Hot in the City

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Staring out of the window, Beth watches the random army of people all bustling about, totally oblivious of one another, busily playing out their hectic lives. She wonders how many of them are truly happy with the life that they are now leading, how many of them actually stop to think about it?

She feels invisible, like a voyeur. She loves to “people watch,” but at the same time it makes her feel isolated and alone. Why can’t she just accept the life that fate has dealt her? Why can’t she make the most of it and allow her life to play out its course? She knows the answer to this question. Her inner passion is burning a hole through her very core. She’s yearning for her spirit to feel free to explore life’s many wonders. She wants to find a man whose passion could invigorate her, whose mind could inspire and stimulate her.

She’s lost in her thoughts. Her brown eyes gaze at the unseeing world. She doesn’t notice him watching her.

Her alluring beauty has him transfixed. His eyes bore into her soul, trying to understand why this beautiful woman looks so sad.

Taking a sip of her tea, she allows herself time to survey the room. The small cafe is almost deserted. The waitress by the counter is attempting to appear busy. The elderly couple in the corner are bitching and bickering over their toasted sandwiches. Then she notices him, her cheeks flushing pink as she realizes she is being watched.

Her eyes lock onto his as she smiles demurely, a smile that has him captivated, her eyes so full of passion and a wicked mischievousness. He has to know more about this mysterious woman. Taking her smile as an invitation, Jake takes a deep breath and walks over to the corner where Beth is sitting. “Is this seat taken?” he asks, immediately embarrassed by the corny line he has just uttered.

Beth looks up and smiles radiantly “no not at all” she says. She is intrigued by this stranger.

Jake sits down and they begin chatting about everything and nothing, the conversation interrupted every now and then by Beth’s uncontrollable giggles. Engaged in each other completely, they don’t notice the hours slipping by. Suddenly Beth breaks the conversation “I’m starving.” She giggles again.

“Ok,” says Jake. “What do you fancy?”

A wicked smile Escort bayan whips across Beth’s face “What are my choices?” she jokes, raising an eyebrow and grinning.

“Well we could go out and get something to eat…or I have some steaks at home…”

Beth’s grin answers his question and they set off for Jake’s apartment, stopping on the way to pick up some wine. The apartment was neat but that wasn’t the first thing that Beth noticed about it. At the opposite end of the lounge was a pair of French doors that opened onto a balcony high above the city streets, the view stretching far and wide. “Wow” says Beth “that’s quite a view!”

“Yeah” grins Jake “it can be fun”

Jake fires up the grill and marinates the steaks. Beth opens the wine and sits at the counter chattering away, never taking her eyes off him. His thick shoulders and toned body cause her mind to fill with many naughty thoughts, thoughts that make her pussy moist with anticipation. They sit down and begin to eat the steaks that Jake has prepared.

Beth is impressed by his culinary skills and hopes his bedroom skills are up to a similar standard. “A man of many talents I see” she says. Her tongue lightly grazes the rim of her wine glass as she begins to slide her bare foot up the inside of Jake’s calf, never breaking eye contact with him. Her foot searches up Jake’s inner thigh and finally settles against the now-obvious bulge in his jeans. She squeezes gently with her toes, causing Jake to let out a sigh of pleasure, his cock painfully straining to be released.

Leaning forward to adjust his position, Jake shifts the table and accidentally knocks the bottle of red wine over, dousing Beth. Her shocked expression turns to giggles as he leaps up to help her and knocks his own glass over, adding to the mess. “I’m so sorry” says Jake. His cheeks flush with a mixture of embarrassment and desire, as he looks at Beth’s white dress now stained with red wine and clinging to her taut body. “You’d better get out of that and let me soak it” says Jake, flashing her a grin.

“Which way is the bathroom?” Beth asks, grinning back.

Jake walks her across the room to the bathroom “Let me get you something to wear.” He says, leaving her at the door. He disappears into his Bayan Escort bedroom. He returns a minute later with a shirt in his hand.

Beth is standing in the bathroom totally naked. “Mind if I jump in the shower?” she asks with a glint in her eye.

“Not at all” replies Jake. “Mind if I join you?”

“Thought you’d never ask.” She says, running her hands across her chest, causing her nipples to harden under her delicate touch.

She steps into the shower under the steaming jet of water, leaning forward as she climbs in to give Jake a wonderful view of her perfect peach.

His cock angrily strains to be released from their denim prison at the sight before him. A moment later he is behind her, his hands slipping round her waist, one hand moving up to fondle her breasts, the other sliding down her stomach. His fingers follow the line of her landing strip and part her lips.

Beth moans at his expert touch as his mouth caresses her neck, biting gently, his tongue tasting her sweet flesh. His aching cock presses between the cheeks of her ass.

Beth’s wetness coats his fingers as he slides them inside her, pressing against the walls of her throbbing sex. Her body is pinned against his as ripples of pleasure spread through her muscles, causing her to grind her pussy against his fingers. She can feel herself tightening as Jake brings her closer to orgasm, her breathing getting deeper, feeding the dizzying effects of his touch. Biting and sucking at her neck, Jake desperately tries to think of anything to take his mind off this moment, not wanting to spoil the moment by cumming before he has fucked this beautiful woman. He pinches her nipples, sending shivers of pain washing through her, crashing into the pleasure emanating from her pussy, exploding into an orgasm that rips through every inch of her body. Moaning loudly, panting as she leans against his muscular frame, pressing her buttocks against his rock-hard dick.

In a moment she turns, pinning him against the wall of the shower as she begins to lick and kiss her way down his chest. She moves down his stomach as her hand begins to caress his hardness. Her mouth arrives just a few agonizing seconds later, enveloping the tip with her hot mouth. Jake throws his head back, Escort fighting the urge to cum on the spot as Beth hungrily sucks on him, working his cock with her lips and tongue.

He can’t hold back anymore as she slips her other hand around his side, parting his buttocks and sliding a wet finger into his ass. He shoots his hot seed into her throat as she sucks deeply, drinking him down. His hands on her head, fingers tangled in her hair, fucking her mouth until the last drop is spent.

Beth stands up, licking her lips and smiling wickedly, kissing Jake deep on his mouth. Her tongue that was moments ago working his cock into a frenzied orgasm was now searching his mouth, battling with his tongue as she presses her body against his. Her insatiable appetite driving her body forward, wanting to feel the wave of another orgasm. He desperately wants to pleasure her in every way possible.

Turning off the shower, Jake grabs some towels and hands one to Beth. He kisses her deeply. “Let’s take this somewhere more comfortable” he growls at her, feeling a stirring in his loins again. He slips his hand over her buttock and imagines spreading those cheeks as his tongue works her two holes.

“I want you to fuck me” Beth moans in his ear, her hot breath sending shivers through his body.

Sweeping her up into his arms, he carries her through to the lounge. It’s a hot, sticky evening. Jake walks over to open the doors to the small balcony. Beth follows him out and stands there, high above the bustling streets, perfect in her nakedness. She leans against the railing “Fuck me right here” she purrs, grabbing him and pulling him close.

In a moment Jake is hard again, his cock pressing against her, wanting to impale her throbbing pussy, wanting to fuck her with the whole city as their audience. He lifts her up against the railing.

She wraps her legs around his waist as his throbbing penis finds the entrance to her sweet spot.

He slips inside her, allowing her weight to press against him, driving him deep. He spins her around so her back is pressed against the outer wall, fucking her hard as the world watches.

Beth screams and pants with lust as Jake thrusts into her, right to the hilt.

Her nails claw his back as another orgasm tears through her flesh. Her juices coat his cock, dripping down over his balls.

Sucking at her hard nipples, his hands firmly grip her buttocks, spreading them as his finger tips tease her asshole…his mind wanders to his cock’s next port of call.

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