Great Meeting Ch. 05

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We had been kissing and more, now we were both getting hard and Rob suggested we should head to the bar. Well if we didn’t head out soon I wasn’t going to be able to stop from going down on him and taking his load. We straighten up our clothing and after another sweet kiss we head out the door to wait for an elevator. When it arrived I was glad to see it was empty and even though I knew there was a camera I brought his face to mine and gave him another passionate kiss.

At the main floor I followed him out the door and we headed for the bar. The street was surprisingly busy, turns out many of the restaurants and bars in The Village have specials on Tuesdays and many of the locals take advantage of the savings. As we strolled along I realized how relaxed I was. Here I am right in the middle of the gay community, walking proudly with my new bff and eager to meet his friends, all the time thinking I must be on my best behavior, I want Rob’s friends to approve of me; but, most importantly, I want Rob to be pleased to be with me.

As we enter the bar Rob shows me the room on the left, mostly cubicles for two or four and only one is occupied with two middle-aged guys. Just beyond that was a larger room with many tables. There were two tables of 6 or so older men close enough that all of them appeared to be friends. Beyond that was a much larger room with music playing on a juke box, a stage, a bar and many, many tables.

All of these tables were round and high which required bar stools. Each would hold as many as six people. There must have been 30 or more guys and even a couple of women, some in small groups and one very large group. Rob led me right to the back wall by the door and window to an outdoor patio and asked me to take a seat, he headed for the bar. He returned in a minute and sat right beside me.

Shortly after the waiter appeared with a tray containing a large pitcher of beer and five glasses. He was obviously a body builder, his pecs and arms made the t-shirt look like it was made for a 10-year old. His pants were also skin tight and you couldn’t miss the outline of what appeared to be a large luscious kocaeli escort piece of meat. Rob said, “Thanks Brad, I’ll let you know when we are ready for a refill.” I stared at Brad as he smiled and walked away, all the time thinking, he is hot, very hot.

I poured two glasses of beer, we raised them, tapped them together and each took a sip. We talked about the atmosphere and decor and how happy everyone appeared to be. In this building you know everyone is gay or gay friendly and you need not worry about rude comments or people glaring at you like you are an alien from Mars. I was completely relaxed and felt as if this was a place where all gays could feel at ease.

Then two guys walked up and Rob said, “How you doing? Dave and Ross I’d like you to meet Ray, he is a friend of mine, we work in the same building.”

I rose from my chair and said, “Hi, I’m very glad to meet you, Rob speaks very highly of you, I understand you’ve been together for a long time and recently got married, Congratulations!”

They both acknowledged me and Ross said, “Any friend of Rob’s is a friend of ours, I do hope you have a good time, Tuesday’s are our nights to relax and have a few drinks.”

The three of them talked about what they had been up to and I just sat there smiling and enjoying myself as I was taking in all the sights around me. Then another fellow approached the table and said, “Hi guys, what are you up to? Who’s the new kid?”

Rob snarled, “Don’t be like that Jake. This is my friend Ray, I told him all about you and not to take anything you say seriously or get offended by it. Ray is a nice guy, I don’t want you to make a move on him or scare him away, we’re just getting to know each other” and he placed his arm around my shoulder and smiled at me.

I smiled back at Rob, looked at Jake and said, “Nice to meet you Jake, sit, have some beer.

For the most part of an hour there was just a lot of chatter, with another pitcher delivered by Brad and each of them commented about how hot Brad looked tonight and how each of them would like to have there way with them. We all giggled and that was that. kocaeli escort bayan Rob announced that he and I should go, we had planned on having a quiet evening at his place. They smiled and Jake blurted out, “Yeah, I’ll bet they’re going to get real comfortable.” Dave and Ross laughed, Rob gave Jake a dirty look and I smiled.

Dave said, “We need to go to, Ross is tired. Rob, can I call you in a little while and get the name and phone number of that guy who did your income taxes?”

Rob replied, “Sure, call me later.”

We all exchanged good-byes, shook hands and left. While walking back to Rob’s apartment, he surprisingly grabbed my hand as we walked looked at me and said, “They really like you.”

“How do you know?” I replied.

“You likely didn’t notice, but, each of them, gave me a nod or a wink and Jake even threw in a thumbs up. It wouldn’t have mattered anyway, cause I sure like you and their opinions wouldn’t have changed how I feel; but, I’m glad to see they agree just the same.”

Finally, we got to his apartment and immediately we were back at it like two kids discovering puppy love. Rob stopped kissing and asked, “Have you ever showered with a guy before? I’d love to freshen up.”

It had never crossed my mind, but, I was all for it, “No, I haven’t but that sounds like fun. I’d love to shower with you, let’s do it.”

We headed for the shower, stripped and hung our clothes on the door, both of our cells were put on the vanity. Wow, this was fun. I had seen, kissed and/or touched every inch of his body; but, to look at him, nude in the shower and the water glistening on his body aroused every inch of me. I marveled at his sexy body, soaped up his chest, arms, cock and balls, back, etc and kissed him often. He also lathered me up and paid special attention to my hard-on. It was beginning to get too steamy in there and we decided it was timed to get out of the shower and head to the bedroom where we would surely satisfy our urges.

Rob was the first out. As he was drying, his cell phone rang. He grabbed in and said, “Hi Dave, Ray and I are just getting out of the shower izmit escort I’ll call you back shortly.” A moment later he said, “Uh Oh”, and he hung up.

I said, “What’s wrong?”

Rob replied, “I’m very sorry, that wasn’t my phone ringing it was yours. After I said you and I were just getting out of the shower, a woman said, Who is this?”

“Uh Oh, is right.

We got dried and went to the bedroom. My head was spinning. As we laid next to each other, glaring in to each other’s eyes, I said, “Rob, I think it is time for me to tell my wife the truth. I need to come clean, it is not fair to her and now after what I’ve discovered about myself, it’s time to come out. I never knew if this day would ever come; but, I’m actually glad it happened.”

I continued, “In a matter of three days, I’ve discovered the joy of doing more than just giving oral. The arousal of all my senses when I am kissing you, confirms to me that I truly am gay. Sitting with you and your friends in a gay bar where no one judges you is likely the most comfortable I have ever been with other men. Whenever I have been with women I have fantasized about being with men. Every minute I am with you I only have one thing on my mind and that’s doing anything and everything in my power to do what you want and like.”

“Rob, you may or may not want to be with me a day, a week, a month or a year from now; but, I’m convinced that being with you day and night would make me the happiest I ever could be.”

With that said we leaned together, embraced and kissed for five minutes, Rob looked in my eyes and announced, “I’ve only ever been in love with Mark, but I’m pretty sure that you and I could become very serious and quite happy for a very, very long time.”

We kissed some more and soon we were sucking each other’s cock. I swallowed his load and told him that I wanted as much cum as he could ever give me. He said the feeling was mutual and was soon going to have to fuck me because that has been on his mind all week. I told him I too wanted his lovely cock deep in my ass and I wanted to feel his cum and be his. We kissed until it was time for me to go home and tell all.

As I left the apartment Rob said, “I hope all goes well, give me a call later. If things are so bad you must leave the house you know I’ll welcome you with open arms.”

To be continued…

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