Her favourite Aunt visits.

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Her favourite Aunt visits.Just a very short one. No build up, very little plot.My mother was out when I got home from school. She left me a note to let me know that Aunt Ruth was dropping by to pick up some photos that had been left for her. Aunt Ruth was my mum’s sister and she was the cool Aunt. Everyone loved her, especially me.I went upstairs to change out of my school uniform. I put on a white vest top and my pink shorts. I usually didn’t wear a bra around the house because my tits were small and it was just me and mum in the house anyway. As I finished getting dressed, I heard the front door open.”Hello, it’s me, Ruth. Are you home?”“Hi, Aunt Ruth. Mum’s out. I’ll be down in a second.”I ran downstairs and gave Aunt Ruth a big hug and kiss. She told me that I’d grown from the last time she saw me. She swore that I was growing like a beanstalk. She also said that I looked really beautiful.“I bet you have to beat the boys off with a stick,” Aunt Ruth said. I giggled because I wasn’t really into the boys. The girls excited me far more. I had the feeling that I was lesbian, but I kept it to myself.“Well Julie, you’re never too old to sit on Aunt Ruth’s lap,” she said with that sly smile she would always give.I knew the meaning behind that request. Aunt Ruth look osmaniye escort at me and tapped her lap. I straddled her and sat down on her thighs. I put my one arm around her back and my hand on her shoulder. She put her arms around my arse, pulled me close and we started to kiss. I put my tongue into her mouth and we kissed each other passionately. Aunt Ruth squeezing my arse.“Mmmm,” we both moaned.I was getting really excited the harder we kissed. I felt my nipples getting hard and that familiar tugging deep in my pussy. I wiggled my arse on Aunt Ruth’s pelvis.“Julie, your such a naughty girl. You’re making Aunt Ruth wet,” she said.I got off her lap and took her hand. I led her upstairs to my room. We laid on my bed together and picked up from where we left off downstairs. Aunt Ruth pulled off my top. She started to caress me. She sucked on my puffy areolae and nipples. Her mouth felt so good on my developing breast.“Mmmm, that feels so nice, Auntie.”I pulled the zip down on the back of her dress and unhooked her bra. Aunt Ruth slid her dress and bra off. She had really big breasts with a large dark areolae. Her nipples were big too and great for sucking on. She held my head on her breast as I sucked on her stiff nipples.“Julie, I’ve always loved escort osmaniye the way you sucked on my tits. Your mouth is so soft. Oh yeah, bite them. A little harder, Jules. Oh yeah, just like that!”Aunt Ruth took off the rest of her dress and removed her knickers. She pulled off my shorts and knickers also. She lay on my bed and we straddled each other in a 69 position. Aunt Ruth spread her legs open. I spread open her labia and lowered my head between her thighs and started licking her pussy. Her clit was already swollen and peeking out from under its protective hood. She jumped when I started sucking on her pink aching love button.Aunt Ruth spread me open. I was already wet for her. I felt her tongue begin to lick all over my teen pussy. I was totally shaved except for a small landing strip. The more she wiggled her tongue over my femininity the more excited I became. I started to grind my pussy on her mouth. I could feel my thick sweet pussy juices dripping out of my love hole.“Julie, you smell and taste so fresh. God, I love your pussy,” said Auntie.We sat up and positioned ourselves between each other’s cunts. Aunt Ruth had one leg over mine and held up my other leg. We were pussy to pussy and started rubbing ourselves on each other’s twat. We osmaniye escort bayan looked each other in the eye as we tribbed each other. I could feel her wetness as we pressed our pussies together. I watched Auntie’s big tits shake as she fucked me. It was very erotic.“I love fucking you. Ohhhhh, this feels . so good….Mmmm….Aahhh…Aaahhhh…Aahhhhhhh…I’m going to cum…Oh my god Auntie, I’m cuming,” I yelled out!Aunt Ruth started to rub faster and harder against me. I felt our lips sticking together and pulling apart. I felt her swollen clitoris rubbing against mine. The pleasure was becoming unbearable. The sheets were wet beneath us.“I’m cuming too, Jules. Fuck, I love you, Baby Girl,” she moaned as we both cum together.Aunt Ruth held me in her arms as our orgasms subsided. There was still the occasional twitch of our bodies as our orgasms rippled through us. She caressed my face. Her warm pussy pressing against my arse. I held her warm hand on my breast.“You know Julie, we can do this whenever you like,” she said gently kissing my cheek.I felt so warm and safe in her arms. I told her I knew and that I enjoyed making love with her. After several minutes we got dressed because mum would be home soon. There was time for one more deep kiss. Aunt Ruth pushed the hair off my face and told me I was growing into a beautiful young woman. She also told me if I need support to tell my mum that I was a lesbian that she would be there for me.This is why Aunt Ruth is the cool Aunt. She’s a very good lover and she understands us

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