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“I wrote this after a dream I had one night and couldn’t get it out of my head. I wrote this for myself but hoping that others may enjoy it as well.”

“Hey honey, welcome ho-!…” I greeted my wife as she came through the door from work but lost my train of thought as I saw how pale and miserable she looked.

“Damn, Danielle you look awful. Are you ok?” That probably wasn’t the best way to phrase it but damage done.

“Ugh, no. Everything hurts. My chest burns and aches. My whole damn torso feels like it is being twisted from the inside out. I’m going to take a painkiller and go to bed,” she muttered sounding exhausted.

This was very unlike her. Normally she avoids any painkillers like the plague unless she is on that time of the month or has a particularly killer hangover. “Alright, go get comfortable, or at least as best as you can. I’ll bring some water for you once I get your stuff put away.” Danielle nodded feebly and went into the master bedroom and shut the door behind her. After cleaning up and scrapping my cooking plans since she clearly was not in the mood to eat, I crept in with a glass of tap water and some Pepto-Bismol just in case.

Surprisingly though she was completely passed out and even snoring a bit. She must have been feeling really hot too as she was nearly completely out of the blankets and not wearing anything at all. Not uncommon for her to go topless but certainly bottomless is unlike Danielle. Even while sick though she is sexy as hell. At barely 5’6″ Danielle is about average height for an American woman, but she is quite slim and muscled. About 120 pounds which is “fat” to her but thanks to her physically demanding job she has quite the muscles. Not going to lie those muscles are a major turn on to me. She’s not bodybuilder level, not even close but basically any shirt she wears those sleeves struggle. And her back is so damn hot. Didn’t know I was a back guy until I met her. Fellas, is it gay to love your muscled wife? Of course, all her working out and especially the workouts that focus on her butt has paid off. That ass of hers just pops out in all the right ways. When she wears thongs you can’t even see the strip that resides in that lovely crevice. Danielle’s boobs are nice little handfuls. A bit on the small side as they are B cups on a good day but those titties are super perky with cute pink nipples. Don’t get me wrong, I wish they were bigger. I have always been a breast man but she can’t do anything about that and I am definitely not telling my lovely wife that either. I’m no idiot.

As I looked at her sprawled out with her dirty blonde hair covering her face I swept her hair back behind her head so she would be less hot. Put a light sheet on top and kissed her goodnight. Well its 6:00 PM but close enough.

After fucking around for a few hours and being bored I called it a night myself and joined siirt seks hikayeleri her in bed. I checked on her one last time and thought I saw some kind of a bulge in her sheets around her stomach but she was curled in the fetal position and not wanting to disturb her just left her alone.


“Dean, Dean…DEAN!” Danielle was shouting and panicking. I leapt out of bed and ran around the king size mattress so I could be face to face and carry her out or whatever the fuck she needed.

“What baby, what is it? Do we need to go to the hospital?” I tried my best to say while sounding calm but she was quivering from how scared she was and I still didn’t know what was going on.

“Something is wrong. My chest feels heavy and it is hard to breathe. I looked down and my tits, my fucking tits,” she exclaimed, “they’re fucking huge! What is going on why are they so big?! This is a dream, right??” What the fuck I’m thinking. That doesn’t make any sense but I go to pull the sheets away and holy shit. She was right. Her boobs became enormous. Just last night they were still their perky peach sized selves and now they were each bigger than her head. My panic was quickly turning into lust despite my desire to be a comforting husband. I really don’t know how it was possible either but if I could compare them to a pornstar they are closest to the size of Lucie Wilde’s amazing rack. Actually, probably a good deal bigger. Maybe each tit was twice the size of her head? I don’t think of any her clothes would fit over those. It took all of my willpower to not squeeze and slap them around a bit right then and there.

“Ok, yup, that’s different. Umm, do you think we should go to the doctor? Make sure nothing worse happens?” (Haha, worse? That’s a dream for me.)

“Why aren’t you more upset!!” Danielle was pissed. I miscalculated the reaction I should have had.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I just…don’t know how to handle this or what to do. How does twenty pounds of boob grow overnight? Look, you said your stomach was in pain last night. How is it now?” I said while pressing my hand gently on her abdomen through the sheet. It was firm. My face twisted a bit in surprise.

Danielle must have noticed my reaction. “What, is something wrong with my stomach too?”

“No, I mean well maybe, but I don’t think so. It feels really firm. I’m going to look just try and be calm, ok?”

She nodded her head while biting her lip a bit in fear. I carefully slid the sheets past her lovely new set of boobs and brought the sheets down just to above her hips.

“Oh wow…” I said while getting even more turned on.

“What is it? I can’t fucking see my own stomach past these stupid tits. What’s wrong with my stomach!?” Danielle was shouting again. Which is fair its been a heck of a morning already.

“Nothing is wrong. You just have some really pronounced abs now!” Danielle had always had some visible abs but not a visible 4 pack like what she is now sporting.

“Huh,” she sounded even more confused now, “how is that possible?”

“I don’t know, baby, how are the tits possible either?” Finally losing my willpower with that statement I stood up to grab one of those new soft titties and slipped a bit catching myself on her crotch.

“Oh no.” I said with some actual fear of my own this time.

“Oh no, what?” Danielle uttered meekly.

Without even asking I ripped the sheets fully off her and to my extreme surprise saw a massive cock and balls.

“Holy shit, Danielle! You’ve got a dick! How could you not notice that thing?” I was practically shouting. It was one thing for existing organs to enhance it is another entirely for brand new ones to show up.

“I, well, I thought it felt different down there but after my boobs I was too afraid to check…please tell me you’re joking?” Danielle quietly spoke out.

Not knowing how else to prove it to her I simply firmly grasped her flaccid dick and gave it a light squeeze. Instantly I saw Danielle’s face light up and then immediately began to panic.

“What the fuck! Wait, what about my vagina? Is it gone?!” She was understandably hysterical now.

“Let me check. Let me check.” I lifted her heavy golf-ball sized testicles out of the way and breathed a sigh of relief. “It’s still there, lady. Your vagina is still there. Did you become a futanari?” I asked, shocked.

“A what, now” Despite being into anime I guess Danielle doesn’t know what a futa is.

“Eh, I’ll explain later but for now I don’t know how else to say it but it looks like the penis replaced your clit, I guess?” I absent mindedly started stroking her dick. I don’t know why but holding mine always comforts me so I guess it was second nature.

“Oh, that’s a relief. Umm what are you doing?” Danielle asked while her face started to flush.

“What? Oh shit sorry, I didn’t mean to stroke it. I’ll stop.” I felt embarrassed. What a stupid thing to do.

“I didn’t say stop.” Danielle said.

“Oh, um ok.” Not knowing what else to say I went back to giving my wife’s new dick a handjob. I didn’t know what more to say so I just looked at her cock while jacking it off in a way only a guy really knows how. And I’m not gay (I think, at this point maybe?) but I can’t help but admire this appendage. I’m an adequate guy. About 6″ on a good day and maybe 5″ of girth. When I first saw her cock as flaccid it was already a good 6″. I thought maybe she was a shower. Nope, this penis is a GROWER. As more and more of her blood flowed down to this new appendage it just kept getting bigger and bigger. Her dick is fucking enormous. I don’t have a ruler but a solid foot long at minimum is a safe bet. Evidently Danielle noticed too as she could see it rise from her prone position even above her tit obstructed view. Danielle’s eyes got wide but didn’t say anything. No idea what her girth is but I could still one hand it just not very easily.

I started stroking faster and focused on the head a bit more. Danielle started to breathe and moan a lot more deeply. I picked up the pace even more. I really wanted to feel this cock swell and bulge. Precum really started to flow. Guess those balls aren’t just for show I thought. It made really handling her dick even better and Danielle was still really enjoying this. With one hand still jacking her off I brought my other hand to her balls and began to gently massage them. She jumped a little at the touch and looked at me and said only one more thing.


And so I did. My right hand was traveling her whole shaft which due to the size was not easy at all but was pretty fun. I’m a bit jealous of her length that’s for sure. With my left hand I really started kneading those balls. It was like holding 2 eggs. Really fun to just move your hand all around.

“Dean, I think I’m about to ummm…cum…” Danielle said while sounding a little terrified.

I chuckled a bit. I don’t remember my first orgasm but I’m betting I was scared the first time too.

Without another word from me I stopped massaging her balls and looked her dead in the eye. She seemed a bit upset but wasn’t prepared for what came next. I licked the tip of her head and without missing a beat sucked the first few inches into my mouth. Danielle’s eyes went wide and then her breathing got even deeper. She white knuckled the comforter with her right hand and with her left started squeezing her giant tits.

I started bobbing my head up and down as much as I could handle. (I definitely need to work on getting better at blowjobs I guess) and then I felt her head swell and knew what was happening. She tried saying something but I don’t think she had the energy to handle it.

I debated taking my mouth away from her dick but I know how great it is to cum in a mouth and after the many loads of mine she has swallowed it is only right to reciprocate. I swirled my tongue around her head and finally she came. Rope after rope of hot sticky cum coated my tongue and shot to the back of my throat. The taste was amazing to me. I mean probably just like normal cum. Salty, a little sweet. But man, she had a lot of it. I had to start swallowing as she was blasting inside my mouth. After what had to have been about 45 seconds I swallowed for the fourth and final time savoring the taste and then licked her cock clean. It was still erect and I was ready to go again.

I looked at Danielle to see how she handled it and much to my amusement she had completely passed out. As my reward I decided to finally enjoy those new breasts. I curled up with Danielle and started sucking on her tits and could not wait to have more fun with her when she wakes back up.

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