I Got My Mistress to Seduce Her Son

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It was a complicated situation. My best friend’s second wife, who loved him but found sex with him boring, who fancied me as a “bad lad”, and her 16 year old son who hated his step father (my best friend) with the feeling being mutual, and him adoring his real dad who was still carrying a torch for his mum . Jenny had been a bit of a wild girl when she was young, but was now a teacher and well known by parents and pupils in our town. We were having a very good sex affair, but having to be discrete all of the time was wearing us down. Her husband was away a lot in the Naval Reserves which he loved, and did well over the service requirement taking courses, teaching courses, doing excercises so we had plenty of time, but it was a pain sneaking around to meet up for sex. We didn’t do any socialising, just shagging. Her son loved her dearly, but I was always afraid that if he found out about us he might blurt it out to her husband as a way of hurting him during an argument, or telling his real dad, who might use it to split them up in the hope that they might get back together again . So one day I suggested that she Prick tease him, get him fully on her side etc. so that if he did suspect anything he’d keep quite in exchange for a bit of a cheap thrill. At that stage she thought that I just meant her to turn him on “accidently”This was a real idea, but also the thought of her submitting to him really turned me on . I think like many mothers the idea of arousing their son gave them a naughty kick, and me encouraging her and giving her a reason to do so, salved her conscience. So I started her off on a dual approach, getting her to hug and cuddle him a lot and to reassure him that he was the first man in her life bar no other, and that she loved him and would do anything for him in way that he would think that she was was just being dramatically rhetorical, and the fact is she meant it so wasn’t acting. The second thing was to act depressed and complain to him of feeling old, and frumpy and unsexy, and to consider getting some sexier clothes, plus saying that her friends were teasing her that she was unadventurous and strait laced, and didn’t have the courage to take chances any more. After a little of this I got her to say to him that her friend had dared her to go topless on the beach, that she’d had enough and escort was going to prove her friend wrong. To this end she took her son Ralph to a beach some distance away, put a thong bottom on (As another sign of her rebellion so the story went) and went topless, getting him to photograph her but swearing him to secrecy because Hubby was an old prude and he would get all moany if he heard about it.. To be honest she wasn’t a beautiful woman but had an amazing pair of tits. This Ralph was more then happy to do as it was one in the eye for his Step dad . On my instructions she got him to rub suntan lotion into her several times and did the same to him, accidently rubbing her self and her tits against him until he got a stiffy but pretending she hadn’t noticed . I also instructed her to get two particular pics of her, one on her back sunbathing, erect nipples, and pussy lips prominent, but with a book over her face (casually), and one lying on her front with her arms obscuring her face, so that in the event it could be deniable that it was a picture of her. On return she made a big play of feeling uplifted that she had called her friends bluff to Ralph and kept saying she was glad of his help. In the mean time she would cuddle him watching tv in the evenings, often wearing a silk dressing gown that would slip open and allow him to have some “accidental” feels . She reported that he often got erections which he slyly rubbed against her but pretended not to notice. When she told me what was happening it turned me on no end and she was well aware of it. The next stage was for her to complain that her “friend” was miffed that she’ called her bluff and had made a dare that she knew she wouldn’t be able to do through no fault of her own . To go on a naturist beach and be photographed to prove it. She complained to Ralph that her mate knew damn well that her husband would never in a million years go with her to a nudist beach, and would go mad if she went on her own, but the main thing was that no matter what she said men would come on to her and not take NO for an answer . So no matter how much she wanted to wipe her friends eye she wouldn’t be able to, and would have to put up with her sarcasm for ever more. She did this for a few days and then tentatively asked if he wouldn’t mind going along with her, bayan escort but then immediately dropped the idea saying to him that he would n’t want to see her with everything out, and she e knew that young lads didn’t like their mums seeing their bits and pieces. cos it was embarrassing. Of course he was desperate to see her cunny, plus her naked titties again and said that “He didn’t mind” going with her. She teased him by pretending that she thought that he was only doing it to please her and kept saying “That it was alright and she knew he was just being kind”etc Until she caved in , pretending that she thought that he wanted to go so that he could see naked women. So they went to a beach some distance away in the West country, and she instructed him to say that he was her toyboy lover, add a couple of years onto his age and lie about their names and where they came from , just in case. Again she did the suntan lotion routine, both on him and her, and they walked down the beach and got another couple to photograph them arms round each other, so he could feel the side of her tits against him. After they walked back she told him that she needed to prove something to herself and though feeling incredibly nervous wanted to walk the length of the beach and back on her own .. When she returned she told him that it wasn’t such a wise idea because a couple of blokes had come on to her and had expressed disbelief that she was with a man, and that one of them was staring at her right now, and she was scared that he might walk over and start pestering her.  Pretending to be very nervous she asked Ralph to put his arms around her and give her a snog so that the nonexistant bloke would believe that she was with her lover. Ralph was more then happy to oblige and lay on top of her while she pretended to see if the pretend suitor was watching, and told Ralph to keep going. She told me that he got very embarrassed because he had a raging hard on pressed against her, but she told him that it was only natural and not to feel ashamed of it.. On the way back she kept saying it had been a stupid idea to do the dare and kept thanking Ralph for probably stopping her getting raped. The next stage I instructed her to follow was to engage him in play fighting around the house, something else that he was more then escort bayan ready to do for the accidental rubbing and feeling chances. As though coincidentally one day I got chatting about play fighting, and told him to get the legs wide apart because it made it impossible to get up, and to use his own crutch to pin her down . I also mentioned that if their was someone else watching the girl wouldn’t say anything if there was an embarrassing event going on which they might do otherwise if they were alone. He guessed that I was priming him to do just that so that he could enjoy himself with her being to embarrassed to draw attention to it, while I copped an eyeful and kept my mouth shut. I told her of the conversation and instructed her to get into a play fight with him in her dressing gown, to lose as normal, let the gown fall open and to thrust her groin against him pretending to buck him off, and to act as though she was getting a thrill which she was trying to hide. It was her idea to get him into his dressing own as well by saying that she was putting the clothes he had on into the wash. He had some idea that something was going on and was happy to do so. I took a mini camera with me just incase and set it beforehand, I didn’t know if I’d get to use it but didn’t want to waste anytime if I got the opportunity, and put it in my jacket side pocket. Ralph duly started a playfight, thinking that it was his own idea, and Jenny put up a very convincing struggle before ending up on her back on the couch with her legs apart,Ralph between them and her weakened bucks just failing to throw him off but rubbing her hairy cunt against his erection which I could just see from the side. She said that she was going to “accidently”get her gown to come open and her sons also but she told me later that he managed to do it very slyly himself. She also told me that she didn’t have to pretend to be getting a thrill, but acted embarrassed and exhausted while he lay on top of her. With a little bit of wriggling around to try and “escape” , she manouvered his cock, ( quite small ) into her cunny with a look of apparent surprise, and lay there as if frozen with embarrassment while he slowly fucked it in and out (So that I wouldn’t see him doing it I think, but he was so far gone he wouldn’t have stopped for an Earthquake) . All this while I was pretending that I had only copped a couple of sidelong glances and wasn’t aware of what was happening. I waited till he sighed and stopped as he tried to come without me noticing it , whipped out the camera and took a pic.

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