Asia the Tease

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It all starts one night at a club, I am doing my usual teasing and seduction with all the men around me, then I notice a man sitting so still in the corner all by himself, so handsome, I find my eyes drifting back to him all evening. Each time I look at him his eyes meet mine and a shiver goes down my spine. I have never had this connection with any of these pussy men. All my adult life I have felt like something was missing but I could never figure it out, but was having a lot of fun trying to. Finally I can’t stand it no longer and walk slowly over to his table, gently swaying my hips I see a smirk come across his face that makes me shiver. He points to the seat beside him with out saying a word. I sit down without hesitation keeping my eyes locked on his dark mysterious eyes, my pussy tingling with each passing second, then he motions for a waitress to come over and he order two shots of tequila, she comes back with them and he downs his then motions for me to do the same, I have no problem doing it…he smiles and cocks an eyebrow at me, clearly impressed. He gets up holding out his hand for me and I slowly take it not knowing where he is leading me. We walk out of the bar and down the street a little then he pulls me hard into an ally pushing me hard against a wall, pinning me to it, I can’t understand why I am not screaming for my life, this stranger pinning me here…but it is like my voice is frozen. He reaches down with his hand pulling up my skirt and grabbing my thong in one hand and ripping it off, I take in a deep breath as the pain shoots through my body, he then slides a finger deeply in and leans in so close, the smell of him so intoxicating, and whispers

“Your soaked little whore, I have been watching you for that past two weeks, watching you take what man you want, making him putty in your hands…” then pushes another finger in deep making me moan “I think you need to be taken down a peg or two.”

He starts sliding his fingers in and out holding my wrists expertly with just one hand high above my head…a wave of climax hits me, I am almost in shock, I have NEVER come so fast in my life, and now here, with this stranger only a few minutes and I am cuming over his hand. He pulls his hand out and lifts it to my mouth and I stick out my tongue and roll it around them tasting and then suck them hard into my hot mouth.

“Mmmmmm.” he moans gruffly, then lets my wrists go and backs away from me “Perhaps you will do.” is all he says as he walks away.

I am left standing there cum dripping down my thighs and in a little shock as I watch him disappear around the corner, all the while wondering when or even IF I would see him again.

Nearly a week passes with out a word. I find myself constantly looking around me at all the people hoping that I might catch a glimpse of him. One day after coming back from lunch, one of my co workers stops me holding an envelope. She smiles at me.

“So you have a new man huh? Well what a man he is!” she says.

My heart starts to pound “You seen him? He was here?” I almost shout at her. I grab the envelope from her tearing it open.

“Holy shit girl, he must really have something over you, I have never seen you like this before!” I ignore her and walk past her to my office and sit down taking a deep breath as I open the letter.

My little whore,

I have been watching you. I have seen you looking around all the time. Your need for me is impressive and just the quality I have been looking for. Meet me outside your office at exactly 7pm. No panties, no bra. I have what you have been searching for, that something that has been missing. Do not be late!


I lift my head. How could he know? How could he possibly know just how much I felt the need for him? I thought to myself. The rest of the day seemed to drag on and on. My heart started pounding the closer it got to 7. At 10 to 7 I sign off for the day and hurry to the bathroom and quickly take off my bra and panties and freshen up, then head down stairs and out the front door where I stand feeling a little strange with no panties on and the cool breeze blowing up my skirt, making my nipples hard. A long black limo pulls up and a driver gets out and motions to me as he opens the door. I hesitate as I get in and sit on the warm leather seat then my eyes look across and see him sitting there with his arms up on the back of the seat and his legs stretched out. I shift around a little nervous then see him smile.

“Why, so nervous my dear? You have been waiting for me, have you not?” he says plainly.

I nod my head yes. I jump as he flies up off the seat ankara escort pinning me to my seat. He leans in close to my face.

“Lesson one, when I ask you a question I expect an answer!” then he reaches down to feel between my legs and my pussy is soaked. “Mmmmm I am glad to see you know how to follow instructions.” he says as he slips a finger in and I moan. “Ohhh no, not this time. You will have to prove to me that you deserve it.” he hisses at me.

My body starts to shake with anticipation and excitement of the tone of his voice and the strength of him, which I am not use to. He takes his hand away from me and sits back in the other seat. He wiggles his finger at me to come to him, I start to get up and he shakes his head no. I pause then he points to the floor of the car. A fire starts to burn in my eyes which catches his attention as I slowly get on my hands and knees and crawl over to him and sit at his feet running my hands up his legs then rubbing his cock through his pants. My eyes drift down to his cock that has been growing with each stroke of my hand. My eyes widen at the feel and sight of it. He grabs my hand squeezing it over his cock hard,

“Now show me what talents you have IF any.” knowing that those words would spur me on.

I unzip his pants and wiggle them down, my eyes widen at the sight of it. I have never had a man with a cock so large, I was sure to gag. I lean in and lick my lips brushing my tongue across the head then slowly taking it in my mouth sucking lightly then without any warning he grabs the back of my head slamming it down my throat making me gag hard almost throwing up. I reach up with my hands scratching and clawing at his chest trying to fight for air, I hear him laugh

“Well it looks like I have a lot of work to do with you, which I will enjoy immensely!” then he lets go of my head and I sit up quickly taking in deep breaths and without even thinking raise my hand and land a hard slap across his face. I keep my eyes locked to him as I watch a very evil smile cross his lips. What have I gotten myself into? I think as I watch him pull his hand back and slap me back so hard making me fall backwards. My head spinning and a weird feeling starts running through my body, a kind of burning one that I have never felt before. I watch him in silence rubbing my stinging cheek as he puts his cock back in his pants and a disappointing feeling passes over me, but why? This bastard just hit me. I think to myself trying so hard to understand just what it is that my body is trying to say. I sit back in the seat crossing my legs and realizing that I am soaked almost to the point that I think I may have actually had an orgasm. He watches me wiggling around on the seat knowing that I am soaked.

“I am going to have a lot of fun with you pet.” he says in an evil tone.

“Pet?” I question him.

“Yes MY pet, MY sexual play toy, my slave, my servant one who is at my beck and call at all times, and will do as I please with her. Own every part of her body, mind and soul.” his words roll out of his mouth with such power that it makes me want to rip his clothes off and fuck his brains out right then and there. “But you have A LOT to learn.” with that the car comes to a stop and the door opens and we are at my house. My head spinning and my cheek stinging, I step out of the car and he gets over so that he can see me.

“Now be a good girl Asia.” then the driver shuts the door and they drive off.

I lay in the tub soaking my body, so many questions running through my head, like how did he know my name? And where I lived? Where I worked? Pretty much everything about me. Was he a stalker? I couldn’t wrap my head around it. I finished my bath and got into bed and turned out the lights. The image of him running through my head. I drift off to sleep.

A few days pass, my head still spinning with thoughts of him. Sitting at my desk as the day passes thankful that I have the next week off, then my cell phone rings, I look at it and it is an unknown number, my heart starts to pound again as I flip it open

“Ahhhh…. Hello?” I say meekly and my eyes widen as I hear his sexy deep voice

“Hello my pet. Write this address down.”

I grab a pen quickly my hand shaking as write down an address from the other side of town.

“Now I know you have the week off and I am expecting you at that address at 7pm sharp, do not bother to bring anything with you. Do you understand?” my heart pounding in my ears.

“Yes.” I answer softly.

“Good girl.”

Then I hear the click of him hanging ankara escort bayan up. I jump up from my desk and gather my things and rush home. I grab a quick shower and head out the door, the drive seemed to take forever but I managed to get there a few minutes before 7. I pull into the driveway and it is a beautiful stone home, landscaped lawns almost medieval looking. My hand starts to shake as I reach my hand up and lightly knock on the door. I am a little shocked when the door opens and it is a beautiful Spanish woman in a maids outfit, long dark hair pinned back off her face and beautiful dark eyes, with soft full lips and legs that seemed to go on forever.

“Please come in Miss.” she says backing away from the door to let me pass.

I walk slowly in wondering if he has her here, what on earth am I doing here….my thoughts are broken as I see him coming down a long staircase, my jaw almost hits the floor as my eyes travel over his body, nice tight black leather pants that tie up the front and hang low on his hips and nice tight abs and strong chest, then my eyes meet his and a smile comes across his face.

“Well I am glad that you made it on time.” he says as he walks over to me slowly, he nods to the maid and she disappears into another room. He walks around me slowly like an animal after its pray, my legs start to shake, he stops in front of me reaching up to unbutton my blouse and I instinctively grab his wrists, he laughs and in one quick motion he spins me around twisting my arm behind me and hitting the back of my knee making me drop to the floor hard…I start cursing at him under my breath and he leans down to my ear.

“So you want to play huh?” And as quick as he put me to the floor my other hand comes up and slaps his face, and all I hear is a soft moan out of him. My pussy starts to quiver like it did in the limo. He throws me to the floor grabbing my hair tightly in his hand and starts to pull me along the floor, I try to fight him reaching up and grabbing his wrists and pushing myself with my legs so that he doesn’t rip my hair out. We go down a long hall to a small room, he throws me into the middle of the room closing and locking the door behind him. I try to stand up and he rushes over knocking me over again

“YOU belong on the floor at my feet teasing whore.” he says strongly to me.

I jump up with fire in my eyes and my pussy dripping and lunge at him with my fist landing one right on the jaw knocking him over. He sweeps his feet under mine knocking me to the floor and jumps on me pinning me to the floor a little bit of blood in the corner of his mouth. I smirk at him as he wipes it off and sucks his finger.

“I knew I would like that spark you have in you, but you need to be broken girl!” he hisses at me.

I spit at him and he slaps me so hard that I pass out. When I wake I try to move but find myself strapped to all four posts on the bed face down, and naked. I move my head from side to side to try and see where he is at…then I realize that he is at the end of the bed, I feel so exposed my legs spread wide. I hear you laugh as I feel soft leather straps sliding lightly down my body then lightly brushing past my bald pussy making my hips rise up all on their own.

“Mmmmmmm so lets just see how much you can take.” he says softly.

I turn my head trying to see him “bring it on fucker!” I scream out.

He laughs as my body jumps as he cracks the whips in the air above my body. I start to relax thinking this is all for show, then a searing pain burns into my skin over my ass cheeks, I scream out cursing at him and trying to get free again….then another strike….tears fill my eyes as the pain flows over me…then three more strikes right in a row I scream out, my ass on fire I wanted to get free and beat the shit out of him. Then I feel him beside me, I turn my head to look at him and he has this evil little smirk. I spit at him with what energy I have left…he wipes it off and sucks it off his fingers, then reaches down between my legs

“My my my, you are a little whore, your fucking soaked. I would say that you got off.” he says as he starts pumping his fingers in and out….the pain seems to subside as the pleasure takes over then a wave of orgasm hits and I start moaning hard as I cum all over his fingers, my pussy grabbing at his fingers. “Mmmmmmm and I see you have NO control over your orgasm. That will have to change. You WILL learn that they are no longer for YOUR pleasure but for MY pleasure and I choose when you will have them.”

I moan in disappointment escort ankara as he takes his fingers out. He walks back around behind me and lets the whip fly again.

“Start counting!” he demands.

I bite my lip as the stubborn wild side of me keeps me silent, then I cry out as another strike hits.

“They will only get worse you know.” he says with a little crackle in his voice at my stubbornness.

I scream out as 5 strikes in a row land across my lower back, I shudder hard as I moan out cuming again. My body not knows what to do, pleasure, pain, pleasure, pain, my head starts swimming as another strike hits me and I cum again harder this time. I hear you laughing as I pass out once again. When I wake I find myself cleaned and free, lying on the bed. My back and ass on fire. I hear him coming to the door I sit up as best as I can. Licking my lips, wanting more of him, wanting to taste him. He opens the door and stands there looking at me smiling.

“I am glad to see your awake my pet, are you ready for more training?” he says as he walks in untying his leather pants.

I nod my head forgetting what he had told me before. He just smiles as I swing my legs over the edge of the bed and he stands in front of me rubbing his cock through his pants.

“Is this what you want, I know you have been wanting this Asia.”

I lean my head in and he grabs my hair stopping me.

“I suppose you have earned a little taste as a reward. You will find that the more obedient you are the more rewards you will receive.”

Then lets go of my hair and I reach up pulling his cock out. My eyes widen it is so large that I don’t know if I can take it all. I have been told that I was a great cocksucker, but never had one so large before. I take it in my hand and start sucking slowly, rolling my tongue around the head. Running my tongue up and down the shaft, tasting every inch. I hear him moan softly as I take him into my hot wet mouth, slowly sucking him in and out. Trying so hard to take all of him but my throat just will not allow it. I gag each time I try.

“If your going to please this cock, you will have to learn to take it all” and with that he grabs my head and forces himself right down my throat and holds me there counting slowly to 10, I dig my nails into his thighs hard as my throat gags trying to get it out. “mmmm fuck your throat is a tight one!” he moans out then starts fucking my mouth fast and hard, I am trying to get air but he is like an animal that lust has taken over. With in minutes I feel a powerful spray of hot sticky cum shooting down my throat, choking me. I hear him let out a great roar of release then pull away from me, a string of cum dripping from his cock. He pushes me back on the bed and my world starts to spin as he gets on his knees and dives between my legs, his hot tongue lapping at my pussy, grabbing my clit ring in his teeth pulling it, sending waves of pleasure that I have never had before in my life. His mouth so soft and moves over my pussy like an expert touching every spot that brings me closer and closer to orgasm. I moan louder and breath faster not caring about anything in the world except for this moment as I start cumming harder then I ever have, arching my back up off the bed. Then as fast as it started he gets up standing between my shaking legs, licking my cum off his lips.

“Now get down here and clean me off.” he commands.

I laugh at him then a different look crosses his face. He reaches down grabbing me by the hair and pulling my mouth towards his cum soaked cock forcing my lips apart, the smell intoxicating as I start sucking, cleaning him all off. Once I have finished he pushes me back to the bed and heads to the bathroom. I get up off the bed and start to follow he whips around and grabs me by the throat leaning in almost touching my lips with his.

“Now what do you think your doing my pet? I never told you to move, perhaps a few hours alone will make you obedient.” he sneers.

He drags me back to the bed and sits on my chest pinning me to the bed. He takes my wrists and binds them to each post I try to kick him hard but he is too strong and fast my pussy aching for him and he knows it. After finishing tying me down he stands there grinning with his arms crossed.

“Oh god Asia, what fun we are going to have, and you love it don’t you?” he chuckled

I could not help myself , “Yes Master.” I blurted out

“Ohhhh how nice, you at least are learning. I will be back in a little while, give you some time to think and make sure this is what you really do want.” And with that he headed out the door.

My head spinning out of control, my body soaked and needing him badly…Yes this is what I want….To be his to play with, to be only his….fuck what will the future hold….I drift off to sleep with thoughts of the rest of my life as his slave dancing through my head making my body quiver…

Next Chapter in the works…

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