French Frolic

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Where to begin? It is never easy to know where to start with a confession. The easiest place to start is at La Rue – a tiny little dive of a club just a couple of blocks from my hotel in Paris. I had only been in Paris a couple of hours. I was extremely jet lagged but only had a few days to make the best of it. I was just through a vey rough break up. I was already scheduled to be in Europe for several work conferences, when the opportunity arose for a few days layover in Paris to forget my troubles, I took it. And I was not about to waste a minute of it sitting around the hotel.

I had been in La Rue about 45 minutes when I spotted her looking at me. I did not speak a word of French and was completely unsure how to proceed. She was captivating, back in the shadows, her dark sleeveless top revealing the luscious curve of her beautiful breasts. A black and white vertical striped mini skirt. The stripes thick and bold and wonderfully complimenting the taper of her legs. Her right arm was about 80% covered in tattoos, not a true sleeve but a riotous collection of symmetry from her wrist to her shoulder, waves and lanterns and things that should never match somehow tied together in a harmony that was uniquely hers.

Her hair was dark and short, parted on the left in a boy cut, framing a round face, dark high pinstripe eye brows, the light was too dark to make out the color of her eyes, but the intense smolder of her gaze was clear. Her long straight nose leading down to full pouty lips, dark red Gothic lipstick and a sardonic twist to the left side of her mouth, giving the distinct impression she had every intention of eating me. I felt like prey in her gaze. Waiting, being stalked and knowing there was no escape, and knowing I did not want to escape.

The music changed – the tempo shifted the crowed flooded the dance floor, I lost sight of her. I sat nursing my beer, scanning the room trying to spot where she had gone when I felt a breath on the back of my neck and something whispered in French in my ear. It startled me so badly I almost jumped out of my seat. She was standing there – much taller then I would have guessed, standing over 6 feet I would guess. I stand only five four, she absolutely towered over me. She was proffering a bottle of absinth and two glasses. I did not know how to respond, I hoped the club was dark enough to hide the raging erection I suddenly sprouted when I found her towering above me. Her breasts larger then I first realized, her long tapered legs curving up into slim muscular hips . Her grey eyes smoldering – her gaze sliding down my body coming to rest on my lap and then jumping back to my face with an absolute carnal hunger filling her face.

She stopped asking and invited herself to sit. She set my beer aside and poured two glasses, where the sugar and cold water materialized from I could not say. She must have had a cocktail waitress follow her out, but I never noticed them. She handed me my drink her hand falling to my thigh as she leaned in to toast – what? I have no Idea, but I toasted with her and tossed back my drink. It was much stronger then I was prepared for, I knew absinths repute but I had never before experienced it first hand.

She poured round two, this time when I took it she let her hand drop right to my erect cock. She said something with a giggle and a smile as she threw back her second glass. I had the distinct impression she was mocking me, but I did not want her to leave and did not want to fall behind so I smiled (quite stupidly I am sure) and threw back my drink as well. This seemed to excite her as she poured round three. I barley had a chance to get the glass down before she grabbed me by my erection and dragged me onto the dance floor. The beat was thumbing and kind of fast but the floor was crowded and she pulled me in close, pressing my face into her breasts and laughing like a victor.

My hands slid around her back, she stroked my head and murmured something as my hands slid over her muscular back and down to her tight ass. She was much stronger then I originally thought, she was obviously in good shape, but she was in better shape then I had suspected. She pulled me close and kissed the top of my head. Then her hand took me by the back of my head, managing a hold on my short hair, and bent me back, her fierce eyes captured me for a moment before she leaned down, almost close enough to kiss. Once again I desperately felt like I was being stalked – and I desperately needed her to kiss me. Thats what was happening, I was not kissing her, she was taking what she wanted, when she wanted. She finished her descent her hot mouth capturing mine, Her tongue forcing my lips apart and invading me. Forcing my jaw open, when she broke off I felt strangely violated and desperately empty.

With a devilish grin and a maniacal giggle she grabbed me by the bursa escort hand, snatched the half finish bottle off of the table and led me out the door. The cool air outside hit me and I realized just how drunk I was. It sobered me slightly as she looked at me and asked “hotel”? that simple word revealed just how broken her english was – and I started thinking this may not be a good idea. Things were going to easily. She was not dissuaded by my hesitance. She turned towards my hotel and started leading me in that direction. I wanted to ask how she new, but really it was obvious. I was foreign and this was the only hotel in the area. At least the only one likely to have a tourist.

We got to my room, again I hesitated at the door, realizing just how vulnerable I was. It was late, no one of note saw us together, I was exhausted, and I had realized just how much stronger then I she was. She spun me around so my back was to the door, she leaned in trapping me. Her mouth closed over mine, her tongue forcing its way in again. My body failed me collapsing the rest of the way into the door. She snatched the key away, slid the card in the lock, and opened the door. If not for her hold on me I would have fallen backwards onto the floor. She pushed me the rest of the way into the room, closed and locked the door shoved me backwards into the sofa, and just to show me how easy it was for her she then set the bottle on the table. She manhandled me and the room and still had a free hand to hold the bottle.

I knew I was trapped – I also knew I did not want to scape. She casually strolled towards me, placing a foot on each side of me. Her skirt was slightly lifted revealing more thigh and driving me absolutely crazy. My cock was throbbing with the excitement, I could feel my pre cum cold in my underwear. I had a desperate need to touch her. I started to sit forward. She stopped me with a fingertip to my lips. Her hands took her shirt and swept it over her head, revealing her full, braless, gravity defying breasts. I was sure they had to be fake though I could not see a scare and they certainly felt real when she had held my head pressed into them. She reached out with her left hand and grabbed me by the hair again pulling my face into her taught stomach. My hands reflexively came up and caught her by the outside of her thighs, my fingers curving around and feeling the muscles of her ass flex and tense as she pulled me in tighter. She started speaking again in French, I had no idea what she was saying as her right hand slid between my left hand and my face. Her hand slid down to the hem of her skirt as she held me firmly in place. Her smoldering grey eyes holding me as surely as her grip as she murmured to me in French.

I was unsure of her hesitation at this point, I was completely captured by her, it was as if the predator was playing with her dinner. I was eager to please. Her right hand slowly pulled up the hem of her skirt as her left hand pulled my head back and down. I suddenly smelt the musk of a male. I thought I must have cum through my pants and not realized it, until I felt her bulge through her panties press against my cheek. My shoulders tensed and I tried to push back as her left hand held my face firmly in her crotch. She continued to coo soothingly in French (she? was I still thinking of her that way) and her right hand pulled her lacy panties aside releasing the biggest cock I had ever seen. She was easily over eight inches and she was not even hard yet.

Her left hand held me firmly to the left side of her crotch, I realized I had been smelling her musk. I tried futilely to push back. I looked up to beg her no, that’s when I could see the absolute heat and desire in her eyes as her cock slowly stiffened and drifted up the left side of my face. I stopped struggling, and I saw her realization of victory in her eyes. Her speech changed – the tempo, the rhythm. I knew she had stopped whispering reassurances – no, now she was giving directions. And while I could not understand a word she was saying I knew I would end up obeying.

My cock was absolutely desperate to get out of the cage my clothes had become. My hands were once again wrapped around the curves of her ass, not holding her to me, but not trying to push her away either. Her hands still held me firmly in place though there was no struggle to do so now. Her musk filled my nose, pressed deeply into her crown of red brown pubic hair. Her Goth look was obviously helped with a dye job, somehow that realization turned me on even more. I could feel her mostly erect cock all along the left side of my face, well passed my ear. Her balls had drawn up some and were pressing on my chin. Some how they seemed like the least threatening place to start. My hands cupped her ass lifting slightly as I lowered my face malatya escort a few inches. She allowed me to slip down, my lips parted. I could feel the warmth of her flesh and I found myself desperately needing to fill my mouth with it. I could taste the saltiness of her skin, and the maleness of her musk.

She tilted my head back slightly, my mouth full of balls I looked up into her heat filled eyes, my gaze licking over her gorgeous breasts with their big stiff nipples. I wanted those nipples. I allowed her nut to slide out of my mouth I tried to rise up, but she held me firmly in place. I could still feel her thick cock against my left cheek. Her grip on my hair firmed as she drew her hips back. Her cock sliding against my face. I knew she was about to force feed me that monster – and I could tell she was not fully erect yet. As her head slide past my ear and glided over my cheek to my chin I looked up in her eyes and pleaded no. She just laughed, I tried to tell her I could never take that much, but before the words passed over my lips she was already forcing her thick head between them, stilling my tongue as her cock pressed it into the bottom of my mouth.

I tried desperately to escape backwards, this only amused her. I quickly ran out of couch to back up on. She had her knees on both sides of me her hands firmly on the top of my head and was thrusting powerfully into my mouth. She would pull her head back almost to my teeth. I could taste her pre cum sliding over my tongue as she thrust forward again. her cock was fully hard now – splitting my jaw. Each time her head forced itself into the back of my throat it made me gag. About her 5th or 6th thrust in this position was more then my body could handle. My body completely betrayed me and I went into a mind blowing orgasm from having this powerful woman rape my mouth. All of the tension went out of me as my body shock, I found my hands desperately clingy to her ass as she continued to thrust about a 3rd of her cock in and out of my mouth.

Once my trembling stopped, she titled my head back about mid thrust. She had maybe half of her cock in my mouth, my gag reflex was temporarily subdued. She had absolute victory in her eyes. She slowly withdrew her cock and finished stripping down. She took me by the hand and lead me towards the bed. She quickly stripped me pushed me onto my back with my head hanging over the edge of the bed. She moved around to straddle my face. Her right hand came up to cover her mouth and her left one pointed at my spent cum covered cock as she spoke. I have no idea what she said, but I am sure it was something like “how pathetic that little thing is, all spent, and we are just getting started.”

She took a step forward I reached up to try and stroke her off, but she snatched my hands aways pined them down on the bed and lowered her thick hard cock down to my mouth. I wanted to turn away, but I NEEDED to have my throat fucked again. My mouth opened even though I was thinking “no, stop don’t let her do this”. Her warm cock quickly filled my mouth with the taste of her flesh and her pre cum. I found myself desperately trying to accommodate that big thick cock and needing to know what her load tasted like. I could see her balls drawn tight up against her body and I was sure I would soon know, but she just kept thrusting away at my face. My gag reflex had not yet returned but I still could not manage more then about half of her cock. I could feel her thick head desperately trying to stretch my throat open, and all I could think was “god please let her cum soon, I NEED her cum.

After what seemed an eternity of having my face violently fucked her tempo changed, she stopped pining my hands down and shifted her position a bit. I could tell she was getting ready to cum. My mouth tightened hungrily around her cock. I was finally going to get what I NEEDED! She thrust a couple of more times and I felt her climax build. Thrust, thrust, thrust, suddenly the taste I had been craving. I hungrily sucked her cum down as she pulled her hard spurting cock out of my mouth. I felt robbed and violated all at the same time as she continued to shoot thick streams of warm cum over my face and chest. I lost count after 8 – 8, plus the two that had gone mostly in my mouth. My eyes were glued shut with thick jets of her cooling cum. As I lay there feeling violated and strangely satisfied all at once I noticed my own little cock desperately needed relief.

I reached down to service myself, but she pulled my hand away as she repositioned me on the bed and slipped in beside me. She did not speak, but her meaning was clear. I was her’s; I was her’s, and she was not finished yet. I had to be satisfied with the hungry cum covered kiss she gave me, and what little of her I could manage to lick off of my face as she çanakkale escort held me there and let the rest of her spunk cool and dry on my skin.

I had to be satisfied waiting for her pleasure, but I wasn’t satisfied. I was confused, aroused, ashamed – and extremely turned on. She had me pinned on my right side, her left arm over me and still holding my wrist. I could feel her soft full breasts pressed into my back, my head pillowed on her right arm. Being spooned, but I had never been spooned like this. I was so turned on my cock ached with the pleasure. I could feel her taught belly against my lower back, her cock laying against my ass. I tried not to think about her cock against my ass. The fact I really liked her cock against my ass. What it would mean when she fucked me, it was obvious she was going to fuck me. I had held women like this before, waiting for round two. I could not stop anticipating round two.

Being held there, trapped under her arm, was driving me crazy. I tried not to think about it but I could feel her cock against my ass. I tried not to move, any little shift sent sensations of longing through my body. After the fucking she had giving my mouth I found it hard to believe she would be ready before morning. I could not wait that long. I was about to explode with desire. I tried to reach down and stroke my cock, but her hand just tightened on my wrist. Her hips shifted I could feel her cock pressed more firmly against my ass. My hips rocked with desire. I could feel her cock begin to stiffen.

I could feel her cock begin to stiffen and it drove me crazy with desire and ashamed with guilt all at the same time. Desire feeling her big cock back there and guilt knowing that I desperately wanted what she would do with it. She pulled my left arm towards my chest, her hand released my wrist but continued to trap my arm as her hand snaked up to my neck. I stiffened as her fingers closed around my neck pulling me tighter into her grip, her erection pressing hard into my backside. She whispered into my ear “girl” – I was unsure if she was calling me one or telling me I was about to be one. It didn’t matter, I had pushed her for this provoked it – and now it scared the hell out of me.

I tried to wrestle free but she just laughed as she rolled me onto my stomach. rolling with me giving me no chance to escape. Her right arm sliding out from under my head her left one tight on my neck, pulling me towards her, arching my back. I felt her left foot press between my legs, I thought about trying to keep them closed, but I had mounted plenty of women with their legs together – it wouldn’t stop her. The only difference was they had been willing. I was not, was I? She pressed my legs apart I felt her shift onto her knees, and she laid more heavily on my back, her left hand still holding my throat. Her right hand slid under my stomach, brushing my cock as she pulled my hips up arching my back. “Girl” she whispered again, no a said. But it was useless. She was declaring her intent to rape me into one. My breath caught ,my body trembled, and my cock ached when I felt her cock head slip between my cheeks and press against my ass.

Her weight shifted and there was suddenly a sharp firm pressure demanding to fill me. I tried to squirm but her grip tightened on my throat, her other hand pulled my body back against her hard cock. The pressure on my ass increased and my cock absolutely ached for release. A tremor started at my hips and traveled through my body as it surrendered to her demands. It was incredible, having someone beautiful on top of my back pushing deep inside me. I moaned into the pillow, her hand released my neck and hooked over my shoulder, her right slid up my body and did the same. She started to gently thrust deeper inside me, pressing my face into the pillow which had become soaked with my tears. Each thrust brought another moan from deep inside me. A moan being muffled by the pillow her weight was forcing my face into.

Her tempo shifted, she started thrusting more firmly, more quickly. My body trembled and my cock unloaded – it wasn’t an orgasm, it was more like a gallon of pre-cum drained out. I could feel my hard cock sliding back and fourth against the cum covered sheets, it was finally getting the attention it so desperately craved. It did not take long at all until my body was gripped in orgasm. She used the distraction this caused me to push deeper inside me. I knew she could only be in me about half way, but it felt like she had rammed a mile of cock up my ass. I slide my arms up to the top of the bed so I could brace myself and push back against her thrusting hips. Her hands clamped down hard on my shoulders and I felt her start to orgasm – then I felt her load deep inside me. I could feel each jet as she came deep in my ass. I knew the load she was leaving back there was at least as thick and heavy as the one that had dried on my face.

I felt her body shudder its last, still she did not withdraw. She just collapsed on top of me her cock going limp in my ass. My body pressed down under hers my legs sprawled apart, my cock and stomach coated in my cooling cum. I knew this was only just starting…

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