Gods of Summer

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A bolt of lightning arced across the hot summer dusk sky, igniting the heat and serving as a reminder of nature’s singular passion for beauty. The heat was neither the arid dryness that was so infamous in the deserts across the country, nor was it the sweltering humid heat that plagued the south eastern states so much. Rather this particular night’s heat was situated somewhere in between, hot enough to make one sweat but not so much so that it took your mind off the task at hand.

A slight smile born of intelligence and a vivid imagination spread across Richards’s lips as he looked up from his work trying to set up the tent. His deep brown, wolf-like, eyes watched her as she was removing the sleeping bags and a few boxes from her car, her hips swaying to a tune coming from the radio. Those little moves, those gently swaying hips positively entranced the young man, called for his immediate attentions. He shook his head a bit and turned around, nearly finished with the rather large two room tent. Above the two of them the sky was slowly beginning to lose its light as the sun was sinking steadily over the western hills.

Removing some of the general cooking utensil boxes she glanced over her should enough to see he had been staring at her as she was bent over in the car. She was use to such stares and, she was sure he had been thinking them, thoughts. There were more than enough men, and women, at home that gave her those same types of glances. As a general rule she usually dismissed them, but his were…….different, but definitely not unwelcome. Looking up she smiled softly as she took in the various colors of the sunset above the majestic pines. It had been awhile since she had been able to get away and enjoy the more simple parts of life. Camping was something she had merely done on weekends in order to go out and drink with friends; it was just another setting for getting drunk. But this would be something different, something more relaxing, and maybe a little more interesting with someone she hadn’t expected.

“Done.” He called, having finally finished putting up their shared tent. Standing back and looking at it he was surprised it actually came out looking like the picture on the box. He had even put up the room separator, although he hadn’t really wanted to but he was a gentleman. The air began to chill more and more as the night grew deeper.

She smiled as she looked at it; he had actually done a good job. Walking up behind him she put a hand on his shoulder and smirked. “Finally figured it out did you? And you didn’t even have to call the 1-800 number on the box, I’m impressed.” He would know she was only teasing him; they often traded banter back and forth.

“No I didn’t, but when you put up yours let me know how that goes for ya. If ya need help ill be in this one.” Grinning as he walked over to the picnic table, took out a bottle of wine and a couple Styrofoam cups and filled each halfway. He handed one to her and sat down on the bench as she sat down next to him, snuggling close for warmth in the ever chilling evening air.

Looking over, his eyes took in the exposed flesh of her arms through the dark green tank top she wore. Beads of sweat had formed on her biceps; she looked warm despite the night air. In the back of his mind he wanted to lean forward and taste her sweat from her flesh. His eyes traveled farther to see the sweat stain that had formed on and between her ample breasts. Again he wanted nothing more than to reach out and feel the hot sweaty flesh in the cool night air. He was brought out of his senses by her clearing her throat and giggling a bit.

“Hey big guy, I’m up here”. Trailing a finger from her breasts up to her nose and tapping it. She hadn’t minded the stare though; she actually found it kind of flattering that after knowing one another so long he could actually find her attractive. “Gonna have to work on that eye sight there bright eyes.” A lilting laughter in her voice.

“Well I was just trying to find your breast features……uh….best features.” Chuckling, and giving her shoulder a nudge as he sipped the wine, a sweet huckleberry wine. Looking back over he smiled. “So seriously though, how ya been?”

It was a moment or two before she answered as she sipped the wine and gave a heavy sigh, leaning back and looking up at the sky that had now turned to night. “It’s been a long year, lots of things that have happened and everything…..”Taking another drink then looking to him with a half hearted smile. “…..I’ve had worse times, so I guess I’m just thankful it’s ending and I can get away for a while.”

He finished his wine and tossed the cup in the fire pit. “Yeah I know the feeling there, been a hell of a year.” Looking down towards his feet in the darkness and returning her sigh. His face looking lost in thought as he stared down.

“Pffft…..yeah right, like the half ton of books you sold this year, the three models who wanted to date you, and having dinner with the senator a couple times? Been hard has it preppy?” Grinning and nudging his should with hers. “All that and you can still find time and desire to come out here ataşehir escort bayan with simple old me in tank top and blue jeans?” Chuckling as she looked at him.

“First of all no woman is simple” Smirking and continuing before he even had a chance to think. “….and secondly I wasn’t noticing the clothing……..” He stopped suddenly and if it hadn’t been fairly dark by now she would easily have seen the crimson flow over his face as he blushed.

She raised a brow and developed a wide seductive grin. “Ahh, I see…” She turned enough to let her right breast gently brush his arm. “…and what exactly were you noticing preppy?”

His mind had turned on its “evade” mode and instantly had an escape plan. Ever since they had known one another she had noticed he had a knack for talking his way out of things. “Well mostly the dingy hair, the tired eyes, and the fact you don’t seem to have a tan anymore girly.” Grinning a fake grin.

She let out a rather exasperated sigh and finished her wine, tossed the cup in the fire pit and went inside her side of the tent. Sometimes he could be such an ass. Honestly, she wasn’t sure why guys didn’t just say what they were thinking, she knew what he was thinking, he knew what he was thinking, so why the hell not just say it? Damn males almost weren’t worth it most days. Unrolling her sleeping bag she noticed he had made sure to layer the bottom of the tent in an egg crate mattress and several dozen blankets, obviously giving her a little more of the blankets than himself. A slight sigh and she shook her head to herself.

All of a sudden he was confused, they had been playing back and forth verbally and now she seemed pissed. She was always like this, temperamental and moody. He never understood the little things that set her off. Than again he did kind of understand, or at lease he thought he did. He knew what she wanted, she wanted him to tell her what exactly he had been thinking about her but he simply didn’t want to ruin that fun banter they had. It was fun to be playful and have another human being understand him and he didn’t want to make it awkward.

With a sigh he got up, grabbed his sleeping bag and entered his side of the tent, a thin layer of nylon separating his side from hers. Rolling out his sleeping bag he noticed she had her little electric lantern on and the light was illuminating the silhouette of her curvy body. He had just got done rolling his out and situating his pillow when he started watching her. She was clearly stretching and was sitting up on her knees. Dark brown eyes watched her stretching her body out, her heavy breasts lifting up and her shoulder length hair flowing down her back through the silhouette. His hand twitched a bit and he had the urge to pull the divider back and stare at her directly. Of its own volition his hand reached up to pull the divider back.

She waited for him to get in the tent and roll out his sleeping bag before she began to do her nightly stretching; purposely putting the lamp on the other side of the tent so it would outline her form on the center divider. All the while grinning to herself, hoping he was watching her, wanting him to be admiring her, even though she wasn’t fully aware of why she wanted this or what she wanted to come of it. She was sure he thought she was faced away from his side but she was instead facing him and smiled warmly to herself when she saw his hand raise up, going towards the divider, presumably to pull it back. Her breath caught in her throat as his hand seemed to hover there for a moment.

He swallowed, wondering if he should, wondering what he would say, wondering what to do. Nodding to himself he took hold of the divider and pulled it down and started to speak. “So Calli, I didn’t mean to offen……..” His mouth hanging open in mid-sentence. There before him was a sight he wouldn’t forget, even years later when he lay in a bed with friends, family and loved ones around him as the darkness closed in on his last few breaths would he ever forget this, it would be his dieing memory. She stood there in a mid-stretch position complete and totally naked. Sweat dripped down her breasts and her stomach, flat and taught had small beads of sweat on her alabaster skin, a patch of ginger colored hair that looked neatly trimmed sat majestically between her legs, looking rather inviting. The outline of her gorgeous ass stopped him from breathing for half a moment before his eyes moved up to her smoldering emerald colored eyes. Whether she was totally pissed or incredibly aroused was a toss up in his mind.

The pause of silence seemed to last an eternity as she looked at him, gracefully lowering her arms and putting them on her waist. A seductive smirk coming across her sharp beautiful features as she looked down to see the sleeping pants he had on clearly had a rather ample tent of their own now. “You didn’t mean to what preppy?” Her voice somewhat commanding. She wanted to see what he would do, how he would react. Although she knew what she wanted and how she wanted him to react she was more curious to see where this would go.

“I didn’t mean to offend escort kadıköy you before…” He was amazed he was able to keep his eyes above her neck as much as they cried out and longed to look down. “…actually this..” Raising a hand and indicating her naked body. “…was what I was thinking about actually.”

She nodded a bit and tilted her head as she looked at him like a cat playing with its food. “And? Now that you can actually see it, what do you think? Hmm?” Giving a little pose she cupped her breasts and pushed them together, the sweat trickling down them a bit.

Oh good lord he was nearly out of things to say, was she inviting him to do more? Was she just teasing him? Tempting him? Was this going to end with her laughing at him? He wasn’t sure but he struggled to find the words through the haze in his mind. “Well, it didn’t disappoint if that’s what you mean. Actually…” He was beginning to catch up now and his mind beginning to function at a quicker pace. “..It’s really quite nice. Surprising, wouldn’t have thought you had that hiding under those clothes all this time.”

A wider grin spread across her face, he had gotten use to her being naked now and he was falling into his same smart ass routine. She was a little afraid he slip into that defense/retreat mode though so she walked on her knee’s closer to him until a mere inch or two separated their bodies. Her voice was thick and sultry, seeking to tempt him and seduce him further. She carefully pronounced each and every word with striking detail. “You’d be surprised at what I’ve got hiding and where.” It took some concentration for her not to laugh at herself, normally she’d feel stupid saying things like that but somehow it just seemed right. Taking his hands in hers she placed his palms on her breasts, her nipples hardening in his hands and poking against his palms. She drew in a shaky, albeit pleasurable, breath with a deep smile. Inside the tent the air might have been chilly since the sun had been down but her skin felt hot, seeming to the point of a passionate boil. Her emerald green eyes were electric and they were staring into his deep brown ones.

Staring back at her he could feel a magnetic drawn, a force pulling on him, urging him towards her with hasty abandon. The connection seemed to draw strongest on his lips as his hands were already on her, squeezing and massaging her ample breasts to perfection. He hesitated from drawing anymore near simply to tease bother himself as well as her, in the end he knew that no force on earth, the heavens or the fiery hells could stop him from tasting her lips. He had longed to taste those lips for so long now; he had it from a good source that her lips and her kiss had an intoxicating effect and the taste of strawberries. One more moment he stared into those eyes so full of life and power, his hands caressing the firm flesh before he could stand the draw no longer.

It seemed that there was some unconscious, un spoken signal between the two of them for after several long moment they simply drew one another into each others arms, she pressing her heavy globes of womanhood into his chest as his hand released them and wrapped themselves around her, their first kiss one of passionate lustful energy. She kissed him like she had kissed few others, she didn’t care whether this seemed rough or not, she just wanted to kiss him, she had wanted to for soooooo long now.

He could easily note the urgency in her embrace as well as her kiss and matched them and added to them. They kissed so hard he could feel her teeth draw in his lower lip and could taste a tiny trickle of blood. Her nails could easily be felt on his t-shirt clad back, her hardened nipples pressing tightly against his chest at the same time. On her back the fingers of his hands were spread wide and he was holding her to himself tightly, wanting to feel the heat and lust radiating outward from her body. In their kiss he could easily taste the sweet wine they had both drank, the wonderful flavor adding to his most perfect kiss. Everything he had heard was true, her lips were intoxicating and there did seem to be some taste of strawberries as well as the wine, though if it was something in his mind or some kind of lip or chap stick was hard to say. Deep inside him he could feel something awaken, a power and command he usually only found when dealing with publishers and businessmen to intimidate them, he had both a want and need to make her his.

Within their kiss she could suddenly feel his tongue push past her lips and begin to massage hers and she could feel one of his strong hands slip down her elegant back to her ass and pull her up against him further. If she wasn’t mistaken she could even feel him growling into their kiss and she loved every bit of it, she could feel his want to dominate her and claim her like some wild animal and it was exactly what she needed. Looking into his eyes there was a wildness there, it reminded her of a wolf somehow. Slowly she drew her nails up and down his back, not hard enough to draw blood yet but enough to leave red trails on his flesh.

Along his back he could feel her nails bostancı escort making welts on his flesh, marking him as hers perhaps? Or maybe just showing her sheer passion for his efforts. Everything about this glorious woman amazed his senses; her flesh was soft and the color of buttermilk, her hair seemed slightly damp form the heat and ringlets of the auburn colored hair fell down towards her shoulder gracefully, her breath was coming in short gasps between their kisses, the heat radiating from her body was intense and yet he felt totally enveloped and inspired by it, and certainly his own body was aroused by her. Against his chest he could feel the t-shirt he was wearing grow damp as she was pressed tightly against him, the moisture of her body being absorbed by the cotton. Below his jeans were also becoming damp as she ground her pelvis against them, a large dark spot appearing on them. They had ceased their kissing for the moment and he looked down between them and laughed huskily and looked up at her.

She shrugged and grinned wickedly. “What can I say? A good writer never fails to inspire.” Ahh, her usual tactic of appealing to his ego to lure him in. This was a time honored tactic for her, one that rarely failed in other situations. Her head was swimming as she was sure his was. There had been times she had considered trying to seduce him, curious to see what kind of lover he would be but, like him, she was afraid to ruin what they had. Now though there was something in the air that seemed to drive their passions to new heights and the kinetic draw between them could not be resisted. Her head gently lolled back as she felt his molten lips upon the nape of her neck, kissing and gently sucking her fiery skin. Pressing her hips forward against him, trying to get him to pay more attention to her southern regions.

Hands that had previously started as fumbling were now deftly moving down the tower of her body, feeling the luxurious contour of her body. He was kissing and sucking the flesh of her neck at first as he slid a hand over her mound, running his fingers through the ginger colored hair and feeling how extremely hot it had become. Removing his lips from her neck he looked deeply into her eyes as he slid his hand further between the fortress of her thighs, two fingers teasing her lips for the briefest of moments before sliding inside of her. Before his eyes he smiled a self satisfied smile as he saw her eyes close and her lips take in a shuddering breath as his fingers entered her. Upon his hand he felt her weight press down, trying to side further down his fingers as her hips rocked against the ministrations of his fingers. Slowly he worked his two fingers in and out of her, watching her lips part each time he entered her, watching with great pleasure. He enjoyed watching her bodies natural reactions, her stomach would draw in quickly if he quickened the pace of his fingers where as she would breath faster if he slowed, wanting more from him. As her lips parted again he caught her lower lip between his own lips and kissed her slowly. Below he could feel the boiling juices from her pussy began to roll down his hand, the entire world around him totally forgotten but for her and the taking of her body.

Sweat trickled down her bare back as she felt his fingers slide into her. So exquisite were the feel of his fingers deep inside her that he even managed to illicit the deepest and hottest of moans from her throat, a feat not easily managed by anyone she had ever been with. Maybe it was the fact that she hadn’t had any in awhile, perhaps it was the fact that she was with the one man she thought would never be with her, but for whatever the reason her sex drive had nearly tripled and she wanted him to ravage her. Her hips rolled up against his hand involuntarily, wanting to feel more inside of her, truly to feel more than just his hand.

Drinking in her beauty and watching her ecstasy for a few more moments he slowly removed his hand from her. He held his hand up before her beautiful emerald eyes and licked his fingers clean of her drippings, his eyes not leaving hers, as he cleaned his hand. The other arm slid around her waist and he leaned forward and kissed her, a bit of her taste upon his lips. She cooed a bit as he kissed her, enjoying the taste of herself upon his lips and wanting so much more of him. He eased her onto her back, laying across both their sleeping bags. If he had thought she was beautiful as she had stood naked in front of him, she was more so laying there before him now. His eyes traveled up from the gentle elegant arch of her little feet, across the two great towers of her legs as her thighs met the grand span of her flat muscled stomach to the sacred mounds of her sizeable breasts, the defined curve of her collar bone as it led the way to her luscious neck and finally the gorgeous delight of the monument to beauty that was her face. For that instant the entire world was silenced as his mind focused upon the only sounds that mattered; the harmonious sound of their two beating hearts, a slight moan each time she exhaled, and an almost guttural growl as he exhaled. He had completely forgotten he still wore his shirt and pants as he straddled her body on all fours. Reaching a hand out he took both her wrists and held them above her head and kissed her again, his teeth gently pulling on her lower lip then releasing it to kiss her yet again.

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