Conference Diversion Ch. 02

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I had been thinking of her all day, the meetings had been nothing more than an irritating distraction. “Meet me at the hotel bar tonight,” I told her earlier in the day when I had a break between presentations. They call them ‘networking breaks.’ Mostly, it is an opportunity for conference sponsors to pass out pens or paperweights with their web site addresses conveniently printed upon them. It’s a good time to get a free bottle of water as well. Just hearing her voice on the cell phone made my dick stiff and I spent a good part of that networking break with that cold bottle of water against my crotch.

When I entered the lounge on the main floor, it took a moment to find her. The place was packed and a little dark, trendy. The actual bar was in the middle of a large pool, like an island. At night, they lit the pool up with colored lights that shifted in time to the music. She was doing her best to fend off the advances of a guy in a pinstriped suit when I found her and moved in against her backside, my hands sliding around her hip from behind.

“Hey baby,” I said.

She purred a little and turned into my arms, kissing me fully on the mouth. Her tongue tasted sweet. Either she’d been drinking cola or something mixed with cola. I sucked on it a bit. When the kiss broke, she noted that the interest of the guy that had been working her was suddenly waning. She kept one arm around my neck and turned toward him. Her nipples had stiffened noticeably in that short skirted, black dress. The neckline was deep enough and the demi-cups of her bra low enough that a little more than a hint of her pink areolas were visible.

“This is Steve,” she informed me. “Steve works with project management for a multi-national firm.”

Steve seemed taken aback that she’d actually remembered anything he’d said. We exchanged polite greetings. I might have shaken his hand, but I was too busy groping her ass.

“Oh,” she continued, “I almost forgot.”

“What is that, baby?” I asked. I love playing this game with her. She is such a hot, little piece.

“Steve wants to fuck me,” she said bluntly.

“I…” Steve started, but then lost his train malatya escort of thought when she reached forward and stroked the front of his pants.

“He is really, really hard,” she told me. “Do you want to see?”

No one really paid much mind to what we were doing and angled the way we were toward the bar it would have been difficult, but not impossible to tell what was going on. Either way, I didn’t care. I wanted to see her fingers wrapped around his bare cock.

“Sure, baby,” I answered her.

As I grasped her ass cheek, she stopped the idle rubbing of the front of his pants and lowered the zipper. The suit was tailored nicely and it was amazing to watch her slide her manicured fingers past his boxers. She drew him out and he was as advertised ‘really, really hard.’ The head of his cock was shining with pre-cum and she made a point of rubbing her palm all over it. I was seriously considering lifting her short skirt and fucking her from behind right where she stood. I told her as much, my hot breath against her ear as she groaned and stroked his bare shaft.

“I want to taste him,” she said plainly, “while you fuck me.”

If Steve had any objections, they went unsaid. Indeed, any objections he might have had would be belied by the hard dick my sweet slut was stroking. I glanced around and started to imagine her kneeling right there in the crowded bar between us, taking my cock out with her idle hand, sucking us both off. There is just something compelling about the sight of her alternating her attention between the two, but I could imagine just how quickly things would get out of hand if we tempted more than what we’d already done.

When we entered the hotel room, she was all business. She knows what turns me on and she does not hesitate to play that role. With her straps of her dress down, completely baring her shoulders, and her bra tugged down with them, her juicy, C cup tits were on display, nipples stiff. Leaving her heels in her wake on the floor, she pushed him forward toward the bed, tugging his belt open, shoving his trousers off his hips. Steve nearly tripped getting malatya escort bayan his feet free of his shoes and pant legs, but she wouldn’t let him catch his breath. The expensive blazer is destined to be a crumpled mess as well as by the way he struggles out of it. Before his shoulders reached the bed, her fingers were already in the waist of his boxers, working them down as well.

“Please fuck me,” she begged, looking at me over her shoulder as I approached. She flicked her tongue against the underside of his cock and then licked straight up to the tip. God damn it makes me stiff watching her. I am patient, pushing the short skirt of her dress up and off her ass, bunching it at her waist. Her hips lift instinctively, offering herself to me. I placed a hand on either cheek and shoved them up before pushing my face against her wet panties, tasting her cunt through them. She squirmed and by the timber of her moan, I know she throated him in response. The way she shoved her ass back against my face, encouraging the lewd contact, made it hard to focus. Too much blood was heading south to stiffen me further for the inevitable fucking I was going to give her. But not just yet.

I love the way her ass looks when I pull the panties down just enough to expose it. It makes her nervous to be exposed like this, but she was too turned on to do anything but jut her ass straight up for my delectation. I looked up and saw her, panting, looking at me over her shoulder as she rubbed his stiff dick against her face. Her mouth was shining with him and she kept a tight hold at his base. I saw her eyes widen as I licked her tight little asshole. She tried to tuck her hips forward in a “Please, no” fashion, but then rocked them right back in a “Please, yes” manner soon enough. I grabbed at her panties with both hands and pulled her sweet ass firm against my face, letting my tongue lick lower against her hot cunt. I wanted the taste of her first orgasm and I wouldn’t be denied. I kept at it until I felt her quivering and then suddenly bucking. The pad of one thumb pressed her asshole, rubbing it deeply without penetrating escort malatya her. I buried my tongue in her gash and she oiled it up with her lust, screaming and thrashing.

“Please. Please fuck me,” she wheedled, her ass rolling from left to right as I licked up from her cunt to her lower back. I dipped lower again to tease her with my tongue, just below the tailbone, forcing her to cry out.

“Lick my ass, lick my ass!” she begged, rubbing Steve’s stiff dick against her lips, trying to quiet herself and failing miserably.

I licked, instead, patiently up her spine, kissing at every notch. By the time I’d reached the back of her neck, my pants were on the floor behind me and my shirt was off. Her panties were down around one ankle and she was widely spread, eager for it. I slipped myself into her slick pussy without ceremony, just wanting to fuck her. She groaned and turned, begging for my kiss over her shoulder. I did not deny her, too turned on to even care that her mouth was slick and swollen from sucking and licking at another man’s cock.

“God yes,” she gasped, realizing how intimate it had all become. She slid easily from our kiss back to sucking his cock as I watched her over her shoulder. I love the feel of her ass against my lower abdomen when I fuck her from behind, and she was inspired, rubbing it against me. Her cunt was so hot, so wet, dampening her inner thighs with every slow stroke.

“Pretty little cocksucker,” I taunted and kissed at her cheek as it bulged with him. She turned to me, the tip of his dick between our mouths for an anxious moment before it passed from our lips and we kissed again. I could feel my balls tightening, the taboo of it all too much to deny. It was arousing. I felt her cunt tighten hard in response, sensing my imminent ‘demise.’ She milked at me, our mouths open, gasping hot breath at one another, and I came hard. My hips threw forward, nailing her ass down to the sheets between Steve’s legs. The fuck was suddenly liquid and hot, redolent with the scent of my sweat and lust on the air. That was when I noticed her fist, fingers tight around his hard cock. She was pumping him with purpose and kept at it until his spunk shot straight up in the air. She actually cooed. The filthy, delightful slut.

I woke around four in the morning, not remembering how it all ended. Steve was gone, his purpose fulfilled, and she was sleeping quietly, curled up against my side. I watched her for an hour or so and then nodded off again.

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