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Her sonMatt was just f******n when his mom started having sex with him. He was used to his naked mom as he still nursed her every day. She told him it was his duty to please his mom. She brought him naked to her bed and he would nurse as she stroked his young cock. When he was off her tit she then moved down and sucked his cock and his balls. Matt loved sex with his mom. She had never worn a bra so he could nurse her anytime he needed the milk. He loved to watch her mouth suck on his cock. She would suck it down to his balls and suck till he would cum. Before she swallowed she would stick her cum covered tongue out and he would lick some of the cum from her. Then she would swallow the rest. His favorite was when he got to lick her pussy. She kept it shaved and bald and he loved licking it. He was becoming a very good pussy boy. She had spread her legs and showed him what she wanted him to lick. He could suck her clit till she would cum. Then he would lick the cum from her cunt and push his tongue in deep. He loved to feel her cunt pulse on his tongue and cover it in her sweet cum. One night after he tongued fucked his mom and licked her cum she told him”Tonight you will now start fucking my cunt with your cock. I need a cock and it is time for you to satsify my need.” He then layed on her and pushed his cock to her cunt hole. “Slide it in all the way.” she instructed him. As he got his cock in the wet cunt “Now fuck your mom. Go in and out till you cum.” He did just that. He fucked his mom and loved his cock in her tight cunt. As he filled her with his cum digitalbahis yeni giriş he told her “I love fucking. I want to do it more.” She replied “Yes my son. You can fuck mommy any time you want to. Mommy needs lots of cock.” He fucked her three more time that night.Every night the son fucked and sucked his mom. He loved sex with his mom. On Saturday she told him she had a surprise for him. Then she stripped him naked and sucked his cock. As she was done the doorbell rang and she let two frineds in to see her naked son. She went to her son and told him “Today you are going to fuck my two friends. They are needing their pussy fucked and you are ready to get more more pussy.”The women removed their clothes and sat on the couch. Mom sat Matt between them. “You know what to do so just enjoy yourself and play with their bodies.” One lady pulled him to her tits and as he sucked them the other began to suck his cock. He loved two women and wanted to fuck them both. He then rolled over on the one sucking his cock and put his cock deep in her cunt. The other lady began to rub his ass and lick it. He was fucking the lady hard when he felt a finger go into his ass. This sensation was wonderful and it made him fill the lady with his cum. His mom then licked his cock clean as he sucked the womans tits. It did not take him long to get hard again.He then rolled over to the cunt of the other lady and rammed his cock in her cunt. She moaned and yelled, “Yes, fuck me with your cock. Fuck me hard.” And as he fucked her the first lady begn to digitalbahis giriş suck his balls. He loved fucking as his balls were sucked. He fucked longer this time and the lady was yelling for more. She loved cock and wanted to be fucked hard. When he came and filled her with cum he pulled his cock out and saw his cum drip from her hole. His mom pushed his head to her cunt and told him “Lick her cunt boy. Taste your cum with hers. Clean her cunt for her.” He than began to lick her and pushed a tongue into her fuck hole. He loved having these women to fuck and suck.His mom then told him to lay on his back. When he did that the frst lady sat on his face. His mom told him “Now lick her pussy as she moves and covers you with her cum.” Soon his face was covered in cum as she kept cumming as he kept licking. Suddenly he felt his cock going into the second lady’s mouth. She was sucking his cock as the first lady rode his face. He felt the suction on his cock get more intense and she was really sucking cock for him. “I love this young cock she told him.” And she sucked him deep in her mouth and felt him shoot cum down her throat. Soon it was time for them to leave but they would be back in a few days. They wanted him to fuck them more and they wanted to suck his cock. The first one wanted her ass fucked. His mom then told him to get in the bath tub as she was going to wash his ass and cock and then suck him more. He loved when his mom washed his cock. She usually ended up jerking him till he came. He saw her big tits still full of milk digitalbahis güvenilirmi and began to nurse. “I need tit milk mom.” Mom told him “That is ok baby. Nurse your mommy before we fuck more.” It felt good to have him nurse and remove some of the milk from her big tits. They would get real full and hurt. 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He loved her big tits that were always full of milk for him. He fucked his mom for close to an hour as her cum was running out her hole. He then yelled “Get ready mom. I am going to cum in your fucking cunt.” He then filled her with cum as it ran out and down her legs. Mom the moaned “Oh baby I am so glad I taught you how to fuck. You make mom so proud and you fuck better than any man.” He replied “Stay on your hands and knees because I am next going to put my cock in your ass and fuck you till you beg me to quit.” and that is what he did. He also fucked her cunt two more times.

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