How I Spent My Summer Vacation… Pt. 01

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How I Spent My Summer Vacation Pt. 01 by Carol Hitchcock

ROGUEWRITER’S AUTHOR NOTE – The following story is fiction. FICTION. I’ll even underline it for you-FICTION. If you are minor or it is illegal to read this stuff in your area, or you don’t like reading about the kind of stuff in the header- DON’T READ THIS STORY. Otherwise enjoy the hell out of yourself.

CAROL’S AUTHOR NOTE – You remember writing these stupid things when you were young, right? The first assignment when school started in the fall was to make a report about what you did on summer vacation. It was like the teachers were trying to remind you of all the things you weren’t going to be doing from now on. They wanted you to know that you’ve had your fun, now it’s all work, and they could even turn what fun you had into work. The icing on the cake was when they’d ask you what you learned over the summer, which put pressure on you to think of something more worthy than finding out a human being could double-dutch for thirty minutes non-stop. I guess I decided on this title because I finally had something really interesting to write after a summer vacation. Well, interesting isn’t quite the word to describe what happened. What follows was more of a life-changing experience. You’ll see.


I stood with my hand on the doorknob to the bathroom, my mind flooded with images of what lay on the other side. There would be blood, lots of it. The time to call for an ambulance might be long gone, and for every second I hesitated her chance to live might be slipping away. But fear kept me from turning the knob. Fear of what I would see when I opened the door. Fear that I’d blame myself for it. Fear of knowing I’d made such grave errors in judgment. The whole thing was my fault anyway, if I’d just done the right thing in the first place. Then the pain in my head reminded me both of us might need that ambulance. I had to do it now. As I turned the knob, I’ll always remember KMFDM playing in the background, just because it was so fitting.

This whole thing started two weeks ago in another bathroom, many miles away. I stood in the shower that morning, with the water splashing me right in the face, trying to figure out how I was going to break up with my girlfriend. It was something I’d put off for too long. I told myself I’d do it at the end of the semester and today was the last day of finals. It wasn’t going to be easy because I really like Kim. She’s funny, beautiful, and can be really sweet when she tries. I get along with her better than anyone I’ve ever known, and she’s tons of fun to hang out with- too much fun, which is the problem. No way around it, I had to do this. My future as a college student was riding on it. I had to take charge of my life.

I heard Kim walk into the bathroom. “Good morning, whore.”

“Hey bitch,” I responded. Calling each other offensive names was our thing, the worse the better. Don’t ask me how it started, and I don’t think she would remember either.

I could hear Kim brushing her teeth. There we stood on opposite sides of the shower curtain- she was simply getting ready for the day and I was standing under the spraying water, not even washing myself anymore, trying to figure out how to break up with her. I stared at the curtain, imagining how she looked on the other side.

Kim has a thin body with long, straight blond hair, a cute face topped with a button nose and the most piercing set of blue eyes I’ve ever seen. She could be a model except for the fact that she’s a shrimp, standing only 5’3″. But with those looks she could probably still become an actress, which shouldn’t be too hard since acting out is something she does regularly.

Just thinking about her looks made me feel ugly. Of course, my mother would yell at me if she knew I was thinking that. Mom would chastise me every time I looked in some women’s fashion magazine in the checkout line at the store because she knew I was comparing myself to the models in there. She’d say it was lucky we couldn’t afford those magazines, otherwise I’d look at those pictures all the time and never eat again. But what mom didn’t realize was that I didn’t think of my body as a problem. I stand 5’6 and weigh 135 pounds, and my C-cup breasts are bigger than some of the models in those magazines. My body has some decent curves and I have dark shoulder length hair with naturally tight ringlets that I know some women wish they had. What I didn’t like was my face. It’s so plain. Nothing particularly striking about it except a few freckles on my checks, and for me that’s striking in the wrong way.

“Your mother didn’t need to look like that to get my attention,” my Dad would say, “any woman that can operate a tractor does it for me.” Then she’d throw something at him and we’d all laugh, or she’d grab the skillet and make a show of chasing him around the kitchen. I smiled thinking about my parents.

Kim pulled the shower curtain back. “Any room izmit escort for me in here?”

“As long as you don’t hog the soap.”

She stepped in and put her body up against mine. Our nipples poked against one another. “Soap isn’t what I was looking for.” Kim gave my lips a few soft, wet kisses, each one lingering a little longer until her tongue worked its way into my mouth. I wrapped my arms around her and cupped her ass, one hand on each cheek. My fingertips lightly traced her globes until her hands grabbed me behind my head and pulled me harder into the kiss. That’s when my hands took a firm hold of her butt and roughly kneaded her cheeks, making her moan in my mouth. Our bodies pressed hard up against one another as our tongues came close to violence. The one thing you could never say about Kim and I was that we weren’t passionate lovers.

I kissed my way down to her left nipple, letting my teeth graze over it as my lips sucked on the rest of the areole and my hand caressed the underside. I went over to the other one and gave it the same treatment, after which I went back up to let our tongues play together again. Our passionate kiss continued as her arms replaced her hands around my head.

I broke the kiss and got on my knees, lightly kissing her shaved mound. Kim put a hand on my head and stroked my hair as the light kisses gave way to my tongue licking the area. As she mewed and moaned, my hands rubbed along her thighs and legs, finally going back around to her ass and the fingers of my left hand went sliding up and down the crack. My right hand reached up and grabbed the bottle of liquid soap on the ledge. It took some fumbling around, but I managed to squirt some onto my fingers and my hand took its place between her ass cheeks again. My index finger found her anus and I slowly pressed into her asshole.

“Mmmm,” she moaned, “It’s way too early in the morning for anal.” I laughed, then complied by pulling out and letting my other hand move between her legs as she spread them slightly, sliding my finger back and forth along her lips to build momentum. Finally I curled my index finger and slowly slid it into her slit until I was most of the way in.

“Uhhhhh,” was all she said as I let my finger sit in there, allowing her to prepare. There was a sharp intake of breath as I slowly pulled my finger out to the tip, then slowly moved back in again, gradually increasing speed every few thrusts until I had a good pace going. At that point I began licking again. Her face contorted slightly as I did this, the corner of her mouth dipping down from its smile to what almost looked like discomfort. That’s something I never understood about the look on someone’s face when they receive pleasure, sometimes it looks like they’re in pain.

Kim let out a loud moan as the orgasm took hold of her. We were both very loud when it came to sex, but Kim had the highest level between the two of us. For a small girl, she made a lot of noise. And in a bathroom, it sounded like a concert hall full of screaming fans, especially when I slipped a second finger into her pussy. When she finished I took out my fingers slowly and stood up. I held up my fingers and licked them, tasting her sweet honey.

“Let me guess,” she said. “It needs salt.”

“Actually I was thinking thyme.” Kim laughed and slapped my finger aside. “Oh,” she said in mock discovery. “Lookee here.” Her head moved to my right breast and I felt her warm lips cover my nipple and suck on it, then pull away as her tongue came out and gave the long, slow licks that she knew made me squirm. Her hand went between my legs and found the skin under my pubic hairs. I spread my legs a little to give her some room and her finger slid into a very comfortable place. My upper body stood up straight as my eyes closed and my mouth opened. I didn’t need to see Kim to know she was smiling. She went to work on my left breast with her tongue as her finger moved around between my legs, eliciting sharp intakes of breath on my part.

Kim pulled away from my chest and looked into my eyes as her finger found my hole and slipped in a little. It met some resistance, so she held back and then slid in some more. I probably made my own pained looks as Kim’s finger started to move in and out of me, faster and faster, until she had her own rhythm going. My jaw dropped open as I started to moan, gradually increasing in volume until it almost matched Kim’s loud calls of pleasure. She took my left nipple in between her teeth and bit down a little as she continued to finger me, which managed to throw me over the edge. I had my face in her hair as I came, most of it was still dry and I breathed in her scent. I realized how much I was going to miss it.

Later, when we were getting dressed, Kim asked, “By the way, when are you leaving for home?”

I sighed. Telling her this was another thing I’d put off. “I’m not.”

“You’re not going home for the whole summer?”

“I can’t afford to. Plane fare is yahya kaptan escort too much and you know that heap of shit with four wheels I own won’t make it out of town, let alone through Texas. I’ll just stay here and work for the summer, earn up some money. Maybe if I work up enough for a plane ticket I can go see my folks by the end of July.”

Kim had this sad look on her face. I couldn’t tell if she was sad for me or bothered by the fact that if she hadn’t asked I might have never mentioned it. This was one of those times in our relationship that our financial differences made for an awkward moment. I wasn’t sure if I was more embarrassed for myself or for her. We finished dressing in silence and I headed out the door.

Outside the day was like any other in Arizona- bright, hot and dry. My car was not being cooperative as I kept trying to turn it over. Kim came out and jumped into her new BMW, started it and yelled to me once the top folded down.

“Hey! You want a ride to campus?”

Say yes, I told myself, that way you can break up with her during the ride. “No thanks. I’ll get this thing started if I have to shoot it.”

Kim shook her head. “You stubborn Southern slut.”

I smiled. “Get out of here witch.”

Kim smiled, put on a pair of designer sunglasses that cost more than my car, and sped off. She had given me an easy opportunity to break it to her and I let it go. I tried to console myself by thinking if I’d taken the ride and broken up with her, how was I going to get home?


I struggled through my Chemistry exam. Science has never been my strong suit, but thoughts of how and when I was going to break up with Kim kept interrupting me as well. After the exam I walked to the office of my Creative Writing professor to drop off my final assignment. He was talking to another student, so I just dropped the paper on his desk. But before I could walk away he asked if I could wait for a moment. When the other student left he shut the door.

“At the beginning of the semester I thought you were going to be one of my A students, Carol.”

His glare was more sad than stern. Regardless, my eyes couldn’t get any higher than his desk.

“Most of the other students were just getting a requirement out of the way. But you told me the first day you wanted to be a writer your whole life. Did you change your mind?”

“No. I just…got distracted.”

He sighed. “Distractions are the number one killer for a writer. And you’ve got to learn to live with them, one way or the other, because they’ll always be there no matter what you do.”

I still couldn’t meet his gaze when my voice softy uttered, “I know.”

“Well, here’s something you may not know,” He held up something that made me look. It was the first story I’d turned in that semester. “This is talent,” he said, and then held up a paper from late in the semester, “and this is talent squandered.”

I wanted to tell him all about it, explain the situation. This was a good guy, one of the friendly, fun professors that know how to instruct without making it too hard on you, someone who really enjoys teaching and isn’t simply bitter that this was the best job they could get in their profession. I wanted to get his opinion on how I should handle Kim, but something told me not to. I didn’t think he’d have a problem with me being a lesbian, I just felt like breaking up with her was something I needed to do myself, without a safety net. Besides, I’d already let the guy down, I didn’t want to start talking about clubs, drinking and drugs and make him even more disappointed in me.

“Do you want to talk about it?” he asked.

Great, everybody was trying to make it easy for me today. “Not really, if you don’t mind,” I said. “But it’s something I’m going to handle. I promise.” I walked out of there before I said anything more.

An hour later I sat at a diner, staring at a plate of fries and thinking about how my entire future was at stake. I’m just a poor farm girl from Kentucky who managed to get two scholarships to a college in Arizona. In order to keep those scholarships I have to keep my grade point average above a certain level, and those scholarships are important because I almost couldn’t even afford to travel out here, let alone pay tuition.

In high school I was completely focused on my schoolwork and finished at the top of my class. My reputation as a nerd kept me away from the party crowd, with the added bonus of an excuse for why I wasn’t dating boys. I was determined to get out of town and applied for every scholarship available. When I was leaving, my mom said, “Now don’t let any boys get between you and the books.” She had no idea what a non-issue that was. And I figured my romantic life wasn’t going to be a problem. How many lesbians can there be in a small Arizona college anyway?

Turned out this was my first experience learning about my inexperience, gebze escort and on a college campus people experiment. The first month it was my roommate. I was nervous because I’d only fooled around with one other girl before, but she’d never had sex with a woman and that took some of the pressure off me. One of her friends was looking to experiment as well, but neither of them wanted a commitment, which was fine because that way my studies didn’t suffer. But at the beginning of the second semester I got cocky. I thought, ‘this is no big deal, I can have a social life”, so I went out to a club with my roommate and that’s where I met Kim. She was at the DJ booth trying to get the guy to play KMFDM. They just happen to be one of my favorite bands and Kim and I started talking. Soon we found out music wasn’t all we had in common and after a few dates we became a steady item.

Even though I was a nerd, I drank and smoked weed with a few friends occasionally when I was in high school, (ever since the farming industry in Kentucky took a dive most people in my area at least knows someone who grows weed.) But back then I only boozed or toked occasionally. After I started dating Kim it became a regular thing, always threatening to get worse. While pot is as far up on the drug ladder I go, Kim does Ecstasy and cocaine here and there and has offered both to me many times. The problem is that Kim is a girl from a very rich family, and because of that she doesn’t have to worry about money or getting a good job if she doesn’t graduate from school. She lives the party lifestyle and goes out dancing all the time. Kim’s the type who will call you at 11pm on a Sunday night to go out to a club, something she’s done to me plenty of times.

So the second semester progressed with me going out with Kim all the time, getting wasted and partying to all hours of the night. This behavior, or misbehavior, left little time for my schoolwork. While I always handed in papers and assignments on time, the quality of my work left plenty to be desired. My grades dropped and after midterms I realized I was in trouble. I cut down on the partying enough to work my grades up and just make the GPA I needed to keep my scholarships. I studied my ass off to ace all my final exams. But I realized where the root of my problem was, and I knew I had to cut it off or I’d never make it through the next semester. This is why I had to break up with her.

I kept putting it off because I liked being with Kim so much, but even then I knew it was a flawed reason. While she’s nice to me, I’ve seen Kim be very nasty to others, especially her parents, which is a hard thing to watch since they seem like great people. I’ve spoken to her mom on the phone several times and she’s the sweetest lady, always taking the time to talk to me and asks how my family is doing even though she’s never met them. Her dad sounds like a fun guy and usually has a good joke to tell me if I answer the phone. Kim told me her parents never let her forget that she was ‘The Great Mistake’ (she was a surprise during their second year of college), but from everything I’ve seen they give her everything she wants and she still treats them like crap. Almost every phone conversation with her mom ends with Kim cursing at her. I started to wonder if my desire to stay with Kim was simply due to the fact that she’s the only other lesbian I’ve met and I didn’t want to break that connection.

The waitress came up to me and looked at my untouched fries, then gruffly asked if I wanted anything else. She was in her early fifties and her face looked to be in a state of perpetual anger. I told her just the check and she scribbled on her pad, tore off the sheet and tossed the paper on the table as she probably has hundreds of thousands of times over the past God-knows how many years. As she sauntered off I wondered if she once had an opportunity to do something more with her life and lost it. I picked up a French fry and ate it, realizing how stupid I was being. There are plenty of other lesbians I could meet. I had to get away from Kim before she doomed me back to the life of poor farm girl, or worse, working the checkout line at the Safeway Mart like so many others I’d graduated with.


Half an hour later I was at Kim’s place. On the way I’d stopped by a bar where I knew I could get served, but I didn’t even walk through the door. If I went inside I’d still be there a few hours from now. I had to take charge of my life. Taking a deep breath, I thought of the waitress as I used the key Kim had given me to get in. She was on the couch with a drink in her hands and a bottle of vodka on the table.

“You fucking lush,” I said, but when she looked up I saw the tears in her eyes and that took all the wind out of my sails. “What’s wrong?” I asked.

Kim shook her head. “My folks. Of course something had to come up. I told you about the trip to Rio, right?” I nodded. Kim and her parents were going to Rio de Janeiro for three weeks at a house her family had there. “They just called. Something with Dad’s business came up and they can’t make the trip now.”

I smiled sympathetically. “I’m sorry, I know you were looking forward to this.”

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