I performed my schoolgirl duty

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I performed my schoolgirl dutyWearing track-suit bottoms and long thigh boots, was not a fashion statement, no, it was snowing and fucking freezing, and now I had to wait on another bus, as I had just missed my last one.I was alone in the bus shelter, it was 07:15 in the morning and the temperature was minus 15C, no wonder my nipples hurt, covered with a thick woolly jumper and nothing else, in fact at the right distance, you could see through the thick stitches, and my darker ‘Areola’, well that was a fashion statement, I wanted to show them, I was 15 and growing into a woman, so who cares if guys get a ‘Hard-on’, thats life, right.I huddled inside my fake fur lined Parka, glad for its insulation against the biting wind, wishing the bus would come along as the hard wooden bench was hurting my bum, as I shifted from cheek to cheek, getting annoyed at the cold wind, sneaking under me and finding its way into my Pussy, shaved and bare, as I decided to not to wear my Panties, ‘Going Commando’, was such a fashion accessory, especially as showing a ‘Camel Toe’, got you the attention of the ‘Bucks’, kayseri escort bayan not to mention some of the male teachers, especially the ones that liked the younger students, these were the ones we liked to practice on.I stole a quick look at my watch, and as if it was a signal, the room light turned on. I looked straight ahead, knowing I was illuminated in its glow, so I felt inside my bag and took out my cigarettes, lit one and waited.I stole a look either side and the streets were dark and deserted, so I settled into the corner of the shelter, and waited for him to appear.When he did, he looked across at me in the shelter, paused, then gave me a wave, and I responded by waving back, and was rewarded by him stepping back into the room, so I could watch him fully, as he opened and dropped his housecoat, and started ‘Jacking off’.What else was a girl going to do at such an opportunistic showing, I pushed my hand down the front of my bottoms, and went for it.I had seen him so many times it was almost ritualistic, but we had ‘Bonded’ and I had learned to accept him and escort kayseri his little perversions, sometimes when I had arrived there would be a little package for me, all neatly wrapped and tied with a bow, and he would watch me unwrap it and take out the latest sex toy and a little note asking me to put it inside for him to see.I drew heavily on my cigarette, trying to warm up, staring intently at his cock as he wanked himself, soon he would shoot, but he always needed my help, which was cool, as I could take credit for making him cum, so I dropped the remainder of my fag, stood up and pushed my track suit bottoms down and yanked up my woolen jumper, everything showing, and strangely, not feeling the cold, perhaps I was too focused on his cock pounding.’Fuck this’, I thought, suddenly I was thinking why am I here, and dropped my top and pulled up my bottoms, turned and grabbed my books and bag.I waved at him, left the shelter and ran across the street and banged on his door. When he opened it he was still naked, his large cock sticking out in front of him, and as he looked kayseri escort at me in the flesh, I said, ‘Do you want to Fuck me’, and he stood aside as I pushed past him, dropping my books and bag, my coat, bottoms and top.I was naked and what I still wore was now at my ankles, and as we embraced, his cock was crushed against my tummy and shaved pubes, our tongues fucking our mouths, yes he was an old wrinkly man in his late fifties, but his cock was ageless and hard.As I struggled trying to lift my leg and mount it, he broke mouth contact momentarily to say, ‘You need to get your foot out of your bottoms’, but I had one arm around his neck, still trying to stick my tongue down his throat, with my other hand clenched around the shaft of his cock, attempting to guide him into my wet pussy, murmuring repeatedly, ‘Fuck me, Fuck me’, then I was free, and as his hands cradled my bare bottom, he lifted my off my feet and I felt him go in deep, I gasped, and started bucking, wrapping my legs around his midriff, this felt good, as I sucked on his tongue as his cock skewered my cunt, our pubic bones grinding, my immature clitoris rubbing hard against his swollen shaft, he held me in this ageless fuck position and I was powerless to stop, especially as my bus stopped outside his window, I was sure we could be seen, but strangely, that was a nice feeling also.

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