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Funk Craigslist storyI had the house all to myself for the weekend, my mom was out of town, and was feeling a little lonely and horny. I logged onto craigslist to try and find some company the night. I found an ad where some girl was asking people what they would do to her if they were locked in a room alone with her. She didn’t have any pictures or description, just the question of the locked room. At this point I was so horny I didn’t care what she looked like, I wanted sex god damn it. So I responded saying “If I were alone in a locked room with you I would fuck you until neither of us could move any more, and if you’re into this kind of thing I may even torture you for a while.”The email I got back from her asked how I would torture her. I described it to her is great detail, not putting the details here yet, but don’t worry I’ll tell you soon enough. She emailed me back again practically begging me to actually do the things I said I’d do to her, and she wanted a pic of me. I sent her my pic asking for one in return. I didn’t get one, instead I got an email that just said “I’m not sending you a pic, we went to high school together I’m coming over now don’t worry about giving me your address I already know where you live. I think you’ll be surprised at who I am.”This was a little odd to me, I graduated about a year and a half, almost 2 years ago now, and I haven’t talked to very many people I went to school with, although I think most everyone knew I was in community college and was still living with my mom. I just hoped it was one of the girls I thought was hot in high school, but never asked out. She got to my house about half an hour after the last email.DISCLAIMER NOT MY STORYI opened the door nervously. She was right I was surprised at who it was. It was Sarah Good, AKA Captain Christian, wearing tight jeans that went all the way up her long legs and conformed perfectly to her plump, juicy ass and a tight red t-shirt that made her D cup breasts look even larger than I remembered them. The hottest and most overly religious girl at our high school. “Hi Darren, I’ve been a bad girl, can I come in.”I knew the many dirty fantasies I had about her in high school were about to come true. So I grabbed her by the arm and forced her in the house. I didn’t bother asking halkalı escort how she got from Captain Christian to dirty girl because at that point I didn’t care, she wanted this and I’m going to give it to her.I slammed the door shut behind her. Then I grabbed her by the hair and pinned her against the wall. “I always knew you were a dirty slut on the inside” I whispered into her ear. “Always strutting around your beautiful body, torturing the boys by looking as hot as you do, then just as they thought they would get lucky you tell them no fucking until marriage. Well now it’s your turn to be tortured and fucked.””Yes Darren, I deserve this, I’ve been bad.” She said to me.”CALL ME MASTER!” I commanded.”Yes master.” She said as I felt up and down her backside remembering the email where I told her how she would be tortured, I then started to act out the email by spanking her ass good and hard. “Thank you master” she said with each slap of the ass. I kept spanking her for a while then I grabbed her hair and dragged her to the couch.”Head down, ass up” I ordered, she obeyed burying her head into the couch sticking her ass up as far as it could get. I pulled down her pants, exposing the ass and pussy I’ve wanted to see, touch, and fuck for so many years. I then slid her pants all the way off, she wasn’t wearing any panties. “Say a number.” I commanded.”Thirty seven” She said it was actually an inside joke from school.”Very funny” I said taking off my belt. “You’re going to count the lashings, if you lose count well start over.””Yes master.” She said. I gave her the first lashing from my belt. “One” she said. I gave another lashing. “Two” she said. Another lashing “Three.” After 18 lashes, about halfway through, I looked admirably at her red and bruised ass.”Ok that’s about half, I think we can give that ass a break. Sit up on the couch.” She did and looked me straight in the eye; here brown eyes full of lust and desire. Only then did I become curious how she got to be the girl who made multiple vows to stay a virgin until marriage. Curiosity got the better of me, “Tell me, how did you get to be such a dirty little slut anyway, in school you always talked about abstinence?””Well Darren-“”Call me taksim escort master” I corrected her along with a light slap on the face.”Well master, I was at a party with a few friends during the summer right after high school and no one told me the punch bowl was spiked. I drank a lot of punch that night and before I knew it I was getting my pussy eaten by some guy I didn’t even know his name. Ever since then I’ve been experimenting around with some other guys, and girls.” She explained.”I had a feeling it went something like that.” I said as I pulled her shirt off, exposing the black bra she had underneath. I grabbed the back of her head and pulled her toward me for a kiss. I rammed my tong into her mouth. As we kissed I used my hands to unsnap her bra and took it off. Her bare breasts looked even better than I imagined they would. I put my mouth around one nipple and sucked on it. My hand pinched the other nipple as my suck turned to more of a bite.”Oh yes, thank you master” she moaned as I tortured her nipples, biting, sucking, and pinching them. With my other hand I rubbed the outside of her wet pussy, and then I slid my middle finger slowly inside.”You like that, don’t you bitch?” I more so told than asked.”Oh, yes master, please I want more in my pussy.” I slid my ring finger inside her. I finger fucked her, and continued bringing pain to her nipples. I took my fingers out of her pussy and jammed them in her mouth.”Taste you pussy juice” I commanded as she liked my fingers. I then rammed them down her throat gagging her. “Give me some tears.” She gagged more, “just one little tear for master then I’ll stop this.” She continued to such on my fingers, and then I got what I wanted, a single tear trickled down her cheek causing her mascara to run down her face. I took my fingers out and rubbed her saliva over her lips. “Good girl, now assume the position again.”I got up and she put her head back down, and her ass back up. I gave her another lashing, “nineteen” she said, I was kind of hoping she would forget how many we were at. I gave her the rest of the lashings I owed her. When the lashings were done I instructed her to get on her knees.She did and I took off my pants, I wasn’t wearing any underpants either, whipping out my 7.5 inch şişli escort dick. “Suck on it” I ordered her. She complied with a little smile. “Oh, yea” I moaned “you like the taste of dick don’t you.””MM-hm” all she could say with me in her mouth. I took my cock out.”Tell me you like it.” I said giving her a good smack across the face.”I like the taste of dick.” She said.”The taste of whose dick?” I asked.”I like the taste of your dick master” she told me. I rewarded her by putting my tick back in her mouth. She sucked me until I felt like I was going to cum, but I didn’t want to cum just yet, so I took my cock out again.”On your hands and knees.” I commanded of her. She got on her hands and knees, doggie style. “Wait here for a second” I went into the bathroom and got some clothes pins. I then went into the kitchen and found some string. I connected two clothes pins with the string then went back to Sarah. When I got back I gave her the next order, “sit up on the couch.”She obeyed me, such a good whore. I put one of the clothes pins on each nipple, and put the string in her mouth. “Pull your head back” I said pulling on her hair, not giving her much of a choice to do otherwise. The clothes pins stretched her nipples and she moaned half in pleasure, half in pain. I kept pulling her hair while my free hand finger fucked her pussy again. This time I didn’t stop the finger fucking until she came all over my hand.”Lick the cum.” She greedily liked my hand and fingers, lapping up all the cum that was on them. “Now for the fun part, get back on your hands and knees.” She did so; I decided to leave the clothes pins on her nipples. I got on my knees behind her and put my hard throbbing erection in her moist and wanting pussy.I fucked her doggie style and pulled on her hair while I did, at first I didn’t realize she still had the clothes pin string still in her mouth, I noticed it when I flipped her over onto her back and saw the pins had almost come off her nipples completely. I put them back on securely and told her to keep her back arched while I fucked her.It wasn’t long until I felt I was going to cum and this time when I felt it I did cum. I never asked her if I could cum in her pussy, but she was my little whore for the night and there was nothing she could do about where I cumed. I shot my load into her body as she let out a scream of both pain from the pins and pleasure from her pussy.I took the pins off and planted a kiss on her lips and whispered in her ear; “you are my personal fuck slave from now on, do you understand this?””Yes master” she said here eyes now filled with satisfaction.

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