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My name is Nolan. This story is fictional. Events portrayed did not occur.

Working in New York City, I had been spending a lot of my free time in a jazz club not far from the office I worked in, proofing advertisements. I was not necessarily a dedicated jazz fan, but most of the time it was hard to ignore the sounds one could hear on the street if it was quiet enough. There was no arguing with the sounds of a good saxophone.

And tonight, work done, sitting in the club again, the saxophone had drawn me back. And admittedly, the saxophone player was a woman, so there was that draw. But she was also undeniably talented. The sax had appealed to me for several years; not because I wanted to play it, but because I could appreciate the talent of someone who could play.

And lady saxophone was not hard to look at, either. She was a brunette, who usually wore her hair in a great-looking knot at the back of her head, with a small lock of it drooping to rest high on her forehead. She was tall and very fit, probably around six-two flat-footed. She had brown eyes, another feature I could stare at forever. She was probably in her early forties. I myself was thirty-five.

Generally she was standing while she played, and wore sensible tennis shoes. Her legs were long. She had a nice butt, maybe a touch bigger than average for someone as fit as she was. She had healthy C-cup breasts. She almost always wore jeans, and a selection of button-down blouses in multiple colors.

I had been coming in here long enough that we new each other by sight; she knew my name because occasionally I saw someone here that I knew who would call me by name loudly enough for her to hear it. I did not know her name.

After 30 minutes, she wrapped her set. She was accompanied by a guy on trumpet and another woman, African-American, on bass. The woman’s skin was a little darker than caramel, and she favored jeans and polo shirts. She was heavy and carrying a lot in a very round, fairly wide ass. I tended to like a lot of caboose, but I could appreciate a fit, beautiful woman as much as the next guy. She was probably five eight. She had big knockers, probably easily in the D range. Her hair was jet black, falling straight to just below her shoulders. I pegged her around 40, but looking younger.

All three of them complemented each other, as a musical group. The trumpet was first to finish packing. He turned and waved farewell to the moderate number of patrons sitting at the tables arranged across the floor in front of the stage, all the way to the back wall. The bassist was next to pack up, and I eyed her ass as she moved and bent over in preparing to case her instrument. Look at that ass, I thought.

The bass lady stepped off the stage and sat at a table a couple feet from mine, after placing her instrument down carefully.

She smiled, her teeth straight and well cared for. We didn’t know each other by name, but we did by sight. Most of the other patrons had cleared out by now. I continued to watch Miss Saxophone, stealing brief eyefuls of her lovely figure and somewhat outsized rump.

“She’s pretty hot, right?” the bass lady noted.

“She is,” I replied. “And very talented. Gifted might also be a good description,” I noted. “Your fingers work that bass real well,” I added.

“Both of us been at it about twenty years, playin’ to add to our regular day job dollars for about ten. We’re pediatric nurses,” she added.

She abruptly changed topics. “I see you gawk at her.”

“She’s gorgeous,” I repeated.

“I know you stare at her ass,” the base lady pointed out.

“Yes. If she ever accuses me, I’ll tell her I was ‘admiring her derriere,'” I said.

“You stare at mine, too?” she asked.

Right to the point, I noted to myself. Out loud, I said, “Often enough. ”

“Mmm-hmmm. Why?” she asked bluntly. Her voice was mellow and still had a youthful timbre. I told her I liked a healthy rump as much as a fit one.

“At least you’re honest,” she said. “I’m Jade,” she added. “And to be honest, small men turn me on. Most of the time, it tends to be white men, even though I’m black. I will admit you’re not bad looking.”

We shook hands. “Nice to meet you, Jade. Like I said, I like your bass first, and your ass a close second,” I joked. “I’m Nolan,” I said.

With both of us standing, and only three of us in the main club area, Jade pulled me closer, into a hug. “Yeah. Mommy like,” she decided. “I need the little girls’ room. You want to keep me company?” she asked.

“You into that?” I asked.

“I think I might like having you around,” she noted. “As long as we’re being all open and honest and shit.”

Kind of weird, but what the hell. So was liking big butts, staring openly, and one other thing that turned me on, best not shared in public. She signaled to the sax player and the two of us walked to the back of the club and down a short hall.

We stopped at the women’s restroom door, and Jade stuck her head in. She leaned back out and took my konyaaltı kendi evi olan escort hand. “All clear,” she declared.

So in we went. Jade opted for the handicap accessible stall. She entered and I followed. The door closed and the latch slid into place. Jade turned her back and dropped her jeans and panties, and I saw her huge, rounded set of cheeks. My mouth fell open. She turned to get my reaction.

She laughed quietly. I took a step and tried to lean into her ass. “Not here,” she said. “The sax lady, Alex, and I are neighbors. I promise you can enjoy my ass later. You can come home with us. Did you drive here?” she asked.

“No, I walked,” I said. “I don’t live far.”

“Alex and I are about 10 minutes from here. One of us will drive you,” she noted again.

Jade turned and sat. “Are you sprung right now?”

“Yeah,” I said. She reached out and groped my crotch.

“Damn. Drop your pants and boxers. Then if you blow, you won’t have a huge mess,” Jade suggested. I did so. “You want to just sit?” she asked, as I heard her piss hard into the toilet. I moved carefully and eased myself down.

“You’re about done anyhow,” I noted.

“Well, I’m gonna have to shit,” she noted bluntly. I startled hard.

“Relax, okay? You can stay. It’s fine. I want some up close and personal time anyway. Even if we are in a bathroom stall together,” she added.

As soon as my butt hit her flabby thighs, my erection became permanent, probably at least until we left the bathroom. Jade leaned forward slightly and looped her hands around my front. Without preamble, I felt her take an immense breath. As she exhaled, I felt her trigger a strong push. Then she backed off and pushed more carefully.

“There it comes,” she declared. I felt her push gently for another several seconds, and then she eased away and dropped her hands. No gas or anything. Not even very noticeable odor. Just a long push and done.

I stood and moved. I asked if I should leave the stall, and Jade gave her okay as she stood and prepared to wipe. I put myself together, noting that I had managed not to blow my load despite a fierce hard-on. I exited.

There stood Alex, carrying her saxophone. The toilet flushed. Jade exited and washed her hands.

Alex was apparently determined to be as blunt as Jade. “I understand you two were in here together. But…you went in the stall together?” She arched an eyebrow like Dwayne Johnson in his WWE days.

“Baby, you know how it is with me and the small fellas,” Jade said. “Nolan here sat on my lap while I did the deed,” she clarified. “I liked it.” Alex’s jaw dropped.

“Shit, Alex, we’re all a little weird in our own way. Tell Nolan about your jones. You might as well. You were gonna kidnap him tonight anyways,” Jade finished.

“Thanks for putting me on the spot, Jade.” Alex blew a long breath. “Fuck,” she added quietly.

“What?” I prompted carefully.

“It’s kinda fuckin’ crazy,” Alex said, eyeing me carefully. She stepped forward and leaned to whisper in my ear. “You been comin’ here awhile. That limp you got kinda turns me on. Plus you’re not bad looking,” she finished.

“Does ‘kinda turns me on’ actually mean more like, ‘a lot’?” I asked.

“Yeah,” Alex said. “And I’m embarrassed right now.”

“Well, I stare at you a lot when I’m here,” I admitted. “But you were going to kidnap me because of your jones?”

“That was just an expression I used. But now, it’s been raining hard for ten minutes. If you walked, you might as well take a ride with one of us,” Alex told me. With that, she asked me to watch her instrument and stepped past me to one of the four standard toilet stalls. She finished her business, washed her hands, reclaimed her sax, and led us all out. We beelined to the door. Alex told me to wait under the awning.

She and Jade swung umbrellas and headed to the side lot for their vehicles. Jade pulled out in a late 2000’s Honda Pilot and waved at me as she headed down the street. Alex pulled to the curb two minutes later in a brand-new Jeep Renegade Latitude 4-wheel-drive. Sweet, I thought.

I dashed out, grabbed the door, and slid myself into the vehicle as quickly as I could manage. I buckled in and off we went. “Thanks for giving me a lift back,” I said.

“You’re welcome. But because I’m weird, you’re not going home,” Alex informed me.

“If I have to stay with you all weekend, I have none of the basics,” I noted.

“We’ll just have to stop and pick stuff up,” Alex noted. “You’re not broke, right?” she asked.

“Not broke,” I confirmed. So we detoured from the route to her house and I picked up a couple sets of clean clothes and the basics; shampoo, soap, toothbrush and toothpaste, boxers and socks. I returned and dashed for the little SUV again. When I was in and secure, I said, “No idea why I agreed to this.”

“Please. I feel you watching me,” Alex said, laying things bare once again. She piloted konyaaltı otele gelen escort the little Jeep through moderate traffic, then into a suburb, a middle-scale neighborhood that was nice but average. She slowed to make the turn to her driveway, and hit the electric opener for the garage. The SUV stopped, the ignition died, and the seatbelts disappeared. We piled out.

Alex unlocked the garage entry to the house, and in we went. We were in the kitchen. A big archway divided it from the living room directly in front of me. I lost my shoes and proceeded to get the lay of the land. I took a left around the arch and discovered an inner hall with a closet, a bathroom, and two medium-sized bedrooms. The place was a single-story ranch, like my own house, so this layout was it.

I peeked into the first bedroom and noted it was hers. I took my bag of essentials to the other bedroom and then moved my personal care stuff neatly to a corner stand behind the door of the bathroom. I returned to the living room and sat myself at the end of the couch opposite Alex.

“So since you nabbed me, you must have a little more planned out,” I guessed.

“I do,” Alex told me. She took a deep breath. “I’d really like to take you to bed tonight, tomorrow night, and some afternoon sex before you leave on Sunday.” (This was Friday). “And,” she added, “I want to know about this thing with Jade and the bathroom.” She pointed a finger. “You don’t get to dodge or beg off, either.”

“I like your Jeep,” I said. She grabbed a stuffed panda from another chair and carefully yanked me over so she could beat me across the back with it. I covered up and mock-begged for mercy.

“Do you want to know about the bathroom thing right now?” I asked.

“You might like just getting it over with,” Alex pointed out.

“Are you going to hate me after I explain it?”

“Probably not,” she admitted. “I think Jade was right. We’re all weird. But if I’m screwing you, I like to understand the things those I sleep with enjoy, from a sexual standpoint, ordinary or not.”

My turn for the deep breath. “First off, I like ass. I have no problem with a shapely one, but big ones turn me on more and are more of a draw. I’ve come to notice this in the last few years. Not sure what triggered it.

“Secondly, I’ve gotten turned on by women and their bathroom activities. Watching a lady take a good piss is erotic. For awhile, it was fit, pretty women. Then I started thinking about having them pee on me, the proverbial ‘golden shower.’ Then, anytime I saw a woman I thought was attractive, I morphed into wondering what it was like when she shit. Watching, or sitting with her on the toilet was good for an instant hard-on, in my fantasies.. Then I started fantasizing about letting women shit on me. Watching a woman take a dump is erotic. Watching it come out, looking at the size. Having it come to rest on my physical person. The bigger the better.

“Then, because big turds were a turn on, I started thinking a lot about heavy women, because they had big butts, and there’s an ongoing myth in my mind that big women can shit big turds, more so than fit or skinny women.” That was it. My whole spiel, laid bare.

Alex had been basically staring at me the entire time, probably about five minutes. But it wasn’t a hostile look. She was absorbing what I was saying. “So, any woman you saw that didn’t qualify was ugly, was dropped into your fantasy world. Does normal sex turn you on?”

“Yeah. It might take longer for things to respond, but an attractive woman is attractive, plain and simple,” I said.

“So why Jade?” You confess to her too?”

“No. She introduced herself. She saw me watching you while our encounter was happening, and she knew I was behaving like a regular guy. I told her I had a penchant for big butts. Then she admits she’s drawn to small-statured men. Me. Then she’s hugging me, asking me if I want to keep her company because she needs the restroom. She tells me she might like having me around while she does her business.

“So, in we go, the handicap stall. She drops her drawers and panties and her dark-caramel ass is there in all it’s round, flabby, soft glory. She caught my stare before she sat down to pee. She invited me to her lap. I accepted. She shit. I got a look, and it was a big, foot-long log of a turd.”

“I know about poop fetish,” Alex said to me. “But it’s still kinda weird, like my attraction to physical disabilities, I guess. I suppose I ended up in your brown fantasies too?”

“I’ve had dreams,” I admitted. Alex beckoned me over. She spread her legs, turned me, and slid me carefully into the small opening. “Don’t use the panda again,” I said. Alex leaned forward and sucked wetly at my neck.

“Be careful what you wish for,” I heard in my ear. Her tongue flicked out over my lobe, and I shivered hard, the kind that are all in your shoulder blades that just happen. Alex laughed. “You just had a sex shiver,” she informed konyaaltı rus escort me.

She clamped her legs into me gently. She took a breath, and then I heard a loud raspberry rumble, muffled in the couch cushion. “If you want to shit with me and everything, I will fuck you as often as I please. I will do whatever I see fit during that fabulous sex. You have to give me that in return for my being willing to bathroom-work you. I will not abuse you or hurt you, but I own you while we’re engaged in any activity. When we need cleanup, I will probably ask Jade, since she seems to have a deeper open-mindedness than I think I might.”

We sat there and I twisted so I was looking into her face. “I think we have an understanding,” she said. Her eyes softened. “I want to know how much I turn you on. I want to give you a lay and make you want me. I want to fuck you silly and see where it gets me in terms of enjoyment.”

“Alex, you gorgeous bombshell, I’ll let you do almost anything to me,” I admitted.

“All right, Nolan.”

I leaned over and turned myself to face her. I wrapped my arms around her and put my head on her shoulder, next to her ear. “Damn, Alex, you’re lovely,” I said quietly. She pressed herself into me, and I felt her holding me. Then I heard her give a long sniffle.

She leaned away, and I saw big tears on her lower eyelids. “I get to give a gimpy friend a good lay. Hopefully it doesn’t go to hell.”

“Alex, you could be a God-awful lay, and I wouldn’t care, because you’re a nice lady with a bombshell body. It’s enough for me to get to touch you, or be touched, or be be near you, once every five minutes. It’s late, so let’s get to bed.”

We brushed our teeth. When we were making our way to the bedrooms, Alex led me gently in with her. She turned away as we stood by the bed, and she backed her ass toward me, pushing gently, but kept my arm at her waist so I didn’t fall. She turned on her wicked grin, and stripped to her panties and hit the sheets. I stripped to my boxers, and followed.

She turned and gave me doe-eyes again. “Good hands. I promise,” she said, launching that smile that melted my insides so everything pooled in my belly. She kissed me gently on the forehead and turned out the light. She spooned, and I took a whole five minutes to fall asleep.

I came out of a stupor around 2 AM. Alex was still nestled behind me, one arm draped over me and her head dropping forward onto my shoulder. She was awake.

“I’m ready for a lay,” she informed me.

“At 2 AM?” I complained.

“What are the rules?” she reminded me.

I repeated verbatim, ‘I will fuck you as often as I see fit. I will do whatever I want during that fabulous sex.’

“This is covered by the ‘as often as I see fit’ part,” she confirmed. She got off the bed and returned with a bottle of mouthwash, which we both used. I sprawled on my back. “Damn right I’m on top,” Alex declared. She peeled her panties off and launched them across the room. She tugged my boxers off. I was already hard enough for her to apply a condom, and she lubed it carefully.

Without further delay, she spread her legs to straddle me, and guided me slowly into her pussy. I gasped at the heat of being deep inside her right off the bat.

“You good?” Alex asked.

“Yeah,” I panted, exhaling hard. “It’s a weird feeling. Fast or slow?”

“I think slow is the order of the moment,” Alex decided. So she started a slow up-down grind that was all hips. In a matter of a few minutes, I was already breathing hard and groaning. “Alex, you keep doing that, I’m going to come,” I noted.

She laughed hysterically. “That happens when you have sex, man,” she said. She returned to her slow pumping technique. Within thirty seconds I exploded into the love glove. I wrapped my arms around Alex’s upper back.

She pumped deeper. “Yeah, deep pussy massage,” she breathed. Her pussy had slackened to easily accept the size of my member. She continued to ride me as deeply as she could go. Then she stopped, shoved her vagina up over my torso, and grunted while she made a lake of sex on my belly.

Alex collapsed and shook for thirty seconds. She righted herself, re-inserted my dick, and rode some more. Three minutes passed as Alex continued to work me over. She pulled away again, and waited until she squirted me again.

She collapsed and shook, twice as long this time. “Jesus, woman, you’re making a mess,” I pointed out. She lifted herself off me, stuck out her tongue, and licked a swath along my stomach. Her tongue disappeared into her mouth, and she swallowed. “One more heavy duty squirt,” she decided. She worked her hips madly, but was careful not to hurt me. I came again at the sensation of her warm pussy rubbing along my cock.

Alex pulled out, slid up. I watched her face contort before she let loose. She looked absolutely pissed at the world for several seconds. Her mouth opened, and I thought about covering my ears. But a long masculine grunt rolled out of her throat, as she sprayed me one last time. Ever mindful of accidentally hurting me, it seemed, she eased sideways and dropped back to the bed. She slid back toward me.

She was breathing like a puffing steam engine, long and deep, shaking like she’d spent the night in a snowbank. One of my hands buried itself carefully in her hair. The other dropped over her lean waistline and nicely flared hips.

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