Jemma’s dance contract – chapter 1

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Jemma’s dance contract – chapter 1Jemma was delighted when she opened her email telling her that she had been chosen as a dancer for a three month contract in Cabaret at The Pavilion theatre in Bournemouth. She had never been there before but was soon looking forward to it although she knew it would be hard work. Also she would have to leave her girlfriend behind – oh how she was going to miss those intense orgasms they used to give each other.Being there for three months she knew that she would have to get somewhere to stay so she got the latest trade magazine and started looking through the ads for places to rent.One that leapt out at her read: Fairly large comfortable bedsit only 10 minutes’ walk from the local theatre, very reasonable rent and available now for short term lets. Call or email.Jemma immediately called the number and a female answered.‘Oh hello, I’ve seen your advert for the bedsit to rent. I’m about to start a three month dance contract at The Pavilion and I wondered whether I can come and have a look at the room?’ Jemma said.‘Of course, my dear, we’ve had many dancers and people working on the shows staying with us. I used to be a dancer so I know the sort of hours and lifestyle that they lead. We can talk about the rent and other details when you get here, but I’m sure you’ll find it fine. It’s just me, I’m Fiona, my husband Rob and our dog and I’m sure we’ll get on fine. When do you want to come?’ she asked.‘How about Saturday at about 3, my train gets into Bournemouth from Waterloo at 1.30 and rehearsals start on Monday,’ Jemma said.‘That’ll be fine, we’ll see you then.’Jemma hung up and felt good, she had a good job for 3 months and the accommodation sounded fine. She was looking forward to it.On the Saturday morning she reluctantly said goodbye to her girlfriend. She still felt sexually gratified by the intense sex they had had the previous night and then again a couple of hours previously. In fact her nipples were still quite tender from the clamps that had been used on her very sensitive nipples.She made her way to Waterloo station and got on her train to Waterloo. The journey took just over 2 hours and Jemma sat and relaxed and enjoyed the journey. She took a taxi to the house which was a short ride away. The house looked really nice from the outside and had a good feeling about it.She pulled her small case up the path and rang the doorbell. After a short time the door opened and a middle aged woman held out her hand and said, ‘Hello you must be Jemma, I’m Fiona come in.’Jemma followed Fiona into another room where she said, ‘Jemma, this is Rob, my husband.’They shook hands and he said, ‘It’s nice to meet you, hope you had a good journey down.’‘Would you like a tea, coffee or a glass of wine?’ Fiona asked.‘A white wine would be good please,’ Jemma replied.Fiona poured three glasses of wine and they all sat down. As Fiona sat down her short skirt rode up exposing quite a lot of thigh. Jemma thought that Fiona was probably a little bit too old to be wearing skirts that short.As soon as Fiona sat on the armchair opposite Jemma a Labrador dog came into the room and sat in front of Fiona and rested his head in between her thighs. Amazingly Fiona opened her legs and the dog moved further up her thighs.She said, ‘Calm down boy, mummy knows what you want she she’ll take care of you later.’Jemma couldn’t believe what she was hearing, it gave her the impression that Fiona was going to something with the dog, but she realised she must have misheard.They finished their wine and Fiona said, ‘right let’s show you the room.’Jemma followed Fiona out and up the stairs. At the top was a door and Fiona unlocked it and they walked in. Jemma was immediately pleased with what she saw. The main room was a decent sized sitting room and kitchen, off to one side was a bedroom with a double bed and the other side was a bathroom with a shower and toilet.Jemma said, ‘wow I really like it, but how much is it?’‘Come back down and we’ll talk about it.’ Fiona replied.Fiona said to her husband, ‘Jemma really likes the room but wants to know what the rent is.’As Fiona sat down Jemma noticed that immediately the dog came in and nestled his head between her thighs. How strange she thought to herself.He said, ‘How about £50 per week, paid every Friday when you get in after the performance.’‘That’s bahçelievler escort very fair, yes I’d like it please,’ Jemma replied.‘There’s a few conditions though,’ he replied.The rent must be paid on time, as you come in from the Friday performance; no excuses whatsoever will be accepted. If you do not pay you will be punished.‘What do you mean, I’ll be punished?’ Jemma asked.‘Just what I say, the way to avoid it is to make sure you pay the rent every week.’Jemma was not happy with that but as she had no intention of not paying she dismissed it and said, ‘that’s fine, I’ll definitely be paying on time, I’d like the room.’‘That’s great,’ Fiona said, ‘we’ve had lots of singers and dancers, male and female staying here and they’ve always enjoyed staying here. As you saw there was a double bed up there so if you want to bring a friend back for the night, male or female that’s fine.’Fiona handed Jemma the door key and she went up the room feeling in a good mood. Meanwhile back downstairs Rob and Fiona were talking about her.‘She’s very sexy, I’d fuck her,’ said Rob.‘Me too,’ Fiona replied.‘I’ll turn the cameras on and see what she’s up to,’ Rob said.He turned the TV on and tuned into an AV channel and immediately several cameras fiicked into action showing the upstairs apartment. Jemma could be seen putting her suitcase on the bed and taking her clothes and other items out and putting them on the bed before putting them away in cupboards and drawers.Of course, what Jemma didn’t know was that the friendly couple downstairs were a couple of perverts who got off on watching whoever was renting their room. Rob said, ‘can’t wait to see her get undressed and get into bed, I hope she brings a fuck buddy back home with her.’Jemma spent the rest of the day relaxing and listening to music. At about 6 o’clock she decided to go and have something to eat and then spent the rest of the evening with a bottle of wine and watching TV. She was tired and went to bed quite early. Rob and Fiona watched as she got undressed and put a t shirt on before getting into bed. They both noticed that she had a neatly trimmed bush.She had trouble sleeping as the comment that Rob said about being late with the rent and being punished kept going through her mind. Although punishment was not something that had ever aroused her the more she thought about it the more aroused she became. The thought of being tied up and having things done to her and being unable to resist just aroused her so much. Suddenly she realised she was stroking herself and getting wetter all the time. She pushed the bedclothes off her and took her t shirt off. Her nipples were already hard and as she pinched them with one hand while the other one was now embedded deep inside her very wet pussy.Downstairs Rob and Fiona were watching every single movement thanks to the infra-red camera that was directed at the bed. They too were soon undressed and sitting on the sofa watching the TV and playing with each other.The more excited and aroused that Jemma became Rob and Fiona did too. They could hear her breathing heavily but what really turned them on were the squelching sounds of her very wet pussy.Jemma’s climax was soon upon her as she finger fucked herself and played with her clit. Downstairs Fiona had already cum and Rob was soon spurting everywhere. Jemma pulled the bedcovers over her and drifted off into the contented sleep that always follows an intense orgasm.Meanwhile downstairs Fiona said, ‘I need some more Rob, go and get the dog,’Rob went out to the kitchen and when he got back Fiona was naked and leaning back in the armchair with her legs wide open.‘Come to mummy,’ she said to the dog.It went straight up to her and started licking her pussy. Rob sat on the arm and held her cunt lips open and watched as she dog’s long rough tongue lapped against his wife’s open cunt. Withing seconds of the dog finding her clit, she was screaming out with pleasure and she spurted all over the dog’s face.The dog was used to this scenario and he knew it was his turn now. He put his front paws on the the top of the armchair and positioned his huge erect cock close to his mistress. Rob took hold of the dog’s huge cock and guided it into his wife. She was so wet it slid in easily. What Fiona loved about balgat escort being fucked by her dog was the dog’s ability to fuck deep and fast and hard. Almost immediately the dog’s knot was embedded deep inside her making sure his cock wouldn’t come out until he had cum. Rob stood beside his wife just looking at the look of extreme pleasure on her face as he wanked himself off. Her next orgasm was very swift and watching her with her eyes closed and her mouth wide open and the look of pure pleasure on her face he spurted all over her face and hair.Within minutes the dog too was cumming, emptying his balls with a copious amount of thin, runny spunk. As his knot subsided his cock slipped out and he lay down on the carpet and started cleaning himself. Meanwhile Rob had got a towel and watched as the dog’s fluid trickled out of his wife’s cunt.The next day Jemma went to the rehearsals for Chicago and as she had already performed in the musical at other theatres she had a good idea of what was needed and was soon back in the swing of things. Rehearsals went on all week with the final dress rehearsal on Friday afternoon with the first performance on Friday night. She was also going to be paid on Friday after the dress rehearsal and Rob and Fiona knew this so that’s why they specified that the rent should be paid then.All week Jemma couldn’t stop thinking about what happened if she didn’t pay the rent. It excited and aroused her. Something inside her wanted to see what the punishment was going to be but she was scared. Most mornings she woke up horny and played with herself in bed before getting up. Needless to say that this was all witnessed by Rob and Fiona who would play with themselves while they watched her. The thought that she was young enough to be their daughter made it even more exciting. Fiona would say, ‘if only she was our own little girl just think of the fun we’d all have as mummy watched daddy fucking her and then she licked mummy’s cunt.’On Friday as Jemma went off to rehearsals she was in a torment. Her body told her to not pay her rent and face the consequences but her head said pay up. Although the thought excited her knew she would never go through with it and knew she would pay the rent.After rehearsals had finished she asked one of the other dancers what was the procedure for being paid.Her heart skipped a beat when she said, ‘Oh t’s not today, it’s in between performances tomorrow.’‘No, fuck, my rent is due today,’ she replied.‘Well just go and tell them you’ll pay tomorrow, explain it to them and I’m sure they’ll understand,’ the other dancer said.That made Jemma feel better, of course it’ll be OK she told herself. As the first performance was in a couple of hours Jemma decided to go home and have a quick rest. She kept her dance costume on and just put some flat shoes on to walk home but took her high heels with her. She put her coat on over her white short frilly dress and took the short walk back to her flat.She realised that the best thing to do was go straight into Rob and Fiona and explain that she’d be paying them tomorrow and they’d be happy with that.She let herself in through the front door and put her high heels on again. She looked at herself in the hall mirror and realised she still had her heavy stage make up on. She knew that red lipstick and bright blue eyeshadow was over the top but knew she had to tell them about the rent straight away. She knew there wouldn’t be a problem as she tapped on their lounge door.Rob opened and said, ‘Hi Jemma, come in.’She went in and they offered her a seat. She sat down and said, ‘look this is a bit embarrassing but I thought I was going to be paid today but in fact it’s not until tomorrow, will that be OK?’Rob replied, ‘I remember saying, no excuses, the rent has to be paid today, sorry but that was our agreement, wasn’t it?’‘Yes, but I thought I was being paid today and it’s only going to be one day late,’ she said.‘OK then it’ll only be one day’s punishment then,’ he said.‘Stand up he,’ he said.Jemma stood, now trembling with fear, all thought of sexual pleasure or enjoyment had disappeared. Fiona walked behind her unzipped her white dress and slipped it off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. She bent down and picked it up and hung it on the back of a chair. Jemma now batıkent escort stood there with her bra and panties and her dancer’s tights on and her high heel shoes.‘Sit on that chair,’ he said pointing to one with wooden arms.Jemma got up and walked across to the other chair and sat down. Fiona handed her husband some cable ties and held one of her arms down on the arm of the chair and then fixed the cable tie round it and then did the same with the other. Suddenly Jemma was helpless. Rob knelt on the floor and Fiona handed her another cable tie and fixed it round her ankle and then round the chair leg. He mover her other leg and did the same with that. Jemma was sitting with her legs wide apart now in front of this middle aged couple who were old enough to be her mum and dad.Rob walked over to the table and picked up a pair of scissors. Jemma was terrified, ‘No, don’t , please don’t hurt me. I’ll pay you double the rent tomorrow.’‘It’s not about the rent, it never was about the rent, it was always about punishment and humiliation which you have probably realised by now turns us on.He knelt in between her legs and holding the nights near her crotch started cutting them and then ripped them apart exposing her white panties. He then pulled the gusset away from her pussy and cut them too all the way splitting them totally in half.Her neatly trimmed pussy was now fully exposed. Rob then stood up and snipped the front of her bra. It sprung apart exposing her beautiful tits and nipples.Fiona said, ‘wow look at those tits and cunt, I can’t wait to suck them both.They both removed the remains of her clothing leaving her totally naked except for her shoes. Fiona handed Rob her panties and said, ‘these smell wonderful, just smell her cunt juices.’Rob held them to his nose and inhaled the personal smells of their young prisoner.Once again Jemma begged them, ‘please, please, just untie me and tomorrow I’ll pay all the 3 months’ rent.’Rob simply said, ‘It’s not about the rent.Rob took of one of her shoes and started running the high heel up and down her slit.‘No don’t please, no just stop now and I won’t tell anyone,’ Jemma pleaded.Ron ignored her pleas and continued rubbing against her slit, both Rob and Fiona could see it was getting moist and Jemma realised too. Fiona stood beside her and eased her pussy lips open. Jemma gasped as the feelings of pleasure were starting to invade her private parts. Rob was rubbing harder and with her cunt lips held open her clit was soon exposed. Jemma was moaning quietly, ‘no, don’t you must stop, stop it now.’But they all knew there was no real meaning in her words. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was open. She knew that if they stopped she would soon be pleading with them to carry on. Rob now used the sole of the shoe now to rub against her wide open cunt. Her cunt lips and clit were now throbbing with pleasure; her juices were trickling out of her hole and down her thighs. Suddenly Rob stopped rubbing her and inserted the heel inside her.Jemma screamed out with pleasure as she was fucked by her own shoe. Fiona released her cunt lips and grabbed hold of her nipples and started squeezing and pinching them. Again Jemma screamed with pleasure, ‘let me cum, for fuck sake let me cum.’Rob slid the heel out of her and turned the shoe round and inserted it from the toe first. Jemma was so wet and aroused that the shoe slid in so easily and started fucking her with it. With Fiona abusing her huge nipples it was only a matter of seconds before Jemma was screaming out with pleasure as her body throbbed and throbbed and her cunt juices spurted out all over the place.Rob and Fiona stood back and let Jemma recover. She said, ‘has that taken care of the rent for today?’Rob didn’t answer. Fiona knelt down in between Jemma’s legs and wiped her pussy with her panties and handed them to Rob.He said, ‘I’m going to be smelling these later while Fiona sucks me off and I watch the video of what we’ve just done to you.’‘What do you mean, what video?’ Jemma asked.‘Well the whole thing has been videod with hidden cameras and that’s why when you get back from your performance tonight we’re going to have some more fun – only kinkier this time and if you don’t like that or agree to it then you and all your facebook friends will be able to watch you enjoying yourself being fucked with your own shoe. Shall we say about 11.15 tonight?’‘That’s disgusting, you’re fucking perverts. I won’t do it, now untie me,’ she demanded.Rob cut the cable ties off and Jemma picked up her clothes and stormed upstairs. As she slammed the door Rob called out, ‘see you at about 11.15.’

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