Girl with Something Extra Ch. 03

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Hello readers, this is your humble omniscient narrator with another episode in the life of Daisy; The Girl With Something Extra.

She’s back at her favorite ‘straight’ sports bar, hanging out with her buddies, and hopefully watching her favorite football team draft it’s next star player. The last thing on her mind is meeting someone new, but she does.


As we start this story, it’s late April, but the ‘Socks and Jocks’ sports bar was filled with Jersey wearing football fans.

It was the first opportunity in two long months, for diehards to celebrate football.

Daisy was one of them. She was wearing a size extra large with number eighty four on it. The jersey hung nearly to her knees, over a pair of leggings.

She completed the sporty look with a hat, a rainbow colored choker, and a pair of cross trainers.


Dana sat at the bar, as she watched Daisy chatting and laughing with the three men sharing a table with her. She had noticed Daisy’s rainbow colored choker, and immediately wondered if it was a fashion thing, or an LGBT thing.

All of Dana’s girlfriends and guy friends are outspoken about their straightness. As far as she knows they are in fact all straight. As far as they know, she is straight too.

She would never in a million years admit her interest in another woman if she were asked, but if she were honest; she’d admit that the dampness in her panties was caused by the tomboy looking woman sitting a few tables away from her.

She’d been aroused countless times before by women she thought were lesbian or bisexual, but she’d never acted on it.

For some reason tonight was different. When she saw the three men who were sitting with Daisy walk away from their table, Dana swallowed her third shot of tequila, and then walked over to where Daisy was seated.

Even as she was standing in front of Daisy, she still hesitated for a moment before speaking. “Please excuse me; my name is Dana,” she said, extending her hand as she spoke.

“Hi Dana, it’s good to meet you. I’m Daisy,” she said, responding to the attractive, five feet two, high yella woman, now standing a couple feet away from her.

Dana smiled sweetly and then said, “Thanks, it’s nice to meet you too.” She then looked at the people to her left and to her right before she looked at Daisy again, and then said, “Having a winning season sure fills up a team’s bandwagon doesn’t it?”

“It sure does,” said Daisy. “There was even a crowd in here for the NFL scouting combine, if you can believe that.”

“Damn, that’s crazy,” said Dana with a big smile. “But who am I to talk, I sure wouldn’t have come to watch the draft, if they hadn’t won so many games last year. Well that, and I figured there would be a lot of men here.” she laughed.

Daisy chuckled, and then gave her a friendly smirk before she said, “By the power vested in me, as a longtime hardcore fan, I now welcome you aboard the bandwagon.”

Dana smiled back at her, and said, “Thanks.”

Daisy had noticed Dana looking at her earlier, and was pretty sure Dana was interested in more than who the local team was about to draft. Now that she’d showed initiative and introduced herself, Daisy invited her to have a seat, saying, “The guys, who were sitting with me, are over there trading lies with some of their buddies. They won’t be back until it’s time for our team to make their pick. You’re welcome to sit here with me if you’d like.”

Coming over to Daisy’s table and introducing herself had been a big step for Dana, so naturally she breathed a sigh of relief, exhaling as discreetly as she could. Then she smiled while lifting one of her fine legs high enough for her soft ass to settle into one of the tall chairs at Daisy’s table.

Perhaps it was out of habit, or maybe she needed to maintain the pretense of being straight, whatever the reason, almost immediately after she sat down she looked around the room again, and then said, “There are a lot of cute guys in here.”

Daisy looked into Dana’s eyes and held her gaze, then she smiled and spoke seductively saying, “Yes and there are also some very attractive women.” And then she waited for Dana’s reaction to the obvious flirting.

Try as she might to play it cool, Dana’s complexion gave away her inner feelings. She looked flushed almost instantly, then she parted her lips and licked them briefly before her now shaky voice said, “Yeah, there are some cute girls in here.” Then she composed herself and looked at one of the TV screens. “Damn it,” thought Dana. “Get a grip girl. You damn near drooled all over yourself.”

Her reaction made Daisy smile inwardly.


For the next hour Dana talked a mile a minute, when she wasn’t laughing or smiling at something Daisy had said. Throughout that time she was checking her out as closely as she could without being weird. She noticed that the very feminine looking, girly acting woman’s voice was soft and smooth, but there was a slight base sound when she spoke loudly. Her hands weren’t huge, but they were mardin escort large for a woman. The rest of her was covered, so it was impossible to see whether she had curves or not.

The two women talked mostly about football, and Daisy was impressed with Dana’s knowledge of the draft process.

Daisy had an amused smile on her face when Dana veered off topic and mentioned how some players looked in their uniforms. She went so far as to name a few she thought had fine asses.

Daisy quickly found out that Dana’s filter didn’t always engage before her lips moved, when she named the players with big dick prints underneath their tight uniform pants.

Daisy almost spit out the sip of her lemonade she’d just taken

After Daisy regrouped, she laughed, but kept it classy when she said, “Their girlfriends or wives are lucky women.”

Dana doubled down on slutty and made Daisy laugh out loud, when she said, “I’d suck the black off their dick, but they can’t put their big thing in me.

Daisy held her face in her palms, and both women laughed.

Afterwards it was quiet at the table for the next few minutes. Both women were paying attention to the TV as the home team’s turn to draft was only a few picks away.

While Dana watched various teams choosing their new players, her mind was on Daisy. She was dying to know what was behind that rainbow colored choker, and she was even more curious now about what was going on under that Jersey. One thing was certain, she was attracted to Daisy, and she kept crossing and un-crossing her legs as she fantasized about what Daisy would do to her in bed

Daisy’s mind was also busy while she watched the goings on with the draft. She was trying to read Dana. “I wonder if she can tell I’m not a CIS woman,” thought Daisy. “But she is a little tipsy, so who knows. On the other hand she’s a fun, sweet, and pretty girl.

“Besides, she likes football. Who doesn’t love a girl like her?”


Finally it was their team’s turn to select a player, so Bell, Biv, and Devoe hurried back to join Daisy. The put their arms around each other’s shoulders, as if the four of them huddled together was going to magically cause their team to make a wise decision. I guess you have to be a sports fan to understand.

Dana threw her head back and laughed at how goofy they looked.

When their team chose the player everyone wanted, there was hooting and hollering throughout the bar.

It was only after the excitement had died down that the guys noticed Dana. Each of them looked at Dana, then at Daisy, after a moment they were grinning and slapping hands. Daisy looked at them with a blank expression, and then shook her head before she said, “You three really are idiots.”

“How come we’re idiots?” asked Biv. “We were gone for like five minutes, and you pulled the hottest woman in the bar. We were just giving you some dap.” Bell and Devoe nodded their heads and mumbled, “Exactly.”

“Dana, this is Bell, Biv, and Devoe. I love them like brothers. Sometimes,” said Daisy looking dismissively at the three men.

Dana offered her hand to each of them, making sure to give a firm handshake as she was saying, “Nice to meet you Bell. Biv. and Devoe.”

She didn’t offer any objection to the assumption they had made about her and Daisy.


The following week:

There were many texts and phone calls between them. Their budding interest in each other was already on good footing after the time they’d spent together at the sports bar, so they became comfortable with each other very quickly.

After a couple more conversations about their shared passion for sports, they’d moved onto other things.

“I’m not even watching the news for the next few years, next subject,” Daisy said with a laugh.

Dana laughed with her, and then said, “I’ve about had my fill of drama queens on reality shows, and I’ll be damn if I’m not the only younger woman in the country who doesn’t think she can sing.”

Daisy laughed out loud, and then said, “I hear ya girl. Thank goodness I have sports and erotica to keep me entertained.”

“Erotica, you mean porn don’t you?” laughed Dana.

“Hmm, I don’t think so. Porn doesn’t interest me,” said Daisy. “The quality movies from the golden age of porn are erotica, in my opinion. They are real movies with hardcore fucking in them.

“And when I feel like reading erotica, I prefer the stories people post on Literotica.”

“I’m not a fan of watching porn either,” said Dana. “But I’ve always like reading sexy books and stories.

“What kind of stuff is on Literotica?”

Daisy, chuckled, and then said, “You name the topic, and somebody has written a sex story about it. And I mean every topic.”

You might want to check it out. I highly recommend the lesbian and transgender stories. The stories might help you decide the kind of woman you like.”

Dana paused in thought for a moment and then said, “When I think about being with another van escort woman, my only concern is, no matter how well she eats my pussy, sooner or later I’m gonna need a dick in the situation somewhere.”

Daisy laughed out loud, and then said, “It sounds like you should read some of the stories in the Transsexuals & Crossdressers section.”

Then she assured Dana that she had never received a complaint from a lover, male or female. “I always try to go that extra mile, no matter who I’m with,” said Daisy. “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

“Anyways, it’s something you could checkout.”


That’s how their conversations were going after nearly a week of knowing each other. Dana still hadn’t given Daisy any indication that she had clocked her, so on Thursday Daisy decided to give her another clue. She invited her to grab a drink or two after work on Friday at Burkhart’s, and then see where the night took them.

“OK, and Dana, if you’re gonna be drinking please use Uber this time, so you don’t have to leave your car like you did at Socks and Jocks the other night,” said Daisy.


Friday evening:

Daisy had arrived at Buckhart’s by Uber around 7:30 pm, about fifteen minutes earlier than the agreed upon meeting time.

When Dana walked into the club, she quickly spotted Daisy sitting at the bar in the main room.

She was as pretty as a picture. Her hair and makeup were on point, and her outfit was well put together. She had a glass of water with a lemon wedge and packets of artificial sweetener that had not been mixed yet.

There was also a glass of Chablis for Dana.

(I will use narrator’s privilege to tell all my readers that Daisy always makes a point of tipping her server well for a glass of water, lemon wedges, and packets of sweetener.)

The women embraced warmly, holding each other for more than a moment, before they sat quietly and people watched as they sipped their drinks. Dana noticed Daisy’s rainbow colored pearl bracelet, and after looking at it for a moment she asked, “Do you always wear something with the rainbow symbol on it?”

Daisy looked at the floor for a second, and then she attempted to smile, but it looked more like a grimace, when she looked at Dana and said, “Yeah I do.”

Dana looked serious when she asked, “Why? Aren’t you telling everybody your business by doing that?”

Daisy was responding almost before Dana could finish asking her question. “I wear it to keep the assholes away.”

Dana chuckled, “I guess that means I’m not an asshole, so that’s good.” Even though she was laughing it was obvious the she had hit a nerve.

Daisy raised an eyebrow, but suppressed a smirk, then she said, “You haven’t tried to fuck me yet” Then she quickly apologized and begged for Dana’s forgiveness.

A combination of shock and concern showed on Dana’s face for a moment, and then she said, “Damn, where did that come from?”

“It comes from all the times someone has gone off on me when they found out I wasn’t the woman they thought I was,” said Daisy with a sour look on her face.

“Shit, that happens to all of us,” Dana said dryly, and decided to leave it at that. “This probably wouldn’t be a good time to ask what kind of woman they found she was,” she thought.

At that point both women let that topic die, and began to look around the bar at the hive of activity. Just then a tall middle aged woman on the other side of the club waved with a dainty flutter of her fingers.

Daisy smiled brightly and waved back at her, and then the woman started walking in her direction.

Dana couldn’t tell who Daisy was waving at until the woman was almost at their table. When she realized it was a man dressed as a woman, she began to smile.

Daisy looked at Dana out of the corner of her eye, before she stood to give her friend a hug. They talked excitedly for a moment, while holding both of their hands, and then Daisy looked at Dana, and said, “Charli, meet Dana.”

Dana sprang to her feet, eagerly extending her hand for a handshake.

Charli smiled and in her best feminine voice said, “Hi, nice to meet you.”

With her small hand surrounded by Charli’s huge hand, Dana said, “It’s nice to meet you too.” Then she smiled sweetly as she felt herself being undressed by Charli’s eyes.

After Charli had spotted several of his friends enter the club, all of them dressed as a woman, he excused himself.


As soon as his back was turned, Dana looked at Daisy with a quizzical expression, then leaned closer to her and said, “Woo lord, that’s one ugly woman. What do you call her?”

Daisy continued to look around the room as she answered. “He’s a crossdresser, and he’s straight. He gets aroused from wearing women’s clothes,” said Daisy, matter of factly. “C’mon let’s walk through the club, it’s an interesting place.”

“The room we’re in is the biggest one in the club. The stage is for the female impersonators who will perform later tonight,” ankara escort said Daisy. Then they stood up to begin their tour, Daisy reached for Dana, and they started walking hand in hand.

Outside on the patio, the crowd was younger, and made up mostly of CIS women and men as best as Dana could tell. She noticed pretty fast that the men weren’t paying any attention to the two of them. “I like this,” said Dana. “There are no guys checking me out.”

“That’s because they’re either gay, or with their girlfriend,” said Daisy, with a chuckle.

From there they went into a small room that also had a bar. It was filled with older men drinking brown liquor, and mostly starring into space. The old men bearly bothered to look in the direction of the two women.

Next they climbed the stairs to the balcony, where Daisy was welcomed with hugs and kisses to both her cheeks by several women who had been mingling and drinking wine.

Dana looked closely at each woman when they were introduced to her. She could tell that three of them were actually men, but they didn’t look as much like men as Charli and his friends did.

The other three she met were a different story, in fact she couldn’t tell whether they were CIS women, or crossdressers.

After they stopped at the bar to buy their drinks, Daisy led the way to an empty table she’d spotted and said, “Let’s sit here. We have a great view of the stage and we won’t have people walking in front of us when they go up and down the stairs.”

Once they were all sorted and sitting close to each other at the small table, Dana said, “OK, I’ve got two questions. Number one; why didn’t I know this place existed? Number two; are all the women on this level crossdressers? For the most part I can tell, but some can pass as women.”

Daisy taste tested her second lemonade of the evening before she responded. She made a big show of being deep in thought and then said, “You probably didn’t know about this club because you’re straight. As for the women up here with us, they aren’t crossdressers, they’re mostly Trans, and a couple of them are CIS gender.”

Dana nodded her head several times and then began to take a second and third look at some of the women, including Daisy. Suddenly the light bulb came on. “These are women with a dick in the situation,” thought Dana.

Having done some reading about the LGBT community, she was familiar with the terms applied to different sexual and gender identities. But seeing people with the various identities, in an environment where they felt free to be themselves was an eye opening experience.


When the 11 pm drag queen show was done, Dana exclaimed, “That was fabulous!” Then she did two snaps of her fingers and dramatic wave of her hand.

Daisy threw her head back and laughed, showing all if her teeth.

When the DJ started playing music people took the party onto the dance floor. Dana looked at Daisy, smiled and said let’s dance.

They joined the moshpit the dance floor had become. It was impossible not to bump into someone’s crotch, ass, or breasts.

Dana and Daisy eventually were moving with the music rather than dancing. Their arms held each other loosely, and smiles were plastered on their faces as they spoke with their eyes.

Daisy was a few inches taller than her and Dana liked that. She was imagining the taller woman leaning in to kiss her, when she saw Daisy’s lips began to part as they moved toward hers. She stopped dancing, tilted her head and her mouth opened instinctively.

For the first time she accepted a part of Daisy into her body.

A moment later they were grinding their bodies against one another in time with the music, but Dana felt like she was floating.

Daisy could feel Dana’s handful of tits pressed against her own natural breasts. She could also feel herself getting aroused as she thought about topping her. Her dick was straining against the tight bikini briefs she wore, and she was sure Dana could feel it.

Dana was suffering from sensory overload. Daisy’s firm body, her soft breast, and the hardness between her legs, combined with the smell of her perfume mixed with her natural body scent had Dana’s body on fire, and she felt her juices soak the gusset of her panties.

The next song was upbeat, and it was right on time. If the DJ had played one more slow song, things might have gotten too hot and heavy on the dance floor.

A short time later the two women decided it was time to call it a night.

Daisy invited Dana to crash at her place, she said, “Let’s grab an Uber together, you’re welcome to sleep in our spare bedroom. My housemate is out of town, so I’m home alone anyway.”

“I’ve got something you can sleep in and there are plenty extra toothbrushes lying around.”

Dana felt a flutter in her stomach and a spasm in her core that she had to give a moment to settle down before she said, “Sure, that’d be great.”


During the ride to hers, both women leaned their head and shoulders close to each other, as they spoke softly.

Dana’s mid-thigh length dress barely covered her panties, and Daisy was sure she could smell a hint of the musky scent caused by Dana’s arousal.


At Daisy’s home both women were feeling sexy, but Daisy wanted to allow the mutual seduction to run it’s course.

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