Job Interview

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We’re doing some hiring at my office, and I wish that you applied because I get to do the interviews now.

I will lead you back to what I tell you is the office for the interviews. You follow me down the secluded hallway, further and further away from the noise of the office, all the way down to the end. I unlock the door and we enter. It’s small and sparse, with just two chairs and a desk and room for little else. We have a seat and get down to business. The interview goes well enough, but I have something else on my mind.

“I won’t lie to you, there are several candidates for this job that are much better qualified. How badly do you want this job?”

“Badly. I really need it.”

I grin just a little. I’ve got you right where I want you. “I’ll be blunt then; you want it you’ll suck my dick.”

“WHAT? Fuck you! I’m leaving.”

You stand to go for the door but before you can open it I start talking. “You walk out that door and you’re making a big mistake. You go blow the whistle on me and nothing will come of it. What do you think happens if it’s your word against mine? I’ll convince them that you’re a bitter job seeker just trying to blackmail your way into a job. And then you’ll be blacklisted here. After that I’ll call in every favor to every person that’s ever left this place. You’ll be lucky to even get an interview anywhere in this town.”

You hand reaches for the door, shaking a little. Then you turn around and I know that I’ve got you. It’s just a matter of reeling you in.

“I’m not gay. Look,” you say, holding up your left hand to show your wedding band.

“I know. That’s exactly why I want you. Haven’t you ever felt the thrill of taking a girl’s virginity? And it feels nice getting your cock sucked, but it feels really nice knowing that you have the power to MAKE someone suck your cock.”

Your face still looks unconvinced, but I’m tired of waiting. I start working on my belt and zipper with my left hand, and my right shoots out to grab a handful of hair on the back of your head. I pull you in so close that my lips brush yours as I whisper the words: “Suck my cock NOW, whore.” My hand üvey kız kardeş porno slides from the back of your head to the top and presses down, forcing you to your knees as my cock springs free of my pants. You offer some token resistance, just making a show of how you don’t want this. But what you want doesn’t matter to me. All that matters is what I want, and what I want is a blow job from my sissy little slut boy.

You hit your knees, close your eyes, and open wide. I chuckle at the sight. I slap you across the face of few times with my stiff cock until you look up. “Don’t be a rude cocksucker. Look me in the eyes like a good little whore while you do it. But first, be a polite bitch and ask to suck my dick.”

You look up at me with eyes that show a bit of shame and disbelief. You look like your first instinct is to refuse, but then you get in line. Your eyes lock with mine, “Can I suck your cock?”

I grab your hair tighter and pull you in, spanking your face with my meat. “You call that polite? What’s the magic word, you little cunt?”

“May I suck your cock, PLEASE?” As you part your lips just enough to accommodate my erection we both know I own you now, but I am still kind enough to take it easy on you, since you’re a first timer. My hands hold your head in place and I slide just the tip in at first. And I go from there, slowly building my pace up and slowly adding more and more of my shaft into your face. What begins as a slow, shallow BJ turns into a fast and hard face fucking. I expertly stop just short of gagging as I give you all that you can handle.

“Mmm, that feels so good. I’m beginning to wonder if you haven’t done this before. You sure you’re a virgin to cock sucking?”

I ease my dick out of your mouth so you can answer me. You nod and lower your eyes. There seem to be tears forming in them, and you’re red in the face. Is it from the physical or the psychological impact of the face fucking I just gave you?

“Don’t look so glum, sweetheart. That was a phenomenal blow job for a first timer. In fact it was so good that I think you deserve xnxx porno a little reward. I want you to drop your pants and bend over the desk.”

I watch the look on your face go from mere apprehension to outright fear. “No! You said that…”

“I know what I said. And this is what I’m saying now. You want a job? Spread your ass wide and get ready to get fucked, or you can walk your ass out of here having sucked a dick for nothing.”

“Please, let me keep sucking you! I’ll get you off like that! Please!”

This is going better than I thought. In such a short time I’ve turned you from a reluctant cocksucker into a whore that is literally begging to blow me. But I want what I want, and I’m going to get it. I don’t say a word, I just let the look in my eyes tell your precisely how serious I am. I can see you starting to realize what I’ve known since you didn’t walk out of the office the first time: I own you.

You undo your pants and lower them to your ankles. I see why you were so reluctant. It wasn’t that you thought getting fucked would hurt. It wasn’t that you were scared about crossing that line. And it sure wasn’t that you were embarrassed about your dick size. What you were scared to show me is how hard you’ve gotten while you’ve sucked me off. I can’ t believe my luck. You are a real pussy boy, getting turned on by having my meaty rod in your wet mouth; getting hard as I tell you what a cunt you are. You’re still trying to put up a front like you don’t want to get fucked, but I know better as you silently comply with my demand. You place your palms on the table and present your virgin pussy to me.

I reach into a desk drawer. Stashed way in the back under a few things is a bottle of lube. Although your oral skills leave me wondering if this is really your first time I still use a generous amount. I put a little on my finger and introduce it to your hole, while I use my other hand to grease myself up for the big moment. Your defenses are weakening as I loosen you up with my index finger. They fade to almost nothing as I rub the tip of my cock up the crack of your ass. And they are completely zenci porno gone by the time I lean in and you feel my hot breath whispering in your ear, “Beg for it, bitch. Beg for my big cock to pop your cherry and finally make your dream of being a kinky whore come true.”

“Fuck me. Please…fuck…me…I want to be your whore so bad. Fuck me however hard and fast you want, but please fuck me now!”

And since you’ve been such a good boy so far I decide to give you what you want. My cock eases into you with little effort. I fuck your ass like I did your face. I start slow, working it in little by little. But unlike your sweet, juicy mouth, your asshole can take every last bit that I have to give it. In a matter of minutes I have bottomed out in you. My balls rest against your ass as you take all of what I’m giving you. And now that I know you can handle it I start giving it to you like I want: hard, deep, and fast. I reach up and hold on to your shoulders, pulling you back in perfect rhythm with my hips. Each thrust is timed precisely to put it up your hole with maximum force. I can’t see your face, but I know that it’s a mask of pleasure.

“Take it whore. Take it all in your tight ass. My bitch boy’s ass looks so sexy with my cock in it, pumping in and out of my slut’s pussy.”

You are too busy biting your lip to keep from screaming in pain and pleasure to respond. I feel the orgasm building in my balls. I pull out. You spin around, looking a little disappointed. I continue stroking my shaft as I take you by your hair again and force you to knees.

“I can’t be making a mess in here, so you’re going to have to help me dispose of some evidence. If you miss a single drop you can kiss a job goodbye.”

You open wide and I position my cock so that it’s aimed right at your waiting tongue. Soon my cum gushes out in steamy hot spurts that splash down your throat. The salty taste is new, but like so many other new things you’ve had today, you enjoy it. Your conversion to being my new whore is completed as you tip your head back and swallow my sticky white load in one big smiling gulp.

I collapse back into one of the chairs to catch my breath. Soon enough we are both back in our clothes. Besides a faint smell of lube and a hint of sweat, no one might ever guess what just happened here.

“So,” you ask with an air of relief, “When do I start?”

“Well, that depends on how you do on the second interview….”

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