Horn Dogs

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Dana had no intention of going back to Sean’s place to cap off their second date, but after a few rounds of drinks at the lounge and a couple hours of serious flirting, she could no longer resist his offer. They were both hot for each other and recently out of failed relationships. Normally, she would have refused, but after months of feeling neglected both emotionally and physically, she was aching to feel—and to be—desired once more.

Sean was hot for her the moment her saw her pictures in her online profile, but in person, she was even hotter. With the body of a top-notch model and the polished look of a sultry, high-end porn-star, Sean had hit the jackpot. From the moment he saw her walk into the lounge until the moment they left the establishment arm-in-arm, he had a difficult time concealing his constant erection—one that pressed achingly up against his pants and was begging to be released from its pen.

Little did he know Dana was having a tough time controlling her own desires. She could feel her panties moistening ever so slowly as the evening progressed, and found them completely soaked when she peeled them off in the ladies’ room right before they paid the check. The night was still young, she was feeling a nice buzz, and she was ready for whatever Sean had in mind.

They groped at each other the entire cab ride home, providing plenty of entertainment for Manny, their driver. Hands roamed free; tongues explored ears, necks, chests, and breasts; and sighs got louder and more pronounced. Once dropped at their destination, Dana was primed for sex.

Mark fondled her mound under her thin, pastel colored skirt with one hand while fumbling through his keys with the other. Dana tongued his earlobe and neck while she squeezed firmly at his crotch and tugged at the zipper on his slacks.

All systems were go. Within minutes, he would be inside of her, plowing the shit out of her eager pussy with his massive rod—or so she thought.

She could hear some short, uneven barking from inside the foyer as Sean unlocked the door. When he pushed it back, a small Jack Russell terrier burst out onto the porch and circled at their feet while barking feverishly.

“Dickie, stop,” he commanded while kneeling down and extending his hand to the dog’s head in an effort to settle him.

“Oh wow,” returned Dana. “You have a Jack,” she continued while reaching down to let him sniff her hand.

“Yeah,” he said, while Dickie continued his furious barking. “Settle down, Dickie… Stop.”

Dickie ignored his master and continued to yap while eyeballing Dana intently. Sean then grabbed her by the Gaziantep Escort İlanları waist and escorted her inside, while Dickie continued his tirade and nipped at Sean’s heels.

“Fuck, man. Stop,” he commanded, shaking his foot at him. But it was no use. Dickie failed out of obedience school and was completely out of control.

He turned to Dana and said, “Just ignore him. He’ll stop.”

“Now, where were we?”

He grabbed her from around the waist and behind the knees and lifted her up. He quickly carried her straight to the bedroom while she pawed at him lustfully, and tossed her down on the bed. He ran his hand under her skirt and groped her warm and completely soaked mound while she ripped open his shirt and ran her tongue over his chest and nipples. She unzipped his fly and pulled his massive cock free from his pants. She stroked him hard while he jammed two of his fingers into her oozing pussy then forcefully massaged her canal.

Sean used one hand to pull his slacks through his legs and the other to continue to explore. He kicked his shoes off with his heels then jumped on top of her. She threw her top over her head and tossed it at the foot of the bed, then wrapped her arms around his back tightly and bit his neck with her teeth. Just as she felt him enter, with eyes closed, she turned her head and sighed deeply. His girth filled her like never before and she pushed her pelvis up toward him to take the full length of his hog.

She sighed again in delight before opening her eyes, as she settled into the sensation, and drew her arms tighter around his back in an effort to pull him deeper. But when she opened her eyes, she saw Dickie—with tail extended straight out from his hindquarters—standing at attention in the doorway. His eyes were transfixed on hers in a menacing way, and that made her uneasy.

“Uh, Sean,” she asked, just as he started to thrust. “What’s he doing?”

Sean crooned his neck and looked at Dickie. He nodded as if to shoo him away before turning his attention back on Dana.

“Don’t worry about him,” he said as he bit at her neck and ear. “He likes to watch. He’ll just get bored and go away.”

Although this left her a bit unnerved, she was too jacked up to completely care. She settled back into him and felt him further open her pussy with each new stroke. He was big and wide, and he filled her cavern up like no one ever had before. Her pussy continued spilling more and more juice as he rhythmically pounded her into her bliss. She was on the threshold of cumming when she heard some loud squeaking coming from the far corner of the room.

She lifted her head to find Dickie, now on the left side of the room near a closet, heavily working over a stuffed animal in the shape of a weird overgrown chicken. He was on top of it, with legs spread wide, and was thrusting into the soft belly of little beast; with each thrust forward producing the squeaking sound that was echoing through the room.

“Oh fuck, what the fuck,” she said in an exasperated tone, while feeling her orgasm build even more. “What’s up with your fucking dog?” she asked in short, rapid breaths.

“Fuck, just ignore him. He does that,” returned Sean, while continuing to work her over.

Just then, her orgasm hit like a freight train. She grabbed him tight and let out a long wail, as she felt it spill over and encompass her. Dickie stopped what he was doing and chimed right in, adding some high-pitched yapping of his own before beginning to howl.

Sean stopped himself from thrusting for just a moment, and stayed inside her as her pussy contracted around his hog. She melted into the bed and sighed long and deep then raked her fingers through her hair.

“My God, that was incredible,” she said while gazing at Sean. “Did you cum?”

“Not even close,” he said before going back to work to give her some more.

Dana turned her head to one side and realized the squeaking had stopped. Now, Dickie was standing at the foot of the bed, eyeing her up, while panting rapidly.

“Go away,” she commanded. “Shoo. Bad dog.”

Dickie ignored her wishes and continued to stare, while Sean continued to thrust. As he picked up the pace, his breathing intensified. He felt his orgasm build and that just got him more charged up. Dana’s canal was slick, hot, and was pulsating around his cock, pulling him deeper inside of her with each thrust forward. His balls had tightened and his hammering was becoming more violent. Sean was getting close, and Dana was loving it.

She could feel another orgasm begin to build quickly and dangle on the precipice. She was close to cumming once again.

The sighs, moans, and groans became louder, and that just sent Dickie into a frenzy of his own. He jumped onto the bed, quickly positioned himself over Dana’s shoulder, and began thrusting. Before she knew it, she felt a hot, slimy membrane on her clavicle. Out of the throes of passion, she opened her eyes and could see the red-man, only inches from her cheek, sliding across her shoulder in a rapid motion.

“Eeek!” she yelled, and jumped up, forcing Dickie off the bed and landing on the carpet with a small thud. “Eww!” she shrieked between clenched teeth while smearing at her shoulder with the palm of her hand.

“He violated my shoulder with his little dick!” she said, while pushing Sean to an upright position.

“Dickie, you little fuck! Get the fuck out!”

Sean ran into the bathroom and doused a washrag with warm water. He jumped back on the bed and wiped down her shoulder before turning and throwing it at Dickie, who was now back in the doorway but continuing to watch the action.

Sean then got back to work.

“That little fucker won’t bother us anymore.”

Dickie sat motionless at the entrance to the room, but remained aroused. The red-man was still out of its cage, and was lightly grazing the carpet. Sean and Dana had worked themselves back up into a frenzy and were now both on the precipice of climaxing. As they thrust into each other harder and louder, Dickie sprang back into action.

He jumped on the bed and took up position against Sean’s ass. He began thrusting while being bounced on and off his ride at the force of the thrusting below. Sean knew Dickie was behind him and could feel the slight graze of the red-man against his ass cheek but he didn’t care. He was at the point of no return.

As he came hard, he pulled out, rested his ass on her pelvis, and shot wave after wave of his load across her torso and neck. She threw her head back in ecstasy and violently came in a torrent of fluid, spraying Dickie with her love juice in its wake. After being momentarily stunned, Dickie jumped off the bed and began yapping once more. He shook himself off and shot around to the side of the bed. He jumped back up on it, right next to Dana, and steadied himself over her.

He could smell a new, bizarre scent in the area, and quickly traced it to the load on Dana’s chest. He pounced on her and began licking, as she shrieked in horror and disgust.

Dana grabbed Dickie with both hands and threw him to the floor. She then sat up and pushed Sean backwards, causing him to lose his balance and fall backwards off the bed.

“You and your fucking asshole dog!” she yelled in anger. “Fuck this!”

She reached down for her top and pressed it against her cum-ladened breasts. She then jumped off the bed and ran down the hall while Dickie chased her from behind and yapped at her furiously.

When she reached the door, she grabbed one of her stiletto heels and said, “You want some more of this? Have your asshole master jerk off in your dog bowl, you little fuck!”

She took aim and fired her shoe at him, bouncing it square off the top of his head. Dickie spun around and ran back down the hall with his tail between his legs. She then opened the door and ran out of the house, slammed the door behind her violently, and ran down the street in both panic and disgust.

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