From the club to the bedroom

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It started off at my summer house along the beach. I go there every summer without my parents around to kind of just get away from the big city. I had a few friends there. Almost every night we would go out to various clubs to go dancing. I was feeling kind of down because my boyfriend & I had broken up so they decided to take me to a “special place”. We ended up at a club about 15minutes away. It looked normal from the outside. When we had walked in, it seemed more hoppin’ than any club I had ever gone to. I walked over to the bar & told my friends that I would be out on the floor in a bit that I wanted to get a drink. I ordered a shot of tequila when a beautiful girl walked over to me & said “make that two”. She had medium length brown hair like me but she had blue eyes and about a c cup. I have hazel eyes & a b cup. “So are you here alone or is your girlfriend going to come over & bust a cap in my ass”, she said coyly. I didn’t really know what to say. “I just broke up with my boyfriend & my friends thought that a club and a few drinks might help.” “Your boyfriend? Sweetie I hope you know that this is a gay bar”. I turned to her then looked to the floor seeing my friends giggling. I quickly shot down my tequila & she did the same. I had never really been into girls. I mean I have kissed a few every now & again at a party if I was drunk but I had never done anything else. “I’m Megan by the way”. “I’m Sara”. “Well Sara I say we get a few more shots in & hit the floor!” Megan & I hit the floor after 5 more shots of tequila. I had never thought that I would be attracted to a woman in my life but I was starting gaziantep escort kızlar to get really turned on. She started kissing on my neck & my hands ran through her hair. My friends came over to us & said that they were leaving to go to another bar. “I don’t really want to leave yet” I said. “I’ll take her home.” Megan chimed in. “Ok ladies well have a good night!.” my friend Kathleen yelled with a smirk. Time flew by & we started to get really tired. We decided to hit the road & go back to my place. “I am really tired to you mind if I crash at your place? I live like a half hour the other direction.” “Yeah sure that’s fine I have a spare bedroom & you can shower & borrow some clothes if you need to”, I said.

We got to my house & set our things down on the couch. I was really tired. I showed Megan where the spare bedroom was & the bathroom to shower up beings she had gotten tequila on her shirt. Megan was digging through her purse when she took her shirt off revealing her luscious breasts. I wasn’t trying to look. I had just gone to the kitchen to get a bottle of water. I got a slight tingling sensation between my legs from seeing her. She walked to the bathroom the taking off her short jean skirt & thong panties & shut the door. I didn’t know what was wrong with me. I was creaming my panties over a woman! I decided to go to bed. As I was laying there, I reached in my drawer & grabbed my vibrator. I turned it on to a semi-slow vibration. I started making circular movements around my clitoris. I cranked it to full vibration as I continued to massage around my throbbing clit. “Ahhhhhhhh… Mmmmmmm..” I was moaning quite loud when I heard the water shut off. I had to orgasm. I just had to. So i kept the vibrator on my clit & right as I was climaxing, Megan walked in.

“I thought I heard something in here.” She said as she smiled & walked over & sat at the edge of my bed. She looked down at my soaking wet pussy. She looked at my with seductive eyes. “It looks like you need cleaned up, do you mind?” I shook my head no as she moved closer to me. Megans head went between my legs. She started licking my sopping wet cunt. In went one finger, then another. I think I was actually getting pleased by a woman better than a man. She licked up all of my wet pussy juice. Megan layed down on my bed next to me & looked over.”Come sit on my face Sara”. I did as she said. She grabbed my ass & pulled me down so that my pussy was on her face & she began to lick & suck & finger me. Megan worked her way from my pussy to my asshole. Her tounge was probing in my ass & it felt really good. I swear she had her whole tounge in there. She took out one finger from my pussy & started rubbing my asshole. “Ahhhhhh..”I moaned. “Oh you like that don’t you?” She said. I kept moaning. She inserted the finger into my ass & started pumping it in. Then another finger. It felt so amazing. I was getting ready to come & she knew it. I clenched the sheets & out came creamy pussy juice. “Sara I want you to rub your pussy all over my face I want my face covered in your cunt juice.” I obeyed & grinded my pussy all over her face. I got off over her & the aroma of pussy all over her face was such a turn on. “Get on your hands & knees baby.” She ordered. “It’s all about you tonight. I am here to show you a woman can please way better than any cock can.” I got on my hands & knees. She began rimming my asshole again. I felt her grab something off the floor. “This may hurt a little bit but trust me, you will explode with pleasure.” I felt her insert part of a dildo in my pussy. Then I felt something trying to invade my ass. It kind of hurt but it was such a turn on. She was pushing it in & out slowly. Once she heard me moaning she started thrusting harder & harder. I begged for more. She took the one out of my pussy & licked it off. She kept jamming the other dildo in my asshole. “Ahhhhh oh my god that feels soo good!!” I kept moaning & screaming. “You like getting fucked in the ass don’t you, you bad girl” “Oh i love big hard things in my ass I want more!!”

She grabbed another dildo, this one a little bit larger than the other. She popped the one out & inserted it. This one kind of hurt but I liked it. I was always a fan of getting plowed in the ass with big things. She was ramming it in & as soon as she knew i was cumming she bolted underneath me & licked up all over my cum. Every last bit. “Wow you have a tasty cunt, baby” She said with a laugh. We both fell over on the bed & noticed that the clock said 4:25am. “Oh shit I have to get ready for work. I have to be there at 5am”. I looked at her astounded wondering how I could have gotten laid by such a crazy girl. I shook my head & laughed. “Here’s my number Sara. If you are up for it, we can go again another time. I really enjoyed it”. “Yeah sure I did too. I think I am finally over guys all together!!”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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