Insatiable at Work Ch. 33

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Horse Hung

We could hardly wait to get back…and once inside, I had her backed into a wall and licked the salty sweat from her neck. We made out fiercely, while I felt her up; her nipples hardened almost as quickly as my dick which swelled to form a solid mound in my shorts.

I pulled the tank over her head, with the sports bra soon following; digging into bare flesh, I felt the firm, hot mounds press against my palm. She was passionately kissing back, probing deep into my mouth with her tongue. My hands caressed her face and one trailed down her back, to land on her bottom. Firmly cupping a cheek and digging into the flesh, I pushed her to grind her body against mine.

I gripped the back of her head, pressing her lips into mine and shoving my tongue deep; while swirling my tongue over hers, I groped at her breasts…squeezing, rubbing and tweaking. She closed her eyes and moaned, pressing her lips into mine, letting the desire flood over her body.

I spun her round and bent her over the couch; with my hands tight around her waist, I leaned in to kiss over her neck, before dropping her shorts and panties to the floor. As I finger fucked her to even greater arousal, she couldn’t help but moan louder. She could feel my dick pressing into her bare ass; it was rock-hard and threatening to rip through the jock. She relished having my fingers inside, working her pussy, but she really wanted more, and I was intentionally teasing her, dry humping her with the bulge.

I intensified things, curving my fingers to rub her g-spot. Since she seemed to be gasping for breath, I felt like she was close, and I slowed things down. I grinned, “Get naked for me, sweetie,” and she kicked off her shoes and flung the shorts aside.

She squealed, “Oh god…shit! Baby, I’m so horny, I could fuck the hell out of you…for hours…and hours.”

Thinking about “hours and hours,” I gave her a sly grin and a peck, “Slow down, sweetie…we got all weekend…remember!” Dropping down between her legs, I scattered kisses over her inner thighs and up over the tiny slit, moist with tasty (very tasty) arousal.

I taunted the pulsing bud with my tongue, but only briefly, before dragging my tongue through the sex…and kissing her all over, again. I caressed her butt with both hands, while teasing her with my tongue. It seemed like a long time, but it was undoubtedly a few minutes.

She was desperately trying to grind her pussy against me; sensing her needs, I gave her clit another pass, and another. Her body shuddered, and I teased her more, flicking and nibbling to ramp things up…building sexual tension.

She was getting to the point of desperation, where she grabbed the back of my head, almost demanding that I make out with her pussy. I knew it was time, and lavished it with attention, licking up through the slit, swirling my tongue over the bud, and then probing as deep as I could.

Running her hands through my hair and urgently thrusting into my face, I had her on the brink again. Pleading with me to finish, I pulled away and held both her hands, eliminating any possibility that she could finger herself. Once again, I left her on the edge…maybe, hanging off the edge would better describe her state. She gave me a frustrated moan, “You fucking tease…you wanna see me explode.”

She tried to relax and I grinned, “You know it…you’ll thank me, when you’re screaming with ecstasy.”

“Screaming with ecstasy…okay, since you put it that way.”

I went at it again, lightly tracing her pussy lips with my tongue and gently kissing the tiny crease. I looked up and our eyes met, as I slid my fingers back inside to start pumping. I grabbed the bud with my lips and started licking the hell out of it. It was rock-hard and throbbing, just the way a clit should be…and it only took about thirty seconds. I listened to her breathing get choppy; her hips pumped into me and I felt her clit pulsing under my tongue.

“Oh Rob…Rob…Rob,” she moaned, “Baby, don’t stop…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…that’s good…so fucking good…keep…keep going…oh god…yesssssssssssssssss!”

Wave after wave, flowed through her body, with her muscles tensing and hands digging into the couch. Her hips were grinding my face and it felt like the mission was accomplished…you know…but I really didn’t want it to end. Eventually it all passed, and my face was wet, but her inner thighs got the lion’s share.

I rose up to kiss her, before nudging her to her knees to face a very swollen cock. Still threatening to poke through, when I pushed the jock down under my balls, it sprang out, and almost thumped her face. The hard shaft bobbed in her face, and she instinctively reached out. Carefully stroking…savoring…and worshipping, she added her other hand, to work it with both. Being rock hard and swollen, the veins were more obvious, and her fingertips savored each and every one.

She used that other hand to stroke the ridge, giving me the two-handed pleasure, I needed. I groaned, “Fuck baby girl, that’s what I mobil porno love to see! You know exactly what I need…you always do…mmmm, yeah!”

She got a sexy Tara-grin, “Well, why don’t you use my mouth…and fuck these pretty lips?”

I groaned, gently gripping her head, “You got it,” and started pumping. Probing deeper, I nudged her throat and held it there, as deep as it would go. It was a couple inches shy of the base, but it felt amazing. I used both hands, one on each side, and started fucking, pleasuring myself and teasing her limits.

There’s a balance to face-fucking…going deep gets you the most stimulus, but if you go for too much, there’s gagging. Tara always likes it right at that line, but all that would change, if she could deepthroat. She could never get it passed her throat, but I’ve been lucky to have found a few that could; I considered marrying the first two, but fortunately I married Tina, the third.

I rolled my head way back and moaned, thinking about each of those gifted women, “Tara…Tara…fuck, that’s it…fuckin’ take that dick…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…yeah…yeah, fuckin’ take it!”

With me pumping her mouth, she reached behind me and dug her fingers into my ass cheeks; gripping tight, she tested her limits. I groaned and our eyes met; a lustful fire smoldered as I rolled my hips and pumped through her lips, “Uhhhh…uhhhh…yeah…yeah, that’s it, take it…take it deep…let me feel that throat…yeah, feel that throat!”

Together, we face-fucked like that for a good while…until I had to stop; it was covered with spit when I pulled out. “You want it, baby girl…don’t you? You want me to fill that pussy…fill that pussy with cock…yeah, all this thick cock!”

She was still catching her breath, “Yeah, fill me up…fuck me…fuck me with it.” She giggled, “Bryan will be home…you know how he loves to walk in on us. Save some for him, though…we’ll give you a good workout…even better than the run.”

She eagerly bent over the couch and spread her legs. I pushed it between them, sliding my dick over her thighs and through the wetness; she groaned when the hard shaft teased her clit. I stretched her open with my fingers, and the head split her labia. When I gently pushed into arousal, I knew she was ready…very ready; her lips were stretched tight, but offered little resistance when I started pumping her

She groaned loud and long; I suspect Mrs. Harmon (the neighbor) probably heard. “Ohhhh…ohhhh yeah…ohhhh…yeahhhh…yeah…yeah…yeah…yeah…that’s fucking…fucking amazing! Oh god…fuckkkkk…it’s been weeks…weeks since I’ve gotten to feel that!”

I wanted to remind her it was nine days, and she was just horny…but I didn’t. Instead, with my dick planted deep inside, I leaned forward and kissed over her neck, “Thanks for that baby girl, feels that way to me…too.”

She was tight and my cock pressed against her insides, dragging over the walls. Its tight caress touched every last inch, and what I felt along the ridge was almost overwhelming. As she relaxed some, I pumped harder and her moans seemed continuous…she really was crazy horny, I thought to myself. Going deep, with long, greedy strokes, she felt it touching places Bryan couldn’t. Sex was amazing between them, but orgasm almost always came faster with a bigger cock (or toy).

We focused on the pleasure that seemed to find every corner of our entangled bodies; it was incredible, and I really understood why she felt like it had been weeks. She knew she was close but had no intention of slowing things down; she focused on her clit, knowing it would take her over the edge.

It took another minute or so, but she slammed herself back to meet my thrusts. When it finally overwhelmed her, she screamed, “Oh fuckkkk…oh Rob…Rob…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…cumming…uhhhh…fuck me…fuck me…fuck me hard…I’m cumming…cumming…cumming…fuck!”

Her pussy’s grip quivered around my cock and I fucked her through the orgasm, moaning, “Cum for me…cum for me…yeah…yeah…yeah, baby girl…that’s it…cum hard for me…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…yeah, that’s it!”

I felt her relax, but she barely caught her breath before smiling, “Let me do you, now. Sit back there…and let me ride it.” She giggled, “You need a cowgirl for this job…a hot cowgirl!” She threw her leg over to sit on my knees and rub spit over the pussy-soaked cock. She desperately wanted it back inside, but sensuously teased herself, with the head. I pressed the shaft against her lower belly, “Look how deep it’ll go.” I smiled, “It might split you in two.”

She played along and grinned, “I really hope so…by now, I think I know how deep it’ll go!” Rolling her hips to drag the shaft over her clit, she went slow, savoring every inch she could slide over the swollen bud.

When she lowered herself down over it, there were pleasured groans coming from both of us. She was still crazy horny, and I knew it would be a hard-riding frenzy. Each time she impaled herself, alman porno I savored the echoing bounce of her tits and the sexy moans, “Baby…yeah…ye…ah…ye…eh…fuck me…fu…fuck me…fu…me…har…deep…fuck me!”

Our bodies moving in sync, we fucked with long, satisfying strokes, and my cock nearly popped out a couple times. Pumping through her grip, sent shudders through me. Going faster (and harder), I could feel my balls churn, each time I met her toned, little ass with my thighs.

I heard Bryan come in from the garage, and Tara was totally fuck-drunk when he walked in, “Sweetie, come…uhhhh…uhhhh…join the fun! Baby, watch your sexy cowgirl fuck…he’s giving me a good ride!”

He yelled, “Yee haa! Ride that cowboy…ride that cowboy…hard!” He shucked off his pants and sank into a chair. He grinned, “Fuck, I gotta tell you…dude, this is the best way to start a weekend,” and started pumping his dick.

Laughing, he said, “I told her that she was gonna be on her back and legs spread all weekend…but I come in and she’s on top…that’s our baby girl!”

“Yeah dude, she just pushed me down and took advantage of me.”

“Sure Rob, that’s totally what happened.”

Bryan laughed, “She’s dangerous…like a horny…uh sex ninja.”

“You two are such teenagers, but I like the sex ninja thing…mmmm.” She giggled, “I’m a happy sex ninja, right now.”

Of course, we both ramped things up for his viewing pleasure, and it wasn’t long before she was moaning, “Oh Rob…Rob…uhhhh…uhhhh…that’s gonna…gonna make me cum…so fucking good!”

I thought she couldn’t possibly be serious…again…but I gazed into her eyes and saw the fiery hot desire that would surely send us both over the edge.

Her pussy was squeezing tight, and flexing around my cock, “Oh my god! Yeah…yeah…yeah…cum…cum in me…oh god…shoot it…shoot…shoot it in me!” She longed to feel it inside and held herself above me, while I took over and humped up into her pussy. She moaned, “Cum in me…uhhhh…uhhhh…Rob, cum in me…paint my insides…paint…my…my insides!”

I grunted like a wild man and shot deep inside, “Uhhhh! Uhhhh! Yeah…ahhhh…ahhhh…ahhhh, fuck…cum…cumming!” It was a two or three-day load and I felt its warmth bathing my thrusts. Once I drained my balls, I just kept humping into her, only hearing my labored breathing and her pleasured moans.

I knew she was close and I couldn’t stop…she moaned, “Oh god…oh god…yeah…yeah…yeah…ahhhh…ahhhh…ahhhh…ahhhh yeah…make me cum…make me cum…cum…cum again!” Deep inside, I could feel my dick pulsing, while she teased her clit. She threw her head back and moaned, but I tipped it back to watch her beautiful blue eyes; I had to see them, while she was cumming all over my cock.

Her body shuddered with the final waves of pleasure and she moaned, “Oh Rob…Rob…yeah…yeah…yeah…yeah…oh god, cumming…cumming…yessssssss!” Her body melted into my arms, as the frenzied waves diminished. It left her totally spent and I pulled out, gently lying her back on the couch.

The only movement was a tiny stream dribbling from her slit. Her breathing (or panting) was heavy and she could barely move, “Fuck! Fuck, that was three…that was amazing…Rob, you own me tonight! It feels so good to be owned by a hot guy…but I got two…two hot guys.”

“Fuck dude, three…three times! Christ…really?”

Grinning, I responded, “Yeah, what can I say?”

She grinned at me, “Sweetie, I think I got my share, but that hot guy needs some…it’s his birthday, tomorrow!” I worked my dick, glistening with sex, up to his mouth; he licked up and down, following the pearly strands that trailed down the shaft. “That’s it, birthday boy…clean it up…clean that big dick…and swallow all that pussy!”

“Yeah dude, get it all…every fuckin’ drop…mmmm…yeah!”

That did the trick…while I was between his lips, he shot all over himself, spraying his abs with warm seed. He kept it in his mouth until the release faded, and he seemed dazed, while rubbing it over his face, teasing his lips…and taunting his lust.

Tara leaned down to give him a long, tender kiss, savoring the sexy cocktail on his lips. She nudged him to the floor, between her legs, and gave him more. As he licked up the sex, she encouraged him, “Baby, that feels so good…clean me up good.”

Slowly, he ran his tongue over the puffy lips and up to her clit. Very gently, he circled and licked over the top…and then down the other side. He shoved his tongue inside her, and she rolled her hips to push it deeper; buried in the tiny gash, he slurped her dry. Some had trickled down her leg, but he got that, too.

Our tongues took turns, tracing her labia and probing her pussy. Bryan parted her pussy lips with his fingers, while I slowly licked up through them. When I licked over the hood of her clit, she was still sensitive, and her pussy quivered with tiny contractions. alexis texas porno

I pulled away and grinned, “How’s that for a finish, baby girl?”

“Oh my god! That’s perfect…just perfect! You two are perfect!” She looked at Bryan, “But remember, honey…we got special birthday plans for you tomorrow, sweetie!”


The next morning, I noticed Tara was especially glowing, with her mussed hair and giddy smile; hot as hell, but she definitely had that look of hard-fucked satisfaction (or very well-fucked). We got up early that morning to put together a breakfast for Bryan; Tara had some errands, and I took him to help open up the garden. We were walking through a greenhouse and talking about the centerfold photos I had taken for Tara’s anniversary gift

He grinned, “We need to come back when you’re closed and there’s no staff…I feel like you could bend me over that bench, take a few centerfold shots…and maybe take advantage of me.”

“Dude, great idea…we could make one for Tara, but you’re right…no staff! The boss doing some guy in a greenhouse would generate a few rumors.” I gave his ass a squeeze, “I could take that cherry for the hundredth time!”

“Well, let me clean up when we get home…I could use some birthday sex.” He grinned, “Let’s make it 101!”


We were going out that evening to celebrate, so shortly after we finished lunch, Tara grinned, “Bryan, it’s your special day…I promise you get to go first, but let’s get him ready…maybe do it together?”

Once in the bedroom, they both dropped to their knees to work my shorts down; with all four hands on me (I always love that), they started undoing my belt and zipper. Bryan pulled the shorts down and Tara slipped her fingers into the waistband to pull the underwear down. It bobbed free and hung heavy, growing with each pulse of pumping blood.

“Mmmm…there it is!” She grinned, “I love the big reveal, when it jumps out at you!” Emerging from the pubes, the thick shaft and purplish crown bobbed higher, as erection took hold. The veins, trailing over the shaft, got more pronounced with the expanding girth.

I wasn’t completely hard, but Bryan laughed, “Fuck, you’re just like death and taxes…fuckin’ always hard! Dude, the only certainties are death, taxes and your erection!”

It certainly didn’t disappoint; when I felt him squeeze, it was rock-hard and unyielding in his grip. They worked together, going back and forth. At one point I felt both tongues and thought that I may not even last till I got around to screwing Bryan. I pulled back and stroked for them; it felt heavy in my hand, and I added another hand at the base, to pump with both hands.

They both looked up to admire my lean, muscled frame, and Tara trailed her fingertips over my abs, rising and falling with my breath. Unable to resist, she took the head in her lips, again; she wanted a little more playtime, before I buried it in her husband’s ass. She suckled and licked the shaft, treasuring…even worshipping its girth.

She looked up with a big sexy grin, after greasing it up, “I’d say you’re ready, sweetie…ready to go,” and she handed him the lube.”

As he worked some in, I looked at him, “Well birthday boy, you ready…ready for this? Ready to bend over…and get a good, birthday spanking…or fucking?”

“Dude, I’m ready! Bring it on…do both!”

Tara moaned, “Mmmm…honey, love to see him fuck you! I got mine last night…actually, I probably owe you…after three times!”

He laughed, “Baby girl, you can watch me catch up.”

Guiding it between his cheeks, she worked the stout, purple head through the crack and wedged it in his taut muscle. With anticipation, she watched me pause, before slowly pushing forward to put it inside. He couldn’t help but groan, and he was anxious for more; pushing back to get it deeper, there was no question he wanted more.

We both moaned with sensuous groans when our bodies were physically joined. Probing deep into his belly, my dick molded his insides, creating a perfect fit. “Fuckkkkkk…fuckkkkk…yeah…yeah…yeah, that’s it, dude…gimme that…uhhhh…uhhhh…yeah, gimme that dick…that big fuckin’ dick!”

Once I was deep inside and his ring was stretched tight around the base of my cock, her work was done. She laid back to work her pussy. She pulled on one of his cheeks to help a couple times, but mostly she watched…she loved to watch.

Her eyes, fiery with lust, met mine, “Yeah, that’s it…fuck his ass…fuck for me…yeah…yeah, that’s it.” She loved man on man porn but watching her two guys was something special; it was even more of a turn-on…it got her wet. She loved the taboo eroticism of a man’s cock splitting her husband’s ass; she loved watching his pucker stretch and cling to a big cock. For months she watched him work his ass with toys and loved it, but this scene topped it all…she was mesmerized.

He could feel my big, thick shaft dragging over his insides, the ecstasy he felt was overwhelming. He moaned, “Yeah…mmmm…mmmm…that’s good…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…so good…that’s so good! Fuck me…fuck me…yeah…yeah…yeah, fuck my ass!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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