Job Evaluation – Employee of the Month

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Ian’s turnaround at the company had been miraculous; his work rate, appearance, attitude, and demeanor were exemplary. His colleagues couldn’t believe the change in him; luckily, none of them had ever stayed late to see how he was trained. Carol had boasted to her female colleagues how her hands-on training had brought about this amazing rebirth.

Even Ian would grudgingly admit to them it was all down to Carol; she had made him into the man he was today. Since Christmas, he had been late only twice and each time he had received an email from Carol to meet at five in her office. For her part in turning the worst employee into a star employee, Carol had been rewarded with her own office. She had made Ian a regular visitor for any minor offense.

On each occasion, Ian had been fucked hard over Carol’s brand new desk or spanked over her knee and he had pathetically begged for more each time. He was unquestionably Carol’s bitch boy and he admitted to himself that he now wanted to be. Now, whenever she gave him a stern look he grew hard; when she mocked him, he sprinted to the toilets for relief. His life really did now revolve around work.

When Ian was named employee of the month, he was shocked but genuinely quite proud as Carol had put his name forward. She smiled smugly at the boy she had helped create, satisfied as to what happens when a woman takes charge. The prize for winning was a ticket to sit in the company box at the football, Ian’s last remaining sign of masculinity.

It was to be played on Wednesday night and he was to be there for 6:30, as there was to be a meal beforehand. Carol beckoned him into her office in the afternoon.

“So Ian gets to act all straight with the real men tonight,” she smirked. “Just you remember, you are representing this department. So don’t you let us down!” and she slapped his bottom.

“I won’t, I’ll be on my best behavior, gaziantep escortlar I promise.” Ian bowed his head in submission.

“Good, cause I don’t want any of that pathetic scallyboy shit or you’ll be back over this desk like the sissyboy you are.” She rose from her desk and opened the door for him to leave. “Oh, and say hi to Mike.”

Ian stopped dead; his heart pounded in anticipation of Mike’s presence.


Ian got dressed up smart: sharp blue suit, white shirt, dark tie, and clean black shoes. When he arrived, he showed his ticket and was escorted to the lift to be taken up to the private boxes. Ian had only ever sat in the terraces at the match, so this was a brand new experience. He was then shown to the company box.

As he entered the plush carpeted wooden-walled room, his eyes met Mike’s. Mike and the other two men in the room were dressed casually and joked on how smart Ian was. The other two men were businessmen Mike was wining and dining to seal a deal. Both men were older than Mike but similar in shape and size. Mike interrupted their conversation about gym workouts to introduce them as Carl and Brian.

Mike shook Ian’s hand and squeezed it. “So glad you came, I really owe Carol for putting you forward.”

Ian blushed, the usual effect Mike had on him. The door then opened and the waitress brought in the meals. The table sat in the center of the room with a large sofa facing out towards the window overlooking the pitch.

The meal was fine but Ian couldn’t stop himself from glancing up at Mike, who always grinned back at him, knowing the effect it had. The waitress removed the empty plates and the men rose from the table to recline on the sofa to watch the game.

The three of them sprawled out over the seats, leaving no space for Ian, who stood before them uncomfortably. “What up, boy?” laughed Mike.

Ian fidgeted. “There’s no room for me to sit.”

“Oh, I’m afraid this is the men’s seat, it’s just for men.” The three of them laughed.

“And this is for boys,” Brian grinned as he unleashed his thick hardening cock.

Mike and Carl followed suit, stroking their hard fat cocks.

“Now fucking strip and crawl over here. I’ve told my friends what a good slut you are, so you better prove me right, boy,” Mike ordered.

Ian nervously unbuttoned his shirt and undid his tie, unbuckled his trousers, letting them fall to the floor. Wolf whistles greeted his underpants slipping down.

“Give us a twirl,” laughed Carl.

Ian slowly turned to give them a good view of his nakedness.

“Mike said you had a cute little bubble ass and he did not lie.” Brian slapped Mike on the back.

Brian clicked his fingers and beckoned him with his finger. Ian crawled towards him, his ass wiggling as he did. His hands stroked Brian’s thighs as he took his hard cock into his hungry mouth. His cock sucking was much improved and he could take it much deeper now. Brian stroked Ian’s cropped hair as Ian devoured his cock and teased his tongue under. Brian groaned in ecstasy.

“Don’t be greedy, Brian, pass him along.” Carl moved Ian’s mouth onto his glistening cock.

Carl was slightly bigger but Ian swallowed him whole, wrapping his lips around his thicker cock, feeling the pulsing veins as he sucked hard.

Ian was being passed from cock to cock, his spit dripping off each. He’d stop momentarily to lick the shaft slowly while smiling at the owner.

Mike pulled Ian up and bent him over the back of the sofa, his ass up and his face to the game. “I’ll get him ready for you, boys,” and he dove his tongue deep into Ian’s puckered hole.

Ian squealed with delight as Mike’s rough unshaven face buried itself in his cheeks, wet tongue lapping hungrily at his pussy.

“Oh, he really is a little sissy, look at him wiggle that ass,” Brian goaded.

Mike came up for air, “So, lads, who’s first?”

“I’m the senior man, give me that ass.” Brian poured lube onto Ian’s spit wet hole and pressed his cock hard into him.

Ian winced and bit the sofa as Brian groaned behind him. “This sure beats the wife.” The pent up sexual frustration of married life was taken out on Ian’s tight bubble butt, but where Brian’s wife complained of roughness, Ian helplessly moaned for more. This pushed him over the edge and he filled his condom.

Carl could barely wait; as soon as Brian slid out, his covered cock was sliding in. The sofa shook as he vigorously pounded Ian’s cute round ass, his hands gripping his waist. Ian’s straight act had long disappeared and he moaned like a sissy in heat from each deep thrust of Carl’s cock, only momentarily muffled by cleaning Brian’s cum soaked cock.

Carl bucked and grunted loudly before falling back down on the sofa exhausted. “I love that arse,” he laughed as he reached over and spanked it.

Ian attempted to stand but was forced back down and filled with the thick bare cock of Mike.

“You’ve done good, boy but you’re my slut,” he whispered as he kissed his ear.

He started to fuck Ian harder and rougher than he ever had, playing to his audience who whooped it up, clapping and whistling. Mike lifted up Ian’s head and Ian realized he was being fucked in the full view of the match window.

Mike was testing his bitch; would he recoil in this masculine environment and try to revert to straight acting or submit fully to being his gay boy slut?

The answer came quickly as Ian cried out loudly, “FUCK ME, SIR, FUCK ME HARDER.”

The anger on the faces on some of the fans who heard and turned didn’t stop Ian from proudly facing them and taking Mike’s cock.

Mike came deep inside him and kissed his boy’s neck. “Good work, boy. I think you might have earned a promotion.”

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