Helping Out Step-Mom Pt. 02

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I crawled on my knees to the roll of toilet paper on the sink.

“How do you want me to–“

“–Wipe my ass? You seriously need a tutorial?” Kelly laughed. I rolled some of the paper around my hand and gagged at the smell of her shit. Was she serious? Was this just a test? I slowly brought the paper to her dirty asshole and made contact. I dragged my hand up towards the top of her crack as she giggled. “I can’t believe you’re seriously doing this!” When the paper around my hand felt like it was about to disintegrate, I stopped, awaiting instruction. Kelly’s ass was nowhere near clean, still smeared with her wet shit, but she let her cheeks close and turned to look at me. “Hmm… This isn’t really working. You’re so bad at this that at this rate, we’ll use the entire roll. Here throw that into the bowl and let me think.”

I let the paper fall onto her pile of shit and Kelly walked around me tapping her chin.

“Hmm… Well is it really that bad?” Kelly spread her cheeks again, this time sticking her ass right in my face. I was inches from her scat-smeared hole.

“Uh… It’s still a little dirty, Ma’am.”

“Oh come on. Be honest,” she said, “Take a real good look!” She bounced her ass up and down, moving closer to my face. I tried backing up. “Hey! Don’t move! Stay where you are and take a look!” I stayed kneeling where I was and Kelly backed up one more time, briefly grazing the tip of my nose with her shitty asshole. “Oop!” she giggled, “Did I get you?” She turned around and broke into a loud cackle. “Oh my GOD! You have my shit on your nose! I’ve never met a real life brown-noser!” Kelly grabbed her phone and took a picture of me.

“Please, Ma’am can I wash this off?”

“Are you kidding me? No way! This is too good! You probably subconsciously stuck your nose in my beautiful ass just to be closer to your new Goddess. That’s so sweet!” She took another photo. Her shit smear on my nose was making me dizzy. “You know what? I’ll give you a little treat! Get in the bathtub.” I crawled into the empty tub and sat down. Kelly set her phone to record and placed it on the sink facing me. She then joined me in the tub and faced away, once again sticking her ass to face me. “Okay now I want you to ask me: Ma’am may I please clean your beautiful asshole?”

“Kelly, please this is insane!” I cried. Kelly responded by lightly stepping on travesti seks hikayeleri my locked dick, pressing the hard plastic into my balls.

“Tsk tsk tsk… spoken like a little brat who wants to stay in chastity for the rest of the summer! Now, you obviously want to clean my ass, so why don’t you just start wiping with your face…” I didn’t move, frozen with fear. Kelly’s tone of voice changed. “Start wiping, or I put my full fucking weight on your little cock.”

Through tears, I inched my face closer to her taint and closed my eyes. When I felt her pubes on my mouth I angled my face upwards and felt the shit coat the rest of my nose and forehead. All while Kelly kept her foot on my cock.

“That’s it, toilet boy, I bet you’re so happy to finally get to make contact with your new Mistress’ asshole! Say thank you!”

“T-thank you.”

Kelly’s foot wiggled as she pressed down on my chastity cage.

“Was that a twitch I felt?! Are you trying to get hard right now? I knew you were into this! Finish the job with your tongue, you pervert. It’s only a little left by now.”

With her foot about to crush my balls, I had no choice. I stuck my tongue out through my already shit-covered lips and began at the base of her asshole. I ran it upwards and dry-heaved from the taste and smell.

“If you even think about vomiting, I’ll castrate you right now. Finish the job.”

I licked again. Then a third time. Her asshole was still nowhere near clean, but finally Kelly relented. She got out of the tub and checked herself out in the mirror.

“Well this is still dirty, but you’re doing the laundry anyway, so whatever.” She pulled her panties on and patted my head. “Even though I’m sure you don’t mind, I don’t really want you walking around with that all over your face, so here you go.” Kelly turned the shower on and I graciously washed my face in the ice-cold water. “Next time, I think it might be cleaner to just go straight to the tongue, but we have time to work this new arrangement out. It’s a learning process after all!” She giggled and picked up her phone. “Plus I’m getting so much good material! I’m gonna watch some TV in the living room, but you flush all that and scrub the toilet one more time before joining me.”

As I walked down the stairs, wet and shivering, I heard the sounds of two people having sex. In the living room Kelly was sitting in the lazy boy chair watching hard core porn on the TV. She was covered by a blanket.

“Aw poor thing. You must be freezing! Come over here.”

I walked to Kelly’s side, and tried not to look at the TV. I didn’t want her thinking I was enjoying any of this.

“I bet you’d rather not think about porn right now. Might make your dick hurt in that cage. Don’t worry, you’re not allowed anyway!” Kelly laughed. “I have an idea. Come under the covers!” Kelly flipped the cover up and I saw she was naked from the waist down again. Her dirty ass just sitting on my dad’s chair. “Kneel down and get your face good and cozy in Mistress’ warm pussy,” she cooed. Kelly opened her legs and I knelt down in between. She brought her leg down and locked my head in place so that I was staring at her hairy cunt. She put the cover back over us, making everything dark. “There you go. That better?”


“You and I are gonna be getting very close over the next few weeks, so I don’t want you being so shy around me. Here, get closer.” Kelly grabbed the back of my head over the covers and thrust it into her crotch. My nose was buried in her fragrant pubes. “That’s it! Enjoy! Warm up. Though I’m not sure how ‘dry’ you’ll be able to get!” Kelly laughed. She slowly gyrated against my face as the porn played on. I could still smell shit faintly, although I wasn’t sure if it was from her ass, inches from my chin, or my own face. The heat from her thighs and hairy pussy started to make me sweat. Every now and then, the lips of her vagina opened and made contact with my face, leaving a trail of sex against my nose and cheeks. “Ooh, I think she likes you!” Kelly giggled, “Howabout you give her a kiss?” I puckered my lips out, and Kelly pulled me even closer so that my face was fully submerged into her sex. I felt her getting wetter. Her hips moved even more. “Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Lick my pussy! Get in there!” I stuck my tongue out and let Kelly guide my head to her hole. “Good boy. Now suck on the clit! Keep sucking! Keep going!” I pulled the nub with my lips and nibbled on it lightly. “Oh yes! Oh yes!” By now Kelly was forcing my face so deep into her pussy, I could barely breathe.

After another full minute or two, Kelly’s gyrations became erratic and she pulled me in one last time before flooding my mouth with her squirt. I had no choice but to swallow or drown, but even after two mouthfuls, Kelly wouldn’t let me go. I tried separating myself but Kelly kept me flush against her sweaty crotch.

“Oh you’re not going anywhere!” she chuckled, “I didn’t think you’d be such a natural! You’re staying right where you are!” Kelly sat up a little and turned the TV louder. She patted my head like I was a pet and after only five minutes, she began grinding my face again. “Round two, pussy boy!”

This time she squirted less, but still enough to make me choke. Afterwards she let me up for air. The room felt cold compared to her hot smelly cunt. I gasped for air.

“Jesus that was wild… You’re really gonna come in handy! I’m gonna go run some errands, but you stay right here.” Kelly bounded upstairs and came back down with a pair of handcuffs. More of her and my dad’s sex toys no doubt. She cuffed me behind my back and positioned me so that I was facing the porno. A man was getting expert head from a hot blonde. Finally getting to see a woman who wasn’t my chubby, disgusting step-mom made me strain against my cock cage. Kelly peeled off her tank top and grabbed her a top from the laundry basket. She looked around the living room for something.

“Oh! Here we go!” She picked up her panties from earlier and sniffed them. She smiled and recoiled from the smell. “Oh! Okay perfect.” She fanned them out and sure enough they were covered in skid marks from her unwashed shitty ass. “These are gonna need some cleaning… But seeing as you’re a little preoccupied, I think you can wash them the ol’ fashioned way while I’m out.”

Kelly bunched the panties up, carefully making sure the skid marks faced outward and wiped them on my face.

“I won’t blame you for not getting these completely clean by the time I’m back. It’s gonna take a lot of sucking to get these stains out. Now open.” She stuffed the panties into my mouth and I once again was acquainted with the taste of her shit. She giggled at the sight of me sitting there, cuffed, locked, sucking on a pair of her soiled panties. She obviously had to snap another picture. “Man, I’m so lucky to have an obedient little pervert to help me out these next few weeks! And you’re obviously in heaven too. Look at that swollen cock cage.” She kicked me in the balls lightly. I moaned. “See you in a couple hours!”

Kelly slammed the door shut behind her. The porno, set to a loop, began again. I sobbed into the taste of Kelly’s ass and tried to look away.

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