Jock Tales–Senior Year–Homecoming

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Jock Tales–Senior Year–HomecomingJock Tales—Senior Year—HomecomingWell, it was bound to happen, sooner or later. And now was pretty much as later as it could get, being Senior year. I had managed to dodge it for the past three years.But, somehow this year, it had gone faster than I realized, being so busy with other shit, mainly working my teammates to the bone, giving everything we had, to ensure our 4th championship. As we stood—we were stilled tied with the Tigers, with each having 3 championships. But that 4th title would break that, and we would become the winning-est HS football team in all the state of Texas. But—then it happened.Looks like I been elected Homecoming King. GAWDNow, it was totally not unusual, anywhere, for the team ¼ back to be elected King.I just didn’t want it. To me, it was just another excuse for a fashion show—another means for the popular k**s to throw themselves into the limelight, to show out in front of the less popular, or privileged. I had way too much other shit to contend with. Football, keeping grades up, fucking interviews, and Mindy would call a couple of times a week now telling me that my lil Bro Dustin was constantly asking about me. Except for the pep rally at opening day, I really hadn’t seen him much since moving in with dad back after Thanksgiving last year. I missed the lil shit, actually—but there were reasons for the self-imposed separation. Anyways—ya, I’m rambling already.So, second game, we beat the Tigers, 33-31. We had the biggest ‘traveling show’ ever to Austin—some estimated that over 500 made the trip to the game. Pretty damm tite—it was their best game against us ever. And as per tradition, bunch of us meet up back at the motel for the annual throw down with team members from both sides—a healthy mix of athletes that had become close friends off the field, to do what bois do :)Naturally, after the ‘throw down’ and a few noise complaints from others at the motel, everyone left, except, or course, Cole Parker. Now—if you been following Jock Tales for a while, you know that Cole Parker is the ¼ back for the Tigers. Ever since Pony League baseball, we had this bet that whomever lost the game, got a dick up his ass :)Now in the fifth year of that tradition, I was more than ready to tear up his sweet jock ass. But—you’ve read all that before—so let’s get back to homecoming. The next two games turned out to be pretty easy wins—now amassing a total of 105 scored points—and with tonight being a ‘most likely’, we were leading the district in total points. Playoffs, were now assured. The match up with Paris went down pretty easy. They were a great bunch of guys, and again, in tradition I invited them all down to the diner for celebration—well, our celebration anyway. Corse, being homecoming, and the fucking King, meant that I also had a ‘date’. Julie Whitmore—well, it certainly could have been worse. Julie was one of the hottest bitches at school. We really didn’t know each other, but got along pretty good with the occasional ‘protocol corrections’ that Julie would educate my ‘jock ass’. We just kinda giggled about it, and moved forward.So—the porn Matthew !! JEEZ you can run your mouth ! Ya—I can’t help it.After a couple of hours of eating, and more less just hanging out at the diner, and people even there stopping to take pics of Julie and me, she finally leaned into me and whispered into my ear, “Hey jock—are we getting a room, or what”? I actually gulped, considering her meaning—I would have thought this would have been more of a thing to deal with at prom, (OG GAWD___PROM !!) but, what the fuck. I told her we could go back to my place as no one would be there, so, we did.Riding in the jeep back to the apartment, Julie thought kaçak iddaa that was the coolest thing ever. She suggested I should be in the Christmas parade with it. Hmmm—Having brought a bag with her, soon as we walk into the kitchen, she asked could she change. I said sure, and pointing down the hallway, just say “right down there on the right”. “Oh—I don’t need a room, Matthew”With that, she drops her dress to the floor, and steps out of it—butt fuckin just born naked ! Damm—she wasn’t even wearin any panties. Coaxing her humongous boobs upwards, (Im guessing about a 38D !) and with one of those stupid female ‘looks’, she offered “Come on Matthew—don’t be shy. It’s time for your civic duty—just do what bois do—what jocks do—what any King would do with his Queen” Oh just fuck me ! I charged Julie like a tackle, and slinging her on her back onto the kitchen table (this makes what now—about the 7th person maybe that I’ve fucked on that table ??) Completely bypassing those awesome boobs (wait Matthew—thought you were an All-American red b l o o d e d boi ?) I dive straight for Julie’s pussy. Holy fuck—did she start creaming soon as my face planted into her womanhood ?? I dunno, but if not, this bitch was wet as a towel at a swimming pool. I get right down to munching her out. I liked to munch—not really that big on the clit thing—I always got them off without that. I just munched her full mouth for about 15 minutes—all the while her moaning and shreeking– “Oh Matthew—Oh Matthew” I really hated the ‘screamers’, lol.Finally I stick my tongue into her ever so tite hole, and begin a tongue fucking like I never delivered. I had secretly been getting into the bois so much this year, that I almost had forgotten that I was str8, and really loved pussy !I spread her wide, and dove deep. I wanted that pussy juice all over my face ! And damm she tasted sweet—I swear she coated her lips with sugar, or something. Julie grabs me by my ears, and pulls my face in even tighter. “OH eat me Matthew—eat me out with the big strong jock tongue”. Somehow, it seemed, that it was way more a turn on when a dude said that to you—it almost sounded ‘dirty’ if ya will, when a girl did it. The pussy meal went on for about another 20 minutes until suddenly she pushed me back on my shoulders. “Ok jock boi—you had enough. Now gimmie that big jock cock Iv’e heard sooooo much about”. I was a little taken aback actually—Miss Princess at school had a really nasty mouth, lol. I stand up, and pop the buttons on my 501’s, letting them drop to the floor. Didn’t even kick them off cause I still had my kicks on as well. Dragging Julie by the thighs, and throwing her legs up over my shoulders, and just placing the head of my swelled up jock cock against her pussy lips, I give my biggest shit-eatin grin, and just say “It’s gonna be a wild ride, baby” “Just fuck me Matthew” ! She almost yells back. Well, that’s all I needed 🙂 Not exactly slamming her, (I always tried to be a bit more gentle with the girls, as opposed to the bois), I did make a fast entry into Julie’s dripping wet cunt. With my own cock snot already at ‘full drip’, there was plenty of natural lube to make for easy entry. I started up slow at first, to get her used to my awesome thickness. Course, in only seconds, she’s already screaming all that stupid porno bitch shit— “ahhhh—ahhhh–ahhhh” you know what I mean.I guess bitches just didn’t realize that all that noise made it really hard to concentrate. For nearly another 20 minutes I pounded her cunt, all the while screaming her lungs out. I began sweating at the forehead, and down my back, the sweat now dripping down into my ass crack. I was on fire for this nasty bitch. And then—-Julie and me both jump up, kaçak bahis startled. Who the fuck is pounding on the door ??“Ahhhh helll—it’s the bois”“HUH ?? you invited your jock buds over—knowing you had a date”?“Naaa Julie—they just show up sometimes. You know it is homecoming, and a Friday night. “Ok then, but get rid of them Matthew, cause I want your hot jock cum all over my tits” I give her a big smirk, and as she darts down the hallway, I stuff the monster, still hard, back into my jeans. Opening the door—of course it’s the “Diamond Dawgs”, the core of the team, and my closest buds. “What’s up Dillon?” shouts Patroni, and the five of them walk in, carrying a case of beer, and go right into passing them around and start with the rebel rousing. “Jeez bro—why you sweatin so much dawg”? It was Jenkins that first noticed. “Huh”? In my best dumb jock act, still breathing pretty hard. Kelso continues, “Ya dawg—man you got sweat pourin everywhere—them pits is soaked dawg. And—I see that meat looks about half hard too dawg”! “You been working out or sompin dawg”? Sometimes Kelso just couldn’t say ‘dawg’ enough in one sentence.“Uhh—ya—working out—shoulders were kinda sore”Patroni barks out next– “Fuckin bullshit—the weight bench is outside—Aight Dillon—where is she—who you fuckin hiding”?I just flash a sit-eatin grin, and reply “I dunno what ur talkin about dudes—I just got back from the diner” “Ahhh—that shit aint gonna fly dawg—what—you get back—go out and work up a sweat, and now back inside—what the fuck is up dude”?“Jeez man—what’s up wit ya’ll—the fuckin Spanish Inquisition”? Now, all this transpired in just a couple of minutes, so here comes Julie walking up the hallway, dressed in a pr of sweats, and a paper thin tee shirt. The bois suddenly got silent, in fact with Jenkins dropping his beer on the floor.“Heeeey bois” in her best southern draw sweetness. “Holy fuck—Julie fuckin Whitemore” rolls off Patroni’s tongue.“Well damm dawgs—I mean I was King tonight ya know—and Julie IS theQueen”“Ya, but damm Julie—we never any of us figured you would be into jocks—figured not ur type” “So—are any of you jock gentlemen—or is no one going to offer me a beer”?Stumbling over each other, they all reply ‘sure’, and ‘ya sure Julie” like they was fuckin 10 years old or something.“Damm dawgs—you would think ya’ll never seen a girl before” I respond giggling my ass off. “Well sure we have Matthew—just not Julie Whitmore—and especially up close and personal” !So—wasting absolutely no time, Julie actually gets the party started.“So—who’s got the biggest dick here”? All the guys eyes bugged out, shocked at the un-bashfullness of Julie. Kelso, clearing his throat speaks, “Umm—that would be Matthew Julie—it’s pretty well accepted as the biggest dick at school” “Ya—I just recently had that privilege” Julie responds with the perfect Georgia Southern Bell voice, then continues, “But you bois kinda interrupted us, so Matthew probably got blue balls cause he hadn’t cum off yet” The bois still had looks of shock on their faces, where no one expected this type of behavior or language from Julie Whitmore. Kelso follows up with “ummm, ya we hear he can go for a long time—we could come back later Julie, you know—so you and Matthew could, uhh ‘finish up’.“Oh, don’t be silly bois—I’m sure it would be considered an ‘honah’ to be in the company of Matthew’s “Diamond Dawgs”. I mean—what girl wouldn’t give just anything to be the only one around all this testesterone—I mean I can literaly smell you bois heatin up ! And all these tite jock butts, stuffed in those tite Levi’s—and your cute cowboy boots, and oh my—it’s just dreamy” !!A couple of the guys are actually grabbing their dicks now, and Patroni had actually illegal bahis pulled out a chair, and nearly collapsed into it. “Damm—I need a smoke” Julie continues, “Well you go right ahead suga—maybe Jenkins here would like to feel up my tits, since he can’t seem to keep his eyes off them—and I’m surwa that Matthew is just about to explode to get his load out” Still—we just all stare at each other, speechless, with jaws hanging open. “Well come on ya bunch o fags—we gonna gang bang or what ?? Now give me some dick” !!Well—that worked, for sure. In just moments we were all buck naked, and started with our turns on Julie’s mouth and pussy. With each fuck, she insisted we blow our loads on her tits, with me of course delivering the biggest load, coating her tits, face, and stomach—ultimately soaking her down looking like someone had poured a gallon of heavy cream on her. The orgy went on for nearly three hours !Finally, with everyone spent, Julie grabbing a kitchen towel from hanging on the stove handle, asked “So, how does one become a member of this little group of ya’lls”? “Oh, uh, sorry Julie—the group has never been open to new members. It’s just us original seven that were present one night over at my moms house”“Ahhh—that’s dissapointing—so what was the occasion on that night”? “Ummm, sorry again Julie, but that whole thing is, well, uh, classified” “Hmmmm a secret club huh ? I hear that your little b r o t h e r was there too”?“Well, ya—of course he was there—I mean, it was our house” !“And if I have followed correctly—it was shortly after that you all got mohawks”?“Well, ya—but that wasn’t related at all to that night—that just happened cause the coach pissed me off about haircuts—damm Julie, everybody knows that story by now” (Jock Tales—Freshman Year)Kelso finally speaks up–”So what are you getting at Julie—I mean, is there a question”? Julie, now becoming serious, looks me right in the face, and–”It’s a fuck club—ain’t it ? You guys are all fucking each other”!There was a momentary ‘freezing’ in the kitchen—it was like we were all suddenly transported to Antarctica. Finally, I just bust out laughing, and the others followed suite. “Seriously Julie, you just got the nut of Tyler’s finest blasted all over you—and your going to accuse us now of being fags”? “Well—there have been rumors, you know” now in a sarcastic accusation type voice. “I mean it seems you bois always stick together, and seem to go everywhere together”.“Ya—I guess so—shit girl, it’s just a football thing, really. All that night was was a ‘friends forever’ oath—you know, little k I d s shit”.“Well, ok—I guess it’s time you should take me home now Matthew—it is pretty late, and my parents might start to get worried. And I can leave you bois then to do whatever it is that a bunch of jocks do on a Friday night”– still with that gleam of investigative reporter in her eyes. So—to wrap it up, I take her home and get back to my Diamond Dawgs. Everyone was so nervous at Julie’s line of questioning, that about all we did was sit around and chit chat till about 4:00 in the morning. Finally, they all departed, and I was alone now, in the quite, at last. In spite of the awesome orgy, seeing all my buds hard jock butts had already got me stirred up a bit. It had been a while since that nite this same group had ‘k**napped’ me from the motel out at the ‘zone’, but that was suddenly on my mind.I would need a good deal of cash for prom, and the week of playoffs. I went to my room, and fished out my best pr of shredded up jeans, and stuffed the meat down the right leg—freeballin. The jeans were now about three years old, and had now gotten pretty fuckin tite, proudly displaying the massive lump up front, and the seam of the seat crawling up the crack of my hairy jock ass. Putting on my stinkin PF Flyers, no socks, no BO spray, then a can of Copenhagen in my back left pocket, and grabbing a plain white tank—I head out.

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