my mouth. But she continued with the story, dragging in on for effect.

“He received about 20-25 smacks. His ass was red, but not like yours was. He wasn’t crying, but he was to the point where it wouldn’t be long. She then took the crop, grabbed kurtköy escort him by the balls, and smacked his balls! He took about 10 swats with that. When she finished, his balls were purple, along with his cock, which was trying to escape the cage.

She then had him stand up, facing me. She leaned down, and untied one of the condoms. Walking over to the bed, as she pulled his cage, she laid down on her back and poured the contents on top of her clitoris. I watched, as it streamed down between her lips.

He went to work, licking up Tommy’s cum like it was his own. After her first orgasm, she went to the bathroom, looking at me as she walked in. I stared at Warren, and my pussy was drenched. She walked back in and took another condom off and poured it over her breasts. He went to town on them, licking up all the cum. By the time he was finished, her nipples were sticking up at least an inch.

Poor Warren. His cock was purple, straining in his cage. He had pre-cum dripping off the head of his cock. She took some of it and tasted it, saying he needed to produce more.”

I then said, “Cass, I don’t know how much more of this I can take. I’m about to explode here. Really, I may have to hear the rest of this later.”

“Good, that’s where I want you. No, I’ll continue. I haven’t even got to the good part yet.”

The good part? What else was there?

“The last condom. She pulled it off his cage and just dangled it over his nose and mouth. Teasing him. She untied it, then laid on the bed, on her stomach. She spread her legs, lifting her hips up, with her pussy facing me. I could see her pussy Andy, all of her. She reached back, spread a butt cheek and poured the contents in the crack of her ass.”

Oh shit, I was really going to explode. “He didn’t?” I said.

“He did! I thought it was gross at first, but I was so turned on, I got over that quickly. He went on and on. I was fingering myself, and had a small orgasm, but kept watching. Suddenly, she started screaming. She had an orgasm Andy! He gave her an orgasm from licking her ass!”

I kept licking her pussy, which flooded me again.

“No wonder you were so turned on, that’s amazing.” I said, as she pulled my face back into her.

“I’m not done yet. Fran turned over, looking at my hand down my panties, with my dress pulled up. She looked at Warren and said that our guest needs some relief.”

I literally started shaking. What was she about to tell me? My cock was already twitching and aching. What happened?

“Andy, Warren came over, took off my panties and ate me out. I’m sorry sweetie, but I was so turned on, I let him. And he knew what he was doing. You’ve learned a lot of how I like to be pleased this last week, but he was a pro. He sensed when I was getting close, backing off my clit and down to my labia, teasing me. I was so turned on, his teasing only intensified the sensation. It only took a few minutes, and I came like I did the other night. I know I flooded his mouth, and I didn’t care. After my orgasm subsided, he went back to it.” She paused, as she flooded my face again with her pussy.

“Keep licking me. There’s more.”

MORE? What the fuck? My head was spinning. My wife had sex with another man! Oral sex performed on her, but still, it’s sex!!!

“Fran was watching, fingering her pussy when she asked if I’d ever had my ass licked before.”

“He didn’t” I said, looking up at her.

“He did. And I had an orgasm too. It took a while, but I’ve never had that done before. You are going learn to do it by the way, because it felt amazing.” Her pussy started spasming as she said that, having a strong clitoral orgasm.

She paused, enjoying the rush. After a few moments, taking a deep breath, then told me to softly lick her more.

I did.

“As I came down from that orgasm, I sat back in the chair, my panties were still on the floor and I pulled my dress back down over me. I wasn’t sure what to do, so I just waited on Fran. She told Warren it was time for his milking. I was in a daze from the orgasm, but I looked at her with a questioning expression. She saw my confusion and said she was going to milk his prostate for his first orgasm. That way, he will be less sensitive when she started fucking him.

She lubed a finger and had him get on all fours on the bed. She told me to come closer to watch. She stuck the finger inside his ass and started massaging his prostate. He was already so turned on, after a few minutes, a white string started falling from his cock. It was cum! She caught it with her other hand as she continued to massage.

Her palm was almost full by the time she finished. She pulled out her finger and had him lick up all that was in her hand.

He was so turned on at that point, I don’t think he even knew I was still there.”

My cock was aching. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Cass had oral sex with another man and it turned me on!

“Fran had him roll over, and sat on top of his cage. I watched as she fucked him, ankara kurtuluş escort well, fucked his cage. He was moaning, bucking his hips, sweating, begging to be set free. She went on for the longest time. Fast, slow, rocking forward, sideways. I was lost watching her and have no idea how long she rode him like that. He was begging to be released, but she kept going.

I guess he had shot a load at one point, because her pussy starting foaming. She kept on going and without thinking what I was doing, I realized I had walked over and my face was right there, watching my friend’s pussy as she fucked Warren’s caged cock.

She had another orgasm and got off his cock, and sat on his face. While he was licking up the foamy mess, she looked at my finger playing with my clit and said it was going to be a long night for Warren. Then she asked if I wanted a ride.”

NOOOOOOO! “You didn’t, did you?”

“What if I said I did?”

She sat up and looked at my cock as she asked that, seeing that my cage was jumping. I had pre-cum dripping off the cage. She saw that I was turned on. And I was.

“No, I didn’t ride him. But, it was very tempting. I told Fran I needed to leave. She said he would be locked for a while longer before he was released. But I knew if I stayed, I’d end up riding him, so I decided to come home to you.

Seeing how your cock just reacted though, maybe I should have gone for a ride.” She said as she reached down and played with my balls.

She stood up, grabbed my cage and walked me to the bedroom. She got on all fours on the bed and told me it was time to learn how to lick her ass.

I wasn’t even thinking about the fact my tongue was licking Cass’ ass. She was instructing me, telling me you need to do this, or that, because that’s what Warren did.

Warren. He did this to my wife. Gave her orgasms. Licked her pussy, and her ass.

My emotions were all over the place. Anger, jealousy, arousal, embarrassment from being turned on.

After some time, she was pushing back into me as I was licking from her pussy to her ass. I reached up and stuck two fingers inside her pussy and massaged her G-spot while I licked. That set her over the edge, and she had a strong orgasm.

After collapsing down on the bed, she pulled me close to her to spoon. I caressed a breast, as we laid there in silence. My cock was twitching in my cage. I was so turned on.

Cass could feel the steel bounce on her ass, so she reached back and teased my balls. After a few minutes of teasing, she told me she wanted to be fucked, but I would have to be gentle.

As she unlocked my cock, I sprung out, hard as a rock. She started pulling the ring off and I shot a load on to her chest. She hadn’t even touched my cock, but I came!

“Well, looks like that story has someone turned on. Lick the cum off my chest.” She said, snickering.

I did, and was still hard. I pushed her back down on the bed, and entered her. She was sore, but I couldn’t help myself. I plowed away. She started bucking her hips into me. I was not too rough, but I had to re-claim my wife.

I went on for a while when I felt my balls tighten and knew I was close. Another few pumps and I was past the point of no return.

After I cleaned up that mess, I rolled over and laid on my back. Cass snuggled up next to me and played with the hair on my chest.

She finally said, “I’m sorry I allowed Warren to do that. I had no intention of doing anything but watching. I’ve never seen someone else have sex before, much less what Fran was doing to him. I was just too turned on and in the moment.

We are still having dinner over there tonight. I don’t want you to be weird around Warren, ok?”

“I’m not sure how I’ll be Cass. I don’t want to see him, knowing he has not only seen your pussy, but gave you a better orgasm than I did.”

“Wait a minute. He knew his way around a pussy better than you, but the orgasm you gave me on Friday night was the best I’ve ever had.”

“Still, this will be weird and humiliating.” I said with some fear in my voice.

“Well, humiliation is going part of the discipline, so you need to get used to it. I know you haven’t done anything wrong, but it’s still my call and we are going. That’s final.

Besides, don’t forget what I told you about all he had to do. He ate three loads of another man’s semen. Don’t you think he will be a little bashful about seeing me?”

I hadn’t thought of that. I said, “I guess, but I’m not looking forward to meeting him after this.”

We got up, had a snack, as the morning had turned into almost 3:00. We were to be at their house at 6:00.

Warren answered the door, and gave Cass a big hug. He reached out and shook my hand, saying, “It’s a pleasure to finally meet you. I’ve been waiting to have someone else in my shoes to talk with about all of this.

What will you have to drink?”

We walked out on their patio, while the ladies were talking around the island in the kitchen.

“I suppose Cass told you about last night?”

“Yes, she did.” Was all I could say, not looking him in the eyes.

“Look Andy, I’m sure you are feeling jealous of me, and I don’t blame you. Keep in mind though that I was all locked up and only taking orders from the boss. But I will tell you this, I saw the look in your wife’s eyes and with as turned on as she was, it will only be a matter of time before she finds a lover.

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