Heather’s Dance Ch. 01

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The best way to start this story is to tell the reader about me and what I was doing. It was a warm day in July. The year is not important, but it was 1975. I was 28 years old. I had been in VietNam for 2 years and had made friends with some of the best hookers that money could buy. I also was able to go to many different places. Australia, Japan, Germany, France and a few more. I was a Captain and flew a small two engine plane. Nothing that great but it was fun.

Since I did a lot of flying and went to some countries I got to see and date many different girls. It was in Austria that I walked into a bar for a drink. I was on a week R/R and had 6 more days to play. I had been to this city more then a few times but never down this street. I saw a few GI’s walking around and no one knew I was in the Army. I watched two guys walk out of this bar and they had a smile that told me right off that it must be good. So in I went.

I walked in it was so dark that I stood at the door for about 3 minutes trying to get my eyes to accustom to the light. Once I could see I saw about 15 guys and about 25 girls sitting around. They had one stripper on stage doing a dance. I sat at a table near the stage so I could see what they looked like. I never was one for paying for a dance till I saw what she looked like nude or topless.

“May I get you a beer Sir.” Her body was 18 or 19 but her face looked like she had been ridden around the block and put away wet and never ironed. But her tits made up for her face.

“Sure, as long as it is cold, cold, cold. Please I do not like warm beer so please make sure it is cold.” I gave her a smile. I watched as she walked away and then I looked back to the stage. The girl on the stage was nice looking. About a 7 from 1 to 10. Nice face great looking tits and a better looking ass then most girls in a place like this. She danced over towards me and took her bottoms off. Oh my god. She had so much hair I thought I would die.

“Hear you are Sir, a nice cold, cold beer.” She gave it to me and I took a sip. It was cold, very cold.

“Thanks my dear what do I owe you, or can I get a tap running?”

“You can have a tap but I’m going home soon so before I leave can you pay. You know I get paid for the drinks I sell.”

“Sure, how much are the drinks?”

“They are $2.50 till the other ladies come in. Then they go for $5. Is that ok?”

I smiled at her took out a $10 bill and said. “Sure that’s great and this is for you. When I need a drink just bring it.” She looked at the 10 and gave me a smile.

“Thank you Sir you are very nice. But do not let the next girls see your money. They will take it from you. And they know how to do it!”

For the first time I noticed that she had taken her top off. And she did have nice boobs. For the next hour I sat and watched the girls dance on stage. I never went up to tip them. As they walked by me I would hand them $2 or $3 as a tip. My 3rd beer came over and I was told that she was going home.

“That is $7.50 Sir.” Her top was still off and she stood in front of me, I was looking at her nipples and I could see that she enjoyed me looking. I gave her a ten and told her keep the change.

“May I ask you something? I’m looking for something different. If you understand me. Who would I ask for? I’m looking for someone that is wild and crazy, you know kinky.”

“Ask for Heather, if you are in to someone that is different, that she is. Very different. When she tells you her price cut it in half and she will still do it. But be careful. She is not what you think.”

I reached out and gave her $5 more. She kissed me on my cheek and asked if I would be back.

“Sure, I’ll be here at the same time tomorrow. Bye!” She walked away. It took about 30 minutes before Heather walked out. What a fucking doll she was. Starting on top she had brown hair and light brown eyes. Her lips had this adana escort red color to it and made them scream out to me. Her mouth was made for kissing. Her neck was a little long but she had something around it. My eyes moved down to her breasts and they had to be 36c or more. A soft tan She wore a black bra made of lace and over that a blouse that was open to the last two buttons. She had on this short skirt showing off her thigh highs and garter. The skirt was red and the garter was red also. It was holding up her white stockings. She started her dance and by the 3rd one she had her blouse off and her skirt was next. She danced over towards my table and gave me this smile that made my cock hard. She pulled her skirt off and the next thing I knew it was on my table. I picked it up and placed it on my lap. It did hide my hard cock. She danced and a few guys went up to her and gave her money. The last song she took her bra off and her tits came into view. And yes I did think of just fucking them and going back to my room. Most of the girls stripped all the way down. Showing shaved and unshaved pussies. A few didn’t. This one left her garter and thong on. As she danced around on the stage I could see her ass was made to ride or spank. The spanking part is what I thought of the most. She stepped off the stage and went into the back. Soon she came over to my table.

“You don’t like me?” She was standing right in next to me. Looking at me. “You are nice looking but you no tip?”

I had a $10 bill in my had and as I handed her, her skirt she saw it. I smiled .

“Yes I like the way you dance but I thought this was a nude bar.” I pulled the seat out and she sat down.

“I do not show what I have. Most men do not like that I no pull panties or thong down. This way they ask for VIP dance for me. It is $50 for a nude dance in back. If you no like when I’m done with first dance I give you back $25.”

What could I do. Can I finish my beer first? I just got it and it is cold the way I like it. Can I buy you one?”

“Sure, I’ll have a beer like you. Cold, cold, cold. Then you can make me hot, hot, hot. OK?”

Soon we walked in the back. The back had a few rooms that had doors on them. We went all the way into the back. The door was open and we walked in. The walls had mirrors on them, all of them. I sat down and looked up. Yes mirrors on that too.

“You have $50 and I give you 3 songs. If you do not like what you see by the end of one I give you back $25. If you like you give me more and I do more. Do you understand?”

I gave her the 50 and she started to dance. I thought that it would be like most bars a 2 minute song. I was wrong. It lasted about 5 to 7 minutes. She had her top off her tits out and her hand was in my lap most of the time. I knew she could feel I was hard and she open my pants. She reached inside and took my cock out. She smiled.

“Nice size, shaved like me. Tell me what you like. Hand, mouth or something else?” I could tell the song was coming to an end and she stroked me a few more times. Bent kissed the tip and then pulled her panties down. The song stopped and so did my heart.

Standing in front of me was this doll with great tits that had just started to jack me off and left her red lip stick print on the tip of my cock. I looked down and was looking back at a cock that was as hard as I was but it was only about 5 inches long. The next song started and Heather knelt in front of me. She bent her head and kissed the tip once more.

“You like Heather’s lips on your big cock? You like what I do? I think you do. See you are still hard.” Her hand started to jack me off once more and she bent to take me in her mouth.

“Is this what you like or should Heather turn around so you can have something else?” I watched as she bent and took me into her mouth. I never thought I would be letting a guy suck eskişehir escort me, not just that but I was enjoying it. I should use the word ‘loving’ it. And I was loving it. I soon had my hand on the back of her head and I was pushing down with my hand and up with my hips. Then I felt her finger. I have no idea what finger it was but it started to go up my ass. My eyes shot open and I could see her looking up at me. I took a deep breath and held it. Her finger came out. And I let it out as well. Once more she went down on my cock and her finger went in all the way. I almost came off the chair. Her finger found what is called my prostate glad. Her finger made a hook and I felt like she was going to pull my insides out. She kept me in her mouth without moving . But her finger was moving. For some unknown reason I was pushing down to get more of her finger in my ass. I was about to scream when the song stopped. Her mouth came off my cock and I felt her pulling her finger out.

“Please, what are you doing? Don’t stop!” This was the first time I had a man suck my cock and had a finger in my ass and for some reason I did not want him or her to stop. I looked into her eyes.

“Does Sir like what Heather is doing? Does Sir know now that I can please him more then any woman can? Would you like to try something different this time?” I went to say yes but nothing came out. I felt Heather take my legs and try to turn me over. For some unknown reason I did. Now my ass was sticking up and my face in the chair. I knew what was going to happen. But I also knew that I wanted it to happen.

Looking back at her she knelt down and I could see that she was going to open my ass cheeks. Heather open them and then I felt her tongue lick my hole. Then I felt it trying to go inside my ass. Soon I could feel it pushing in some. I felt like I was going to cry. My eyes closed and my hands holding onto the chair. I felt her pull back and then I could feel her going under me. I looked under me and could see her lying under me. I watched as she lifted her head and took be back in her mouth. Soon that finger start to go back in my ass. This time it felt different. The way she was lying her finger went right to my prostate. Soon my hips started to fuck her mouth as her finger fucked my ass.

Then as fast as it started it stopped. Turning around I saw her sitting across from me.

“See heather is good girl. Heather can do so many things that the other girls could never do. Do you like Heather?” For the first time in my 28 years I watched a guy jack off. Heather was jacking off in front of me and I just watched. With out thinking I stared to d the same. I took my almost 7inch cock in my hand and stroked it slowly.

A knock came on the door and Heather said. “Yes.” The door opened and in walked a bar maid. Heather never stopped jacking off but I did. I watched as a smile came across her face.

“I think Sir would like a cold, cold, cold beer, and bring me one also please.” The bar maid turned and walked out. Never acting like anything was wrong.

“Does jacking off in front of other scare you. I enjoy watching you and I’m sure Helen enjoys it also. You do have a nice cock. It would please me if you did not stop when she comes back. OK?”

“If it would please you I shall do that for you. I have never done this before. Not that I have never been with a girl but I have never been with one that has a cock. How long have you.” Before I could finish what I was going to say Heather said with a smile.

“All my life I have had a cock but the tits came when I was 18. I found I could make more money doing this then working other job.” She stood and then sat next to me. She looked back at my cock. “Please do it now so I can watch. But it is going to cost $100. For the rest. And as they say the rest is the best.”

I guess this is the time I was to sakarya escort cut it in half. I started to jack off as I watched her do the same.

“Tell you what my dear. How about $50 more and we have some fun. I do not think I have the rest, for the best. OK?” I watched for the first time another guy jacking off. And I was turn on. It was something I never thought I would enjoy. It made me want to help her.

Just then the door open and in walked the bar maid. The first time she came in she had on a skirt and blouse. This time she wore only panties. She set the beers down and gave me a smile. She looked at Heather and smiled to her. I picked up my beer and it was cold, very cold. I took a long drink. The bar maid looked at me and then down at my cock. Her smile got big.

“Very nice size. I like big ones. Heather’s is nice but you have a great cock. The beer is $10 and for me to join in is $30 more.” I took out another $50 and placed it on the table. I then watched this little thing kneel in front of Heather and just take her cock all the way in. Heather looked over at me gave me a smile. I was jacking off watching a very young girl about 18 suck another guy that had tits. What the hell was in this beer? My hand never stopped moving.

“Sir do not cum yet. I’m going to do more for you.” Heather stood and the young girl moved over in front of me. She took my cock in her mouth and I watched Heather kneel behind her. The next thing I witnessed was this guy with tits start fucking her. I could see and hear her moan. I could feel her mouth going down on my cock each time that she cock went in her. Faster and faster her hips went in and out. Then it stopped. Heather pulled out and the young girl sat back. Helen looked at me and said.

Have you ever had that done to your Sir? It can make you feel so great.” Helen then sat next to me and pointes to the floor in front of me. “Kneel SIR!” It must have been the beer but I got on my knees in front of her. I was looking at a shaved pussy that had just got fucked and I bent down and started to eat it. I felt the cold air on my ass and soon felt a tongue licking it. The I felt a finger going in and out. I looked up at Helen and pulled back.

“Put a condom on.” Soon I felt the cool feeling of KY going in me and then I felt it. A cock. Why was I doing this. It was nothing I had ever thought I would do. But soon I felt it going in my ass. I took it. Then I felt her balls slapping my balls and I knew I had found a new friend. I was eating a pussy and getting fucked at the same time. Time had stood still. I have never felt this before. The feeling of being full, the feeling of a hot pussy on my mouth. The feeling of a girls, no a guys hand on my cock as he fucked me. Then it happen

“Yes, now!” I felt her cock go all the way in. I felt her hips slap my ass and her balls slap my balls. Then I felt a hot, hot feeling in my ass. Heather was shooting in my ass. She fucked me like I had fucked so many girls. She was shooting in my ass like I had done many times. But now I knew why the girls enjoyed it so much. Words can not tell you what it feels like. But now I know.

Heather pulled out and I was still licking and sucking Helen’s pussy. Soon she push her thighs in and I felt like I was going to die. Then I was let go.

We all sat around and talked and had a few more beers. I told them both that I would be back the next day. I was told my both the girls that I was safe. That they are both tested each week and that they are clean. I was just about to get up when they pushed me over the side of the chair. Heather took me in her mouth and Helen stared to finger my ass. Soon I felt a finger pushing on my prostate and Heather was taking it all in. It took about 5 minutes but I started to shoot. Heather never moved. I felt myself shoot 5 or 6 times and then I watched as Heather spit it into Helens mouth. They kissed for a few and then they both swallowed.

After one more beer I got dressed and walked back to my room. To this day I can not remember a better day, unless you are talking about when I took that shemale cock my mouth. That will come later.

Please let me know what you think. Most of the story is true, but may not have happen at the same time.

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