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Big Dicks

When Melissa’s car started crapping out, one of her co-workers recommended Performance Options, a local tuner shop. Dave assured her that they were good. Melissa dreaded dealing with auto mechanics, knowing that a female had no chance to keep from getting screwed at a car repair shop. She dropped it off and told Mike, the owner, that she had to get to work. She was prepared to take the bus, but Mike offered to drive her.

Mike called her that afternoon and told her that it was just a sensor that had gone bad, and they had replaced it. Around 30 for the part, 25 for the labor. Melissa couldn’t believe it. They could have said anything, she wouldn’t have known the difference. She had to work late, so she picked it up the next day on her way to work. After she paid, Mike asked her if she wanted to take a ride on his bike with him the next weekend.

“I don’t have weekends off, but I’d love to take a ride sometime,” she said.

She had moved to Vancouver two months ago, straight out of culinary school, and taken a job with a top notch chef. She loved her work, which was good, since she spent so many hours working. But she hadn’t yet made friends and knew nobody outside work.

“When’s your day off?” he asked.

“Tomorrow,” she said.

One of the advantages of being boss was being able to take time off, so they made plans to meet. She drove over to the shop at 9:00, and they set off on his Harley to take the Sea to Sky Highway from Vancouver to Whistler. After a couple of hours, he pulled off the highway just past Squamish and drove up into the hills. He found a scenic overlook and parked. When Melissa got off the bike, her legs still vibrated. She had never ridden more than a few kilometers on a bike before, and Mike’s was seriously powerful. She felt like she’d been at sea for a month. Her ears buzzed and her legs were unsteady.

“What is this place? It’s beautiful,” Melissa said.

“It’s called High Falls Creek. We’ll walk up a ways, but be careful. Don’t lean over the edge, people have died that way.”

She got dizzy halfway up, and they went back down.

“God, this is gorgeous,” she said.

Mike pulled some bottles of water and power bars out of his bag. He laid a blanket on the ground and they rested a while. Melissa looked at him as he got the stuff out. He was older; maybe thirty two or three. He had long, blond hair and colorful tattoos. He was tall and thin and wore blue jeans and a denim long sleeve shirt. She could definitely see having sex with him.

As they rested, he asked her about her job, her family back home, her friends, her childhood and her dreams. She found it easy to talk with him. His blue eyes looked into hers as he talked, and he was an attentive listener. They gathered up the debris from their snack and loaded the bike up, then got back on the road.

By the time they got to Whistler, they had put on every bit of clothing they had. Even though it was one of the warmest summers on record for B.C., it felt cold riding through the mountains. They had a great meal at a fabulous restaurant in Whistler, then turned around and headed home. By the time they got back, Melissa was a confirmed “motorcycle mama”. She loved holding on to Mike’s abs as they leaned into curves at 88 kilometers per hour. She had never felt anything as sensuous as a 350 kilogram machine with 90 horsepower humming between her legs. Mike had told her the stock engine produced less than 70 horse, but he’d made a few mods. His tuner shop specialized in cars, but his passion was bikes.

Mike took her to his house when they got back, and they went straight to his bedroom. She fell into his arms and they kissed passionately as he undressed her. She was more than ready, but he made her wait for twenty, then thirty minutes as he explored her body through the most incredible foreplay she’d ever experienced. After he had kissed every bit of her skin for fifteen minutes, he dropped between her knees and licked her pussy, over and over, until she had an orgasm. Men had gone down on her before, for a brief time, but never had she had a climax solely from the tongue of a man before. She had never felt so worshiped in her life, and it was an unbelievably great feeling for her. As she regained her normal breathing, he mounted her from behind, holding her breasts as he pumped his dick into her. He nuzzled the back of her neck as he humped her. His hard dick had been waiting all day to enter her, and when it did, it was all he could do to keep from cumming on her immediately, but he tried to take his time, taking long, slow strokes the length of her cunt. Finally he erupted, filling her. As he began to still, they lay together, mated. She felt wonderful. They didn’t say a word for a long time, then finally she held the sheet to her opening as he slipped out, wiping herself off.

They went into the living room. She wore one of his t shirts and her panties. His living room furnishings consisted of two different weight benches, a rack of free weights, an easy chair and an ottoman. They sat görükle escort on the floor and he rolled a joint on one of the benches. A man walked in, and she tried to cover herself. Her nipples poked out of the thin t-shirt, so she crossed her arms, after she tried to pull down the shirt to cover her panties.

“This is Jaws,” Mike said. “He lives here with me and co-owns my shop.”

Melissa was embarrassed. She stammered a hello, but Jaws just stared at her. He didn’t say a word. She felt very uncomfortable. Mike continued to smoke the joint, and passed it to her. Jaws didn’t ask for it, nor did Mike offer it to him.

Jaws looked to be about the same age as Mike, but he was shorter and stockier. He was extremely muscular and completely covered with tattoos. His hair was cropped short, and he had a lot of scars. He seemed to have a permanent scowl, and Melissa instinctively disliked him. He stripped his shirt off, grabbed some weights and began to work out.

“Jaws doesn’t do anything but work out,” Mike said. “He pumps iron for fun, but he’s a magician at the shop. He can fix anything. Even if the parts aren’t available anymore, he’ll improvise.”

Melissa saw a lot of Mike over the next few weeks, and she grew to love him. He was the only guy that had ever worshiped her body the way it was meant to be worshiped. But Jaws was always around, and he made her uncomfortable. Mike loved Jaws. They had grown up together and joined the Canadian army together. Mike had served two tours in Afghanistan, Jaws had served three. The third one had been the worst. Jaws had been assigned to demolitions, and had seen three of his buddies blown up. His job, defusing IEDs or assessing scenes where IEDs had just blown up people, had taken its toll on him. Finally, when the Humvee he was riding in was hit by an RPG and three of his mates were killed, he was sent home with PTSD.

His hearing had been damaged, and he had a condition where his “fight or flight” reflex was turned on permanently. This resulted in a high level of adrenaline always being pumped into his system, and the doctors didn’t know how to turn it off. They also didn’t know if it would eventually correct itself, or if it would be a problem forever. One thing that was really eerie about Jaws was that he had a constant hard on. Melissa didn’t know if it was because of the constant adrenaline flow or what, but it was obvious that he always had an erection. He almost always wore nothing but a pair of shorts when he was around the house, and his dick always stuck out.

Mike told her that when he’d first come home, before the problems were fully diagnosed, he had gotten in a lot of trouble. He took a lot of drugs and drank a lot, and he had messed up some guys, and the bars they were in. The first few times, he had spent time in the county jail. A couple of DUIs later, he was sentenced to prison, but got out in less than eighteen months. He was well on his way toward doing some serious time in prison.

The last time he was paroled, he was hooked up with Dr. Dan, a really old guy from the states that had fought in Vietnam. Jaws had gotten his nickname from his buddies in Afghanistan as a joke, because he almost never spoke a single word. Proud of his nickname, he had gotten a tattoo of Jaws, a great white shark, on his chest.

“I don’t know what the hell Dr. Dan does, because Jaws doesn’t ever talk, but they spend an hour together twice a week. And Jaws won’t miss that time for nothing. Since he’s been spending time with Dr. Dan, he don’t do no drugs, and he don’t drink.”

One afternoon they were smoking a joint as Jaws sat on the chair, staring at Melissa. It was really hot, and Mike didn’t have AC in his house, so she was wearing one of his tee shirts and a pair of panties, as she usually did around the house. After Melissa had her second hit, her ears starting ringing a bit. With her third, she felt a buzz and her eyelids fluttered. Just then, Jaws got up and took her by the arm.

“C’mere,” he said.

“Come on, Jaws, what the fuck are you doing?” Mike yelled.

“C’mere,” he repeated.

Melissa looked at Mike, who looked down and said, “It’s okay. Go ahead. He needs you more than I do.”

Melissa trembled, but Mike told her it was okay, so she trusted him. Jaws took her into his room and took off his shorts and underwear in a single motion, leaving himself nude. He hadn’t even bothered to close his door. He was preparing to screw her, with her boyfriend in the other room, and he didn’t even close the door.

He had a huge scar on the side of his torso. He had taken shrapnel there, she later learned, and there was a tattoo that read, “Kandahar 5-13-06” right next to the scar. She looked into the eyes of this nude man that had her by the arm. He looked like a wild beast.

He took off her clothes and laid her down on his bed. She trembled uncontrollably. He laid on her and started licking and sucking on her. He wasn’t gentle. He was like an animal. He licked her face, he suckled on her breast, eskort bayan he held her arms above her head as he bit her and sucked her. He took her violently. His cock was thick, and she wasn’t yet aroused enough to be lubricated. As he took her, he yelped loudly. She had never heard him make a sound, other than an occasional grunt as he lifted extreme weights.

Now he made a lot of noise, and the door was open. He had entered her fully now, and he yelped with every thrust, loudly. He was on top of her, penetrating her deeply. He tried to roll over and they fell off the bed, onto the floor. His head hit the nightstand hard, and made a loud noise. He didn’t acknowledge it, continuing to drive his dick into her, barking out his pleasure as he did so. He was like a primitive being, taking his pleasure from her without concern for hers. She had never been used as she was with this man. His dick was very hard, stiff and thick, and he drove it into her hard. He rolled over again, on top of her.

His room had no fan, and it was like a sauna. Everywhere that their skin touched, they sweated. He was dripping sweat. Hair had come off of his chest and stomach and plastered on her body by the sweat. She could smell his body odor, strong and masculine. He sniffed her odor as he licked her. He uncoupled briefly, turning her onto her hands and knees, then knelt behind her and mounted her from behind.

He was yelling his delight with each thrust, “Aww, aww, aww, aww.”

Her pussy ached with desire. She had never encountered such raw lust. She felt like a cave woman, and wanted her man to fill her with his sperm. She tried to squeeze his thick dick with her pussy, clamping the muscles in her groin to try to pull the cum from his dick. She had never heard a single comprehensible word out of his fucking mouth, but she desperately wanted to pull the seed out of his balls.

“Fuck me, you asshole,” she said, oblivious to the open door or her lover beyond it. “Harder, harder, harder.”

The sweat dripped from the cleft between her tits. He had a tit in each hand as he fucked her from behind, squeezing them and pulling on the nipples. He had been fucking her for over twenty minutes without cumming, and they were drenched in sweat.

“Don’t you ever cum?” she thought. “Maybe it’s that adrenaline thing again.”

Her pussy was raw, but he showed no indication of slowing. She was determined to make this asshole cum, now that he’d worked her so long. She rolled him over and pinned his arms to the floor. She pushed her groin onto his, as hard as she could, getting as much penetration as possible. She placed her lips on his, kissing him deeply, and pressed her crotch against his. She only lifted her pussy off of him slightly before she pushed it into his crotch again and again, holding his arms down, kissing his face.

Suddenly he flipped her over. She wasn’t a small girl, but he moved her as though she weighed nothing and began humping her furiously, the sweat dripping off his brow onto her face. As he pumped his cum into her, he screamed, “unngh, unggh, unggh.” He was yelling loudly. His eyelids fluttered as he came, and he sank his face onto her breast. He slobbered on her as he squirted his cum deep into her. It took him a long time to regain his composure. Then, when he finally stopped breathing hard, he burst into tears. Not quiet sobbing, but loud weeping.

Melissa was embarrassed for him. She had never heard a grown man weep before, and he was weeping uncontrollably. She tentatively held his head against her breast, and he finally sank down onto her shoulder, sucking her breast and quietly sobbing. Tears had streamed down onto her chest.

“You strange, strange man,” she thought. “What in the hell is the matter with you.”

He lay on her shoulder for a long time sucking on her breast. She stroked his head, and he began to relax, then he began snoring softly. She continued caressing his head, even though he was asleep. Jaws never slept. When Melissa got up in the middle of the night sometimes to pee, Jaws would be sitting in the chair with the lights off, but he would follow her every movement. Mike had told her that the medications were supposed to help calm him enough to sleep, but they didn’t work very well. He operated on a series of short cat naps throughout the night. After about fifteen minutes, her arm started to go to sleep and she slipped out from under him. He roused and got dressed as she went back into Mike’s room.

He looked up and asked, “You okay?”

“Yeah, but what’s with him?” she asked Mike.

“He had a rough time in Afghanistan. When we were in high school, he was always the star athlete of the baseball and the hockey team. All the guys wanted to be him, and all the girls wanted to be his girl. He was cheerful and everybody loved him. Since he came back from his third tour, he’s different.”

“Well, let’s forget him,” Melissa said, cuddling up into Mike’s arms.

She had gotten incredibly aroused, and she desperately altıparmak escort needed to cum. Mike held her gently in his arms and caressed her, then took off the tee shirt she was wearing. She had bruises and hickeys all over her upper body and arms.

“My God, what did he do to you?”

“It’s all right, forget it,” she said, desperate for Mike to enter her.

He slipped off her panties and held her, whispering in her ear as he slipped into her from behind. He played with her breasts and kissed her neck as he took long slow strokes into her. She reached down and started playing with her clit, imagining Jaws pounding his hard dick in her.

She envisioned the sweat dripping off Jaws’ tattooed and scarred body onto her body as he pinned her arms down and took what he wanted. She saw the scowl on his face as he fucked her hard, driving his dick deep into her. She imagined his thick, hard dick filling her as she neared orgasm.

“Harder, you fucking asshole,” she thought, except she didn’t think it, she said it out loud in her frenzied passion. “Harder, fuck me harder,” she said.

Mike had never heard her talk like that before, and it made him excited. He increased the rhythm. She held her legs together tightly, making her pussy tight and squeezing Mike’s dick as he drove into her. He blasted his load in her as she squirmed to an amazing orgasm. Her head was buzzing and her body trembled as her pussy contracted over and over again on Mike’s cock.

Finally they stilled and lay together quietly. Melissa’s pussy was sore, but she felt wonderful. She lay in Mike’s arms, sweaty, but satisfied. Finally she got up and showered.

“What’s his name?” she asked Mike when she came out of the bathroom.


“I like that better than Jaws.”

It seemed like every day or two, more and more of Melissa’s stuff was brought over to Mike’s house. One day Mike asked her why she didn’t just move in and cut her expenses.

“That sounds great, but what about Davey? Don’t you think you should ask him?”

“Nah, Jaws doesn’t care.”

“All the same, I think we should ask.”

That evening, when Jaws came home, Melissa approached him.

“Hi Davey.”

Davey responded, but it didn’t sound like much more than a grunt. He was a quiet guy, a man of few words.

“Davey, Mike and I want to talk to you. You got a minute?”

“Yeah,” Davey said.

“Mike asked me to move in. Since this is your house too, I think you should have a vote.”

“It’s okay,” Jaws said, as he stripped off his shirt and prepared to work out.

“See,” Mike said. “I told you Jaws wouldn’t care.”

“Hold on a minute, guys. Are you sure you’re comfortable with that, Davey? I’ll be glad to pay rent. There’s no reason you should have to pay the same as you do with only two of you living here.”

“It’s okay,” Jaws said.

Mike was at the shop early one morning, and Melissa was cooking breakfast in the kitchen when Jaws came in. He grabbed some OJ out of the fridge.

“Good morning, Davey,” Melissa said. “I’m making an omelette. Spinach and mushroom. You want some?”

“C’mere,” he said, grabbing her around the waist.

“Hold on a second, at least let me turn off the stove,” she said, as she turned the burners off.

Davey stripped his shorts and underwear in a single motion, then pulled down her panties. He quickly pushed everything on the kitchen table to one side and leaned her over it.

His whole body trembled as he desperately tried to penetrate her. His dick was so hard the shaft curved, and the tip was so red it almost looked purple. She spread her legs wide, trying to accommodate him as painlessly as possible. He worked the head in, then a little more as he noisily expressed his extreme pleasure. His eyes were closed as he felt her pussy wrapped around his dick, and he groaned loudly. He leaned over her, biting her shoulders. This was not a comfortable position for Melissa, but Jaws didn’t care; he made it clear he was enjoying it, groaning and grunting loudly with every thrust.

The more he expressed his pleasure, the more aroused Melissa became. As she became more aroused, her pussy took him more easily. Her warm, moist pussy wrapped around his thick dick made him crazy with lust, and he grunted and yipped as he humped her furiously.

He uncoupled long enough to move her into the living room and lay her on the floor, where anybody coming up to the door would easily be able to see them through the living room window. He pinned her arms down as he re-entered her, making it hard for her to move as he licked and sucked her face and her body.

She rolled him over onto his back, uncoupling. She knelt over him, straddling his body, and lowered her pussy back onto his dick. He shivered as his dick re-entered her, and then started moaning loudly as it sank deeper and deeper into her.

Melissa’s breasts hung down in front of his face, and he eagerly groped them, pulling them and pinching her nipples. She leaned over and pressed her lips against his as she continued stroking his dick with her pussy. Suddenly, he flipped her over as though she was nothing, and resumed his furious thrusts. Sweat rolled off his body as he grunted, groaned and yelped his satisfaction, his eyes closed, lust written on his face.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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