Good or Bad Ch. 02

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Chapter 2 – It’s all in game

Your cocks rock hard, your wife’s dressed you in her lacy panties, sumptuous stockings, killer heels and a sexy slip most girls would die for –but its all in the game … isn’t it? Now – read on

At last – sex! Your heart beats faster and your hands begin to sweat. You’ve never worked so hard for a fuck in your life.

‘Let’s see what would make my day.’ she purrs softly, ‘Hmm!’ she looks around the room. ‘Oh darling Wearing these gorgeous thing makes you look very domesticated so… We really must…’

You look at her bemused and squirm awkwardly in your slip.

‘Let’s start with some housework.’

‘Housework,’ you repeat obviously disappointed. ‘I can’t do anything dressed like this,’ you wail.

She’s not happy. ‘I don’t see why not. You expect me too. Fetch a duster and the Hoover I want to see you clean the lounge till its spotless.

You sigh again, ‘can’t you think of anything more saucy I want to make love not do housework.’

She laughs ‘Patience my pretty. Everything comes to she who waits. But first I want you to change the bed and make us both some supper.’ She slips off her own dress, stretches out on the sofa and reaches for a box of chocolates. ‘And I want you to run me a luxurious bubble bath with sensual oil, aromatic candles and a glass of Chardonnay.’ she giggles again enjoying the apparent hold she has on you. ‘Then I’d like to be moisturised and be given an expert massage encompassing my feet, back and head and… then… and only then I’ll take you to bed.’ she giggles with her ingenuity and look as smug as a cat with cream.

Surely all this is worth it. You heave a sigh of relief but she hasn’t finished.

‘And don’t even think about changing. You’re to wear these new things all the time… and I don’t want to see them marked in any way. That includes ladders in your stockings, dirt on your slip or scuffs on your shoes. I’ll excuse the mess you’ve made in your panties. I’ll put that down to new experience excitement… but do try to behave like a lady. You’re not some bloke in jeans but a demure pretty young thing in a dress. This means legs together at all time, hands by your side, tiny steps and when you bend down do remember what you’re wearing. Bend at the knee, not the waist. I don’t want you brazenly displaying your panties like some cheap tart and…’ she beckons you closer. You step cautiously towards her and bend at the knee so you’re at her level anticipating to lock lips in a snog but instead she holds your fingers and examines your lovely long nails. ‘You can start by collecting all your old clothes and leave them outside on the garden bench. I want to remove any temptation. Oh! I almost forgot. I’ve got you a special challenge. For every pretty painted nail that you damage I’ll make you dress up for me another evening. But this time we will up the anti. Oh! Yes I’m not just talking panties, stockings and a bra I’m talking the works. I even think we could progress to a pretty dress or a skirt and blouse. Perhaps you’d like to give it some thought while you’re doing your chores. I’ll make you hold a handbag and maybe take you on an outing.’

You groan and roll your eyes.

‘Don’t adopt that tone with me you ungrateful thing. I know you’d fancy that? Me in jeans and you in a revealing sexy dress. That would turn the tables. Imagine all those prying eyes. I’d have to watch you mind or the boys would have you away.’ she laughs. ‘Though, darling, my sweet thing, I’m not so sure what they’d do once they discovered your little secret.’ She smirks and gives your cock a squeeze. ‘Now chop chop hurry up but don’t tire yourself out.’

‘This is so unfair.’ you bleat ‘You’re the most terrible tease. I can’t bear it.’

‘I like to make you wait,’ she giggles.

With your heart in your mouth and your body beautifully transformed into a scantily dressed girl you gather your male things and open the back door. It’s raining and dark but the light from the kitchen illuminates you perfectly as if under a stage spotlight. Your conscious of your clothes and daintily skip across the patio to a wooden bench where you leave your clothes. adana escort You feel the night air whistle around your legs as your slip blows upward. You hold the hem down and glance at the neighbours windows previously unaware how overlooked her garden is.

Then for a fleeting moment as you gaze into the stars you imagine you are a girl, all made-up, beautifully pretty in a stunning dress, about to be ravaged by your amorous boyfriend.


The carefree daydream popped as her strident voice cut through the air like a rusty knife, waking the neighbours, sending your teeth on edge. You hurry back inside.

‘DARLING!’ she screeches. The glasses in the kitchen tinkling softly. ‘Can you hear me? Where are you?’

‘The kitchen, Honey,’ you call back.

‘Don’t you “Honey” me,’ she shouts. ‘Get your pretty butt in here and get to work. Do I have to do everything?’

You pick up a long handled feather duster conveniently lying on a worktop and skip back into the lounge.

‘Don’t forget the cupboards,’ she chirps as you mince into view. You bend at the knee as instructed, feel a blast of wind on your arse and know you’ve displayed more than you should but to your surprise she’s not watching. Instead, to your annoyance she’s reading a ladies mail-order fashion catalogue while decadently eating the chocolates.

‘And the side board – don’t forget the very top. I don’t want some second rate job.’ She’s now looking at you intently a huge smile spreading across her face. ‘What do you think darling? She holds open the catalogue as you’re in mid stretch and taps a picture of a tall, slender model with a fingernail. She’s wearing a pink knitted floral print top and a white stretch mini skirt and white asymmetric bow sandals.

‘Err Very nice,’ you say rather dismissively.

‘And this?’ she flicks the page and taps at another striking model with gorgeous long hair in a pink ruffle front top, floral print linen skirt and pink and cream interlink sandals.

You nod.

‘This is my favourite it’s a shift dress in aqua, it’s lined and should finish just above YOUR knee. The silver satin T-bar slingbacks go well too, don’t you think? And look they do them in YOUR size.’ she stifles a giggle then continues reading. ‘They despatch in 24-hours so they’d be here for the weekend. Just think I could take you out for dinner dressed in this. I’ll order it if you like.’

‘Oh-who-who! You wail, ‘Steady on’.

‘Calm yourself,’ she says, ‘joke, joke.’ but you’re fairly convinced that she wasn’t joking.

The dress did look exceptionally pretty and its true you’d like to see what it looks on. You decide to play her game.

‘Oh! Yes please you say as long as my panties don’t show. I hate vpl and could I borrow a handbag to match.”Now there’s an idea,’ she says thoughtfully.

You toss your hair and wave your duster at her cheekily.

‘Good that’s settles it I’ll order it later and book a restaurant.’

‘Mmm,’ you say reaching up to dust the top of the sideboard your slip rising up your hips showing your stocking tops.

‘When you first wore these things I thought of you as a bit of a prude – all prim and proper. I imagined you buttoned up in a pussy-bow blouse and draped in a nice pair of floor-grazing, wide legged trousers. But now I’m not so sure I’m seeing you in a new light. I should buy you a long wig and a flouncy mini-dress. Would you like that?’

You don’t reply but continue to dust the very idea sending your mind in a spin and your cock stiffening yet again – something you never normally experience so soon after coming.

Back and forth you flick the duster mincing about the room like some gay drag queen tripping occasionally in the high heels.

‘Am I doing good?’ you ask.

After you’ve dusted she sends you off to the kitchen to cook her a snack. Careful not to spill anything on your slip you wrap her pinafore around your waist. And waltzing about on the wooden floor your heels make a feminine clickety click – you love every minute of it.

She’s pleased with her snack and as she finishes off you sweep eskişehir escort the floor then skip upstairs to strip, turn and make the bed. She showers and eventually joins you naked, she hands you a large tub of massage cream.

Come on darling.

You liberally cover her back and massage her. She writhes about on the bed and you’re gagging for it. She teases you by you’re so desperate for it you really come on to her but she remains evasive.

Then she turns over kisses you and pushes you on to your back. You want to resist but you’re exhausted. She’s a devil and doesn’t seem to want any foreplay as you feel her hand feeling its way under your slip.

‘You liked being my girl tonight didn’t you? You liked the feel of sheer stockings on your smooth legs, lacy panties stretched over your womanly hips and silk hanging from your shoulders on these delicate straps. You’re a girl really you can’t fool me.

Her hand tickles. You giggle girlishly as she rubs your cock tantalisingly. You moan and she pulls your panties to one side and your cock springs free like a caged tiger. With a deft hand she slowly spreads your legs wide.

‘Oh!’ you gasp as she folds your slip over your waist.

You normally like a quickie but dressed as you are you shudder expecting a more prolonged session.

Its diff from where I’m sitting You feel cheap and vulgar.

‘Steady on you,’ say.

‘What’s wrong? Don’t you like rough?’

‘Er no,’ you say feeling defenceless and vulnerable. ‘Shall I take off these things?’

‘No, no, no,’ she cries. What and spoil our fun.’

She straddles you fully. In control.

‘Enjoy my darling, enjoy,’ she whispers, ‘lie back and think of England.’ She grabs your firm cock and yanks it a few times then slips it inside her. As she bobs up and down on your pole she leans forward and grabs your breasts massaging them with both hands.

‘Mmm! Mmm!’ she moans.

Finally she flips you like a doll over onto your chest and up on your knees – Doggy style.’ You crouch on the bed, all dressed up in your girlie costume twiddling your thumbs awkwardly. With your silken slip, large lacy bra, stockings and high heels – all courtesy of your girlfriend – you certainly look the part of a sexy young girl all you need now is to be taken from behind and given a thorough seeing too.

‘All dressed up and nowhere to go, eh?’ she says manoeuvring herself behind you.

‘Now,’ she says its your turn.’

Slowly ever so slowly she gently eases your panties down your thighs until they reach your knees.

You attempt to pull them off.

‘No darling leave them on. I like seeing then crumpled on your knees it’s a reminder…’ her voice trails off as she starts fondling your plump arse.

‘Reminder of what? You ask.

‘Never you mind,’ she says as her fingers rub harder and your cock begins to spasam. You’re not sure what to expect as she plays with your flaccid cock and for the first time touches your bum but she doesn’t stop there – her probing fingers play with your intimate opening teasing your muscle until it begins to stretch wantingly…

Suddenly and with no warning she thrusts a finger deep inside.

‘Aargh!’ You howl with surprise. ‘Oh, Honey,’ you blubb.

She remains quite but continues to push her finger deep inside you.

‘Hmm! you push back as she glides it deeper and deeper. ‘Ooh!’ you gasp as she twiddles it inside you then draws it back slowly only to push it back in again. In and out, in and out rhymically she drives you wild with an insatiable lust.

‘Oh darling its not just a clothes thing you like all aspects of being a woman. Are you imagining my fingers as a big meaty cock and I’m a muscular man with a powerful physique thrusting my hips into your soft, tender arse?’

You nod and thrash your head wildly as all powers of speech are drained from you and as you push back she adds another then another finger stretching your muscle to a size its never been before. But rather than be horrified. The new anal sensations overwhelm you. You simply don’t have time to muster sakarya escort your thoughts too consider what she’s saying or the long term ramifications this may have on your relationship. It’s fantastic. Heaven. Great sex is great sex whichever way you do it.

But she doesn’t seem satisfied

‘I want to try something new, ‘ she says, ‘perhaps with a toy or something’

‘You never know,’ you moan, ‘I’ll have to sort something out.’

‘When?’ She says impatiently.

You writhe on her fingers struggling to construct a reply. ‘Don’t worry – Something will turn up.’

The silence that follows is interrupted by the slurp plop sound as she withdraws her fingers then some rummaging behind you. You twist your head to see.

‘I’m pleased to say this has turned up,’ she says gently. She held out a phallic looking piece of plastic.

‘wh… What’s that? You tremble uneasily.

She proudly shows you the huge plastic dildo. It’s a monster. ‘The girls delight,’ she says reading from the discarded packet.

‘No,’ you gasp. ‘It must be yours.’

‘What’s mine is yours darling,’ she chuckles.

‘But it can’t be mine,’ you say fingering the heavily ribbed shaft and realistic bulbous head. ‘It’s not a boy’s toy. Please say it isn’t mine.’

‘I’m afraid it is,’ she says with a gleeful grin. You shake your head in disbelief.

‘Stop it!’ you howl, clamping your hands over your ears. ‘Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!’

‘There, there,’ she says, and pats you on the arm. ‘It’s all right, Darling.’

‘But it’s not all right,’ you bawl. ‘It’s not all right at all. First the bra, then this slip, then these panties, the stockings and these impossible shoes and now this huge dildo.’ You pull a tissue from the bedside cabinet and blow your nose loudly. ‘I just can’t bear it! What are you trying to do to me?’

‘You’ve only yourself to blame!’ she cries. ‘I’ve had my doubts about your masculinity for ages. Stud muffin indeed!’

‘But I was,’ you protest. ‘I’ve had lots of girlfriends…’

‘Calm yourself,’ she says. ‘l rather like your feminine side.’

‘So, what are you going to do?’ you ask tearfully.

‘Well, I thought that was obvious.’ She picks up a tube of KY jelly and greases the dildo confidently.’

You bury your head in the soft duck down pillow and feel a tear forming in your eye.

She prods it at your bum jokingly. ‘Don’t be so stiff. Just relax, enjoy the clothes, the attention and let’s both pretend you’re a real woman – besides if we stop now,’ she continues as you sniff into your tissue, ‘I won’t be a happy girl and you will be a very, very bad girl.’

‘I don’t want you to be unhappy,’ you say.’

‘Precisely now turn round bury your pretty head into the pillow and thrust your arse in the air and let me push this inside you.’

With terror in your eyes you turn round and shuffle into position, resting on your elbows and knees. You feel it press against your opening and you can’t help but admit a sigh. ‘Mmm good girl she cries as Aaaargh! Inch by inch she works the huge dildo into your arse. You cry out as your muscle stretches to near split and you feel the phallic monster glide into your belly.

She begins to moan and as you press back and forth she begins to rhythmically pump it in and out your arse. You cry out as your cock begins to spasm. She holds it with her other hand squeezing you in time with her rhythmic pumping.

She began to tease you again. ‘You are a pretty one – all dressed up in your delicate lingerie and fancy make-up, but its obvious you’re a dirty slut on the side. Don’t deny you like sucking thick cock, having your panties torn down and a hot cock thrust up your arse doggy style.’

‘Mmm! You mumble and then it happens you shoot another load into her hand but instead of stopping she pumps and squeezes even more frantically to ensure you pass every drop.

After a while your cock wilts and you collapse on the bed exhausted. To your surprise she doesn’t pulls it out but lets it protrude proudly from your bottom like the long sword in King Arthers sword in the stone. You feel strangely emotional and you need some support but rather than cuddles she’s up and putting back her jeans I fancy a beer she says as she walks out the room. Alone you glance down at your manicured hands and smile – every fingernail is damaged.

Does she order the dress? Do you get taken for a meal and do the boys flutter round you as she predicts. You tell me?

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