Getting with my son and his boyfriend

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First off this is not every ones cup of tea but I had wanted my son since I found out he was hung by accident 5 yrs earlier but wouldn’t touch him then.

I will be using (P) for my son and (A) for his boyfriend.

well first I had to get rid of my ex so my son gave her a spa weekend pass I bought to get her out of the house! when I showed up my son (P) was in his shorts just out of the shower and his b/f (A) was in the shower we sat in the kitchen waiting for his b/f and I was impressed by the way my (P) body was turning out since he was going to the gym.
His (A) walked in and kissed him not seeing me sitting there and I pulled his towel off to announce myself. He turned around shocked and my eyes were glued to his 10 to 11 inch hard and 3 finger thick cock. he started laughing because my mouth fell open and my tongue started licking my lips, and he said that was the same thing my (P) did the first time he saw it !

The 3 of us went out in the backyard and stripped down and jumped into the pool. I dove in the deep end and swam down the pool under water and came up between them and they grabbed me and we began kissing, while kissing I felt two hands grab my cock while I grab each of their cocks. The next I knew was I was floating on my back with their help and they were both licking my cock and balls, şişli bayan escort (P) cock must have came from his mothers side of the family because he is about 9 inches and 2 fingers thick where I am only 6 inches and 2 fingers thick, they had me on the edge of cumming real quick and lowered me back into the water and I lead my (P) to the poolside and had hid seat on the edge, I stroked his cock then licked it from tip to balls and back before swallowing him.

It took some work but I got him down my throat and I watched his eyes open real big shocked that his back knew how to deep throat, as I was sucking him his (A) climbed out and from above him feed (P) his cock straight down his throat in one push! I worked overtime and real hard on (P)s cock to make him cum down my throat then I pulled back to catch the last half of his cum and then begged for (A)s cock in my mouth. So (P) and (A) switched places and I sucked (A)s cock and it took longer to get him down my throat but I got it there,

(P) pulled out of (A)s mouth and jumped back in the pool and whispered in my ear that he wanted me since we were wrestling in the backyard and he grabbed my head and forced me to suck (A) in deeper and deeper ! (P) knew (A) would get off faster watch him force someone to suck his cock. (A) started shooting huge thick wads down my throat şişli escort before my son pulled me off and pumped (A)s cum all over my face. Then he licked it off and kissed me sharing his mouthful with me.

(A) spread out a large blanket on the lawn and laid down and () and I joined him. (P) had me sit on (A)s face so he could rim my ass while (P) stood before me fucking my mouth faster and harder than the first sucking,. When my ass was opening up nicely (A) pushed me back onto his cock and worked it into my ass with me screaming around (Ps) cock. (A) slowly worked it in balls deep and pulled me down onto him (P) laid next to us with his head down so he could watch me take (A)s deep in my ass as (A) and I stroked him. I kissed (A) and begged (P) to enter me too and he asked (A) and he got up and knelt behind me and push his wet cock in slowly until he was in also. They fucked me there in the back yard in the middle of the yard and I thought I saw the neighbors hubby or BF watching from the second floor.

I was in such bliss I was crying because I finally got my sons (P)s cock , but I still want to fuck him and his b/f (A) in the ass. They fucked me for what felt like an hour but it was closer to 20 to 25 mins. before filling my ass with their cum. as they slipped out limp (P) lick my ass clean then shared it with (A). We mecidiyeköy escort all collapsed on the blanket.

After I could feel my legs I got up and went to pee, then I ordered a couple pizzas, a salad, bread sticks, beer and soda. then woke the boys when it had arrived! ( by the way I forgot to get dressed before answering the door).

While eating lunch we retired to the living room to relax recoup, and watch TV, so I thought (P) turned on the TV and started a DVD. I thought it was an all male porn but I found out it was started last night when they were fucking the guy next door and ended with us out by the pool and on the blanket! I think I even saw my ex sucking the guy next doors cock and the other two also.

Then I asked (P) if there mother had gotten fucked because she probably needed it and I was told yes she did very well even. I went to the garage and pulled out some old VHS tapes and played them for then boys, of my ex and I before the kids were born and their mother was smoking hot ! And a couple tapes were of me and some of the guys I played with before their mother and I got together.

(P) asked why I stopped wrestling with him and went in the house when he was 16. I told him 1) i felt it was wrong being he was 16 and 2) I wasn’t sure if you would have like me sucking your cock and fucking each other, then I find out he had already been doing that with a friend from school for a year prior to his (P)s cock brushing my arm on that day 5 yrs ago.

To be continued

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