Fun and Games

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My wife recently fulfilled another of her sexual fantasies. As a college lecturer of 35 with an amazing sexy figure and beautiful looks, it’s not surprising that she gets a great deal of attention from young guys who she lectures to. The confident ones tend to be quite suggestive and she admits to me that it sometimes stirs some hot fantasies in her mind.

Recently, at the end of the academic year, one of the guys who was not averse to flirting with her invited her to a party at his place afterwards. His name was Chris and he was 19 with fair hair and what looked like a good muscular body. She knew he played rugby. When he looked into her eyes she felt like he was undressing her there and then. “What drinks have you got in?” she asked teasingly.

“I can get whatever you like,” he smiled.

“If you get some champagne and nice music, it sounds like fun.”

So Chris gave her the address which turned out to be a terraced street not far from the college where she could walk to.

When she arrived she rang the doorbell, nervously double checking the house number. She could hear music inside and soon Chris answered the door, smiling. He invited her in and took her through to the living room. There was another guy from the same group called Adam in there. “Ill leave you with Adam while I get your drink,” Chris said.

The music was not modern like she expected and “You sexy thing” by Hot Chocolate was playing. she handed her suit jacket to Adam and he hung it up. Adam explained it was a shared house and there was one other guy called Matt and a couple of girls living there. Adam sat in a chair slowly drinking a bottle of beer and my wife on a 2 seater sofa opposite. Chris soon came back and handed her a glass of champagne.

Chris sat next to her and they started chatting. “Where are the other guests?” my wife asked.

“Matt will be here in a minute. He’s just having a shower.”

“Are any other girls coming?” she asked smiling coquettishly.

“Probably not.” They continued chatting and my wife was feeling a lot more relaxed after her second drink. The music still had a sexy vibe to it and she asked Chris to dance. He held her from behind and caressed her stomach sexily just how she likes as she made sexy moved gyrating her arse back onto him. She was amazed that he was already hard and sighing softly she rubbed herself back against him.

With that Matt came in and Chris introduced him. He was dark haired, slightly stockier than the other 2 but with a nice confident smile. Do you have any other music?” she asked.

Chris took her over to the music player and showed her a huge pile of CDs. She noticed next to them some board games. The one on top was entitled “Sexy party games for adults.”

“Do you play these with your girlfriend?” my wife asked. Chris replied but she didn’t hear a thing. All she was thinking about was Chris with his girlfriend, his hard cock sliding in and out of some lucky girl’s soaking pussy and his firm body anchoring them to the bed.

“Could I ask you for a dance too,” Matt asked, bringing her back out of her erotic thoughts. Chris put on some slower music and she put her hands around Matt’s neck and she felt his on her waist. Adam had joined them, more uninhibited now after the beer and as Matt’s hands moved lower down onto her bum, she felt Adam’s hands Bayan Escort Antep on her waist.

Soon she went back to a dance with Chris. His hands too moved down to her perfect peachy bum and he moved in to kiss her. She didn’t resist and they started snogging, his tongue probing at her mouth, she soon opened for him and his firm hot tongue snaked around in her mouth. Her hand moved down to his crotch as the other 2 guys danced and watched. He withdrew from her mouth and she whispered in his ear “Your cock’s so hard. Do you want to show me that game. It sounds fun.”

He took the box and opened it as she joined him on the settee. “This is a good game to start with.” It was spin the bottle. “Every time the bottle points at you, you have to remove an article of clothing.”

“Oh, yes. Let’s play,” she gasped only thinking about seeing Chris naked and not really about 3 young guys leering over her naked body. They sat down on the floor in a circle and my wife span first. It pointed at Chris. He removed his shirt and she stared at his firm, well toned torso, wishing she could stroke it. Next, it pointed at my beautiful wife. She started to feel horny, wondering what to take off first but got up and pulled off her sexy black trousers which had clung tantalizingly to her perfect shapely arse. She was getting wet now. only a couple of hours ago she’d been lecturing to these sexy guys and now she was sat in her knickers with them leering at her and she knew there was no way back and soon she’d be completely naked in front of them.

She was getting desperate to see Chris’s hard cock and her spin went just pas him and back to herself. She sat with her knees up in the air. Adam was opposite her and his eyes on her white panties desperately trying to see more. She unbuttoned her white blouse and pulled it off, letting her gorgeous long brown hair fall down her back. This time it was Matt and he stood up and took his jeans off. My wife saw the bulge in his tight silver boxer shorts and he sat down again. Now Chris and he teased her by just taking his socks off. “Oh, that’s not fair,” my wife gasped in her sexy Russian accent. But he spun it back to himself and she watched fixedly as his jeans came off. He wore really tight white briefs and his cock looked massive in them. “Oh, my God,” she couldn’t help letting out.

Adam got the next 2 and his socks and trousers came off and although he was slighter than the other 2 she thought his cock actually might have been the biggest. Then Matt took his shirt off to reveal a nice, firm, hairy torso.

Then it went back to Chris. He looked into my wife’s eyes as he slid his boxer shorts off and his big hard cock sprung out. My wife desperately wanted it. “Oh Chris, I want your cock so much.” But he said it would be against the rules ad she’d have to be patient.

Next Adam, but instead of removing his shirt, he pulled his boxer shorts off, to reveal 8 or 9 inches of beautiful stiff cock.

Matt got his socks off and there wasn’t much left to come off now. Then Adam was naked and my wife was breathing heavily now. Now my wife. “Could someone help me take my bra off,” she beckoned to Chris and he knelt behind her, his erection rubbing against her back. He unclipped her bra and pulled it off as she reached behind her and took Chris’s cock in her hand and started wanking him and his hands were all over her breasts, caressing and kneading them. He laid her on her back and started kissing her as she stroked his cock and his hands fondled her lovely 32D breasts.

She felt hands in the side of her knickers. She didn’t care whose now and lifted her bum so Adam could pull them off. She lifted her knees and spread her legs giving the guys their first sight of my wife’s beautiful pussy that they’d been fantasizing about all year.

She felt Adam’s hand in her thick brown mound and then his tongue with no pre-amble so good on her swollen, juicy cunt lips. She took Chris’s cock in her mouth, enveloping his bulbous glans and the top of his hard, veiny shaft with her soft moist lips.

The harder Adam’s tongue lapped at her pussy lips and engorged clit, the harder she sucked Chris’s cock. Matt had removed his boxer shorts and stroked his cock as he knelt down beside her soft tanned body and started stroking her breasts. Adam slipped 2 fingers inside her and started fucking her with them, her soaking fanny squelching appreciatively on them. She noticed Matt’s cock too and took it in her other hand and in throes of passion started wanking him hard.

She took Chris’s cock out of her mouth and pulled his head down to kiss him again as Adam’s tongue now pushed into her sweet, succulent Russian pussy. “Fuck me darling, I need your hard cock inside me.”

Adam moved aside as he saw what was happening and Chris moved between my wife’s gorgeous thighs and she stroked his firm, muscly young body as he pushed his tongue into her mouth and she felt his throbbing and hot glans rubbing against her gaping cunt lips before he thrust inside her, making her gasp deeply and moan heavily. He held her hands onto the floor and she felt his hard chest crush her soft breasts and then his hairy balls caressing the area between her pussy and arsehole as his whole length pushed deep into her belly.

For a 19 year old, he made love to her skilfully, fucking her with long deep passionate thrusts and then gradually shagging her harder and faster as she wanted it. He now supported himself with his hands and her hands were wrapped around his neck, her mouth open, moaning noisily as his fucking became relentless. She started to tense up, her soft lovely fanny lips lamping on hi hard cock as she came hard and noisily. “Go on darling, yes, keep fucking me hard. I love your cock darling,” she kept talking filthily to him and soon she felt him exploding in her pussy, the thick, creamy spunk splattering the wet, creamy walls of her vagina. She kissed him hard before he pulled out.

Adam and Matt were sat wanking on the settee and chair, not believing the sex they’d witnessed. My wife went over to Matt, kneeling between his legs, she stroked his hairy chest and thighs. “Oh yes, I love your hairy body,” she gasped as she let his hard cock rub against her tits. Adam’s hands were all over her sensational arse as she took Matt’s cock in her mouth and sucked him hard. “You can fuck me if you want Adam,” she said, looking round at his long hard cock.

My wife is just amazing in the doggy position, her curves and tanned body displayed to the full. Adam moved between her thighs. Chris’s spunk glistened as it dribbled out of her cunt, down her thighs. Adam had never seen anything so amazing. He slid his cock straight up my wife’s pussy and holding her waist started fucking her. She gasped hard as his length pushed deeper even than Chris had been and as Adam pumped into her, she wanked Matt hard licking his hairy thigh.

After only a minute or so, Adam gasped and she felt him shooting his seed deep inside her. She wanked Matt so hard that he came all over her lovely 32Dbreasts, showering them with his thick spunk. She milked him right off before sucking his glans.

Chris invited them upstairs as the girls would soon be home and they went up to his room, taking the game with them. There were countless cards to pick, each one with a position from the Kama Sutra. My wife would pick the guys names out to find out who would be fucking her each time.

Chris was pretty much hard again now but my wife gave him a blow job until he was really hard again. She sat on the edge of the bed sucking his cock as she wanked the other 2.

Chris would go first. My wife picked the card, She had to lay on her back, making sure her arse was lined up with the edge of the bed and her feet pointing up to the ceiling. Chris stood at the edge of the bed and guided his cock back into her wet gaping fanny. They would fuck in each position for a couple of minutes but she wished Chris would fuck her like that all night.

Matt was next and he was hard as a rock again after watching his mate shagging her. Matt had to stand against the wall and he lifted my wife up, she wrapped her legs around him and his cock slipped into her pussy. They kissed as he thrust into her and she was soon gasping deeply, “fuck me, oh fuck me,” she repeated. She thought she was gonna cum again as it was so long since she’d been fucked in this position. She was right on the edge again when Matt lifted her off his rampant cock.

Adam’s turn now. It was another standing position. Adam held her waist as she leant forward and he held her knee up as he fucked her from behind. This time with Adam’s 9 inch stiff cock, she did cum noisily

The next card she drew, Chris had to lick her out from behind so she got on all fours on the bed and enjoyed as Chris’s tongue pleasured both her well fucked cunt and her tight sweaty little arsehole.

Next was reverse cowgirl with Matt. He laid on his back and she sat astride him guiding his cock back into her pussy and she rode him hard, her breasts wobbling around as she supported herself with her hands and he fondled her breasts. She could tell he was getting close to cumming but she pulled off before he could cum in her twat.

Next Chris laid on his side and my wife laid on her side facing him with her legs wrapped around him. As he fucked her, she caressed his arse and this time she felt him cumming hard in her pussy.

The next card was a mutual masturbation with Adam. He sat on the edge of the bed and my wife sat astride his thigh giving him access to her wet, hairy pussy. They kissed as he stroked her pussy lips with his fingers and my wife wanked him.

Matt now. My wife laid on her stomach and he laid on top of her and his cock back in her soaking fanny, shagging hard soon filling her with another load of semen.

Now just Adam’s spunk to get. A standing 69er. She wrapped her legs around his neck and soon his tongue was all over her sweet fanny again as she sucked Adam’s cock. This time they both came, Adam’s cock pumping his spunk down her throat.

Needless to say, we were soon buying one of those games.

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