Jane (John) Part 1

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Jane (John) Part 1Jane (John)PART 1The ringing of the telephone brought me out of my deep sleep. Who could be calling at seven o’clock on a Saturday morning? This is the beginning of a long weekend, no school on Monday because of a teachers’ institute day. Now that I am awake I might as well go to the bathroom. As I pass by my brother’s room I can hear his moaning, a sound I have heard before. There have been times when he did not close his door all the way and I could watch him play with himself. He has been doing this a lot lately and now that I am reaching the age where I too enjoy the pleasure of self-stimulation. Because one of my chores is to do the laundry I can feel his cum on his underwear and sheets. I wonder what his thoughts are when he does this? A few times I have found one of my panties under his sheets.Mom works as a nurse at a local hospital. She has had to return to work since dad left us for a younger woman and lives with her and his second family in Makati, Philippines. Mom got her nursing degree in the Philippines before she met dad. Now at 37 she is back at work. I am twelve but will be thirteen in two weeks. Because mom is a nurse we have always had a healthy diet and regular exercise. For these reasons I am thin. My developing breasts are the size of a plum right now and I am getting pubic hair. My name is Jane.My brother Joey, we call him JoJo, is fifteen, small and thin for his age. He runs cross-country for his school and thus has nice legs. His hair is shoulder-length but he wears it in a bun when he runs bahis siteleri and sometimes in a ponytail while in school. Like our mom we are fair-skinned Filipinos. She is what is called a mestiza, part Malay and part Spanish. She is a real beauty, with black hair, very brown eyes and thin lips. Even though she is 37 she looks ten years younger. Her breasts are the size of an orange.Jojo must be done with his fun because he and mom are now standing in my room when I return. She announces to us that her sister is sick and needs help for the next couple of days until more permanent arrangements can be made. Mom has called her friend Edith who will stay with us until mom returns on Monday. Edith is mom’s co-worker at the hospital. She too got her nursing degree in the Philippines and was able to come here to work with the help of her brother who is a doctor. Edith has been living with her brother and his family since arriving last year. She is twenty-five and also very pretty. She and mom hit it off immediately because they got their nursing degrees from the same school in Manila. Mom sort of took her under her wing so that she became accustomed to living in Chicago fairly quickly. As with other Filipino c***dren we call older adults uncle or aunty, thus she was auntie Edith to us.Mom was able to call one of her friends at a travel agency who got her a ticket for the afternoon. After mom packed a small suitcase we picked up Edith for the ride to the airport. Edith put her overnight bag in between Jojo and I in the back seat. When mobilbahis Edith got into the car we could smell her body lotion, like jasmine. She had long flowing jet-black hair, dark eyes, with light brown skin. She had a very exotic look to her and Jojo and I wondered why she was not married. Any man would walk over glass to just kiss her.We dropped mom off at O’Hare and Edith took over the driving. We picked up a pizza on the way home because we just wanted to stay home and watch movies. After getting home we all put on our pajamas. I was surprised to see that Edith had put on a see-through negligee. Her nipples were rubbing against the fabric and her breasts were firm. No doubt, she did not need to wear a bra. The bottoms were also see-through and I could see her ass-crack when she walked by me. I must admit I was getting turned on, I could only imagine what Jojo was thinking. It was probably the same that I was for I could see a bulge in his crotch. I was wearing my nighty with panties.TCM that night had the movie Charade with Audrey Hepburn. Jojo and I were getting sleepy when Aunty Edith asked if we mind if she put on a DVD that she brought with her. We told her that it was all right with us but if we fell asleep just let us sleep where we were. She put the DVD into the player and sat down between us. Suddenly on the screen was a Japanese movie. We thought this was strange but we had nothing to lose by watching it. The opening scene had a slender young Japanese woman ringing the doorbell. Answering the mobilbahis güvenilir mi door was a middle-aged woman who suddenly burst into a smile upon seeing the young woman. The next scene showed the middle-aged woman, her husband, the young woman, another young woman and a young man sitting at a table eating. At first there was laughter and gaiety but eventually the elder man became angry and walked out. The next scene showed the elder woman and the young woman taking a Japanese bath, both naked. Jojo and I soon took an interest. The two women were lathering each other with a sponge and soap. The young woman had very firm breasts and a husky voice. Soon the young woman was lathering the elder ones pussy. Now I was getting aroused, my small nipples now became firm. I could see Edith’s nipples now also getting firm. Soon the elder woman was rubbing the younger ones breasts and then moving her hand to between the legs. What! There was a cock! The younger one was a she-male. Now I was rubbing my pussy, something I never did in front of anyone before but I couldn’t help myself. The elder woman and young woman now were kissing and exploring each other. It was mother and son-daughter. After a few minutes the son was licking his mother’s pussy. She later was sucking his cock. Oh my, I was so excited I almost exploded. They went on kissing, sucking and fucking for nearly 20 minutes. Jojo and I snuggled up to Edith who by now was playing with her own nipples. The movie ended with the mother and son playing out until exhausted. Edith told us that it was time for us to go to bed. Who could sleep after that? I know that I played with my clitoris for the longest time and felt the most pleasure that I felt in my life. I am sure Jojo was doing the same with his cock. Edith. What was she doing?

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