Hedony: Doc in a Box

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This is part of a series set on Hedony, an adults-only pleasure planet where anything can happen. They can be read in any order. Some of the themes are similar, as I tend to like a bit of pain with my pleasure, but they span a wide variety of categories. I hope you’ll let me know if you’re enjoying them.

I’m putting this story in Fetish but considered putting it in Toys, BDSM, or even Non-Consensual / Reluctant.


Marian fingered the heavy man’s ring she wore on a ribbon around her neck as she hurried through Hedony Space Station. It was the ring that had set her on this course. She had made it for Johnathan, her fiancé.

It was traditional in the Settlements, the deliberately anachronistic agrarian movement that had sprung up after the AI wars, to make something for a betrothed, something with your hands, as a wedding gift. Marian usually made machine parts in her fabricator but she’d had the thought to make Johnathan’s ring. She’d been proud of the design, simple but strong, a plain titanisteel band with an inlay made from pre-Lens Terran petrified wood. Something old and something new. For a man of the Settlements, it seemed perfect.

But of course, she’d had to ask him for his ring size and once she made a ring to that measure… Well, it was one thing to know someone was large, but holding that ring in her hand, sliding it over her own finger and seeing how much empty space was left inside it, made it more real somehow. Concrete. She started getting nervous.

Not about Johnathan. Even though they’d never met in person, they’d exchanged coms: text, voice, and visual. No holos, not with the inter-Lens rates, but still, they’d come to know each other well in the year they’d been courting. He was taller than her by at least a foot, probably more, a strong warm presence even in 2D. Despite his size or perhaps because of it, he had a gentle, deliberate way of moving, with kind eyes and a chuckle that made her belly hitch and her spine tingle.

Not about the wedding. She might be traveling to a new Settlement for the first time, her own being so small there was no one in their twenties there she wanted to court, and so far out beyond the beyond it had taken her three months just to get to the closest Lens jump station, but she was good at making friends. She didn’t worry that she would have much trouble fitting into Johnathan’s settlement. She’d already started meeting some of the other people their own age there via the coms.

No, what she was worried about, holding that so big ring that would soon sit on her so big husband’s so big finger, was the wedding night. She wasn’t ignorant. Her ma might be dead but her pa had turned on the standard sexual education module in her schooling portal, as there hadn’t been a human teacher available in their Settlement yet. And they had livestock after all. But still. If he was in proportion, well, she wasn’t a large woman. And there had been no one near her own age to have had any early fumbling with.

She’d felt the need to investigate her own body based on what the module had described. She’d found the nub that made her shiver and that seemed to work fine. But trying to fit her own finger, so much smaller than Johnathan’s, into herself, that hadn’t worked. She was too small. She knew when she’d done her yearly checks with their doc-box the gyno exam portion had been uncomfortable, to be honest downright painful. So she did some reading in the Settlement medical database, and it seemed possible she suffered from something called vaginismus to some degree. It required medical treatment to resolve. Stretching.

Their doc-box, which also handled their livestock, wasn’t very sophisticated, since the Settlement still hoped to attract a human doctor at some point. Settlers, as they were called, were willing to use technology if there wasn’t another way to solve a problem but they preferred human hands to machine ones whenever possible. The doc-box, an automated, robotic diagnostic and treatment unit, was a stop-gap as far as the Settlement was concerned. Marian hadn’t been convinced it could do anything to help her.

Which brought her to her current mission. She had a two-hour layover on Hedony Spacestation before she transferred to the small freighter that would bring her to Johnathan’s Settlement. While there wasn’t time to go down to the surface and visit a human doctor in one of the many renowned clinics specializing in human sexuality on the planet, there were several Hedony doc-box chains that had outlets in the transport hub itself. Several offered remote-doc options, although it looked like that was more expensive and her funds were meager. An automated doc-box would also, while less in keeping with Settlement philosophy, just be less embarrassing.

After she found the correct hangar for her freighter she’d gone to the nearest doc-box but the advertising outside looked more like something out of an obscene movie than a medical establishment so she’d hurried on Escort Bayan to the next one. She hoped it was more reputable because she didn’t have much time.


Thankfully the next doc-box looked perfectly innocuous, a white cube with the company name on the side. She slipped inside, hoping no one noticed her going in, though she supposed most people would assume she had some less intimate complaint. Inside the small cubicle, there was nothing but a comfortable-looking gel chair.

“Greetings. Welcome to the Hedony Medi-spa Clinic, location 4201, under the remote supervision of Evan Dedalus, MD, License Number 894578. Please be seated and state your complaint and whether this is a clinical or pleasure visit,” a pleasant male voice announced.

Marian gingerly sat down on the gel chair, which immediately conformed to her body and made her feel like she was in null gravity. “Do you have manual input please?”

“Of course.”

A screen lit up on the wall in front of Marian. She didn’t even want to talk about her issues out loud with a computer. It was just an automated program – since of course AIs had been outlawed since long before she was born – but saying this stuff out aloud was mortifying nevertheless.

“Clinical or pleasure visit?” The screen read.

Pleasure? Who would come to a doc-box for pleasure?

She selected “Clinical.”

“Complaint?” The response read.

She typed “Suspected vaginismus”

“Is the patient currently sexually active?”


“Has the patient previously been sexually active?”


“Recommended treatment is a multi-session approach, coupled at-home dilators. Would you like to book a multi-session package for a discounted rate?”

“I only have about an hour and half before I should be at my gate for departure. Isn’t there anything that can be done quickly? I’m getting married and frankly, I’m worried about pleasing my new husband.” She just said it out loud in a rush. Typing it would, as it turned out, be even worse.

The computer easily switched back to a verbal interface. “The circumstances are not ideal. Recommendation: an examination to confirm diagnosis and then expedited treatment options can be presented. Please remove your clothing and relax in the examination chair.”

She stood up and shimmed out her modest clothing. A cubicle opened in the wall to the side, giving her a place to put her belongings. Now she was wearing only her shoes, her credit band, and the necklace with Johnathan’s ring. She gingerly got back on the gel chair, its surface cool and strange against her naked flesh. Immediately it tipped back, putting her in a reclining position, and then the bottom split open so her legs were held apart. It felt like her butt was slightly beyond the edge of the chair, but she didn’t feel unsupported. Just very exposed.

“Do you wish to address only vaginal sexual readiness or would you prefer an examination of all sexual orifices?”

All sexual orifices? The sexual education module had touched on oral and anal sex but only briefly. Marian was embarrassed by the idea but then again, she didn’t want any other surprises about her own body. When would she have another chance to make sure she and Johnathan would be as physically compatible as they were mentally and emotionally?

“A full examination please.”

“Parameters accepted. Please relax.”

Soft cuffs materialized out of the gel chair over her thighs, ankles, and wrists. A band held her across her waist and another went across her collarbone. Her head sunk down deeper so that it was almost encased in the gel on all sides of her face. She was very gently but firmly immobilized.

“Is this necessary?” Marian practically yelped.

“The restraint is intended to prevent involuntary movement and potential discomfort.”

A cylinder ascended from the floor between Marian’s spread legs. A hatch opened on the side of it, and a soft-looking cup on an arm emerged. This extended and fit itself over Marian’s nub and mound. Then two additional slender arms extended from the hatch. These were essentially narrow tubes with small balls on the end. One nudged its way to her vaginal opening, the other to her anus. Both had a viscous fluid flowing out of their ends, which felt weird to Marian when they made contact. The fluid was the exact temperature of her body, so while she could feel it was there, it also felt oddly elusive. Having the probes against her openings felt very bizarre. Especially the one at her butt hole, which she’d never even thought of touching previously.

Another cylinder descended from the ceiling near her head. From this emerged two smaller soft cups on armatures, which made their way over her nipples, and a final probe which positioned itself in front of her mouth.

“Commencing initial examination.”

All three soft cups came alive, vibrating and making a strange sucking sensation. Marian groaned despite Bayan Escort herself. She was so distracted by the delicious feelings the cups were giving her that it took her a moment to realize the probes were advancing. The ones below felt odd and intrusive, though there was no pain. The one in her butt felt very strange indeed, narrow as it was. But it was the one in her mouth that felt most intensely invasive. She wanted to push it out with her tongue. The fluid it leaked tasted like artificial cherries.

All three probes advanced together. The one in her mouth triggered her gag reflex before either of the others caused her discomfort, and it backed off slightly, just out of that range. The one in her vagina hit something that caused a sharp cramp and then backed up as well. The one in her butt continued further, then it too caused a cramp and backed up. All three held their positions and the cups continued their ministrations to Marian’s nipples and clit.

Now there was a slight whirring sound. The three probes began to expand. This time it was both her vagina and bumhole that flared with discomfort and she shouted around the probe in her mouth. The pressure was intense but brief, they immediately deflated to below the pain threshold, although they still felt uncomfortable and intrusive. The probe in her mouth continued to inflate until her jaw started to ache slightly and then it too backed down.


Marian was beginning to seriously doubt the wisdom of her plan, but she felt the edge of the ring digging into her under the band across her collarbone and knew she had to keep going. The buzzing, sucking sensations from the cups diminished but didn’t cease.

“Initial examination complete. Analyzing. Patient does not suffer from vaginismus.

“Patient’s vagina is two standard deviations smaller than average for a non-sexually active human. Patient could proceed with sexual relations with only slightly higher than standard initial discomfort expected unless phallus involved was of larger than standard size. Would you like to be calibrated for a larger than standard size? Please click twice for yes.”

A button materialized in the gel under her right thumb where it rested on the chair. Marian thought. The exam had hurt. But better it hurt now than with Johnathan. She’d have the three weeks of the trip to recuperate and she’d be able to enjoy the wedding more if she knew what to expect. Knew she’d done all she could to be ready. She clicked twice.

“Parameters accepted. Calibration of greater than two standard deviations from average human phallus size is not recommended. Please click once for one standard deviation or twice for two standard deviations.”

Marian swallowed around the probe in her mouth, a wash of cherry flavored spit running down her throat. Gathering her courage and reminding herself a doc-box would never let her be permanently harmed, she clicked the button twice.

“Parameters accepted. To halt procedure click three times at any point. Please relax.”

The suction and vibration of the cups intensified again and the probes seemed to get warmer. They began to draw out and in, and she could very clearly feel the one in her mouth expanding on each downstroke so that it was no longer a slender, undifferentiated tube, instead, it felt like she had jammed a sausage into her mouth without cutting or chewing it. That was unsettling enough, but the ones in her vagina and anus were growing too, pressing against walls that had never encountered any pressure.

She felt the stretch of each most at her openings, each stroke in perfect concert among the three probes. They drew out until they were just within her openings and then plunged back in, having somehow grown slightly before they did. She could hear a slight hiss as they grew, a warning they were going to plumb her depths again. The sucking buzzing pleasure of her nipples and bud, clitoris as the program had called it, that felt so good she almost lost track of the other sensations. She convulsed hard around the intruders in her body, her first orgasm with something inside her.

As she came back to herself she noticed suddenly that her own head was also moving, the pads holding it shifting slowly and inexorably to drop her head back relative to her body, the oral probe moving in perfect concert with this, so that when her head was tipped back enough to align her throat and mouth, it pressed forward immediately, triggering her gag reflex just enough to have her convulse then backing off. Then a long stroke forward again. The gagging was so unpleasant and consuming that she almost didn’t notice the growing pain of the swelling probes in her vagina and anus. Strangely it was this last that hurt the least at first, the long glide in feeling weird but not unpleasant when she tried to concentrate on it to distract from the discomfort she was feeling elsewhere.

The probe in her vagina was getting deeper and deeper, the Escort sharp stab of cramp it caused as it hit her depths coming at the same moment as her gag reflex fired and she retched against the probe in her mouth. It was a quick agony. Over and over. Even as the pattern of the sucking cups varied she still lost track of the sweeter sensations they produced. But then the probes in her throat, butt, and vagina began to vibrate, pleasure washing over her, sweeping away the dull aches and all but the sharpest edges of the pain. The probes themselves began to pulse in size as they stroked, shrinking then growing yet thicker. She could feel muscles she had never felt before spasming along their lengths when they shrank enough to give her muscles slack.

Something new was happening to her nipples and clitoris too. She felt a plucking pulling sensation, as though someone were pinching them. That wasn’t something she had ever thought would be pleasurable but oh it was. It was. If she could have moved enough to arch against the cups holding them she would have. Another orgasm swept over her, tightening her around everything.

Her gag reflex to seemed have given up, her throat no longer convulsing at the approach of the probe, which she could feel in her throat, firm and intractable as she swallowed around it. She had a moment of panic as she realized she couldn’t breathe, the thick tube in her throat forcing her epiglottis closed, cutting off her air. But the regular rhythm of the strokes reassured her and she sucked in air around the obstruction whenever the probe retreated.

Her fingers clenched around nothing, digging her nails into her palms as the stretch in both her lower openings became intense, a pinching burn of force the slick lubricant squelching in and out of her did little to quell. Knowing the machine could not maim her was the only thing that kept her from ending this. In the next moment, the vibrations intensified. The probe in her mouth continued its relentless in and out but the lower ones plunged to their farthest depths and held there, triggering deep cramps of pain, only to wash them away with the strong vibrations. The feeling of pressure inside her grew.

Knot like balls inflated at the ends of the lower probes, then moving up and down their lengths. When each came to her respective openings they forced themselves through, opening her wider than ever before, then forcing her to swallow them back into herself. They moved opposite each other, one as deep as possible when the other was outside her, squeezing past each other with a deep push inside her, separated by only the merest breath of flesh. The pressure against her little asshole seemed particularly intense as the ball pushed back against her sphincter, the pinching pain reaching a crescendo as it popped through, the relief that followed sublime, only to have the ball force its way through again.

The probes twisted and pulsed, their vibrations changed and shifted. She couldn’t get used to anything, they drove her up and over the pinnacle of pleasure again and again. Finally, all three began to move in unison together again and she realized how far her jaw had been forced, how impossibly full she felt in every orifice. They began to speed up. She couldn’t possibly come again, couldn’t endure another orgasm, there was no room in her to tighten anywhere. And yet impossibly she did, as they reached the depth of their synchronized stroke, she broke apart again, clenched tight against the intruders buried unbelievably deep inside her.

The sound of the machine changed, different servos firing. She lay there dazed as the probes retreated, the headrest returned to its original angle. She could see the probes now, pulling free of her flesh and leaving her empty. They were impossibly large. She could not have closed a hand all the way around one. Her ears were ringing and her eyes did not want to focus. How could anything so large have been inside her? The stimulation cups pulled free of her body, colder air washing over her nipples and clitoris. The gel chair returned to its original posture and the restraints retracted.

Marian slid a shaking hand down to explore herself. Her hole was tender but relaxed, gaping open slightly so her fingers, first one, then two, then three, slide in effortlessly, frictionlessly. She felt warm and soft against her fingertips as she petted at herself. Her bottom hole felt the same, relaxed and liquid. She giggled in awe and choked on the sound, her throat sore and scratchy, bringing her back to herself.

“I recommend hydration and a soother. Drink this.”

A panel opened in the wall beside her, revealing a glass of a pale blue fluid. She sipped it cautiously. It tasted of honey. She gulped it down and could feel the cool, thick liquid coat her sore throat, leaving it almost painless.

The panel slide shut then opened again almost immediately. An unlabeled bag sat inside the compartment.

“I’m prescribing you oral and topical analgesics. As well as a continuing at-home course of dilation, which you’ll find spelled out in your package. I’m also prescribing a self-lubricating, self-sanitizing dilation device, which you’ll also find in your package. I hope you find it enjoyable.

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