His Best Gift Ever

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I’m Darius Tairesh, a 19-years-old male who lives only with his sister, Clarisse Tairesh, somewhere on a house just south-east of Los Angeles, California. Well, I’m a pervert myself and loves sniffing dirty panties in a regular basis. My sister’s panties is just, over-the-top, and I always spend my free time by going to the bathroom and try to find Clarisse’s panties and soak it on my nose until I cum as much as I can. Anyways, let me tell you a little about myself, I’m a guy who owns a 7-inch penis, I masturbate almost 3 times a day and have been dreaming to fuck my sister, Clarisse, for a really really long time. She’s hot and has a habit of wearing shorts, short skirts or anything that only reaches her thighs. She has a normal-sized breast, she is used to wearing tight sleeveless shirt by the way. Her hair is long and is always pulled to a pony-tail, her eyes is as blue as the sky and her face is clean as hell. There’s only one thing I can describe her: she’s extremely beautiful.

It was currently 7:00AM of the morning, I only have 30 minutes left or else I’ll arrive late on my school’s graduation day. I just got awarded a 1st honor, and I’m so happy about it. After taking a bath, changed my outfit, combed my hair, and masturbated for a while, I went downstairs and was about to go to school when suddenly I saw my sister watching the TV. She was wearing a short shorts, a pink sleeveless shirt and his hair was fixed on a ponytail position. Her legs was long and sexy, I can feel my dick growing just by staring at it for 5 seconds. Man, I really want to ask her if she would like to have sex with me but I can’t, because she’s 23 years old and she’s years older than me.

“Darius, before you go, I would like to tell you something.” she said as she turned her view towards me “Since you’re graduating as a first honor, I’m going to give you a gift later, a gift that you will never forget.”

A gift that I will never forget? Is it going to be the PS4 I’ve been wanting for a while? Whatever it is, I’m so excited for it. I nodded and went out to go to school.

Time went by, it was already 1:35PM of the afternoon. I went home and noticed that Clarisse had finished watching the TV. I went upstairs and changed my outfit. School was amazing, there was a bunch of games and I had fun, and the best thing: it’s vacation! Fuck yeah!

After changing my appearance, I went downstairs and tried searching for my sister. I checked the kitchen, the bathroom, living room but still I wasn’t able to find her. There’s only one place I need to check: her bedroom. I mersin escort knocked on her room door, it was locked.

“Clarisse, it’s me, Darius. Are you there?” I yelled as I knock the door.

I waited for a reply, then she answered “Come in. I’ve got a surprise for you.”

Oh my! Yes, the surprise I’ve been waiting for ever since she told me about it earlier morning. I held the door knob, twisted it and pushed the door. I saw what was inside, and my only reaction was: what the fuck?. My cock grew instantly, and you won’t believe what I saw: my sister, lying in bed, in a very short skirt and a very tight green sleeveless shirt. Her legs was spread so that I can see her yellow panties.

“You like it?” she asked with a creepy smile.

“Y-y-yes.” I said in a nervous tone, what else should I say? My sister in a sexy outfit, spreading her legs apart so her panties can be seen, a beautiful smile, hot legs. God damn it, I’m like in heaven. “I very very like it.”

“Lock the door please.” she replied as she sat up.

I followed what she commanded me to do. Penis kept growing, and it’s starting to hurt because there’s not much room left in my pants. As I locked the door, I felt something: Clarisse hugging me.

“Do you love me?” she whispered.

I feel like my cock is already releasing pre-cum. Why does she need to ask? We know that brothers and sisters should love each other. “Yes. I love you.”

I turned back, my sister was staring at my face. Her eyes was so beautiful, her sweet smile making me drive crazy. After for a few seconds, she suddenly pulled me and pushed me on the bed, then she sat on top of my cock which was still growing. She pulled up her sleeveless shirt and threw it aside. I was now staring at her breasts and nipples so brown. I felt like I want to touch it and suck her nipples until she cries.

“Wait, where’s the gift you told me?” I asked as fast as I could. Hoping it would be a PS4 or a PS3 or something else that I can use.

“This.” she answered me “This is your gift.”

I almost choked to death. This is my gift? Having sex with her? Does that mean, my dream of fucking her… has now came true? I quickly grabbed her breast and pulled it to my face. I insert her nipples inside my mouth and sucked it. She was moaning really loud.

“Auhhhhhhhhh!” she groaned.

The taste of her breast is so fucking great. I almost died and I thought I was in Heaven. I stopped eating it and then she lifted herself up and removed my pants. She took kocaeli escort a long stare at it before saying it.

“It’s already releasing pre-cum, Darius.” the way she said that in a very sexy tone almost made me unleash all my load in front of her hot face.

“Please, Clarisse, eat it! I want to cum inside you!” I yelled in a hurry.

She smiled and quickly opened her mouth and soaked my dick inside it. She did an up-and-down for a few seconds, I can still hear her moans. The feeling I’m having right now is just… amazing. It’s undescribable. Suddenly, my sight flashed 3 times, then my dick exploded in cums. I looked at Clarisse’s mouth and noticed semens were coming out, she was coughing but she still didn’t stopped drinking my liquids.

“Uhgggghh!” I moaned. I was gnashing my teeth and the feeling while cumming is just so great.

After cumming for like 8 seconds, she pulled her head out and coughed multiple times while semen was dripping from her mouth.

“Wow. Darius, that was a lot.” she said while grinning.

“I-I’m sorry if I let out too much!” I apologized.

“No. Don’t worry, I love it.” she answered, coughing for the last time. “Now, how about I ride you!”

Wait, what? I just ejaculated seconds ago, then her plan is to ride me? I’m pretty sure I won’t cum against since my balls looked like it’s already empty after releasing all available semens to her mouth. She stood up and removed her panties then threw it at my face. I sniffed it and almost passed out. The scent was deadly. Pee stains and poop stains and juices was scattered on the center.

I picked it up and threw it to the door. I saw my sister totally naked, her pussy was a bit dirty with small amounts of pubic hairs covering it and I can’t wait to taste it. She walked slowly to me, then I interrupted her.

“Wait. Before you ride me, c-could I taste your dirty pussy for awhile?” I asked while I swallowed my saliva.

“Sure, why not? After all, this is my gift so that means you can do anything to me. Cum inside me, make me cry, destroy my anus with your huge cock, kiss me until our mouth is full of saliva, fuck me for 24 hours.”

So I can do anything to my hot sexy sister. Fuck. I think I’m going to faint. This day might be my best day ever, I’m glad I was awarded a 1st honor. My sister sat on top of my face with her pussy still not attached to my nose. Then slowly she push it all the way to my face until I was already eating her labia. The aroma of her vagina is unbearable, it smelled samsun escort so good you might even perish. The taste is salty, and I really loved it.

“My god, Clarisse, your pussy taste and smelled so amazing.” I complimented.

“Awww.” she purred.

All of a sudden, she stood up without even saying anything. “A ride?” she asked as she show a sweet smirk. I nodded. Then she made her way to my cock, gripped it tightly and penetrated it to her dirty vagina.

I moaned in a low voice. I felt like I already want to unload my sweet thick cum inside. She slid her cunt up and down, making me and she moan louder and faster. I closed my eyes tightly, and suddenly I already don’t know what’s happening, all I was thinking is that my sister is fucking me. That’s all, nothing else, I was losing myself. Her sexiness is driving me wild crazy, I opened my eyes and noticed my sister was hugging me very tight. Her face was in front of me, then me and I opened our mouth and had a badass french-kiss together. Both of us were licking each other’s tongue until salivas were already dripping from our mouth.

She rode my cock faster and faster, my dick started to hurt, and I was already feeling my sperms flowing all the way up to the head of my 7-inch penis.

“C-Clarisse! I-I’m cumming!” I yelled, gritting my teeth as strong as I can.

“T-together! Let’s c-cum t-together!” she replied, inserting her tongue deeper to my mouth, allowing me to taste it and drink every saliva she drops to my throat.

I think I’m going to die right now. I was sweating really hard, and I’m about to unleash my milks inside her while she also ejaculates. God. I’ll never forget this day.

Then my eyes suddenly widened. Semens erupted from the tip of my cock, then I also felt Clarisse’s cums covering my huge dick. Tears were almost coming out from my eyes, I can’t handle this. Sperms were gushing out from my penis non-stop.

“Ughhhghhhhhh.” I moaned, losing my control and it feels like I’m being possessed.

Clarisse was yelling out loud, it seems like cumming inside is a pain for her. “D-Darius!” she hugged me, then I noticed that my sperms were leaking out from her vagina. I held her ass cheeks tightly while french-kissing her. My semen was still coming out, and it’s been 5 seconds since it started.

“Clarisse! I love you so much!” I shouted, with my cheeks blushing. Then, unexpected, I stopped cumming. I was breathing really hard, and it’s very hot. I was sweating and it looks like I just finished taking a bath. It was quiet, the only thing I can hear was Clarisse’s and my sighs.The first seven seconds was silent when my sister spoke.

“Darius.” she said.

I breathed really hard before replying, “Yes?”

“I have another gift for you.”

“Wait what?”

“A threesome. I’m going to call Katy, and the three of us will have fun the whole day.”

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