The Story of L

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For six sweaty, tangled months, they played at B&D. He, her stern, experienced Master. She, trembling and shaking through it all, unable to stop herself, a moth to flame.

One day she came unraveled. Running scared, she fled his domain, fled his control, drove out of his life.

For the next ten long years, she moved through her life as in a dream. The “good” mom. The “example” in the restaurant she ran 80 hours a week. Community events and meetings. But at night, oh at night, she moaned and twisted, sliding her treacherous hand beneath the sheets to find and rub frantically her hard little fuck button. Scenes with Master flashed through her head, a sex movie in fast forward.

His cruel, tight mouth and mocking eyes as he secured her bound arms to the hook in his living room ceiling. And sitting on the toilet with a vibrating metal butt plug crammed up her ass, and his cock crammed down her throat, trying in vain to pee.

Yes, she was that kind of slut.

Finally, sitting late one night listening to the rain and comtemplating her situation, the woman she had struggled to become warred with the nasty slut she was. The nasty slut won.

The realization propelled her off her chair like a rocket. Groaning, she gave herself over to the wave of raw lust that had churned through her for the last ten years.

She yanked her panties down around her ankles, grabbed a thick, plastic-handeled spatula from the kitchen drawer, and shoved it up her rectum. Rooting frantically through the laundry room, she came up with two prizes: clothespins. Pulling her nipples up and out, she attached the biting creatures to each one. Shuffling into the living room with her panties still pooled around her ankles, and feeling like the slut that she was, she lay panting on her side on the sofa, and dialed his number on her cell.

After ten years of aching need, she still carried that number burned into her brain.

He answered. She hesitated a moment, and then fucking the plastic in and out of her naughty back hole, she asked,”Do you know who this is?” His deep, evil chuckled came to her ear as he paused to blow the smoke from his cigarette out of his mouth. “Of course,” he responded drily. “How could I forget a shameless slut like you?”

Perceptive as always, he quizzed her, “And what are we doing right now?” Silently, she continued reaming her brown little hole with the hard spatula handle, reveling in the sight as it protruded rudely from her ass. Into the long silence he breathed, “Ah, so it’s like that, is it?” He lauged knowingly. “What did you stick in there this time, slut? Probably anything you could get your greedy hands on, I’d bet,” he continued.

“Get up!” he commanded harshly. “Pull it out right now, whatever it is. Pull your filthy panties up and drive over here.” He added cruelly, “You know where to find me. Oh, and if your pussy’s not shaved, well, you know the rules.” With that, he hung up on her.

Shivering, moaning with the hot, dark need tearing through her clit and asshole, she waddled through the house with the spatula still lodged tight in her rectum. She showered, holding the spatula in her secret hole, moaning as she pinched and twisted her clit and lips while shaving her pussy. Her mind shouted at her to hurry, hurry. Pulling out the spatula, she dried off and brushed out her long, dark hair. Her empty anus pulsed and throbbed, begging her to shove something, anything in there while she dressed in her low-cut, black spandex dress.

Across the freeways and the rain-soaked city lights she drove, barely aware. Her newly shaved cunt reacted to the cold night air, underlining her coming vulnerability. Arriving, it was as if she watched herself from afar. She parked and locked the car, and with her stomach dropping like a stone, she knocked on her Master’s door.

The door slowly Maltepe Yabancı Escort opened, and the careful cruelty that filled his domain like an aura washed out over her in a flood. She turned as if to flee. “Come in,” he said, taking her arm. He led her in and shut the door with a final click.

His cat-like eyes rested on her with lazy assurance. A thin, cruel smile twisted his lips. His gray hair shining under the soft lights, he commanded: “Life your skirt and bend over.” Jerkily, she did as he bade.

As he observed her naked ass and ran his finger along her hairless slit, he told her “good girl”. He flicked her clit hard causing her eyes to water. “Spread your ass and show me that dirty little secret you’ve been abusing without my permission.” Shakily, she spread her ass cheeks apart, exposing her wrinkled anus to his hungry eyes. The little opening was puckered from the earlier attentions of the spatula, and twitched under his steady gaze.

“Look at that!” he admonished, gathering her hair and yanking her head up until her eyes met his. “You’re a little anal whore, aren’t you? Your dirty little hole is still glistening from whatever toy you lubed up and inserted earlier. What was it, slut? A candle? A cucumber?”

“A spatula,” she answered in shame.

“A spatula?” he exclaimed disbelievingly. “You really are a dirty girl who needs her little anus stretched, aren’t you? Well, my dear, a spatula is a thin joke. Your master knows what you need. Your beady little browneye gazing at me so innocently will soon be a gaping cavern, open and begging for my cum. Ask your Master for what you know you need.”

So saying, he moved to the red suitcase on the coffe table, unzipping it to reveal its contents. It looked like a BBQ grill utensil set, except if was filled with an array of anal plugs, dildos, vibrators, clamps, weights, gags, chains and handcuffs. “I’m waiting,” he said, selecting two cuffs and snapping one on each of her wrists.

Still bent over, her sphincter tightening against the punishment to come, she raised her agonized eyes to his merciless ones, forcing the words out, “Please, Master.”

Selecting two more cuffs, he snapped one on each ankle. “It will go very hard for you indeed if you cannot do better than that immediately,” he informed her flatly, removing a length of chain from the box of pain. Swallowing convulsively, she begged, “Please, Master, fill my asshole with a giant dildo, and fuck my mouth.”

Securing her wrists to her ankles with a length of chain and a padlock, he dangled the key in front of her eyes. “Hardly inspiring, my dear. Allow me to inspire you,” he said, tucking the key securely into the pocket of his jeans. Selecting a stout, wooden paddle dotted with cruel holes, he slowly, deliberately walked around behind her.

“Spread your ass,” he ordered. As she reached behind her and spread the two globes wide, he swished saliva around audibly in his mouth, and spit right onto her waiting asshole. It clenched tightly in shock. With spit running down her back crack and legs, he began his diatribe:

“Remember this?” he asked her, waving the paddle. “Remember we crammed a rubber plug in your ass and a vibrator in your dripping pussy, then secured it all with your tight panties?” Her cunt ran with juices as he recounted the tale, but she shook inside, as she knew what was coming next. “We dressed you in nothing but your panties and a long coat, and ushered you down yo the adult toystore to select your Christmas present. Remember?” he prompted her as he caressed the trembling flesh of her butt cheeks with the paddle.

“I remember,” she softly answered. He drew his arm back, poised to strike. “Tell me, slut. Tell me what happened next.”

“Master, I’m sorry!”

“Tell me, whore.”

“In your truck you forced me to open my Maltepe Yeni Escort coat, and ride naked except for my panties. You handed me a tube of Colgate, and forced me to squeeze it on my clit and rub it in. With my clit burning, you pinched and twisted my nipples. You stuck one, two, then three fingers down my throat until I gagged.”

Sternly, Master took up the tale. “And when we got to the toystore, I told you how much that paddle would hurt, how cruelly it would mark your white ass. But you didn’t listen, did you? You were so over-the-edge and wrought-up, you chose that paddle, didn’t you, slut?”

“Yes, Master.”

“And then what happened, slut?”

“When you used it on me, I ran away. And I didn’t come back for ten years.” She looked underneath her own pussy and ass, sticking up like that, trying to sneak a peak at his face. What she saw was not reassuring. Her Master, settling into a wide, baseball player’s stance, informed her, “That’s right, slave. And for that, you will pay.”

And he swung.

Fire coursed through her upturned rear end as the paddle connected with soft flesh with a resounding whack. She screamed and tried to jump out of the way, but she was bound tightly. Her poor ass was raised high in the air, inviting more blows.

Smack. Scream. Smack. Scream.

Her soft buttocks morphed from white to fire engine red, dappled with the pattern of those vicious holes.

Musing softly, Master said, “Strange, but I’d forgotten that you just never could take your punishment quietly. We can fix that.” With that, he moved to the case and removed a round, black leather ring with two straps attached. “Open your mouth, bitch.” He inserted the round, leather “O” in her mouth, stretching it wide, and tied the straps tightly behind her head. Stepping back, Master surveyed his handiwork. She gazed at him, eyes pleading, her jaws stretched wide in a silent, endless scream. His groin began to stir.

“Now, where were we?” he asked somewhat rhetorically, as she couldn’t possibly answer. “Ah, yes. What is going to be forcibly inserted in your butthole? I have just the perfect instrument for you begging anal hole.” From the selection arrayed before him, Master picked out the case with the anal training kit, opening it up for her inspection. Three anal plugs lay nestled therein. She could see the online advertisement in her mind’s eye: “Small for beginners. Medium, recommended. Extra-large for those experienced in anal play only. 7 inches long and 4 inches wide.”

Roughly yanking out the extra-large dong, he addressed her matter-of-factly. “Now, I know you’re not ready for this, but the way I see it, you had ten years of training offered that you didn’t avail yourself of, and now you’re behind, so to speak. So, I’m jumping forward ten years to the point where you should be, and you are going to take it, bitch.” He held up the monstrous tool.

Eyes flicking to her helpless, stretched mouth, he laid the tip of the rubber tool against the leather ring at the entrance. She began to gag as she smelled the rubber and anticipated what was coming next. Slowly, inch by inch, he slipped the fat rubber cock into her open jaws. When the tip of the monster caused her to gag, he pushed hard and it popped down her throat. She gagged and began to fight. Master counted slowly to ten, then eased the ebony shaft from her throat and out. Emerging tantalizingly, it glistened from her saliva. Wet strands of her spit were hanging off it, and dripping onto the floor.

“Mmmmm,” he murmured as his cock grew in his jeans, parked right in front of her eyes. “You’re such a whore, you’re giving me ideas,” he said. “But first, where were we? Oh, yes. Your hungry bunghole is waiting for a good reaming, now isn’t it? Get ready, bitch, because you’re taking it all up your chute, and it’s not coming Maltepe Masaj Salonu out until tomorrow.”

With the dripping, huge phallus in his right hand, he glided behind her, pinching one dangling nipple on the way by. As she gasped in pain, drooling a little, he spread her ass cheeks wide. He laid the tip of the thick shaft against the tight ring of her anus. Slowly, he pushed the shining member in. One inch, two. She groaned and fell to one side, snapping her head left and right like a labrador shaking off water.

“Take it, bitch!” he ordered her. He steadied her with one hand, not needing to hold her ass cheeks open anymore, as the width and depth of the huge member were doing the job for him. His strong left arm provided leverage as he impaled her with his other hand on the enormous plug.

Three inches, four. She was grunting and squealing now. Tears leaked from her eyes and streamed down her face. They ran down her hanging tits and erect nipples like a river, forming a dark wet circle on the light tan carpet.

He continued to pull on her body with his left arm, while working the giant schlong down into her rectum with the right. The tight hole had almost disappeared under the onslaught of that thick rubber cock.

Five inches, six. Her rectum met the flare at the base of the plug. She knew what was coming. She screamed and cried to no avail, the tears flowing in earnest now as he struggled to push the huge flared base past her resisting ring of skin. With a wet pop, the cock finally slid home. Seven inches of round, hard rubber filled her quivering bowels.

He opened her quivering buttocks and invaded her with his eyes. The black oval of rubber lying snug between her spanked red buttocks looked better than good, especially since he knew that behind that little black base protruding from her violated anus lay seven inches of hard ass plug painfully filling her rear tunnel.

“Now, my little cocksucking whore. You’re slammed and crammed on one end. Master’s going to give you what you crave to fill the other.” Unzipping his pants to the background music of her snuffles and moans, he came around to her wet face. Yanking it out of his jeans, he fisted his hard cock in his hand.

Grabbing her hair in one hand, he slowly fed her his glorious tubesnake, slithering it past the leather gag and down the back of her throat. Completely immobile, bound and impaled upon that huge prick from behind, with her mouth stretched wide, she could do nothing but take all of his cock down her throat. He facefucked her, enjoying the freedom, the hot, velvet openess of her mouth and throat.

He jerked his hips in earnest now, hard and fast. He drew his wet dick all the way out till the bulbous head rested on the very tip of her tongue. Then he thrust it in hard and deep till her nose was buried in his pubic hair. Yanking her head and bucking his hips like a stallion, he moaned his release as he spurted jet after jet of hot, sticky cum down her throat.

Withdrawing from her still-open mouth, he wiped his sticky, damp prick across her eyes, the cum adhering to her eyelashes, then finished cleaning himself off with her hair.

He unchained her, removing the gag. Slipping his belt from its loops, he wrapped and fastened it around her neck. Leading her casually with one hand, he laughed cruelly as she stumbled awkwardly in her four cuffs, the big dildo still crammed up her ass.

Laying her back on the bed, he secured her wrists to one of the bedposts, lightly rubbing her clit and raking it hard with his fingernail. When he had her bucking and begging to come, he removed his hand and slapped her in the face.

“There will be no cumming for you, slave. You will sleep with your clitty on fire and your ass stretched in burning pain. Tied tight, you can do nothing to relieve yourself as I diddle your clit and facefuck you throughout the night.”

“In the morning, you will suck my balls and rim my asshole for one hour. At the end of that time, if you have been a good girl, and you ask pretty, I might just fuck you in your filthy whore’s ass.”

“But then, tomorrow’s another day…”

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